OTC: Mizzou’s Search For Frank Haith’s Replacement Has Everyone Guessing / Chiefs’ Schedule Looks Rough

“Frank, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.”
Carrington Harrison, after Frank Haith announced he would be leaving Missouri to be Tulsa’s head basketball coach, 610 AM
GH: The overriding opinion from MU basketball fans that I have heard and read resembles Harrison’s dismissive tone. Haith just never caught on with most Tiger fans and he seemed to sense his days in Columbia were about to end after next season. But Kim English, a former MU player under Haith, was not happy with MU fans’ positive reactions to Haith leaving. Read on.

“I told (my players) I was going to make this decision based on what was best for myself and my family.”
Frank Haith, when asked by Danny Parkins what he told his players before departing for Tulsa, 610 AM
GH: Danny Parkins scored a huge live interview with the departed MU basketball coach last Friday afternoon, just after Haith’s Tulsa presser. Unfortunately, Carrington Harrison had taken the day off due to a previous commitment and was unavailable to interview Haith with Parkins. That was unfortunate for both Harrison and his MU listeners.

“Missouri has traditionally been a mediocre basketball program.”
Kim English, in an interview with The Border Patrol last week, 810 AM
GH: English believes Mizzou fans have an exaggerated opinion of their hoops program and therefore expected far too much from Haith – who did deliver a 30-win season, a number two seed and an Big 12 tourney title. It’s one thing to hear a KU fan call MU basketball a mediocre program but it has to sting like a Ricky Clemons jailhouse tape to hear a favorite Tiger like English toss out that description.

“This was the first year I really felt Missouri fans didn’t care about basketball.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: Has football really become so popular after one successful SEC season that basketball is now just a place for The Antlers to hang out in the winter?  

“A lot of people think this is a defining hire for Mizzou because they are kind of morphing into an SEC football school that doesn’t care that much about basketball.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“I think this hire is important because Missouri basketball is kind of on the edge right now. Are you going to commit to it and be the third best basketball program in the SEC? Or are you going to the way the rest of the SEC has gone and care about football and not basketball. I think Missouri needs to go the first way.”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM
GH: Can this hire change the attitude of Mizzou basketball fans? Can anything this side of Kansas inspire MU fans to fill up those empty gold seats that stare at the television screen each home game?

“If I had to hazard a guess in the void right now about whose potential candidacy MU is exploring with the most energy, I’d say Ben Howland. Why? Well, why not? And because he guided UCLA to three Final Fours and is available, maybe even at a reasonable price. But mostly just because his camp is eerily silent, and his agent hasn’t returned a number of messages from The Star. So there is no real basis to suppose Howland, of course, but that sort of speculation remains what we’re left with as MU has bunkered down even as supposed other candidates ‘emerge.’”
Vahe Gregorian, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: I have been disappointed in the lack of insight from Gregorian on the Mizzou search. Isn’t this his sweet spot? If he doesn’t have quality sources inside MU, where does he have them? Reading the above excerpt he sounds about as tuned into the Mizzou athletic department as Kenny Kenny.

“All indications are from what we’re hearing is that Gregg Marshall is the top target (for the Mizzou job). … This is the fourth (basketball) hire for (Mike Alden) and the fear is he’s going to make the wrong choice again.”
Steven St. John, on the popular Wichita State head coach, 810 AM

“If you can get (Gregg Marshall) to do it, you have hit the ball out of the park. And I don’t mean just over the fence. I mean out of the park.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM

“I don’t see where (hiring Gregg Marshall) makes any sense for Missouri sitting in the SEC. Hiring Gregg Marshall is going to cost closer to $20 million than $15 million! I don’t see where that makes any sense for Missouri sitting in the SEC.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK has been in rare form during this Missouri coaching search. He has his passive aggressive anti-Mizzou laser locked onto the Tigers and he is screaming for Scotty to give him more powerrrr! Read on…

“Wouldn’t you describe the Missouri basketball program the last decade as an unlikeable program? Kim Anderson would come in and change that overnight! Even Jayhawk fans would say, ‘I like that guy.’”
Kevin Kietzman, in a conversation with Jack Harry, promoting that MU hire the Central Missouri head coach, 810 AM

“I don’t think (Mizzou) has that much money. I think it’s way overstated. I think they are (financially) crunched on this thing. I think everybody knows Missouri is going cheap on this one. … They lost money moving to the SEC.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: To summarize KK’s thoughts on the MU search, he thinks hiring a coach who took his team to the Final Four last season and then to an undefeated regular season this year would not make any sense. But he is in favor of hiring a DII head coach who likely has never been offered a DI job. And his logic for this is that MU’s move to the SEC has made them too poor to afford a high-profile coach. Got it.

“I think it’d be great to hire Kim Anderson. I think he’d do better than people think. It may take a while…”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: I don’t think that description of the possible Kim Anderson era at Mizzou is going to fill those empty seats.

“If you can get Ben Howland, why wouldn’t you take him? … Look at (Mizzou’s) track record. Their track record is to make the wrong choice. Sorry, but that is their track record. If you don’t hire Ben Howland, you’re following your track record. The guy has been a star everywhere he’s been. He’s a phenomenal basketball coach and to walk away from him is ridiculous. You can get him so why not?”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: DeCourcy sounded far more like Howland’s PR firm than an objective journalist as he promoted the former UCLA head coach. DeCourcy talked about how he recognized greatness in Howland early in his career and he apparently is damn proud that he did. Read on.

“He’s not looking for a paycheck. He’s looking for a job where he can win at. Missouri is obviously a place where you can win. It’s been done there multiple times – even by the coaches that didn’t end well. I think (Howland) would do phenomenally well.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM

“It’s so easy for them it’s hard to foul it up. If Marshall won’t take it, Howland will.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: Mike Alden apparently doesn’t think it’s all that easy. The longer this search goes on, the more I think a big Frank Haith like surprise awaits Mizzou fans.

“I think this (Missouri) job can be a Michigan State. I think this job can be a UConn.”
Kevin Harlan, who was once the radio play-by-play voice for Mizzou basketball, discussing the Mizzou job with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: If UConn and Duke can do what they’ve done in college basketball, almost any school can win. When Haith missed the NCAA tourney this season, he knew he was gone once his contract ended.

“Haith was a good guy personally but the guy never had a chance. Alden did him no favors publicly.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Listening to Harry prop up Haith and verbally blast Alden on KK’s Wednesday radio show was enlightening. Maybe Alden needs to invite Mad Jack down to Columbia for a Scott Pioli like schmooze fest.

“The Denver Broncos aren’t going undefeated! Why can’t the Chiefs be the team that beats the Denver Broncos in the second week of the season? There’s no reason they can’t!”
Bob Fescoe, as he reviewed the Chiefs 2014 schedule, 610 AM

“There are a lot of reasons…”
Josh Klingler, responding to Fescoe’s above rant, 610 AM

“10-6 just seems crazy because this schedule is just so much tougher than last season.”
Nate Bukaty, after The Border Patrol came up with a 10-6 record for the 2014 Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: You can check out the Chiefs 2014 schedule here at ArrowheadPride.com. It is too early to know what teams are going to be good and what teams are going to be Oakland… but the Chiefs look like a seven-win team at best to me.

“I think that (Chiefs) front seven has a chance to be pretty good if not exceptional if everybody stays healthy.”
Mitch Holthus, when asked by Kevin Kietzman how concerned he is about the Chiefs’ defense, 810 AM

“They’re gonna pick a wide receiver! They’re gonna pick a wide receiver! There might be a mutiny over there at One Arrowhead Drive if they pick an offensive lineman!”
Tim Grunhard, speculating on the Chiefs first draft pick, 810 AM

“I think we need to be polishing it up on the bunt. We polishing it up on the bunt. While everybody else was doing other drills, (Rusty Kuntz) had be bunting. I had to stay extra hours.”
Jerrod Dyson, Royals center fielder, on his emphasis on bunting more this season, Royals Radio
GH: Dyson looks to me like the most borderline of borderline MLB players. His speed though is so mesmerizing that the Royals almost HAVE to keep him on their roster. But he offers almost nothing else to any MLB club expecting to win a division.

“If the Royals had one spot left on the roster for a reliever and one spot left for a starter, to be honest with you I’d probably take reliever. I’ve had a blast doing it. It probably fits my mental state better.”
Danny Duffy, in an interview with The Border Patrol Thursday morning, 810 AM
GH: Duffy is incredibly entertaining on live radio. Duffy, Jeremy Guthrie and Greg Holland are three of my favorite Royals to place a mic in front of and just let them talk.  

“I wouldn’t wish Tommy John surgery on my worst enemy. It’s part of the game but it’s a mental grind.”
Danny Duffy, now in his second season following his TJS, 810 AM

“Moustakas is now on pace to hit 32 home runs this season.”
Steve Stewart, following Moose’s fourth homer Wednesday night in Cleveland, Royals Radio
GH: Damn!

“You know, sometimes in my neighborhood we like to watch a little baseball in the garage.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: And I thought this was unique to my hometown neighborhood in South Omaha. One buddy of mine even rents porta potties for the College World Series crowds he attracts to his driveway. I believe Leabo lives in Lee’s Summit – anybody else get the neighbors together to watch some baseball in the garage?

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