OTC: Mizzou Vows To Do Better After ESPN Again Shames Tigers W/ Derrick Washington News / Will Safety Concerns Kill Youth FB?

“According to ESPN, Missouri assistant football coaches and the victim’s adviser were aware of the sexual assault allegation (made by a female MU student athlete about MU’s Derrick Washington in 2008) but didn’t report it to the university so the school could start an investigation as required by Title IX. Also, the assault victim told ESPN that she felt her coach said she should decline to press charges against Washington in order to keep her scholarship, a claim MU chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said was unsubstantiated.”
Todd Palmer, MU beat writer, Kansas City Star
GH: R. Bowen Loftin is new on the Mizzou campus and has no ties to the list of sexual assaults and other crimes against students by MU athletes since Derrick Washington made headlines. Somehow, Loftin’s predecessor, Brady Deaton, is still held in high regard for his role in how his administration team and athletic department mismanaged these crimes, criminals and victims. We often talk about student athletes not displaying the proper amount of accountability, but what about the millionaires on campus wearing the suits? Shouldn’t these folks display some embarrassment for their lack of ethics, judgment and shame?

“Though there does not appear to be an intentional mishandling of any of the cases in the report at this time, I make no excuses, and offer my personal apologies and those of my staff to the victims.”
Chancellor R. Loftin, in an MU press release
GH: This sentence is rife with loopholes. Is the intent to allow Loftin future escape from his words? No “intentional mishandling?” Should we then infer that incompetence was the cause?  And then the caveat, “at this time,” seems all too open ended. If Mizzou is really serious about ending these crimes committed by Mizzou students against Mizzou students and the Columbia community, take off the white gloves Mr. Chancellor and toss down the gauntlet. How about stating the following; “We will not tolerate these types of crimes against our students and community. We will act swiftly and justly to eradicate individuals who besmirch our University with their selfish criminal acts. We are fed up and embarrassed with having to apologize to victims. We now strive to prevent victims and maintain a safe campus and community.”

“In contrast to its aloof initial response to the matter of Sasha Menu Courey, Mizzou on Thursday immediately and more sympathetically responded to the introduction of other smoldering remnants of deficient past practices. … This admission in itself is part of progress, maybe even major progress…”
Vahe Gregorian, on MU’s press release regarding ESPN’s Outside the Lines report of additional ugliness from the Derrick Washington arrest and criminal activity, Kansas City Star
GH: Major progress? How Gregorian can reach out and spin a positive from the goings on at Mizzou the past six years  is stunning and disappointing. Mizzou stumbled around like a drunken freshman in failing to professionally responding to these crimes against their students and community. So now their new Chancellor gets this mess dumped in his bow tie and Gregorian is lauding his press release as possibly a sign of major progress? Should we not expect more from Mizzou and their leadership? I sure do.

“No degree of explanation or regret can undo what has happened in the past. Our focus now is to do everything within our power to prevent sexual misconduct of any type at Missouri and, if it does unfortunately occur, to provide the resources and support to the victim while assuring that the perpetrator is brought to justice.”
Chancellor R. Loftin, in an MU press release
GH: We will be watching, listening and grading your University’s act, Chancellor.

“(Maty Mauk) was just okay last season. He came into a game in one stressful situation and he did okay. It’s not like he set the world on fire. I’m not saying he’s not going to be better than that but it’s not like he was Aaron Murray as a freshman (at Georgia) and he just went out there and played and was really good. I don’t think we saw that (from Mauk).”
Danny Clinkscale, on the glossy expectations for MU’s second-year quarterback, 810 AM

“If (Mauk) is just the seventh or eighth best quarterback in the league, Missouri’s going to have real problems.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This is not KK’s boldest prediction.

“I think there was a good sense for where things were headed (at Kansas) and then in the matter of 48 hours they lost their top two running backs. This is a tough blow for Kansas. It’s not good at all. You knew something was up when the email came from Kansas that said they changed their media policy to close practices to the media.”
Blair Kerkhoff, after Charlie Weis announced Tuesday that Brandon Bourbon (ACL) and Taylor Cox (Achilles) would miss the 2014 season with season-ending injuries, 810 AM

“I think in my mind this provides an unfortunate excuse for Charlie Weis.”
Danny Clinkscale, on Weis being able to point to KU’s injuries as an excuse for future results, 810 AM

“I think if there is anything to feel good about if you’re a Kansas fan it’s that you can’t be disappointed this year. You can only be surprised.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I doubt that will make Kansas fans feel any better about their football team…or about Kietzman.

“You feed off the energy of the city – and this city is hungry for a winner.”
Anthony Fasano, Chiefs tight end, when asked by Bob Fescoe if he is paying attention to the Royals’ success this season, 610 AM
GH: Fasano said he grew up a Yankees fan but has been converted to also being a Royals fan while he has lived in Kansas City. Fescoe can relate to that religion.

“At this time of the year, anybody who says (they aren’t scoreboard watching) is lying. Everybody pays attention to the teams in their division.”
Frank White, Royals HOF second baseman, when asked by Kevin Kietzman if the players and coaches are really not paying attention to the Tigers and other teams in the playoff hunt, 810 AM

“You win for the present, not the future.”
Mike Mcfarlane, discussing the Royals decision to allow their young pitchers to pitch deep into the season and into the playoffs if needed, 810 AM
GH: Danny Duffy and Yordano Ventura have been on limited pitch counts throughout the season in preparation for a Royals Blue October. As Macfarlane stated, these opportunities are all too rare. There is no reason to save a player’s talent for a future that may never materialize.

“That looks like another sign that this Royals team might be a team of destiny.”
Nate Bukaty, on the Tigers dropping a 1-0 decision Thursday night to the Rays despite David Price throwing a one-hitter, 810 AM
GH: I loved Mike Mcfarlane’s reaction to Price’s one-hit loser – he laughed. Loudly. “I loved that David had to suck on a loss,” chuckled Mcfarlane.

“It’s going to be real interesting to see how fans react to Matt Cassel returning to Arrowhead Stadium for the first time Saturday night.”
Bob Fescoe, as Cassel returns to Kansas City as the Vikings’ starting QB, 610 AM
GH: I don’t expect much more than a burp from the Arrowhead crowd over Matt Cassel’s presence at Arrowhead. Cassel wasn’t a bad guy or the reason the Chiefs stunk for much of Scott Pioli’s reign. Now, if Pioli was under center for the Vikes…

“Most of the Pop Warner Leagues and CYO football leagues are down 30% and 40%. They have to combine two and three different schools to have enough players to field a team. Parents are now so concerned about head injuries and they don’t want to put their kids in that kind of peril. I’m telling you right now, most of the Kansas high schools, Gardner Edgerton and some of the Blue Valley Schools as well, are way down in their numbers too. People are not playing football as much.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM
GH: This is the reason I believe college football is facing a future crisis. The feeder programs  at the elementary and high school levels are drying up due to safety concerns. All the millions that colleges are receiving and spending on football-related amenities could look like ghost towns in places like Lincoln, Manhattan, Columbia and yes, even Norman and Austin if parents no longer consider football a safe sport for their children. If the lawyers don’t kill it, mom just might.

“Six total leagues.”
Jake Gutierrez, on the number of fantasy football leagues he is in this year, 810 AM
GH: Working in sports talk radio might be a prerequisite for a guy in six fantasy football leagues. I am juggling two teams and find myself cheering and cursing the same play all too often.

“According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, The Horse Collar will sell for $20 at Lambeau Field this winter and appears to come with a penalty far stiffer than the 15 yards for a tackle of the same name. … The Packers will also be unveiling a doughnut ice cream sandwich, which looks delicious, and the Bratchos — a bowl of brats, cheese and fried chips Rovell dubbed ‘Wisconsin in a bucket’ — but The Horse Collar is the star of the show, coming in at a rough estimate of 10 billion calories.”
Ben Rohrbach, NFL writer, YahooSpots.com
GH: What a great way to go, though. Man, how I love the state of Wisconsin.

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28 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Vows To Do Better After ESPN Again Shames Tigers W/ Derrick Washington News / Will Safety Concerns Kill Youth FB?

  1. bs says:

    hopefully Kietzman puts his monologue up from today so that it is documented for posterity. in less than 5 minutes he decided to shame the victim by saying she was drunk at the time of the attack. then he blamed the media for agenda setting — its all those women in the media pushing their title ix stories. then blamed the “old guard” in the sec for planting this story with espn.


  2. Steve says:

    GH: “Cassel wasn’t a bad guy or the reason the Chiefs stunk for much of Scott Pioli’s reign. Now, if Pioli was under center for the Vikes…”

    I would argue Cassel was at least a solid part of the reason why the Chiefs stunk.

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    WTF is wrong with MU, they just keep going on and nobody takes blame. How does Mike Alden keep his job. A lot of this stuff was going on when MU was trying to get into the SEC. Either MU is a bunch of incompetent morons or they were covering up the charges. I don’t want to ever hear that MU and Pinkel do it the right way.

    • sporty says:

      WTF is going on at KU? I read an article in the KC Star 2 weeks ago that KU is having the same issues with sexual assaults not being taken seriously?

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Gary Pinkel made Derrick Washington team captain. Shows you what thugs the drunk Pinkel brings in.
        In September 2011, Washington was sentenced to five years in prison for the sexual assault charge. He was later sentenced 90 days for the domestic assault charge.
        “The only thing I’m guilty of is I did rough up my girlfriend back in 2010,” he said. “That’s what I was guilty of. And I pled guilty for that. I really don’t understand why all this stuff keeps coming up. I paid my debt to society. I honestly didn’t do anything.
        MIZ-ZOU SEC!

    • The Salty Iguana says:

      Perhaps those that live in glass houses should not cast stones:


      Your daily dose of ignorance and stupidity courtesy of the Village Idiot, Juan Pablo. Enjoy the 1-11 season staring you in the face.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Swing and a big miss. that was about the student population, that is going on about every campus. We are talking about the thug MU athletes Pinkle brings in.
        Is the Pitch still alive, that looks like some guy making anti KU post on some web site he made. Do you read that garbage.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          You’re an idiot. You fail to mention that KU heavily recruited Derrick Washington, and would’ve LOVED to have him. Trouble was, he wouldn’t give KU a sniff. And it’s not like Washington had a string of incidents in high school that scared other schools off. Let’s say like….Darrien Miller. A guy that Mizzou wouldn’t even offer because of his bad rep.

    • Joe Blow says:

      You realize they kicked him off the team, right?

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Two years after Pinkel knew about the incident and Pinke even made him the team captain after he knew about it. Pinkle /MU class act.

        It is clear they are lying and covering up or some had to be completely incompetent. If they are so incompetent someone would get fired, Nobody has been fired. You can figure it out.

  4. Kyle R says:

    I love my home state – can’t wait to try out at least one of those when I go back in mid-November for Badgers vs. Huskers and Packers vs. Eagles in the same weekend! Greg, that’s a trip you should make sometime – go see the Huskers play in Madison!

    If Grunhard’s numbers are accurate, that is indeed alarming. I am not surprised there’s a decline but I’m surprised it’s that severe. Will be interesting if a good reporter manages to get real numbers for a whole metro area or even state. I’m wondering if there will be a big difference based on race/income too.

    • Kyle R says:

      Just found these in a quick search:
      – Participation not declining in Tennessee: http://www.tennessean.com/story/preps/2014/08/21/prep-football-participation-numbers-rise/14382693/
      – Participation down in Ohio but being blamed on lots of things besides head injuries: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/sports/2014/08/17/some-kids-say-football-not-worth-the-effort.html

    • Kyle Fan says:

      You love every team, buddy!

      It’s cool, though — keep on being Kyle!

  5. Juan Pablo says:

    “Most of the Pop Warner Leagues and CYO football leagues are down 30% and 40%. They have to combine two and three different schools to have enough players to field a team.

    Last year nationally there was an increase in high school football participation. In this area the CYO football leagues suck and good kids don’t play in that league. MY kid in 8th grade plays in JO Co football league and each year there are more kids that are on his team then the year before. Some of the teams have had to break up into two teams as they have to many kids playing. I don’t see the 30-40% decline .

    In JO Co all the kids have to have concussion baseline testing done every two years. I may have seen one concussion in the years i have been watch youth football and he was taken out of the game, tested and did not play for a game or two.

  6. dohn joe says:

    This happened 4 years ago. Why is still a topic as if it just happened a few weeks ago?

  7. MT says:

    Why did none of these victims go to the police? If women or men suffered an assault of any kind at the hands of athletes or anyone else, they should go to the local authorities. I don’t know of any academic institutions that have the ability to investigate crimes thoroughly and then charge, indict and try those responsible. When this has happened I can’t recall any school that hasn’t done the only thing that they can do, which is dismissal from the team or school.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      She told police she wanted to press charges against Washington, and a warrant was issued for third-degree assault. But later that day, she came to the police department and said she had changed her mind. According to the police report, the woman spoke to her soccer coach, who said her scholarship might be in danger because of her arrest.

      The report stated, “Her coach made her feel as though she would not have any problems with her scholarship if she declined to prosecute Derrick Washington for assaulting her,” and that, “if Mr. Washington was arrested, the incident would make the news and the situation with her scholarship might change.”

  8. ssiknaf says:

    Pop Warner plays tackle at age 6. Pure stupidity. No wonder numbers are down.

  9. January says:

    The alleged assault victim did not have a scholarship. The woman who claimed that she might lose her scholarship if she pressed charges was a soccer player who got into a fight with Washington’s girlfriend at a bar. The soccer coach actually told her she might lose her scholarship because she got into a fight.

  10. Harry Balczak says:

    Mizzou will never be accepted into the fold in the SEC, because ultimately, they are from the North, not the south. They will always be the outsiders down there and will never be one of the good ol boys down in Dixie, At some point there will be an incident that opens their eyes to that fact and they will leave.

  11. Smith says:


  12. dman says:

    I do love how all of these stories (regardless of school) come out 5-10 years later. I would guess Washington is already out of jail and has served his sentence.

    By now, it has become a footnote to the actual story and very few people even care. It was obviously a slow month for ESPN.

    I guess this could show how MU and the SEC were destined for each other. Besides, it’s not like he helped them win a title or anything.

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