OTC: MU’s James Franklin Stumbles Out Of Blocks / Trip To ASU Friday Night Looms Large

“(James Franklin’s) got to get better. It was his first day on the job. He should get better. But he’ll also face better defenses. If he plays like he did (Saturday), Missouri will win
maybe five games…but I don’t expect him to play like he did yesterday most of the year.”
Gabe DeArmond, after Mizzou opened with a hard-fought 17-6 win over Miami-Ohio, PowerMizzou.com
GH: Mizzou has been Quarterback U. the past decade with future NFL players like Brad Smith, Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert leading MU’s prolific offense. Franklin is expected to be another scintillating cog in the Tigers’ scoring machine. His debut was nothing like the successful first shows of his predecessors. Read on.

“Everybody’s going to point to the quarterback because most people don’t know what’s going on, OK?  … James did a lot of good things.”
Gary Pinkel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: We are all just a bunch of dummies living in a world filled with brilliant coaches.

“I think it was awful. I did some good things here and there, but I wasn’t reacting to the coverage, and I was making bad choices.”
James Franklin, when asked about his performance, Columbia Missourian
GH: Doesn’t Franklin know what’s going on either?

“I blew that (Franklin interception), because I was supposed to run about five yards further inside and then I baited him into a stupid throw. Not everybody sees my mistakes.”
T. J. Moe, Mizzou receiver, who adjusted his pattern because he misread a blitz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: There is probably some truth to this statement. But a starting DI quarterback has to make adjustments after the snap and as the patterns unfold. Interceptions happen when you are unable to improvise.

“I’m not changing my preseason expectation of nine victories. Or eight or 10. And I’m not going to judge James Franklin off one game. He’ll need more help that he got on Saturday. Better line play. Better play out of his All-American tight end. But maybe Mizzou fans better get used to 28-10 or 28 to 17 scores.”
Mike DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com
GH: A win is a win. If Franklin can lead Mizzou to a 17-6 win in Tempe on Friday night there will be dancing in the streets from Neosho to Kahoka.

“I call it intelligent scheduling. We try and be smart about what we do and how we do it. I think our scheduling is very consistent with most schools in the Big XII and most schools
in the Top 25.”
Gary Pinkel, when asked about Mizzou’s scheduling process, Mizzou’s media notes
GH: Tossing a first-year starting quarterback into a Friday-night nationally televised road game in 90-degree heat is far from “intelligent scheduling.” Maybe Pinkel expected Blaine Gabbert to still be in his backfield for this tussle. But he is not. Mizzou will earn
whatever they gain on this trip to the Pac 12/14/16.

“Missouri’s defense is capable of winning this game. I’m not sure the Missouri offense is unless Franklin takes a giant leap forward. Arizona State wins 24-17.”
Mike DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com

“Well, after Saturday, I officially think Missouri fans have reason to be worried. I still think
Missouri is good enough to win this game. I won’t be all that surprised if the Tigers do. But after Saturday, I don’t know if I can pick them to do it. 20-14 Sun Devils.”
Gabe DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com

“I like that no one is giving Missouri a chance against Arizona State. I think that will suit them very well.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“It’s very dangerous, though, for an offensive team to be running the ball out of their own end zone.”
Howard Richards, MU radio color analyst, with Miami-Ohio with the ball inside their own five late in the fourth quarter, Tiger Radio Network
GH: The new radio analyst for Missouri football approached his first game at Faurot Field in 20-plus years as cautiously as a freshman ordering his first pizza at Shakespeare’s. No frills, no thrills and just plain crust with a little cheese. Richards has a decent radio voice and did a nice job keeping his comments short and to the point. But
he didn’t say anything we haven’t already heard from 100 other out-of-the-can
analysts. Read on.

“It’ll be important for Mizzou to keep the clock running and get a first down here and
run the clock out.”
Howard Richards, with Mizzou up 17-6 and in possession of the ball late in the fourth quarter, Tiger Radio Network
GH: The best thing I can say about Richards’ debut is that he wasn’t awful. So he’s already better than John Kadlec.

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  1. Fake Ned Yost says:

    +23 my ass. They owe me $200.

  2. Greg Hall says:

    I believe that would be $220 you are owed, Mr. Figgerish.

  3. Java Man says:

    I’ll give Howard Richards a chance. What I heard on Saturday was awful green, but that was to be expected. One thing I like from the color guy on radio is a distinct voice to identify the participants. Nothing a pack of Viceroys and a pint of scotch before the game won’t fix.

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