OTC: MU Suspends DGB / TJ Carpenter Right But Wrong / Is Danny Manning Making A Mistake?

“Columbia Police sergeant Joe Bernhard said Monday morning that (Dorial) Green-Beckham was not arrested over the weekend, but according to residents at Brookside Townhomes, Green-Beckham was involved in an incident there sometime between 2 and 3 a.m. Sunday.”
Matthew Fairburn, writer, columbiamissourian.com
GH: I took TJ Carpenter to task for the slipshod way he handled breaking this story Sunday afternoon. Carpenter definitely had some facts correct but he quickly backed off from his original tweet that DGB would soon be arrested and deferred to Gabe DeArmond for anyone wanting more details. Carpenter had a story and it involved DGB and it is serious enough that it resulted in the Mizzou sophomore’s immediate suspension. But it is also obvious Carpenter broke a story prematurely, with too few substantiated facts that he was all too willing to back away from once DeArmond made it clear that without an arrest there was no story.

“There are standards for reporting something. If something happens we’ll report it, but nothing has happened.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond,  at 4:26 PM Sunday, Twitter
GH: There are standards for reporting something. The desire to be first should not trump the desire to be correct – no matter if you are writing for the NY Times or hosting a weekend sports talk radio show in Kansas City.

“The only incident from Brookside Townhomes reported to the Columbia police within this time period is a burglary at 2:36 a.m. Sunday.”
Matthew Fairburn, columbiamissourian.com
GH: Is this burglary related to DGB’s suspension? Is it a coincidence? Gary Pinkel and Mizzou obviously know more than the rest of us about what happened at Brookside Townhomes early Sunday morning.

“After (Green-Beckham) drove away, his teammates were yelling at us to not call the cops. They were like, ‘Dude, come on. Just don’t call the cops.’”
Chris Connor, a Mizzou sophomore and resident of the Brookside Apartment complex, columbiamissourian.com

“It’s unfortunate, but it’s the right thing to do for our football program, for the athletic department, and also for Dorial. We have high standards related to the expectations that come along with being a Missouri Tiger, and Dorial has not met those recently. It’s been disappointing to have this and other issues which have taken place lately. It’s frustrating because we work very hard to instill responsibility and discipline in our young men, so that our program represents Mizzou the right way. These actions aren’t representative of those expectations, and we are addressing these issues head-on.””
Gary Pinkel, in an official announcement that DGB has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team policy, columbiamissourian.com
GH: Pinkel was arrested for drunk driving a couple of years ago and was just given a raise and contract extension by Mizzou. Will DGB receive as much rope as his coach?  

“I like Danny (Manning) a lot as a coaching prospect. Danny is like Wayne Selden. Wayne Selden was wise enough to say, ‘Okay, I’m a talent and I might be able to fake my way through it if I went pro but this is not the time.’ I think Danny is a talent and he might be able find his way through the mess that Wake (Forest) is but I think he sold his talent at the wrong time to the wrong place. … There’s no question in my mind that he’s a unique talent but I don’t think he’s in the right place. I think it’s a really, really hard job.”
Mike DeCourcy, on Manning leaving Tulsa for the Wake Forest head coaching position, 810 AM
GH: Did Manning jump too soon and to a place where even his best work might not be good enough? Wake Forest might not be Duke or North Carolina when it comes to basketball but it sure isn’t where Wichita State or K-State were when those programs were recently revived. Manning might have to work at it but he can get the job done there in Salem as well as he could in a lot of places. I think he will do quite well in the shadows of Roy and Coach K.

“I’m an authority on this and I can tell you something…it gets worse. Up four or five times a night is in your future.”
Dan Rather, in an interview with Howard Stern, after Stern asked him about aging and his many trips to the bathroom each night, Sirius Radio
GH: Rather is now 82 and it seems the perfect age to appear on Howard Stern’s radio show. Read on.

“You know, I don’t know any of the Kardashians.”
Dan Rather, when asked by Stern to name his favorite Kardashian, Sirius Radio

“I have learned to like classical music but it’s still mostly Hank Wilson and Willie Nelson.”
Dan Rather, when asked by Stern what music he liked to listen to, Sirius Radio

“Oh, I tweet, Facebook and all that. I love it but I don’t understand it all.”
Dan Rather, on his comfort level with social media, Sirius Radio

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36 Responses to OTC: MU Suspends DGB / TJ Carpenter Right But Wrong / Is Danny Manning Making A Mistake?

  1. matt_66 says:

    DGB..tsk tsk,,

    1.. smoking reefer .. no biggie

    2. getting busted with a POUND of grass.. hmmm.. maybe Alden can make it go away

    3. a 6’5″ man beating up a woman..

    — say hello to your new cellie– Lawrence Phillips

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Some fellas can’t walk by a cliff without having to jump off of it. DGB seems to be one of those guys. What a moron, he’s pissing away millions of dollars. I’d suggest a 4 game suspension at least.

  2. KCMonarch says:

    Congratulations MU. You’ve become what you once despised.

    • glorious uproar says:

      Theyve become Kansas now?

    • Richard Cranium says:

      MU has never once been a team that despised winning at any costs, they just didn’t have the opportunity to do so. Now that they’ve moved to the SEC there are many more chances, and they are moving right along with it. If you are going to shame a team/school, make sure you have the correct shaming. Otherwise you ruin it for people who know how to correctly hate on something.

      • KCMonarch says:

        Listen up Penis Skull, based on my personal experiences with the wretched MU fan base I can assure you that I have shamed proper.

        The tree of hate has many branches.

    • matt3579 says:

      And what would that be exactly? Are you insinuating that suspending a player for conduct detrimental to the team is NOT a wise move? Or somehow making a statement that they are a “win at any cost” program now (which obviously isn’t the case or DGB wouldn’t have been suspended)?

      Or are you just a KU fan trolling for comments?

  3. Gavin says:

    Hank…Wilson? Did he really say Hank Wilson?

    • Will says:

      Maybe he said Flip Wilson?

      • Gavin says:

        I was thinking Jackie Wilson, but I agree. Flip Wilson makes more sense.

        • mike t. says:

          actually, I’d be betting he meant hank Williams.

          • Gavin says:

            Yeah, so would I. I just don’t know if Dan Rather is so doddering he didn’t know what he was saying or if Greg didn’t.

            • Monkey Hawk says:

              Actually, Leon Russell has recorded country songs under the name of “Hank Wilson” and recently released a new one.

    • matt_66 says:

      yepp.. ol Hank …Wilson?

      said Dan, after claiming that letter about Bush’s Guard service was legit..

      even tho written in a font not invented til 20 years later

      that goodness for ‘net news sites .. we don’t have to listen to these blithering idiot newscasters anymore to find out what’s up.

  4. Redman says:

    Sure glad I got all caught up on Dan Rather’s take on night pissing, the Kardashian fame whores and what music he listens to.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Just to keep an accurate score on DGB…

    Freshman year incident ends up with a misdemeanor trespassing charge.
    Incident down in Springfield has yet to produce charges against him of any sort,
    Latest incident has no charges being filed, or an arrest being made.

    • Kyle says:

      The fact that GP suspended him indefinitely says he did something. Doubt he does that if he thinks he is clean.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Could mean he was out past curfew and it’s the standard practice for that offense. We just don’t know yet.

      • Say What? says:

        It could just be for putting himself in bad situations too many times, even if none of those situations never produced any serious illegal activity.

        The only report I have seen of the latest incident was all hearsay and nothing directly from the police.

        Indefinitely suspended doesn’t mean much yet,

        • Gale Sayers says:

          You are kidding yourself. They are going to taint their possible top ten draft pick by suspending him for nothing, when they only person reporting on it is a garbage time radio host?

          • matt3579 says:

            Actually, it is not uncommon to suspend a player (especially during the off season) when an investigation is underway to determine what happened. I’m sure something DID happen, but no one in the general public has any idea yet.

            • Gale Sayers says:

              Well I am sure that will go over well with any future recruits. Don’t worry about this affecting your draft stock or name being dragged through the mud, while we suspend you in the offseason when you have nothing to give us. If this was the regular season you would never have been suspended as we could still profit off you work. Quality guy Pinkel seems to be, according to you.

              • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                Aaaand the police decide to do absolutely nothing because the witness/victim doesn’t want to press charges. What a shock. No charges, No arrest. Nothing. I can still see Pinkel suspending him for a game or two.

  6. The Independent Rage says:

    If only Mickey Rooney hadn’t gone and checked out over the weekend, Stern could’ve booked him as his next guest after Rather. Oh well, there’s always Abe Vigoda. Or at least, I’ve heard he may still be among the living.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    Despite all of the incidents, Kansas would have DGB front and center on their football page..

  8. Hot Carl says:

    Face it, Slavers, DGB is a punk. A super talented punk but a punk nonetheless. They pop up at all the area universities from time to time. You just seem to get a disproportionately large number of them.

    • trajan says:

      Unfortunately I live in Springbilly, where DGB lived since he was adopted by one of the local high-school football coaches after growing up in some “dysfunctional” East St.Louis shithole, of course it is all hearsay but everyone says he is a nice kid. Wise…definitely not. But he is not the psychopath that Lawrence Phillips was. Dipshit , maybe.

      • kcredsox says:

        Somebody has got to have cell phone video of this incident… If it truly happened, it will get out, too many people, supposedly, outside watching it go down.

    • matt3579 says:

      It’s 2014 and KU fans are still calling MU fans “slavers.” That’s nice.

  9. Joe Blow says:

    So, hasn’t UConn kind of booted KU from the ranks of the “Blue Bloods” at this point?

  10. Kansas Marine says:

    TJ Carpenter taking the KK approach of seeing what sticks. Looks like this was another heaping pile for TJ…

  11. Juan Pablo says:

    Gary Pinkel likes to compare his mug shot he got when he went to jail to what his players get. Pinkel was driving drunk, made a fool of himself and MU did nothing to him. Nothing will happen to DGB.

    • matt3579 says:

      Just like nothing happened to Derrick Washington, right? Or any other host of players who screwed up and were booted from the team (Blaine Daulton anyone?).

      But feel free to cherry pick your results.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      MU did “nothing” to Gary Pinkel? What planet do you live on, jackwad? I’d say over $300,000 in penalties and a one game suspension is more than “nothing”. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7247688/missouri-tigers-suspend-gary-pinkel-one-game-dwi-arrest

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