OTC: Move The K’s Fences In? Chiefs Backup QB? Gio As Royals’ Starter? Mad Jack On Advertising?

“The folks who think Royals should move the fences in seem to forget that it wouldn’t just help Royals offense, but opposing offenses also.”
Robert Ford, @raford3, Twitter
GH: How dense does Ford think the Royals’ fans are that they wouldn’t understand this basic concept? I’m not all that for or against moving the fences but I would like to see them lowered to allow for more spectacular over-the-fence catches – by both teams. 

“I think the back-up quarterback will be the most interesting part of the preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I watched Jack Harry on TV-41 last night profile the Chiefs’ latest QB addition and his You Tube trick passing video. Snore. The Chiefs do not have a worthwhile backup quarterback. They have Matt Cassel and a prayer. Period. 

“Back when I was about 190 pounds. Now I’m about 310 pounds.”
Jake Gutiérrez, on his weight during his semi-pro soccer-playing days after college, 810 AM
GH: Jake is getting married this month. I am worried for the man. Marriage typically adds weight to young men. Jake needs to be seriously considering getting back to his playing weight. His future kids will appreciate it.

“I think it’s Ned Yost who doesn’t believe in Giavotella. I’m not aware of any personality conflicts. My read on it is that he doesn’t think he’s a good defensive player.”
Nate Bukaty, on why the Royals’ second baseman has struggled to gain consistent playing time with the big club, 810 AM
GH: Gio is not a smooth or even good second baseman – but I do believe he is adequate. The more he plays, the more I like the Royals’ chances of winning games…despite his occasional boot or blunder.  

“If I know the guy can knock in twice as many as he lets in, I want the guy knocking in runs.”
Mike Boddicker, former Royals’ pitcher, on Gio’s defensive liabilities, 810 AM

“Maybe they don’t think second base is that important? They got rid of Frank White. … Hey, he’s still a second baseman to me!”
Mike Boddicker, 810 AM

“I didn’t miss it at all. I don’t think anybody else missed it either. I think the quality of play was just as good as ever.”
Eric Winston, new Chiefs’ offensive lineman, when asked if he missed having OTAs last season due to the lockout, 610 AM

“I can’t tell you how important these OTAs are. I think they’re important for everybody.”
Peyton Manning, 610 AM
GH: I cannot wait to see if the Chief or the Bronco are more correct come November 25th. That’s right, the Chiefs do not face the Broncos until after Thanksgiving this season. Will Manning even still be upright by then?

“Right now, as we speak today, the power of college football runs from Dallas to Austin.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Who would have believed a year ago that a Kansas City-based sports talk radio host would be excited about making this claim? My how things have changed around here. 

“We do eight cooking shows a year. We do one NASCAR show a week in season.”
Kevin Kietzman, responding to listeners who complain about some of the scheduled content on Between The Lines, 810 AM
GH: KK has a problem when he is willing to sacrifice that much programming time and just shrug at his critics.

“US Postal Service on the brink of bankruptcy and threatening to layoff thousands of employees, but sponsoring NBA playoffs. Go figure.”
Jack Harry, @jackharrykshb, Twitter
GH: Jack has been in the advertising business his entire television career. Surely he knows that, right? Does Jack believe that a business needs to slash its advertising budget when times get tough? I would bet the sales staff at KSHB would offer a very different opinion of how advertising can save a faltering business. 

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29 Responses to OTC: Move The K’s Fences In? Chiefs Backup QB? Gio As Royals’ Starter? Mad Jack On Advertising?

  1. Dan says:

    It’s not THAT WHB has on cooking shows and the racing show. It’s WHEN those shows are on.

  2. Greg says:

    KK is now just a caricature. It is laughable. I love this column because I NEVER listen to 810 after 2:00 pm anymore.

    Count me in as an ipod listener in the car. My intellect stays high. Sports radio is now just driving by a car wreck.

    • BlackJack says:

      It’s funny how everyone rags on Kevin Kietzman and insists they don’t listen to him, but everyone is an expert on any given “take” that he may have on his show, and his show draws the highest rating of any sports talk in this town.

      • The Word says:


      • Bugeaters says:

        Yah, because there are other options in this town aren’t there?….610 and 810….pretty much the same talking heads…So yah, people are going to listen because there isn’t an outlet otherwise.

    • I LIKE LEABO says:

      I have to agree with you. KK is not worth listening to. He is a shock jock who often gets the story wrong. This guy hated the Texas schools influence and now he is drinking the kool aid.
      Remember when he used to spend hours of his show talking about the BCS formula and how unfair it was for KSU? Good god that is bad radio. But not as bad as the BBQ and Racing boys.

  3. J-Rok says:

    “The Chiefs do not have a worthwhile backup quarterback. They have Matt Cassel and a prayer. Period. ” -GH

    Isn’t Matt Cassel the worthwhile backup qb?

  4. john doe says:

    Sure, the Racin boys and Jim Cotty segments are terrible, but they aren’t any worse than Frank Boal’s weekly segments on everybody’s shows

    Frank Opinions? no thanks

    • Sirr Parker says:

      Yes. Thank God you said this. Frank Boal is a genuinely nice human being, but he’s a waste of an hour on the radio. The man says NOTHING of substance or opinion.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        Oh come on. Frank does an excellent job of telling you what you already know.

      • The Word says:

        And yet Grunny and Maas fell apart when they did a show without him. Frank is underrated IMO.

  5. SquirrelMan says:

    It seems as if the shows on 810 are very lazy, but none more so than KK’s show. It is almost the same show each week, with the same tired guests.

    Petro’s has the same guests each week, but his are mostly national guys that can give a different perspective.

    Interviewing Jack Harry, Frank Boal, Trent Green, Mitch Holthus, Jayice Pearson, Stan Weber, Kevin Harlan each week is BORING. All of those guys say a ton of words, but their opinions are either very bland (Boal, Harlan) or full of homerism (Holthus, Weber).

    Keitzman has become Don Fortune. Now us listeners need someone to come in and change things up, like KK did 15 years ago. And on one on the current payroll at 610 will be able to do it.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Don’t forget KK wheeling another KSU buddy of his, Jim Colbert out for a brutal interview each week.

  6. chuck says:

    “The folks who think Royals should move the fences in seem to forget that it wouldn’t just help Royals offense, but opposing offenses also.”

    FORREST GUMP: *slapping his own face* “Whoa!!!! Pulitzer!!!”

  7. chuck says:

    ROBERT FORD: “The folks who think the Royals should move the Pitcher’s Mound in to 30 feet, seem to forget that it would help the other team’s ERA also.

    SLINGBLADE: “I bet that man likes mustard on his taters.”

  8. chuck says:

    Mr. Ford is now working on cornering the post 7th inning Vuvuzela concession at Kauffman Stadium.

  9. Steve says:

    The grilling segment is the only time I tune into KK’s show. I know I’m in the minority on that, though.

  10. Mark says:

    It’s not just the Smoke & Fire segments and the Nascar talk, is it? It’s the total of all the commercial, off-topic stuff. The total of all the content that people who tune in to hear about local sports are not interested in. It’s high.

  11. rudolph says:

    I think the best announcer on kc sports talk is Nick Wright. He’s always got
    something interesting to say. He’s controversial and he’s never got a dull moment
    on his show. He especially is good when he’s talking about all his cheifs football
    friends. He definitely is beating kk right now and he should become the #1
    talk show for sports in kc real soon.

  12. Joe Blow says:

    The Royals already tried moving the fences in. They moved them back because it really did help the other teams much, much more. Perhaps there is a large segment of Royals fans that seem to have forgotten that experiment..

    • The Word says:

      Yes, this a team that has a single season HR record of 36…This is not a team known for it’s power hitters.

      Lowering and moving the fences in only helps the other team…

      • Java Man says:

        The Royals didn’t even get the steroid era right.

        • jjskck says:

          You know, that speaks to the sad state of the franchise: of all the cheats in baseball, we ended up with JASON GRIMSLEY.

  13. xavier says:

    Post Office Advert: Last time I checked, they are the single source of mail delivery and “compete” in urgent mail. Now, why does a government service feel the need to compete with a robust commercial industry? I’ll tell you why – prior to the advent of the digital age, the post office was a net contributor to govt coffers, paid insane salaries and now they find themselves as a drag. Shut it down, reduce service or jack up rates…i mean, who thought you could ship a piece of paper around the world for under a buck anyway – pretty amazing.

  14. JP says:

    I think we found the Frank Boal of Baseball analysts. His name is Jeff Montgomery and he is horrible. To all of you Hudler haters, please explain how MONTY would be an improvement. If it’s obvious, Monty will report it, no question.

  15. KKs first wife says:

    The amount of commercials and product placement during sports talk segments on WHB is a shame. The station schills everything it can. During the middle of a segment Danny Clinksdale will tell Kevin what he ate at the Gaslight Grill and Kevin will tell him how great his new roof is from Bucks Roofing. I just want to hear sports talked about.
    How about that Smoke & Fire segment? Could they mention Dodge City Beef 1 more time? Jeez!