OTC: NFL Combine Tests Head & Well Fed / CBB Court Storming Hits UNC / Hospital Silly Hilly

“Disclosing this (Wonderlic Test scores) confidential information about draft-eligible players to the public can be extremely damaging to players, clubs, and the league. Bear in mind that the publicly-disclosed information is frequently inaccurate, incomplete or misleading, and often results from an effort of an individual to advance a self-interested goal. … You should be reminded that disclosure of inappropriate private or confidential information concerning draft-eligible players is conduct detrimental to the league and will be met with significant discipline when a violation can be established.”
NFL Private Memo to all 32 teams
GH: With the NFL Combine in action this weekend, expect to hear lots of numbers about the new kids on the draft block. One of the more intriguing is their leaked test scores from the Wonderlic Test. My favorite part of this story in USA Today is the following excerpt from the article…

“USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Corbett obtained a copy of the memo, which reads, in part…”
Robert Klemko, writer, USAToday.com
GH: So Klemko “obtained” a copy of an NFL memo warning teams to not leak test score to the media. Something tells me I don’t think we will have any problem finding out the Wonderlic scores of our favorite and least favorite players.

“I just took (Wonderlic Test) sitting on the toilet and only made it 16 questions before time ran out. I’m embarrassed. I was 15 of 16 though. But damn.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter
GH: The average guy walking the street will score a 21 on the Wonderlic. We use it at my office to screen new employees and have found it to be very helpful as an additional evaluation tool. Whitlock’s 16 would be one of the lower scores I’ve ever seen from an American-born candidate. But I’m not sure he had all of his blood flowing in the proper direction during his sitting.

“I understand many people disagree with that, and think that position is ‘old white guy.’ So be it. CBB history matters to me.”
Andy Glockner, @AndyGlockner, one of the many who complained about the UNC students storming the Dean Dome floor after their win over Duke Thursday night, Twitter
GH: This debate was reenergized when a blueblood school like the Heels flooded the court. This just doesn’t happen at UNC, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas. But why not? Arrogance. Plain and simple. These schools perceive themselves as too good to lower themselves to the common rabble that are court stormers. This is the college basketball “history” of which Glockner thinks so highly. Well, it appears UNC’s student body showed us that history dates back only as far as your seniors sitting in the stands. When you stop winning all the time, the big wins become special again.

“Wish UNC hadn’t stormd court. Iconic top program..shld EXPECT wins..but..it’s Duke..we celebrate..& THIS looks fun.”
Stuart Scott, @StuartScott, Twitter

“Rushing court = outdated/bad tradition. Some1′s gonna get hurt -plyr, student, coach. Or, plyr’s gonna punch a student & then we’ll ban it.”
Rex Chapman, @rexchapman, Twitter
GH: Someone’s going to get their eye poked out too with that dangerous t-shirt gun firing inside the arena. Nothing like a bunch of couch denters raining on one of college’s more fun and harmless traditions.  

“I am hearing the Royals are considering hiring a new person to be their video person (to evaluate replays).”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: May I nominate @TheFakeNed for this position? I believe this is the eighth or ninth position I have nominated @TheFakeNed for but this one really sounds like it’s in his wheelhouse. The skill set must include watching every Royals game two feet from a television and then delivering a declarative opinion on all close plays. Throw in a case of Blvd. Wheat and he will also do the hot dog race.

“Mike Mayock rates (Mizzou’s) Kony Ealy as the draft’s No. 2 defensive end heading into the combine nfl.com/combine/story/…”
Dave Matter, writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Before Kony heads out to purchase a new Maybach on Mayock’s ranking, he might want to review the NFL guru’s 2011 list of QB draft prospects…

“Mike Mayock ‘Top 5′ QBs before **2011** draft:
1. Gabbert
2. Locker
3. Newton
4. Mallett
T-5. Dalton
T-5. Stanzi
T-5. Kaepernick
T-5. Devlin”
Jason McIntyre, @jasonrmcintyre, Twitter
GH: Mayock had Stanzi tied with Dalton and Kaepernick in 2011. Oh my.

“Of top QBs- Manziel’s tape has highest peaks + lowest valleys. Eliminate some valleys and better protect body, he’ll be special in NFL.”
Todd McShay, @McShay13
GH: I think Manziel is one of the most interesting and controversial quarterbacks to enter the draft since maybe Terry Bradshaw. The Steelers were crucified by some experts for taking this dumb blonde out of Louisiana Tech. Bradshaw proved to be very worthy – and not blonde for long.

“I just wish the off-season was a little longer so we could enjoy it more.”
Robb Heineman, 810 AM
GH: Didn’t Sporting just win the MLS Cup and this city with their penalty shootout win over Real Salt Lake? I watched the RSL’s Lovel Palmer doink one off the crossbar while attending an office holiday party on a frigid night in December.  And so they are already back at it for a March 8th season opener? Why does the MLS season start in March and end in December? May through October sounds a lot more sensible to me.

“We’re basically sold out for the season again which blows me away.”
Robb Heineman, 40-year-old CEO of Sporting Kansas City, in an interview with Kevin Kietzman Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: I attended the Wiz’s first home game at a cold, cavernous and sparsely populated Arrowhead in 1996. I didn’t think soccer had any more of a chance of catching on in Kansas City than the McRib. What has happened here with Sporting Kansas City is not a streaking Comets fad but the birth of a third professional sports franchise. I understand why Heineman is blown away. He should be. Incredible.

“Some super participants (in this year’s Hospital Hill Race) will take up the new challenge of participating in the UMKC School of Medicine 5K on Friday night and either the 10K or half marathon on Saturday morning. These people will affectionately be called the Hospital Hill Re-Runners!”
, Hospital Hill race coordinator
GH: Was Re-Runners the best Beth and her HH organization could come up with for a nickname for double-dip racers? Sounds like a recurring diarrhea problem or watching Seinfeld on a loop. How about Hospital Hill Hellion? Or Hospital Silly Hilly? “Are you gonna do the Silly Hilly this year at HH?” There has got to be something catchier than Re-Runner, Beth! This is Kansas City. We might not have a lot but what we lack we can usually make up for in creativity. Get silly, filly.  

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24 Responses to OTC: NFL Combine Tests Head & Well Fed / CBB Court Storming Hits UNC / Hospital Silly Hilly

  1. MUC says:

    GH: Didn’t Sporting just win the MLS Cup and this city with their penalty shootout win over Real Salt Lake?

    Wait, we won the mls cup?


  2. Sportswaves Minneapolis says:

    I’ll be running Hospital Hill (the 10K) for the first time, and figured I ought not press my luck by trying to do so on consecutive days. Are you running it this year, and will you be offering any HH advice as we approach June 7?

    • Greg Hall says:

      SWMinne, I am already registered for the Hospital Hill half so I will look for you in the starting corral. I think a pre-HH column is a good idea. This is one of KC’s favorite races but it is also its most brutal. The weather can be stifling hot and the early hills can leave you on empty early. But it’s also one helluva party both in the streets, on the sidewalks and around Crown Center after the race.

  3. Jim says:

    Listen, I have no problem with kids storming the court. Hey, knock yourself out. But the whole UNC thing was kinda weird. Duke wasn’t ranked # 1. They already had (5) losses so it wasn’t an undefeated thing. UNC has beaten Duke a million times before. (OK, maybe not quite that many times) UNC has had much, much bigger games with way more on the line than last night and never stormed the court. Duke has 5 losses and UNC has 7 losses and has just won 8 straight. So, why now?

    • BlackJack says:

      I agree.

      Greg seems to be so gung-ho such a proponent of storming the court, claiming “it is just kids being kids who are having fun”, and anyone who would try to deny them that is just arrogant stick-in-the-mud.

      But if a fanbase elects to not storm the court, because they fancy themselves as being above that sort of behavior, why is that a problem? Shouldn’t fans be able to celebrate (or not celebrate) however they see fit?

      You may not like it, but at KU and at a few other programs, they simply will not storm the court since they expect to beat anyone in the Fieldhouse. It is not meant to be arrogant, it just is what it is.

      • Greg Hall says:

        BJ, I have no problem with any fan base who elects to stay seated instead of storming the court. My issue is with those fans who believe their way is the only way.

  4. Phaedrus says:

    What’s the time limit on the wonderlic? Seems like Whitlock was on the shitter for awhile.

    Just got an email about running the “Dallas Duo”…half marathon in March and full in December. Not too fond of the name, but it beats rerunners

    • Greg Hall says:

      12 minutes to answer 50 questions. The trick to the test (if there is one) is to speed read the questions, pick an answer and move to the next question — even guessing quickly if you’re stumped. Whit very likely was thinking too hard and laid a turd.

      • Mike says:

        I started out like that. About six minutes in, I realized I was doing it wrong (along with being in a non-distraction-free environment), so I sped up, and salvaged a 24. So I’m an RG III on score. (I avoided the infamous Byron Hanspard-TTech, circa ’97ish- 0.0 Wonderlic).
        Also, I’ll have to re-listen to KK’s replay talk re: the Royals. (I hereby nominate myself for the task of breaking down close calls at 30fps.)
        But Kevin said some things that would run afoul of fairness and equality for both teams in any stadium, much less a hypothetical Royals setup at the K.

    • Gavin says:

      Thanks, Phaedrus, for making me consider that. I may not sleep for the rest of this month.

  5. Phaedrus says:

    Wouldn’t something along the lines of “hill repeats” be better than rerunners? You know, since hill repeats are the name of an actual workout.

  6. P says:

    Storming the court, rushing the field, whatever….of course all the players hate it, it means you lost….and probably a game you weren’t supposed to lose. I say rush away!

    They should release wonderlic scores after players go bankrupt.

  7. I’m not sure how Mayock rating Stanzi and Kaepernik equally was not grounds for a good firing. I would think that’s the sort of thing that could get a man tossed in the hoosegow in certain parts of the civilized world.

  8. Kyle Rohde says:

    Greg, would you feel the same about court/field storming if if happened in Lincoln after, say, the Huskers beat Wisconsin or Michigan State in football, two schools with more recent success but nowhere near as good of history?

    I’m amazed there aren’t more injuries – the time I rushed the field at KU after beating KSU, it was scary as hell having 8,000 people pushing you down towards the field. Look back at Wisconsin/Michigan in 1993 for the dangers – more than 20 people seriously injured.

    • BlackJack says:

      No doubt..It is amazing that fans running onto the field/court is frowned upon for professional sports games, and can earn you jail time.

      But is totally OK for highly charged, imbalanced aggro college youths to maniacally storm the court, even onrushing the opposing players as they are trying to get off the court, and it is not only considered acceptable, but not more people have been injured in the process.

      Wasn’t it at MIssouri several years ago when they beat Nebraska for the first time, and as they students were running on the field the Nebraska kicker gave a forearm to the face of one of the Mizzou students and knocked him out? You would think that would occur more often, especially in college bball where there are more cramped quarters

    • Greg Hall says:

      Kyle, There was definitely a time when I would have been appalled if NU students stormed onto Memorial Stadium’s turf after a win over Oklahoma or Ohio State. But I have softened in my old age…and after more than a decade of no conference titles in Lincoln. Now I just wish the Huskers would give those kids in red a reason to do it.

  9. Just Wondering says:

    What is it, exactly, about TheFakeNed that you find so clever?

  10. George Wilson says:

    “May through October seems much more sensible to me.”

    No, not really. From the beginning of May to the end of October is 26 weeks. The MLS season is 34 games long. Besides the league schedule last year Sporting played five playoff games, two Champions League games, and two US Open games. In a number of weeks during the May through October period the league often has to take a break because of international qualifying games between national teams. By the time you strip those weeks out you’re talking about playing two games a week virtually every available week. That is asking too much, especially in a league where salary cap restrictions make it difficult to carry quality depth. Not to mention that midweek games are not as desirable as weekend games.

    In most European leagues the soccer season stretches from August through May, or just about nine months. And in those leagues you rarely have to deal with 90 plus degree temperatures on game days. At best MLS might be able to carve a month out of their schedule and still keep the players fresh enough to produce a consistent level of play.

    • BlackJack says:

      The larger problem is that sports in general are overexposed, and seasons overly long. Baseball playoffs extend into November now; college bball starts at the end of October; the last college bowl game is not on New Year’s Day anymore, but the 2nd week of January.

      And with the MLS is expanding so much lately, there will certainly not be any fewer games to play.

  11. Hot Carl says:

    “And so they are already back at it for a March 15th season opener?”

    Greg, the home opener is March 15th but the season opener is March 8th vs. Seattle.

  12. THE Fake Ned (@TheFakeNed) says:

    How is it that you keep nominating me for jobs and the only thing the Royals have ever asked me to do is fetch Billy a case of Twinkies the day they came back. You’re a terrible agent.


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