OTC: Moustakas’ Slump Has A Familiar Excuse / WHB’s TJ Carpenter Heading Down A Bad Path

“He’s pressing a little bit but not nearly as much as he was at any time last year. He’s going to be okay.”
Ned Yost, on Moose’s 0-15 start, 610 AM
GH: Yost made this comment about the Royals’ third baseman over the weekend. It sounded so familiar to me that I checked the archives from last May and came up with what Yost said about Moose when he was in a 2-41 tailspin. Read on.

“Last year, when he struggled. I mean (Moose) was a mess. There were times when you’d have to sit him for a ‘mental day.’ This year, he’s been in a great frame of mind. … He’s going to be fine.”
Ned Yost, on the same slumping Moustakas, May 2013, Kansas City Star
GH: Okay, so by my count that is three seasons in a row where we can document that Moose has struggled with slumps and his mental state. Hey, we all understand that baseball is a hard game to play and it’s a grind and the Royals faced three of the best pitchers on the planet (who happen to be in their division) and blah, blah, blah… I would like Yost to try a different tactic to motivate the moody Moose. “Hey moose – hit the damn ball or you’re going to find out how many great restaurants there are in Omaha.”

“He had home-run distance but he missed the foul pole by about 100 feet.”
Steve Physioc, play-by-play call on a foul ball off the bat of Mike Moustakas, Royals Radio

“Obviously, Mike Moustakas is still struggling although good for him to at least have the RBI walk today. I know that doesn’t mean anything is solved but at least he can go back and say he made a contribution. He also had some defensive plays – he also had the error…”
Joel Goldberg, Royals pre- and postgame host, trying to put a positive spin on Moose’s 0-15 start after Saturday’s win over the Chisox, Fox Sports KC
GH: It’s not just Yost who is walking and talking on eggshells when it comes to Moose’s slump. Goldberg tried everything he could to turn that bases-loaded walk into a Player of the Game award.

“I cover my eyes every time he comes up to bat. It’s very compelling radio and TV right now, to watch Mike Moustakas and see what he is going to do. We are all rooting for him to get a hit.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The Moose watch is going to continue until he gets that first knock. I can feel the pressure build as Moose steps to the plate even when I’m just watching from my couch.

“I haven’t done it much in my career, but it’s not that difficult. Because the shortstop’s over on the other side of second and the third baseman’s at shortstop. So I just have to bunt it past the pitcher. I don’t have to be fine with it.”
Mike Moustakas, on bunting to the left side of the infield to foil the defensive shift many teams are using against him, Kansas City Star
GH: I think getting Moose to bunt for a base hit is exactly what the opposition is hoping the leading home-run hitter in California high school baseball will try to do. I do not want to see Moose stabbing at change ups and hoping to dink one down the third-base line. I want to see him hit it over their heads. Way over.

“(Bunting) should not be there. You have 27 outs. Don’t give them up.”
Brian McRae, 810 AM

“I’m different than a lot of these other guys. Some guys like to watch film. Like Billy (Butler), he gets in there and watches film all day. He’s able to break it down. Gordo (Alex Gordon) does the same thing. I’ll watch film from when I was going good. I don’t break down everything I’ve done. I just try to find a couple of at-bats where I look comfortable, see what I was doing and work from there.”
Mike Moustakas, explaining to Bob Dutton last season in May 2013 about how his video work, Kansas City Star
GH: I don’t know if Moose has altered his aversion to watching video but I guess we can hope. We hear a lot about his mental approach but little about his work ethic. Often times a busy mind doesn’t have time to become weak.

“I think it’s way too early to start that platoon at third base (with Moustakas and Danny Valencia). Because a platoon means you don’t have anybody to play third base.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Ned appears to have a two-limbed third-basemen tree this season.

“They define their roles by their production. Once we get rolling it will define itself more clearly than it is now.”
Ned Yost, on how he will make decisions as to when he will to pitch the Royals bullpen, 610 AM
GH: I think it is too early to judge the Royals pitching. But I like what I see for the most part. It would just be nice to see somebody hit some dongs. The Royals remain the only team in MLB to not have a home run.

“I think it’s silly if this (Royals) team doesn’t get at least two million fans to the ball park this year.”
Josh Vernier, Royals pre- and postgame host, 610 AM
GH: The Royals last drew two-million fans in 1991 when they capped a seven year streak of two million or more since 1985. They have drawn about 1.7 million for the past five seasons. They will very likely draw two million this summer but it should not be a given. Just as Yost says his pen’s playing time will be determined by their production, so should the fans’ interest in their Royals.

“Just got a report that DGB waa arrested last night for assaulting a woman. No confirmation of the arrest yet, but eye witnesses.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Sunday at 3:55 PM, Twitter
GH: When I read this my first reaction was just total disgust that DGB could be guilty of yet another stupid and damaging crime. But when I went to investigate the story I found there weren’t any details to be found. My disgust then switched from the message to the messenger. Read on.

“There are standards for reporting something. If something happens we’ll report it, but nothing has happened.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond,  at 4:26 PM Sunday, Twitter
GH: DeArmond was obviously being asked by many people about Carpenter’s report. I still haven’t seen any arrest record or story on TJ’s report almost 24 hours later. That is not a good way to build a reputation here in Kansas City media for the youngster from Arkansas.

“I don’t believe DGB has been arrested yet, but he might be soon. Still trying to get details. You’d be wise to follow @GabeDeArmond.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Sunday at 4:07 PM, Twitter
GH: Okay, this is just a joke of an ass-covering tweet. I don’t believe TJ is a complete idiot but he might be soon. He sure is headed down that road anyway.

“It was a fantastic game. Unfortunately, it ended in a nil-nil draw and I know that sounds to all the soccer haters out there.”
Nate Bukaty, on Sporting Kansas City’s scoreless draw Saturday night at home to Real Salt Lake, 810 AM
GH: Call me a soccer hater but a more accurate moniker would be tie hater. Who wants to see a draw? Finish the game with a winner. And I don’t really care how the sport resolves that issue. Just get it done.

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55 Responses to OTC: Moustakas’ Slump Has A Familiar Excuse / WHB’s TJ Carpenter Heading Down A Bad Path

  1. Mike says:

    Oof. Reported arrest? Police reports are public. Can’t run with a story that has no info, especially when the story in question can easily be proven/disproved by a simple search/call of police reports. That ain’t ‘sourcing’ a coaching rumor. That’s sourcing a legal issue.

  2. geoknows says:

    Who the heck is DGB? And if I have to ask do I really care?

    • FJH says:

      I don’t know either – I thought it was just me.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      Those are Fountain Mom’s real initials. But she’s much more commonly referred to simply by her moniker, so as to protect the identity of her minor children.

      • Kyle R says:

        Dorial Green-Beckham, star WR for Mizzou. #1 player out of high school and genius that got caught smoking weed in the Faurot Field parking lot his freshmen year.

  3. JimmyD says:

    GH: I think getting Moose to bunt for a base hit is exactly what the opposition is hoping the leading home-run hitter in California high school baseball will try to do.

    Did you type that with a straight face Greg?

  4. Gavin says:

    Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Kietzman was blathering about how misusing Twitter or any social media could get you fired from WHB? And is there a bigger misuse than the defamation of a player by accusing him of being arrested for assaulting a woman?? Carpenter needs to hope like hell that Dorial Green-Beckham gets popped within the next day or Kietzman needs to fire his sorry ass and issue DGB an apology and right away. That is some seriously lame reporting and it is something that could be verified pretty damned easily. He could have followed up with a description of his source so the audience could gauge his credibility. There were about twenty things Carpenter could have done differently, all of them better than what he did. Just a complete clusterfuck.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      I wonder if KK would go all Vince McMahon, strut in there, and snarl at Carpenter, “YOU’RE F-I-R-E-D!” Or if not, maybe KK could send Rex Hudler to handle the firing like Mr. McMahon would.

      • jerk says:

        Maybe they could fire each other at the same time, create a black hole and disappear from existence arm-in-arm

  5. hammy says:

    I’m sure TJ will hide behind Twitter and claim it isn’t the same thing as actually printing or broadcasting a story. Nice to see him spreading completely unfounded BS and being the Arkansas homer he is known for.

  6. Your Friend and Mine says:

    Done Got Busted is DGB. Missourah’s “star” wide receiver. It’ll be a race to see if he spends more time in the NFL, or jail.

  7. Juan Pablo says:

    TJ was pretty good when he started but he has turned into a shock jock like KK. just says some crazy things without any proof.

  8. nick says:

    “Finish the game with a winner. And I don’t really care how the sport resolves that issue. Just get it done.”


    How exciting was the Championship game last year?! If teams don’t want a game to come down to penalty kicks, then maybe they’ll try harder to score in regulation.

    • Kyle R says:

      Agree 100% too but it’s just impossible to make such a big rule change for a sport that’s played all over the world like soccer. And the MLS having one set of rules but then Sporting having to use a different set for CONCAF and fans seeing that set for the World Cup would not help MLS’s image or the popularity of soccer one bit.

      Also, I guess it’s because we’re not hockey fans but why does no one bitch about the NHL’s complicated standings? W, L, OTL, Points, Row, SOW, SOL are all parts of the NHL’s standings: http://espn.go.com/nhl/standings

      • b12 says:

        Hockey knows it’s place.
        It doesn’t demand you acknowledge it.

        Soccer is the whiny bitch that doesn’t understand the other chicks have better tits and also put out.

        • nick says:

          Ha. I couldn’t have defended myself any better. Funny!

        • Kyle R says:

          #COTD. Nice.

        • BlackJack says:

          The fact that there is so much vitriol and debate about soccer on these boards, and 19K+ people in the seats for games at Sporting Park shows the place soccer has ascended to in this town.

          Meanwhile, hockey? Crickets…

          Thanks for your interest, b12

  9. Iggy says:

    Just the little WR who had 12 TDs as a sophomore. Of course you don’t care since the ball is not round.

    Moustakas is never going to be any good he lacks instincts. Another blown Dayton Moore draft pick.

  10. JP says:

    I guess when your mentor is Kevin “Missouri will be invited to the Big Ten” Kietzman, is it little wonder that TJ would paste a story without any background or sourcing.This is a damaging story to anyone, regardless of their background. Journalism is not about being first, it’s about being right.

    TJ seemed like a talented guy when he came on 810. However his show has totally disintegrated. He has no working knowledge about baseball, and spends most of his show on college football. Either that or shock jock type topics like KU/Wichita State. He has learned the worst habits of KK and it may cost him this time.

    • Tim says:

      I haven’t listened to TJ since the Jevon Belcher incident. It’s not that he did a bad job reporting it, but during the 4 or so hours he was on, he must have mentioned at least 10 times that WHB was the first to report it, with his special flair of arrogance.

  11. Iggy says:

    As opposed to the Einsteins at ku who pull their wanker out in an elevator or shoot pedestrians from their dorm window.

  12. Steve says:

    I actually didn’t mind Goldberg’s comments. I at least see where he is coming from. The RBI walk was productive and shows that even in a slump he isn’t just swinging away at everything.

    But Yost’s comments are somewhat irritating, although not surprising at all. He protects his players. I assume if he wants to light a fire, he does it face-to-face, not to the media.

  13. BlackJack says:

    “Finish the game with a winner. And I don’t really care how the sport resolves that issue. Just get it done.”

    I, for one, really don’t have a problem with draws in soccer. I used to think they were unsatisfying, but I guess I am used to them now. Once you comprehend how the points/standing system works in soccer, you start to understand how the draw has consequences, and impact on the table standings, and how teams use it as a strategy. Sometimes, a draw can feel like a win, or like a loss (Saturdays game against RSL). If one team doesn’t necessarily outplay the other team, why does there have to be a clear-cut winner and clear-cut loser?

    The NFL games can end in a tie as well – granted, it has to go the full overtime so it doesn’t happen very often – and I don’t hear people complaining too loudly about that.

  14. Richard Cranium says:

    Soccer. Fatboy Moose. Cheeba Head Green. It’s been a slow week and it’s only Monday

  15. Iggy says:

    You are absolutely right. All ku fans should be shot.

    What an idiot you are yeah he Markeiff is a scholar for shooting at someone. Stipo had an accident kind of like when you were conceived Jr.

  16. JFP says:

    I’ve got another stellar story about Robb Heineman…

    Saturday night, as Real Salt Lake came out to warm up (opposing sides warm up in front of The Cauldron), here comes Robb Heineman with the MLS Cup trophy. First thing I think is “He is seriously not going to troll RSL with the Cup.” Walks straight to the front of the middle of The Cauldron and hands it to the crowd. People in The Cauldron start passing the Cup around going crazy, right in front of the team that we beat for it.

    Cup makes it back down to Heineman, who walks it over to the Member’s Club, walks straight behind one of the bars, puts the Cup under a tap of Boulevard and fills it, then hands it to anyone who wants to drink out of it, take a pic with it, whatever. I got my turn to drink out of it (that’s a pic I just might frame) and I didn’t know he was behind me, but he said “Too hard to drink out of it. Needs more.” Takes it from me, goes back behind the bar, fills it again and hands it off to more people.

    This guy is something else. Imagine any GM in any other sport just casually walk out to the fans with a championship trophy and let them pass it around the stands, then let them drink out of it.

    • Greg Hall says:

      JFP, That is a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing that one. Heineman sounds like every one of us if we had money.

    • Joe Blow says:


      What’s stupid about “The Cauldron” is that the term was already in use by about every other soccer league before KCK came up with it..

  17. glorious uproar says:

    soccer sucks.

  18. Jeff Gelski says:

    Gabe DeArmond and others Tweeting DGB suspended indefinitely.

  19. Sam says:

    Barrett Sallee @BarrettSallee
    Missouri WR Dorial Green-Beckham has been suspended indefinitely for violation of team policies.

  20. Richard Cranium says:

    Guess maybe the Slaver’s hero boy ain’t quite who they thought he was. Or then again, maybe he is. Welcome to the SEC “boys”…..I’m sure the misery administration will claim she had it coming

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