OTC: Moose’s Deuce On The KC Media Gets Some Damage Control And Perspective / & Ace Is A Beast!

“It is what it is and it’s what it’s going to be. Everybody can formulate their own opinions. That’s what’s great about this world that we live in.”
Mike Moustakas, when asked by Josh Vernier to explain the reasoning for why he chose to repeatedly talk about “Vargy’s” pitching rather than answer questions about his hitting, 610 AM
GH: Moustakas was not in any mood to offer any apologies for his post-game interview and Vernier’s cuddly questions sure didn’t do any but maybe get the Royals’ third baseman to like him. Read on.

“(Mike Moustakas) certainly didn’t handle it in a perfect way, that’s for sure. … I thought his answers to Andy McCullough (of The Star) and Dick Kaegel (of MLB.com) in a private setting were very professional and right on if you had a chance to read those articles.” Dayton Moore, in an interview Thursday with Soren Petro, discussing Mike Moustakas’ controversial post-game interview after his big day against the Rockies on Wednesday, 810 AM
GH: Moore was apparently in damage-control mode Thursday as he made live appearances on Petro’s midday show and also was a guest on Jay Binkley’s and Henry Lake’s show on 610 AM. It made sense for Moore to squash this mess and get the sports talk shows to move on. Kevin Kietzman’s show was not on Moore’s radar and KK and Clinkscale seemed to take offense that they were slighted. Read on.

“For some reason they are still scared of The Star! I can’t imagine that one tenth of the people would read Andy McCullough’s story in The Star today than would have 20 years ago! Just to let you know how misguided they are…it’s insane what the Royals are trying to do with this!”
Kevin Kietzman, after replaying some of Moore’s comments from his interview with Petro, 810 AM
GH: KK made it sound like McCullough and Kaegel were given preferential treatment by Moose because they work for The Kansas City Star and MLB.com. It may just have been that those two reporters were able to hang around longer than the radio and TV media who had more pressing deadlines. What Kietzman sees as the Royals’ disdain for the electronic media might just be a simple issue of timing.

“First of all they used Andy McCullough who’s new on the (Royals’) beat. And basically they said, ‘Can you clean up this mess a little bit?’ I thought some of the stuff in (McCullough’s article) was flat inaccurate. They know they’ve got a new guy there. They were using that! They were USING that!”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: 24 hours later Clink was still pissed off that Moose played with him in the post-game interview. Why the heck does Danny care so much if a 25-year-old Royals’ player who is hitting 40 points under the Mendoza line wants to give him a bland comment about getting two hits? What Moose did was give Clink, Kevin and the rest of the KC media a story to tell and talk about for days. 

“(The Royals) talk bad about their radio partners behind their back. I know they talk bad about me behind my back.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman drops these little bombs from time to time that are tied to nothing more than his spite. It’s likely a given that everybody talks bad about everybody behind their back. Except maybe Jay Z and his crazy elevator family who apparently have no problem with frontal confrontation. 

“No I didn’t.”
Rex Hudler, in his weekly appearance on Danny Parkins’ and Carrington Harrison’s show, when asked by Danny Parkins if he heard Moustakas’ post-game interview after the Royals sweep of the Rockies, 610 AM
GH: So Hudler works for the Royals and he somehow missed this story, even a day later? I believe him. I think Hudler is that clueless.  

“Look, Moose is not the problem! Now his batting average might be. They need him to win. … My question is why is the heat on Moose?”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM GH: Hudler’s not the problem. Now what he says might be. 

“I really believe in these guys. They are going to build themselves up and challenge the Tigers in the AL Central.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: I sure hope Hudler is correct. Watching the Royals’ outstanding pitching get beat again this year is almost criminal. This staff deserves a chance to pitch in the playoffs. 

“(Yordano Ventura) makes good big-league hitters look bad – and you don’t see that a whole lot.”
Brian McRae, after Ventura held the Orioles to two runs and struck out nine and walked only one in seven innings but was the losing pitcher in the Royals’ 2-1 loss Thursday night, 810 AM
GH: McRae said the Royals’ rookie pitcher reminds him of “a young Pedro Martinez.” 

“I don’t ever recall Billy Butler taking so many wild swings at strikes and missing.”
Ryan Lefebvre, after Butler struck out in his first at bat Thursday night against the Orioles’ Chen, Royals Radio
GH: Denny Matthews agreed with Lefebvre and added that he remembers Butler having a much more “controlled” swing when he was fashioning his career .300 average. Billy Butler continues to not look like Billy Butler. If he was a pitcher they would find a reason to put him on the DL and find out what the heck happened to his talent. 

“I think this team is going to be inconsistently inconsistent (all season). … But 84 wins may get you in the hunt (for the wild card)”
Brian McRae, 810 AM

“The business that we’re in is in results and entertainment. And I think those two things should walk hand-in-hand together. When the guys step inside the white lines, they need to come and leave everything on the field. Whether we win or lose (the fans) know that those guys are giving the effort they’re supposed to. And when you’re not, people are going to stop coming. That’s something that’s not going to happen with this team.”
Peter Vermes, in an interview with Josh Klingler and Johnny Kane, head coach of Sporting Kansas City, discussing why he is so public at times with criticism for his team’s play, 610 AM
GH: I absolutely LOVE how Sporting Kansas City approaches failure. They attack it. They don’t refuse to answer questions or play games or act like everything is fine – they look you in the eye and tell you that you should expect more because they refuse to tolerate less. 

“I do believe (the 2-1 home loss to Philadelphia) is a one-off, but I actually don’t like it and it’s something we’re not going to stand for and something that we’re going to rectify very quickly.”
Peter Vermes, 610 AM GH: Dayton Moore could use a week sitting at the knee of the folks in the SKC front office to learn how it’s done. 

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28 Responses to OTC: Moose’s Deuce On The KC Media Gets Some Damage Control And Perspective / & Ace Is A Beast!

  1. buttnutz says:

    Jesus. Who gives a shit if the media doesn’t like a player’s answers to their stupid questions? Half of their questions are stupid anyway. “How did you feel after getting that big hit?” “How the fuck do you think I feel, dumbass?”

    When you talk shit on a player, whether he deserves it or not, be prepared to handle the consequences when he fights back a little bit. I’m glad Moose did what he did. Clinkscale is a douchenozzle.

  2. mike t. says:

    Maybe the entire Royals organization, from ownership on down, should attend a seminar held by Sporting KC. I’m not a soccer fan, but agree with you Greg on Peter Vermes’ approach. Refreshing.

  3. Paracelsus says:

    As Moustakagate continues, it’s definitely the screeching drama queens of KMBZ who come out looking worse. The entertaining part is that this little interview has given the 980 tool cabinet the chance to display every bit of why they’re considered entitled, thin-skinned douches.

    • Mike says:

      Sometimes I think it would serve the Royals well if they only let Hudler out of his room for just the games. Controversial topics and astronomy are really not his forté.

    • Paracelsus says:

      810, WHB, yadda yadda

  4. Joe Blow says:

    “For some reason they are still scared of The Star! I can’t imagine that one tenth of the people would read Andy McCullough’s story in The Star today than would have 20 years ago!”

    I read the Star and never, ever listen to boring ass KC Sports Talk Radio. At least the Star has to write a real article, the talk radio is a complete waste of time..

  5. Mike says:

    I think more than just Dayton should go and get a crash course with SKC. It seems like the whole organization needs to pack up and head 15 miles west for a seminar/boot camp.
    Btw, did anyone see a shot of last night’s crowd? Why was the upper deck even open?

  6. carelessdonkey says:

    I heard the first of whatever that ass-kissing mess of a question was that Vernier started out with in his interview with Moustakas. It was so bad and I felt so embarrassed for him that I had to turn the station immediately.

  7. Futbol Duche says:

    Greg, thanks for talking about Sporting Kansas City and the greatest sport in the world. Football. Since I refuse to call it soccer.

    I had to pull over my wife’s Fiat 500L to write this since my Toyota Prius is in the shop on my way home to Brookside home.

    You should talk more about football Greg, it’s the fastest growing sport in the U.S. I like many in Sporting Park I simply hate baseball, basketball and especially grid ball. To violent, and mostly to American.

    It’s too much mom, dad, apple pie and the Fourth of July.

    When I’m at Sporting Park it makes me feel European and very progressive.

  8. Kyle R says:

    Agreed on Sporting’s approach, like many others have already. And, I’m going to predict, that’s one big reason they’re going to get a longer leash from fans when they inevitably have a down year or two. There will never be a doubt they’re doing all they can to create a winning team, which is seemingly always in doubt when it comes to the people of KC and the Royals. That, plus the season ticket waiting list that continues to grow, will keep Sporting Park full for years to come. KU basketball doesn’t even have a season ticket waiting list…

  9. JP says:

    Sporting and the Royals are a good contrast. Sporting gets a draw in their stadium opener and their Owner goes on the radio and apologizes. The Royals finish over .500 and expect the town to honor them as if they won the World Series. This is a prime example that ownership matters, and when you have dolts like the Glass Family running a team, should be we be real surprised.

    Clinkscale and the rest of 810 are spoiled babies. If they don’t like dealing with athletes, maybe they should work a real job. Having said that, I do feel sorry for Clinkscale. Think about it, his life is being KK’s yes man on the radio, even if it means trashing his own school. He works weekends, he has to go to Manhattan, KS every Saturday during the fall. You know he doesn’t get paid squat, but has to take all the freebies that 810 allows (Gaslight Grill, etc.). I pity him more than dislike him at this point. If the Royals take away his credentials, we will hear some real comedy on 810 in the weeks to come.

  10. Fred Flintstone says:

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful Futbol Duche. Standing right beside you, and might want to add the same thoughts about The Boston Marathon, the Hospital Hill run, the Groundhog Run, or any other fucking “run.” I could give a shit, and always hate it when OTC wastes too much time and column space on “runs.”

    Gotta go, I’m late for my tennis lesson at The Club.

    • Kyle R says:

      Yeah, with all the subscriber fees Greg gets out of us, he should really quit writing about the stuff he likes and stick to what we want.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        Atta boy, ass kisser!!

        • Kyle R says:

          Ass kisser, or just not a jackass that complains about the content of a site that is updated almost daily, and done purely for fun and almost zero revenue?

          • Mike says:

            Kyle, it’s also like the many dumbshits on here that just complain about both sports stations with the oft-used and tired tagline, “Duh, sports stations should talk sports.”
            Fred Flintstone is apropos, considering his caveman logic at work.
            Mmm-hmmm. They complain, yet it seems that they all still listen. Or, at the very least, read Greg’s work then bitch (without listening to those shows), which is even more pathetic.
            Let’s see, over-the-air free sports radio, along with free-to-access sports-radio journal, and yet the tired tripe still exists?
            Especially the morons who just caustically rip without regard. Re: the whole Clinkscale thing, I would have extended the questioning of Moustakas a lot further, to make him look even dumber than he already is. Ask about Vargas’ work. Of every inning. And then ask every reliever. Ask how Salvy caught the ball. Ask about Rusty’s base-coaching. Ask about Esky’s play. Ask about Vargas again. And again. And again. Ask “How you doin’?”
            What I’m saying, if Moustakas doesn’t want to play that game, turn it into Sal and Richard Prank Call Theater.
            Now that would be entertainment.

            …but then again, I’m not Danny, nor do I have those pressures and deadlines for content.

            Fescoe and Rhonda Moss used their pulpit to create that stir more than 10 years ago. IN PUBLIC. I wish there was another to take that mantle this time.

    • Futbol Duche says:

      Football is the most popular sport in the world. It’s beloved by millions of more progressive countries In South America and Africa and Asia. Well…all Asian countries but China and Japan.

      Now pardon me. I’m at my Brookside home and I’m going to enjoy my vegetarian meal and a good night watching MSNBC and later listen to NPR.

      • Highwater Booty says:

        Well…you do have the duche part right.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, I see your tongue-in-cheek tone. But no.

        As much as I’m starting to come around and enjoy soccer more, it is a sport that still has a ton of problems.
        I wouldn’t go spouting off about ‘the world’ just yet re: soccer. On a global level, it still is the most corrupt in the world, with it having surpassed the Olympics in wallowing in its own narcissism and lack of humanity.
        And the only entity which controls soccer on a global level is FIFA. Sepp Blatter is one unconscionable fuckstick. The news coming out of Qatar involving thousands of worker deaths to build stadiums for the ’22 World Cup isn’t just pathetic. It’s horrifying. The graft, corruption, lack of basic human rights in a country of rich oil oligarchs, who have thrown enough money at FIFA to effectively get control of them, should be more than enough to force every country’s soccer federation on the planet to openly boycott the ’22 Cup until a number of conditions are met. (Those same groups should threaten a boycott of ’18 as well.)
        1. Instill basic human rights to those who are in the country. Allow them freedom of movement. Allow them worker protections. Allow them humane housing.
        2. Significant reparations, in lieu of heavy fines, to the families of those who died, in deplorable work/living conditions on those work sites.
        3. An independent oversight agency to ensure acceptable conditions are met from here on out. Since FIFA is corrupt at shit, and there isn’t really any international agency that passes muster, it might have to get sent all the way up to the UN.
        4. Sepp Blatter gets shot up to the moon with no space suit.

        Brazil isn’t much better off in this, either. Some of the things I’ve read about FIFA’s demands for stadiums that will host a grand total of what…FOUR MATCHES…just boggles the mind.

        You make mention of ‘progressive’ countries. Compared to upcoming hosts, we’re more progressive by a country mile, which is still pretty damned sad. I’m sorry, I don’t buy that horseshit for a second until the many federations across the globe demand for significant changes from the governing body that conducts the sport on the world stage.
        Brazil ’14
        Russia ’18
        Qatar ’22.

        REALLY??!?! REALLY???!

        • The Word says:

          Mike I don’t think you get what the Futbol character is. From reading his post it seems like he’s making fun of soccer fans. Saying their your stereotypical Obama loving, electric car driving douche bags.

          A Brookside home, MSNBC, NPR, saying progressive all the time, soccer makes him feel more European.

          Seems like a parody to me.

          • Mike says:

            That’s why I prefaced it with ‘tongue-in-cheek’. I saw it.

            But it allowed me to add, in the face of the soccer nut, while kind of like an admission while I like SKC and MLS, soccer on a global level really is a pathetic shithole.

            • Kyle R says:

              Yeah, read this column from Dan Wetzel about the Quatar situation. It’s unconscionable and I do hope every nation in the world boycotts until FIFA either fixes it or takes the Cup away from Quatar.


  11. Football Douche says:

    Amen to Futbol Douche and The Word! I don’t pay any attention to any European, Obummer loving, socialist sports like SOCCER. I watch real sports like FOOTBALL. And I also enjoy the Royals, especially MOOSE after he destroyed the LIBERAL media yesterday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to begin my in-depth analysis of every pick taken in the sixth round so I can thoroughly assemble my 12 rosters for the fantasy draft while I smoke some ribs and guzzle Busch light and pretend I’m tailgating at Arrowhead at 7:30 in the morning the day of the first preseason game!

    • Johnny Utah says:

      I tailgate at Sporting Park with Busch Light. How do I fit into this equation?

  12. Ron says:

    Have the same people owned Sporting KC the entire time the team has been in Kansas City? Before Keitzman started worshipping the ground Neal Patterson walks on, he hated the team. He laughed for months when the team changed its name to Sporting. He hated soccer with a passion his entire adult life. As soon as Sporting KC built a new stadium, suddenly he fell madly in love with the team and its owners. They can absolutely do no wrong in his mind. I doubt they are perfect. The problem is, Keitzman and most people don’t know squat about soccer, so its hard to find things to criticize. Keitzman fllip flops whichever way the wind blows. He can’t be neutral or objective on any subject. He’s not objective about the Royals…just negative. He’s not objective about MU or KU…just looking to hate or damn with insincere praise. He loves K-State. Did you know K-State is the only school in history to win basketball, football and baseball titles in the same academic year? Keitzman brings it up about 3-4 times a day. He is so full of himself for his supreme knowledge and business success, I don’t know how his wife, colleagues or anyone else can stand to be around him. If he didn’t own the station, he probably would have been fired by now.

    • Kyle R says:

      No, the team was owned by the Hunt family until they sold it to the Cerner guys who changed the name.

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