OTC: NBC’s Evan Silva Thinks Alex Smith Can’t Pass / Stanzi Looks Bad…Again

“I feel so much better about the (Chiefs’) first- and second-team quarterbacks this year that it’s not even funny. I’m just glad the big concern is who is the third-string quarterback going to be and not who the quarterback is.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Well, Evan Silva doesn’t share Nate’s optimism when it comes to Alex Smith. Read on.

“I’m a little bit skeptical that Alex Smith is going to function well under Andy Reid. I don’t think Alex Smith can function in a high-volume passing offense. I really don’t. Colin Kaepernick can throw the football. Alex Smith can’t.”
Evan Silva, NFL analyst for NBC, in an interview with The Drive on 610 AM
GH: Silva is as down on Alex Smith as anybody this side of Kevin Kietzman – and Silva doesn’t have a Geno Smith-sized axe to grind. If Silva is right and Alex Smith tanks with the Chiefs, KK is going to celebrate Christmas in October this year.

“The reps (Ricky Stanzi) got were not numerous and the ones he did get were not good. If you can’t hit a moving target you should not be playing quarterback in the NFL. If he takes the field at any time this year, this team will be worse offensively than they were last year. Three years in the league and he still can’t complete a pass.”
TJ Carpenter, after watching the Chiefs’ third-string quarterback battle the first two days of camp, 810 AM
GH: Two days into the Chiefs’ camp and it sounds like Ricky Bobby Stanzi is still looking like he did his first two years in the NFL. He was a fun character while he was here but his days in St. Joe have to be numbered once the first cut-down date is here.

“I would argue that (the Chiefs’) secondary should probably be in the top five (in the NFL).”
Jeff Chadiha, NFL writer for ESPN.com, 810 AM
GH: Two words for that to come true – Eric Berry. I am still not sold he gets his role as a safety – despite his two All-Pro selections.

“Wes Welker on comparing Peyton Manning and Tom Brady: ‘It’s like comparing Michelangelo and Picasso.’ ”
Adam Schefter, Twitter
GH: Can you imagine having the career Wes Welker has enjoyed? Some guys are Dwayne Bowe and get saddled catching passes from Matt Cassel and some guys are Wes Welker who get to play with two of the game’s best quarterbacks in NFL history.

“What’s that classic Monty Python line? Not dead yet! Who knows? But there are times, like Wednesday’s dramatic 4-3 victory over Baltimore when the Royals, even now, make you want to believe.”
Bob Dutton, Royals’ beat writer, after the Royals 4-3 walk-off win Wednesday night over the Orioles, Kansas City Star
GH: If there is a better MLB beat writer in the country I haven’t read him or her. If the Royals were as good at their job as Dutton is his, that left field skyline at The K would be awash in pennants.

“Yesterday was one of the more epic days in the sports media business because Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees are openly feuding now.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: You can take Fescoe out of New Jersey but you can’t take the New Jersey out of Fescoe. Who in KC gives two pine-tar dumps about A-Rod and his feud with the Yankees?

“Wow, that young Wil Myers can hit! Wonder if a team like KC could pry him away with a veteran pitcher like Shields. Oh. Wait.”
Joe Posnanski, @JPosnanski, Twitter
GH: Myers is really starting to crank for the Rays. He’s moved into the three spot in the batting order and has only gotten better under the pressure.

“Speaking as a Rays fan (yes we are here) thanks to the Royals for this kid. He is the missing ingredient the Rays have not had.”
Joseph Caranante, @ApplePasta, Twitter
GH: I feel really good for Myers but this is a bit painful to read…especially for the next 15 years.

“Until Jadeveon Clowney declares this is his last year, Jay Z or any of these agents should not be trying to recruit (Clowney) now. Put it this way, how would Kansas fans feel about Jay Z contacting Andrew Wiggins right now?”
Henry Blake, on the South Carolina defender who is expected to be the top draft pick in 2014, 610 AM
GH: Ridiculous. Why should Clowney or any undergrad be denied counsel for his future employment? Would a student majoring in chemistry or finance be restricted from speaking to a potential head hunter? The NCAA treats their student athletes like children and they have zero right in doing so.

“A year ago today (in KC), it was 106-degrees. No 100s on this 7-day forecast.”
Brett Anthony, @TheBrettAnthony, KSHB TV-41 meteorologist, on the weekend forecast that calls for lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s, Twitter
GH: Just what we all already knew – Kansas City is cool!

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14 Responses to OTC: NBC’s Evan Silva Thinks Alex Smith Can’t Pass / Stanzi Looks Bad…Again

  1. jimmyd says:

    I’ll take Andy Reid’s opinion on a QB before someone who writes a fantasy football column for rotoworld.

    I’d expect Charles to catch 70-80 passes this year if healthy which should play into Smith’s strengths

  2. Say what? says:

    Wes Welker also had Gus Frerotte and Joey Harrington in Miami so those may compare to a pre-school class using finger paints.

  3. Mike says:

    Petro lit into Ricky Bobby Wednesday on his show, noting his deficiency in ability, combined with his boob-ish attitude, should make him an easy decision for Reid. Hope so. It’s time to get rid of Pioli’s horrid pick.

  4. Kyle says:

    Evan Silva is a no talent ass clown. Always has been

  5. Hot Carl says:

    “GH: Two days into the Chiefs’ camp and it sounds like Ricky Bobby Stanzi is still looking like he did his first two years in the NFL. He was a fun character while he was here but his days in St. Joe have to be numbered once the first cut-down date is here.”

    Nah, they’ll keep his ass around longer than that just to have the extra arm in camp. But he’ll be gone when they make the last couple of roster cuts.

  6. JP says:

    If I want to hear about A-Rod and the Yankees, I will simply turn on one of the national shows (ESPN or Dan Patrick for example). Why a local show is wasting time on this story is ridiculous. Maybe 5 minutes at most, there are a lot of interesting and compelling stories here locally without discussing A-Rod or Urb or Braun. Great line about Fescoe Greg. He still defends the Yankees with all of his heart.

    Ricky Stanzi will see action the first Pre Season game, and that’s it. Bray will beat him out and our QB situation is pretty solid for 2013. Who cares about some Fantasy Football geek thinks of Alex Smith? Get me someone with credibility and I will listen. BTW, that just eliminated KK.

  7. Ultimate Dude says:

    Player speak. They haven’t played a game yet so Wes hasn’t seen what its like to play with the most over-celebrated QB in history. Archie pt. 2′s lone ring came from a lights out defense (forced 13 turnovers in playoffs) and one of the best place kickers of all time in Vinatierri (16 field goals, 5 vs Balt in a 15-9 game) while Mr everything had 11 picks in playoff run and was still Super Bowl MVP with an 80.1 QB rating. That is putrid. I’ve never understood the infatuation with 18. It’s gotta be the stupid hand signals and arms flailing pre snap while yelling “OMAHA, OMAHA” that gets everyone giddy. I’ll give him props as a regular season QB, but he chokes in the clutch. Give me Eli every time in playoffs. Only things in sports that aren’t measured by titles is Peyton Manning and ku bball


    • Kyle says:

      You just described a Super Bowl champion and a 3 time National Champion program. Well said.

      • Ultimate Dude says:

        Do you know many QB’s have won one SB, and how many bball programs have won 3 titles or more?? As I said, underachieving, over-celebrated. People act like Manning has 4 and ku has 10.

        • Kyle says:

          Yes, 8 out of 340+ basketball programs have won 3 or more. That is called Elite company. Factor in the fact that they are the 2nd winningest program of all time and have played in 8 title games, you have yourself self an elite blueblood program!

    • trajan says:

      The reason Manning doesn’t have more SB wins? T. dungy and that other guy! Dungy is the Mack Brown/Dean Smith of the NFL…did less with more talent than was thought possible!

  8. geoknows says:

    I love Wil Myers and I hated the trade, but let’s wait until he’s had more than a month’s worth of at bats before we crown him as the second coming, hmmm?

    And yes, I would have said the same thing were he still in Royal blue. We’ve seen it too often.

    • Johnny Utah says:

      I bet if Wil Myers was in KC his numbers would look more like Moustakas and if Hochaver was in Tampa, he’d look like Price.

  9. E.Jack Hewlett says:

    this is the time of year in KC Sports that I wait months for- when the talk radio jocks start weighing in on Ricky Stanzi. Thank God for the Chiefs. I’m getting sick of listening to these guys babble about Dayton Moore. Bring on the Stanzi segments, Soren.

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