OTC: MU At Georgia / Looking To Trim The Hedges And Kick Their SEC Rookie Rep

“I think this is probably the biggest game in three or four years for Missouri. I don’t see any way (Missouri) loses this game. I really don’t. I think they’ve got too much riding on it. This is just a tremendous opportunity.”
Gary Barnett, on 5-0 Mizzou’s trip to Athens this Saturday to take on 4-1 Georgia, 810 AM
GH: Big games for Mizzou football under Gary Pinkel were once a common occurrence. In the Big 12 during Mizzou’s last seven or eight years, the Tigers played for division titles, conference championships and in a battle with Kansas in 2007 at Arrowhead that none of us here in Kansas City will ever forget. Their inaugural season in the SEC was not good. Most would say embarrassing. But with just one game under their SEC belts in their second year, the Tigers sit perched to do what many thought impossible – become serious players for the 2013 SEC football title.

“This is a game where I think all of the signs point to Missouri (winning) in an upset.”
Dennis Dodd, on Mizzou’s game at Georgia, 810 AM

“They are still underdogs but it feels like house money.”
Steven St. John, on Missouri’s game at Georgia, 810 AM
GH: I hate this attitude that Mizzou has already succeeded by winning at Vandy and a win at Georgia would be icing on their SEC beignet. Mizzou isn’t going to win any titles looking at any SEC wins as gravy.

“I will reject the notion that they are playing with house money. If they go down there and get thumped, that’s not just a lost opportunity but it is also a setback. You start to think then that maybe they are a lower second-division in the SEC.”
Kurtis Seaboldt, 810 AM
GH: College football looks at Missouri as nothing more than Vanderbilt or Northwestern or Rutgers. Programs that have raised themselves up to be dangerous on any given weekend but little to fear when it comes to winning conference titles or annual BCS bowl bids. A butt kicking at Sanford Stadium just reinforces this notion that Mizzou is a great place to party for the victorious visiting SEC team.

“I think they are playing too well. I think it might be tight because you’re playing down there and it’s a big football game but Missouri is playing really good football and is underrated I think. They are tremendously undervalued. I think they’re cooking and really have a good chance to win this game.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Georgia’s schedule has been grueling. At Clemson, home versus South Carolina and LSU and a nail-biter win at Tennessee. Mizzou has nice road wins at Indiana and at Vandy. But Georgia is ailing from what cost MU last season, the injury bug. Mizzou is getting Georgia at the best time possible – while they are hurting.

“I don’t think there’s anything but opportunity here (for Missouri). What is Gary Pinkel capable of? What is on the line? I don’t think he’s out if he doesn’t beat Georgia or Florida. … There’s a lot of opportunity there.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Pinkel’s season can still go south and the MU fan base will start treating him like he’s Matt Schaub if he drops his next three games. Again, Mizzou isn’t playing with house money in the SEC. They need to make a statement that they are SEC ready. And that means kicking some southern-fried ass on Saturdays no matter who is wearing the opposing colors.

“I think it speaks to (James Franklin’s) character and how he was raised. A lot of guys would be holding a grudge right now. He’s a great kid. He’s got the support of the team and the coach – now.”
Dennis Dodd, on how Franklin has rebounded from his injury-plagued 2012 season and Gary Pinkel questioning his toughness on national television, 810 AM

“Remember when some said TCU and WVU were better additions than Mizzou and A&M? Mizzou and A&M are a combined 9-1 this year.”
Clay Travis, @ClayTravisBGID, Twitter

“This (Baylor) offense is clicking like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I can’t see Kansas State slowing them down a whole lot. Right now I don’t know if there is anybody that can beat Baylor. It feels to me like they might just be that good.”
Gary Barnett, on Baylor playing at Kansas State this Saturday, 810 AM

“I think until Baylor meets Oklahoma on November 7th Thursday night they are unstoppable. They are the Great Plains version of Oregon.”
Dennis Dodd, when asked about Kansas State’s chances against Baylor this Saturday in Manhattan, 810 AM

“Bill Snyder says he reminded players of K-State’s start in 2003 this week. Lost to Texas, Oklahoma State and rebounded for Big 12 title.”
Kellis Robinett, @KellisRobinett, Twitter
GH: Snyder and his Cats are not about to give up…but Baylor looks like they just might come to Manhattan and run over, around and through everything that’s not a silo. 

“The players did not look like they were continuing to compete like they are supposed to late in the game.”
Nate Bukaty, who worked the KU sideline for the TT/KU game Saturday that saw Tech put up 54 unanswered points, , 810 AM
GH: This is the kind of effort from a team that gets a coach fired. To hear this kind of a comment from the KU sideline reporter makes it all the more damaging.

“It’s an honor.”
Stan Weber, on college football players being given a scholarship to play but no monetary compensation, 810 AM
GH: Please, please, please do not teach your kids that a DI college football scholarship is an “honor.” It’s a contract that the school can break at any time and offered solely for the purpose of what the athlete can do to rack up wins for the millionaire coach. For Weber to spout this tripe is insulting and disappointing. College tuitions are ridiculously overpriced as are the idea that scholarships somehow are equal compensation for DI college football players. To even use the word “honor” when it comes to college football’s treatment of their athletes is a disservice to the word.

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17 Responses to OTC: MU At Georgia / Looking To Trim The Hedges And Kick Their SEC Rookie Rep

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Note to Coach Old Balls….Ell Roberson and Darren Sproles aren’t on this year’s team. KSU ain’t coming back to win a damn thing in the Big 12.

  2. Jim says:

    As a father who just forked out $100K for his son’s college education, it sure as hell would have been an “honor” for me to have that cash back in my bank account! Talk to the 90% of college grads who leave school heavily in debt and ask if it would have been an honor. Poor choice of words on Weber’s part, yes. But, let’s no overlook the absolute gift it is to be provided a FREE college education because you can run faster and jump higher.

    • Kyle says:

      This x 100. I’m tired of this getting overlooked. Your average family cannot pay for college anymore. A full ride scholarship is a big freaking deal.

    • P says:

      Amen Jim…..for the handful who are biding their time before they hit NFL for their short careers, yeah, maybe college is a nuisance where they’re getting screwed out of dollars, but for the rest, a scholly can set them up for life.

  3. Phaedrus says:

    Not to go down this rabbit hole again, but everyone that thinks college players should be paid needs to ask themselves this….how many NBA developmental league games have you watched in the last 5 years? How many arena football games have you watched?

    Are you watching college sports because of the school or the player?

    Besides the free tuition, college players also get other perks later in life (if they choose to take advantage). You think Greg Gurley would be announcing KU games if he didn’t play at KU? What about Chris Piper, etc. You think people would want to go to Cole Aldrich’s basketball camp if he played in the NBA minor leagues rather than KU?

    That said, I don’t care if college players get paid or not. I think all the money generated by college athletics is pretty disgusting actually.

    • nick says:

      Good post.

      I think $25-50/week of spending money would be a good thing. Nothing more. But even then, is that for just football and basketball? What about tennis and track? Would that be for all colleges or just Division 1?

      Yes, we all watch for the name on the front of the jersey.

  4. nick says:

    Missouri…..Missouri…..hmm. They sound familiar but can’t place ’em. Black and gold, right?

  5. Alphonse Tooty says:

    It was only four years ago today … October 10th, 2009…the Kansas Jayhawks rallied from a 30-27 deficit in the fourth quarter to defeat the Iowa State Cyclones 41-36 in what what was their last victory over a current member of the Big 12. Congrats KU. Enjoy the memories!

    • JP says:

      The fact that you find that nugget important says so much about yourself and Missouri fans. Why don’t you pimp your own team instead of worrying about a non conference team that you are never going to play again in your lifetime!

  6. b12 says:

    Currently, college jerseys can be sold without a player’s name….but not with.

    Change the rule. Allow college jerseys with the players’ name and numbers to be sold; and the player splits the profit with the university.

    Ideally, it satisfies Title IX as well. If Tennessee and UConn fans want to buy women’s basketball jerseys with names and numbers…awesome.

    That way, college players can get paid…but only if somebody wants to pay them.

    I know this won’t be a solution…but I think it makes the most sense.

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