OTC: Moose Gets Cut Loose To Omaha On May 22nd And Kansas City Reacts Like It’s Xmas

The Loose Moose is a B&G in NW Omaha… I smell a sponsor!

“Royals send Mike Moustakas down to Omaha. Jimmy Paredes IF/OF to be called up. Wow.”
Micheal Mahoney, @KCMikeMahoney, Twitter
GH: You know it’s big news when Micheal Mahoney is tweeting about it.

“There’s a Moose loose on I-29.”
Chris Fickett, @ChrisFickett, Kansas City Star deputy sports editor, Twitter

“Ned Yost said he’s never been wrong about these players. Well, I think Ned Yost lied.” Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro did not say this to be funny. He said it because he thinks Yost was being protective of Moose and his young prospects. I disagree. Yost is an incredibly arrogant manager who thinks he is incapable of making a mistake.

“Since the 2012 All-Star Break – NEARLY TWO YEARS AGO – Mike Moustakas has hit .215/.269/.346. Remind me again why it took this long?”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: This may have been a rhetorical question from Rany because he knows the answer as we all do. Moose was allowed to pretend to be a big leaguer despite all the evidence against it because Dayton Moore drafted him with his first pick. The irony of it all is that the Royals refusal to send Moose down until now has likely retarded his development by two seasons and quite possibly cost him his career.

“Send some more of them down!”
Caller Will, 610 AM

“Kansas City has optioned 3B Mike Moustakas to Omaha. Storm Chasers open homestand Friday.”
Gary Sharp, @GarySharp1620, Twitter
GH: While the Royals will be in LA taking on the Angels, Moose will be in Downtown Omaha facing the Round Rock Express.

“On the plus side, Moustakas won’t have to go to the 810 Zone anymore.” @TheFakeNed, Twitter

“It was inevitable and the right move.”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, Twitter

“They did what needed to be done. They should be celebrated for doing it. This is a big day for the Kansas City Royals in a lot of different ways.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I am hearing a number of people in the media applauding the Royals for this move. Why? The organization should be embarrassed that it took the complete and utter collapse of this highly-touted prospect for them to act.

“You think Moustakas will watch some video now or nah.”
Kevin Scobee, @scobes15, Twitter

“I’m going to save the #dennymatthewsvoice for later.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter

“Apparently Mike Moustakas is going somewhere but I’m not sure where. But Peyton Manning knows…”
Tate Vobach, @TVobach, , 810 AM

“The bottom line is it’s time to win. It’s about winning now. Everybody is fighting for their jobs.”
Jay Binkley, on the Royals decision to send Moustakas to Omaha, 810 AM
GH: This move smells of desperation from two desperate men; Moore and Yost. They tried almost every other option to avoid this day. They know 80 wins is not going to be enough to placate even Walmart Dave.

“I think it’s time for Mike Moustakas to shag some balls. I think it’s time Mike Moustakas is no longer considered the answer at third base but what can we get out of him? The problem is he doesn’t hit well enough to be your third baseman. He doesn’t hit well enough to be a utility player. If he doesn’t hit (in Omaha), get rid of him.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I think Moose is salvageable. I believe his issues are in his head. I also think Ned Yost protecting him like he was a superstar was the worst thing for his development. Moose obviously thought he had made it and deserved to be treated like Butler, Gordon and Hosmer. If the Royals started treating Moose like they do Gio, I think we would see an entirely different asshole playing third for the Royals. The kind of asshole who wins games.

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31 Responses to OTC: Moose Gets Cut Loose To Omaha On May 22nd And Kansas City Reacts Like It’s Xmas

  1. Ramon says:

    I’m convinced that Hosmer is an asshole. Will Moose be humbled by Omaha ? Likely but that doesn’t mean he will hit.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Hosmer is an Asshole, but he’s one that can play baseball for a living, and do well at it. Moustakas is not at this point. Humility doesn’t mean a thing…..being able to be successful at the job you are paid for does.

  2. Gassedup says:

    Omaha Bus Driver to Moustakas, “Sit down and shut up” we’ll be pulling into McDonalds in a few minutes. If the guy wasn’t such an arrogant ass you might feel sorry for the guy but not now. That car ride to Omaha has got to be humbling.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Ned Yost can’t manage a lick. Can they ship him to Omaha too?

    • Java Man says:

      Ned can’t manage a lick, but somehow he has one of the worst power hitting clubs in baseball playing near .500?

    • Paul says:

      Royals are competitive with other teams despite the worst hitting in the league. They’ve lost their second baseman, third baseman, centerfielder, and primary set-up man to injuries for anywhere from a few games to an entire season. Every regular is underperforming with the exception of Escobar. I’m not a big Yost fan, but this cannot be put on him.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        That stuff won’t fly around, Paul. Everybody knows firing Yost would result in a downhill coast into the World Series. What’s wrong with you?!

      • geoknows says:

        They never lost their third baseman to injury, unless “extreme lack of hitting prowess leading to chronic suckitude” is now considered an injury.

  4. Mike says:

    Greg, I thought the Storm Chasers’ stadium was out in the Omaha ‘burbs, and not downtown, unless for some reason they relocated to TD Ameritrade.

    …by the way, that’s the most stupid thing I’ve still seen. Separate ballparks for the CWS and the Triple-A club? Seriously? Just asinine.

    As for Moustakas, he’s damn near going to have to build that swing from scratch. He’s too messed up. In other words, he has to ditch everything he’s done up to now. Even if it means shaving, ditching the whole bag of Big League Chew in his mouth, stance, position leverage, core workouts, everything.

    • Alan says:

      Mike, It is far, far from asinine to have two stadiums. The Stormchasers stadium is out in the “burbs”, it holds approx 6-8000 fans. It has a great atmosphere. the downtown stadium holds over 20,000 and is a morgue with only 6000 fans in it. This is why they built a stadium for themselves. Same reason Sporting KC built their awesome stadium instead of playing in an “empty” Arrowhead. It’s all about atmosphere and fan enjoyment.

      As far as Moose. I think it’s punishment for the great fans of Omaha, to have to have Moose forced on them!

    • Bill says:

      Mike, you are correct it is out in the burbs. It is technically in LaVista, I believe. They paid for the stadium. Also, it never made sense for the Chasers to play in TD, they could fill maybe 6,000 a night. It was comparable to when the Wizards played in Arrowhead. The stadium out in the burbs is almost a carbon copy of what the T-Bones play in right now. Perfect for them.

    • P says:

      TD Ameritrade packs it in for the CWS at 20k+ and it’s downtown….a move that probably makes Kevin Keitzman jealous. The Storm Chasers wouldn’t fill half that and have a good niche out in Sarpy County.

      Say what you want about Omaha but they’ve hit some nice planning pieces in the downtown area with CenturyLink center and TD Park, not too mention the growth of Creighton’s campus.

    • Scott says:

      Living in the Omaha area, I can also say that the 2 ballparks plan was absolutely the right move. Even if you got 6,000 to a Golden Spikes/Royals/Chasers game at Rosenblatt, it felt empty…and it would be the same at TDAP. If you put 6,000 at Werner Park, it’s a great atmosphere…and they’ll get 8,000+ in there on a Friday or Saturday. It’s just a terrific place to watch a game.

      Also, with the amount of money that the CWS pumps into the local economy, it made total sense for the city to build the Downtown Baseball Palace pretty much just to host the CWS. Any other events it can hold is just a bonus. They didn’t want the NCAA thinking about rotating the CWS because Rosenblatt really wasn’t suitable for the job anymore.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for the added info. For some reason I thought the Storm Chasers drew more than 6-8K for a game, but if that’s the number, then you all are right, TDA wouldn’t make much sense, unless they threw up a #tarp in the OF sections…and then some.
        Ive seen TDA from the outside (and have only been in Rosenblatt for the old Nighthawks’ games), and I was really impressed with how Omaha has progressed in developing the area around TDA and the arena. Makes me want to go back to see games again sometime.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Mike, Thanks for the correction. The Stormchasers play out between Papillion and Gretna, which is probably 30 miles from downtown Omaha. The new downtown park was built to appease the CWS.

  5. Tigerpiper says:

    Did anyone just hear Grunhard say his brother played in the majors as a September callup? Not according to the interwebs… Cue “Glory Days”…


  6. david says:

    With Moose gone what’s going to be Greg Hall’s next clarion call?
    1) Trade Shields for prospects now.
    2) Fire Ned.
    3) Trade Holland for prospects now.
    4) Get Moose back up here (after his first 4 bomb, 10 RBI week in Omaha).

  7. Java Man says:

    5) Strip search at the K for middle aged white dudes.

  8. JP says:

    This was simply a PR move that the team did, considering they are now at war with one of the sports stations in town. They had to do something, but I believe this move is too little too late. Should have been done on this day—LAST YEAR!!! I hope Moose makes it back to the big leagues and has productive games. I think this may be his last AB in a KC Royals uniform anyway.

    I guess Yost has finally been proven wrong about prospects. Also, does the Third Base tree have any extra players in there.

  9. The Independent Rage says:

    Ned cannot just go pluck someone from the asshole tree, Greg. Save maybe himself. But he’s like really old, and the Royals are already set at catcher.

  10. Zard says:

    The really sad fact is MIKE MOUSTAKAS WAS THE SECOND PICK OF THE DRAFT!!! SECOND! Dayton MOore has an absolute abomination in the first round of the draft.

    • david says:

      To be fair, everyone had Moose projected high in that draft which was fairly weak. Price #1, Wieters #5, Bumgarner #10 and Heyward #14 are the only first rounders that turned into regular MLB starters.


  11. Kyle R says:

    Moustakas clearly has talent….but it’s been managed horribly by the Royals and he clearly hasn’t helped himself by refusing to watch the film and thinking his way of doing things was the right way. If the guy is humbled and goes back to the absolute basics, maybe he’s got a shot? Regardless, this is no occasion to cheer the Royals; as others have said, this should have happened a year ago.

  12. Well the Royals finally had no choice since Valencia is outplaying Moose. Management can’t look at the other players and tell them they are doing everything they can to win with the automatic out that Moose is in the lineup. Anybody else think it is chicken shit the Royals did this today when they knew they would be on a plane going to the West Coast so they wouldn’t have to answer any questions?

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