OTC: NFL Draft Looks Chiefs’ Deep / KU Re-enacts The Alamo / Royals In Arizona

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years. This is the deepest (NFL) draft I’ve ever seen.”
Kevin Colbert, Steelers general manager, 610 AM

“It sucks that (the Chiefs) don’t have more draft picks. There’s nothing you can do about it. You gave up your second-round pick for Alex Smith.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Nothing? I think the Chiefs could do plenty to replace that lost second-round pick and possibly add more in the mid- to late-rounds. There is lots of drama yet to unfold. 

“You have to draft starters this year if you’re the Chiefs.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“This is a two-starter minimum draft for John Dorsey.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: If this is the deepest draft in 30 years, the Chiefs should walk away with three or four starters. I would expect six keepers in this draft as well. Having to cut draft picks should be unacceptable this draft.  

“It looks like there are some good football players. It sure looks like there’s a good group of guys this year.”
Andy Reid, on the draft prospect at the NFL Combine, 810 AM

Halftime score of the Kansas lead over Texas last Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse

“Any time you have a chance to go to Kansas to watch a basketball game and the people treat you like gold! They are always flying high up on the flagpole and Bill (Self) continues to do a great job.”
Eddie Oran, Texas radio analyst, 810 AM
GH: Eddie was obviously talking about the off-the-court hospitality Kansas displays to their guests. When it comes to how they typically treat their opponents on the court, it’s almost illegal. The butt-kicking the Hawks gave Texas on Saturday was the kind that leaves a mark. And another Big 12 banner hanging in AFH. 

“@SethDavisHoops in other news, I believe #KU has their Mojo back #neverlostit”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: Seth Davis could not have picked a worse time to pick on KU’s “mojo.” If they did lose their mojo in their win at Texas Tech, as Davis tweeted, they sure found it again quickly against the Big 12’s second-best team. 

“Wiggins has gone through basketball puberty — playing like a man.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, during Wiggins performance against Texas on Saturday, Twitter
GH: Wiggins and Embiid have had performances lapses this season and also incredible displays of greatness. Has the time come when those lapses are now history? If so, this is the time of year the best players rise and take their teams to postseason heights. 

“KU Jumbotron showing famous Canadians… Phog crowd boos the shit out of Bieber. Love it.”
Ben Heisler, @bennyheis, producer/update anchor at 610 Sports, tweeting while attending the Texas at Kansas game Saturday, Twitter

“I’m real excited about what he brings to the show.”
Danny Parkins, on the addition of Ben Heisler (@bennyheis) to The Drive on 610 AM
GH: Heisler has been part of 610’s The Drive for about a month. He is gaining more and more mic time with Harrison and Parkins. Will it lead to more listeners? More reasons to choose the young guys over the veteran Kevin Kietzman? History says no. 

“#Mizzou would likely still be in field if NCAA started today, but I think it’d be tough to survive more than 1 more pre-SEC tourney loss.”
Steve Walentik, @Steve_Walentik, college basketball writer for Columbia Daily Tribune, after Mizzou’s loss at Alabama Saturday, Twitter
GH: Do Mizzou fans even want their Tigers to get into the NCAA tourney? Frank Haith is quickly approaching the familiar stage of a Royals manager where his own fans root for the team to lose to hasten his departure.  

“Strongest thing about #Mizzou‘s postseason resume was absence of bad losses, but that changed last night. Alabama started weekend 127 in RPI.”
Steve Walentik, @Steve_Walentik, college basketball writer for Columbia Daily Tribune, Twitter
GH: I understand that Walentik was speaking like an NCAA committee member but Mizzou has had about five or six “bad losses” to the average viewer. For MU to not be the clear-cut third best team in the SEC this season is embarrassing.  

“Watching Colorado Events Center on TV. Great to see it full. Thing I remember was the banners hanging there were for NCAA ski titles.”
Tom Shatel, @tomshatelOWH, Twitter
GH: We often discuss here in Kansas City how Missouri’s departure to the SEC and Nebraska moving to the Big Ten have made them less important to some fans locally. But Colorado may as well have been traded to Canada. It is good to see that Tad Boyle, the former Jayhawk, has the Buffs basketball fans energized. Something I thought was next to impossible. 

“Ned: ‘(Moose) has made great adjustments to his swing…He looks like a different hitter. Driving the ball to all fields, hard. … I think (Moose) is in a great spot right now, both physically and mentally.’ ”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, Twitter

“Should we just quit playing Ned Yost cuts because they’re all crap and nobody believes what he’s saying?”
Soren Petro, after listening to a Ned Yost sound bite from last week’s training camp while Danny Clinkscale was in Surprise, AZ covering the Royals’ spring training, 810 AM

“I heard last week that (Moustakas) had two sleeves of tattoos. No. Not even close. That seemed to be a big point last week the amount of ink he had. I’m not digging your police work there, Danny. At one point he said ‘shoulders to fingertips. No. Not even close.”
Soren Petro, disputing Clinkscale’s claim that Moustakas had gotten two sleeves of new tats on his arms, 810 AM

“Trust me, I didn’t get up here (to the big leagues) just hitting lefties in the minor leagues.”
Danny Valencia, 29-year-old third baseman who was acquired from Baltimore for David Lough in the off-season for what some believe to be a platoon player with Mike Moustakas, in an interview with Danny Clinkscale on 810 AM
GH: Valencia showed some edge in defending his batting stats from the left side of the plate. It will be interesting to see if he is anything more than Moose’s motivation this spring. 

“There’s kind of a perception that the Royals’ players are coddled. They look out for some of their star players and even make excuses for (them). Moustakas is saying all the right things (about his poor year last season). It’s the Royals who are saying, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything (with Moustakas) is alright. Hey, look over there!’ ”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“They talk a lot more about (Yordano) Ventura than they do (Danny) Duffy. They seem to be cooling on Danny Duffy already.”
Soren Petro, who is in Arizona this week covering the Royals spring training, on the Royals two young starters, 810 AM
GH: I sure hope Petro is wrong about Duffy. The Royals could use his arm to be a factor this season and the fans could use a guy with his quirky wit and every-man personality. 

“This kid knows how to pitch. He has the chance to be something really special. We’re going to give him the ball and let him go and see where it takes him.”
Dave Eiland, Royals pitching coach, on Yordano Ventura, 810 AM
GH: Maybe the best Royals pitching talent since Greinke? Cannot wait to see if he gets the chance to prove it.  

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18 Responses to OTC: NFL Draft Looks Chiefs’ Deep / KU Re-enacts The Alamo / Royals In Arizona

  1. biff says:

    Saw Venturas start against cleveland last september. The kid had it all. Good point on duffy, he seems like a good guy. Question: who wins in a ballpark food eating contest between petro and jake ?

  2. JP says:

    Greg, you mentioned the tweet about CU’s arena being full, but forgot to mention anything about Nebraska’s win. Think about it, there’s a chance the entire former Big 8 could make the NCAA tournament. That would be awesome.

    • mike t. says:

      aren’t mizzou and ksu pretty much on the bubble? don’t know… just askin’…

      • Kyle says:

        They are according to Palm, but JP said there is a chance. Looking at NU’s schedule, maybe a better than average one.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        Misery is all but shot themselves in the foot. If KSU holds court at home (which shouldn’t be a problem) they should be in. I believe MU would have to win a couple in the SEC tourney just to make it in, as they are sure to lose at least 1 more before then.

        • JP says:

          Missouri could be the weak link in all of this. Losing at Alabama doesn’t impress anyone, no matter what Petro and his crew would have you believe. Petro keeps talking like Missouri is this Final Four team, waiting to burst out. Probably not going to happen, but the SEC is so bad that they should squeak by at least to the Dayton round.

          K State should hold serve at home and Colorado will likely sneak in. Nebraska is playing their way in, and the roadie win at Michigan State will help a lot.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Lunardi still has Missouri in and not even as a bubble team. I don’t get it. They are horribly average.

  3. Rico_Suave says:

    just check in on the packed house, and crazed , fun atmosphere and excitement at Allen tonite.. and …it can get fairly close to that level at K-state at times.

    then check in on the next somber, 30% full BB game at Mizzou ..

    the only less attended and even more bored hoops crowd I’ve seen recently was at the Tigers -’Bama game Saturday.. in..you know..Tuscaloosa.. where a LOT else was going on, I’m sure.

    talk about an all football , and screw everything else conference!

  4. Dave says:

    MU has a bunch of pussies on their team! This is coming from a Tiger fan. Fire Haith!

  5. Jason says:

    After the Loving’s Done: Nick Wright to Soren Petro; “Fuck Off!”
    About that run in yesterday between 610 Sports host Nick Wright and WHB’s Soren Petro…

    “There was never a point where I thought there was going to be a fight,” Wright says. “He never put his hands on me…I don’t think the intimidation was, ‘I can kick your ass.’ It was ‘I can ruin you’ or ‘You better never need me’ type of stuff.”

    What Petro did was corner Wright publicly in front of the Chiefs and other media, curse him and accused him of dissing him on Wright’s show.

    “This has probably been brewing for awhile,” Wright says. “Ever since I got this show that goes up against his.”

    The alleged extent of Wright’s alleged sins: making fun of Petro for being lazy (and boring) for running hours of sports trivia and wasting time kissing up to advertisers – during his show, not just in commercials – for Thickburgers.

    The surprising thing about the incident is that at one point the former Syracuse escapees were friendly, if not friends, Wright says.

    “You know, (610 hosts) Chris and Cowboy called Kevin Kietzman King D-Bag,” Wright muses. “I don’t expect them ever to become friends.”

    One amusing aspect of Petro’s explosion is “if it were reversed and I would have walked up to (Petro) and called him a two-faced cock sucker, I either would have gotten in trouble (with 610) or the Chiefs would have revoked my credentials because he works for them already,” Wright says. “If I would have done it, I would have looked like an immature, ridiculous little kid. And I think that’s how he looked – very petty and very sensitive.”

    As of noon, Wright had no evidence of Petro responding on air to being called out this morning on 610, or in the first reporting of the incident yesterday on

  6. Larry says:

    Suck My Blue Balls, Kevin Kietzman
    Earlier this late evening/early morning, I read that the ever benevolent fake Twitter account, FakeNedYost, wrote a post about his reasons for no longer listening to KK’s afternoon drive show, Between The Lines. I’ll admit, while growing up, KK has been the premier radio personality in the metro area, hell, he’s the messiah to be quite honest. He took something that truly was nothing and created radio gold, he un-Don Fortune’d the entire city. But if you’ve listened for the past year or so, he has been turning his entire show into a big infomercial for the most part. Cookie Diet this, Mortgage company this, BBQ advice with some blogger who bought time that. This guy has basically turned his show into one big late night local news station open commercial hour. But that’s not my current issue with him, no not at all, my real issue is for him being a tremendous asshat about soccer, it’s rise in the US and him being the crotchety old man that he is.

    His Twitter account(Yes, I can’t believe that with the way he acts about anything that’s new and exciting that he has a Twitter account) is http://twitter.com/kkwhb, which I’m surprised doesn’t have more ad tweets for the Cookie Diet. As a major member of local media, he obviously had tickets to the Sporting KC home opener Thursday night. Usually if you have nothing nice to say in the field, you bullshit and say nice things anyways, after all, he’s been doing it for the Chiefs and Royals for a number of years now. Let us now go through each major tweet from that night and I’ll make some comments on his attitude.

    “This park is really something to see. Amazing what u can build from the ground up.” Nice respectful tweet, something expected and truthful. The joint really is amazing. Nothing to say bad here.

    “Ok… We have a mascot… It looks like we’re the dogs.” I should note before continuing, his major issue with the team is the lack of the name. Him and Jack Harry are really the only two local sports journalists who care about the name. They are Sporting Kansas City, they have been the Wizards, they will always be the Wizards, think of it as an official name to say similar to Manchester United as the Red Devils and Arsenal as the Gunners. But because this America and everything should be American, we must have an official name, right? I will give him one thing, the mascot stinks. Dynamo was awful, had no actual connection to the club really, but Blue has even less. I want to be in that meeting with that suggestion, “Guys, we have no real mascot but we need one so 4 years olds can go batshit crazy whenever he’s around, but I can’t come up with anything, you got something?” “Hmm, we must have a Weimaraner!” Gimme a break. Moving on before I start to turn into him.

    “Sporting Canines?” SHADDUP!

    “Jackass Chicago fans beating drums and shouting over Lance Armstrong. I feel a houligan brawl coming.” Truly disrespectful what the traveling supporters did. Let the ownership and the main face of the Livestrong brand have their moment. We only had one chance to ever simply enjoy that moment and it was wonderful. I could hear the speech from the Member’s Stand but apparently it really messed up the ability for those in the southern part of the West Stand and most of the South Stand from hearing any of it. Ok, second part.

    We’re not fucking hooligans, well, most of us. I’ve had friends ask me how many fights I get into at games. I don’t, ever, I don’t want to, ever. I worked my ass off at Target during the fall and winter to pay off my season tickets and I’m proud of that fact. The last thing I want is to be kicked out and banned for fighting at a game or in the parking lot. This is not late 70′s-early 80′s England. This is not Millwall-West Ham. This was two potential regional rivals who were well guarded from each other at both games with only a few wannabe hooligans who might fight. Don’t expect a fight from us, ever.

    “Too close to Chicago fans… Not joking… They started a fire and they’re booted! This is nuts!” That’s right, you don’t follow our rules, you’re out, no questions asked. The same thing would be done about fighting, so learn the rules my friend.

    “For the record, we didn’t start the fire.” You can see how out of date this guy is, still thinking Billy Joel references are cool.

    “That was the single most dangerous thing I have ever seen at sporting event. We are all very lucky. Full prosecution please.” Flares and smoke bombs will not set the place on fire, might burn some folks but they are generally safe. It’s against the rules but this is nothing like a stand collapse or anything else. I’m sorry KK that this wasn’t a nice and cozy, boring, drawn out event like a Royals game is, it’s not my fault that we pack in a nice little punch in 90 minutes.

    “What’s up with all the trash and fireworks debris? This is all just as odd as it can be.” The streamers were stupid, that was majority of the “trash” at this point, pre Bravo PK no call. I agree that there shouldn’t have been given either that much streamers given out or any at all, but it’s part of the game. The team had stewards and security whose job is the clean it up as soon as possible, so if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s theirs.

    “Stadium seats are very big. 2 inches wider than royals and chiefs?” “There is also more knee room than any other place I’ve been.” Best seats in the world. NYRB had em first in the US but they truly are the best that you can get. And they are fairly bigger than the Chiefs and Royals, especially when you are sitting between two 300-400+ pound Samoans at a Chiefs playoffs game. I was a sandwich by the end but at least those guys kept me warm for the first half before they were too drunk to stay and bailed.

    “They are able to save a bunch of money on scoreboards and clocks. Don’t really need them now do we?” Well aren’t you clever? We don’t need TV timeouts either, so why point it out?

    “Letting visiting fans bring in drums and horns and pyrotechnics is a tradition and a horrible policy all in one. Ez to see why there’s fights.” We did it in Chicago and Denver. Chicago, didn’t really matter since the Fire supporters were separated from us at all times but there were confrontations. In Denver, we tailgated before and after the game with the Rapids supporters. Our drums and such didn’t start any fights, neither did my mean words towards one particular guy who I later had a beer and a laugh with after the game. It sounds like Kietz has seen Green Street one too many times, well, nevermind, he hates the sport so he probably wouldn’t even bother. Probably got all of his soccer knowledge from Eurotrip.

    “Curtis Kelly would be a great soccer player. What? Me? Foul on me?” Had to make a K-State reference so he didn’t completely panic and feel out of his norm. I’m fairly certain that his wedding vows had mentions of Bill Snyder so he didn’t piss his pants at the altar.

    “Amazingly, fans wait in their seat until halftime before rushing to snack bar and bathrooms. KC should discount stuff while clock is ticking. Lines 40 deep.” It’s because there is actual stuff going on. Action, excitement, this is what pre-processed and fast food USA looked like, even your beloved football. I get in there, I enjoy a beer or two, stand in my section, chant for 45, use the restroom and get another beer or water at half for 15, another 45 of the same and then I’m done for the night. If I’m having someone else drive me home, I can tell them an exact time to pick me up, unlike at a Royals or Chiefs game, where it can be anywhere from “Pick me up at 3:30″ to “I might be home in a week or so, we’ve entered extra innings/overtime”. Isn’t it such a shocking concept Kietz, that people can wait 45 minutes before gorging themselves full of nachos and beer again?

    “Seems to me its easiest sport ever to miss a couple minutes.” Says the guy who enjoys to argue about a sport where the manager can come out at any time to ask his pitcher how the arm is handling. Each game, I watch every moment, phone off or silent, ignored until half or after the game, because there is so much action. Are we sure that he didn’t just pretend to go to the game and instead cried in front of the Powercat for 2 hours?

    “Man I hope that Chicago player is ok. Oh, wait, Ray Lewis didn’t hit him. He’s fine. Jogging now. More stoppage time!” While I am not a big fan on the faking of selling injuries, this was plain stupid. Can this man not ignore football for 2 hours?

    “Seriously Bravo… Get up.” This is where it gets real. The timing of this tweet matches the same moment of the Bratislav Ristic attempted killing of Bravo. The fact that if he wouldn’t have jumped in time, his leg would probably be in pieces and he still got injured from it. I take it he didn’t see the Brian Mullen tackle on Steve Zakulani did he? Bravo was genuinely hurt, but because this is not football and the only true injury is when you see the guy’s leg backwards and near death, he needed to get up. Whip out the spray, right Kietz?

    “Sporting KC Blue Heelers. That’s a dog, right? Or Blue’s Clues.” Serious injury on the pitch and he’s still concerned with what the name is. I personally call for the team to be further known as “Sporting Kansas City Kevin Kietzman Is A F*cking Moron Who Rambles About His Cookie Diets”.

    “Tune in tomorrow. I have to collect my thoughts. D-oh.” I didn’t listen to it, that’s too bad. I had better things to do, water a tomato, put a cactus out for some sun, then look directly in the sun, wishing for some rain so I could drown myself instead. This fool can’t figure out why his ratings are finally starting to drop, in his reply to FakeNedYost, he said it was because the Royals are not doing well. HE BLAMED THE ROYALS! Get a clue KK.

    “Ok, here’s why I shouldn’t tweet. My wife says they should be Sporting KC Blue Balls. They try so hard but just can’t score.” It all comes full circle on the naming choice. It is true, we are deep, probably the most offensively stacked team in the MLS, but we have no midfield and the defenders are playing the long ball all game because of it. I want more goals, but not like you, you want wins or losses, no ties. This is America dammit, you are either a winner or a loser. Foolish old man, you have no idea do you?

    And that’s where it ends, I predict that he finally got tired of actually giving up brain cells to a Eurosnob sport after all. I don’t really like Nick Wright, he has a nasally voice and is a bit of a douche in real life, but at least he’s more knowledgeable and open to other sports than the big two in the city. If Nick stopped talking about the Miami Heat and started talking more about the Wizards, I would give him more of a listen, so would many others. So how about it, is it finally time for old man Kietz to go? FakeNedYost and I are in the same boat, albeit different reasons, but at least neither of us are on the Cookie Diet.

  7. Mike says:

    What the fuck?!
    Is someone trolling…just cutting and pasting random shit for the hell of it, or what is this?


  8. Mysterious.j says:

    Best starting pitcher this club has developed since Greinke wouldn’t be a huge feat.

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