OTC: Nick Wright Returns & Fires Away At Justin Houston & Ricky Stanzi

“The timing of it was a bit regrettable because I missed the first few days of training camp. It was a family thing out west, basically. Leave it at that.”
Nick Wright, on missing the past four days of his afternoon sports talk show on 610 AM
GH: Finding vacation days during football season is tough duty when it comes to anyone in the Kansas City sports media. This town is a football-thirsty bunch and that means we expect that football spigot to flow 24/7 from July to January. Wright grabbed some R&R early but I don’t think he missed much. What Nick did do is come back firing loaded mortars. Read on.

“My guess is that Justin Houston was waiting to sign (with the Chiefs) to avoid a drug test.”
Nick Wright, on the Royals’ third-round draft pick, 610 AM
GH: Nick’s back…and screw being accurate – let’s just blast away at a guy’s reputation who hasn’t even arrived in town yet. Read on.

“I don’t have a problem if you smoke weed, but I have a problem if you’re addicted to weed. It makes no sense that he would be haggling over (money). I think it’s about something else based on the fact he failed a drug test at the (NFL) Combine. I don’t think it is outrageous to think that he was smoking pot during the lockout. Once the new
league year begins, sometime in the next 48 hours after that, the entire league
will be drug tested. And my guess is he is trying to skirt that test. Could be
wrong, but that’s my guess.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH” What is outrageous is for Nick to run with this theory without having any evidence that it might be true. “Could be wrong” is about the only think Wright states here that has any credibility. Wright compared his past addiction to weed to Houston’s link to the smoke. That is a damaging theory to float about a guy who Wright knows next to nothing about.

“Haley said he’s starting with a clean slate for his relationship with Justin Houston.”
Ross Martin, sports editor of St. Joe News-Press, Twitter
GH: It doesn’t sound like Haley thinks Houston avoided the first week of camp to avoid being tested for weed. Houston’s track record is such that he needs to be closely monitored – but I’m for giving the guy a chance to show us he is a dope addict before we label him a junkie.

“Anybody who thought (Houston) could be a starter on day one – that’s over. He’s missed too much time.”
Kent Babb, 610 AM
GH: Huh? All Houston has missed is three practices in pads and a few stretching exercises in his underwear! As a linebacker, there is no way Haley keeps this guy off the field if he shows he knows how to react and tackle. Great linebackers are born, not formed. If Houston is as good as advertised, look for him getting plenty of PT from the
Buffalo game on.

“A bunch of those young guys are going to have to contribute for us to build on the some of the good things we’ve done.”
Todd Haley, 810 AM
GH: I think one of those young guys getting some major playing time with be Mr. Houston.

“I called (Ricky Stanzi) stupid earlier. Is dumber better? Is slow better? I think we can all agree on this, he didn’t sound good. I think he sounded like a dummy.”
Nick Wright, after Stanzi rebuffed Bob Gretz’s questions that compared not having a playbook to being dropping into the middle of Spain,  610 AM
GH: Nick was adamant in making a splash on his first day back on 610 Sports and he sure got my attention. I took Stanzi’s terse comments to Gretz as a rebuttal to Gretz trying to get Stanzi to say he had access to a Chiefs’ playbook during the lockout. Wright thought Stanzi sounded like a dummy? Then what does Nick think Fescoe sounds like?

“From where I’m sitting, Scott Pioli has hit it out of the park!”
Nick Wright, reviewing Pioli’s draft and off-season acquisitions, 610 AM
GH: Translation: “I hear that Kietzman is bagging on you, Scott. LOVE ME!”

“Excuse me, all of a sudden I’m allergic to something here at Uncle D’s.”
Nick Wright, as he coughed or sneezed while on his remote at the St. Joseph Bar & Grill, 610 AM
GH: I can hear the sales guy at Entercom who signed Uncle D’s slamming the dashboard of his car after hearing Wright tell his audience the restaurant that hired 610 for the next month is making him ill.

“I like Tamba Hali a lot – but you paid him all that money on one really good year. He signed for more money than Jared Allen did when he left Kansas City! And Jared Allen signed for a monster contract (with Minnesota). … It’s certainly not what I think the Chiefs would have done under different circumstances.”
Kent Babb, 610 AM
GH: I think every long-term contract with an athlete is a gamble. Did the Chiefs overpay for Hali? Sure. Did they have to? Sure.

“I think that was just a little bit of a posture move by (Hali) and his agent to put a little scare (into the Chiefs).”
Kent Babb, on Hali reportedly saying earlier that he would not resign with the Chiefs if they franchised him without signing him to a long-term deal, 610 AM

“I think for the first time in a long time the Chiefs are starting to reward their own guys. Now, if you’re one of Scott Pioli’s guys, you’re not going anywhere.”
Kent Babb, 610 AM
GH: The track record sure agrees with Babb. Derrick Johnson is locked up. Jamaal Charles is also signed. And now Hali. Chiefs’ fans hate paying $27 to park but they LOVE seeing their team sign their best players.

“When you sign a $35-million guaranteed contract, dare I say you owe it to the fans to talk to them. The NFL says you can’t boycott the media. You have to speak to the media. I think the Chiefs owe it to the fans to make their franchise player available (to the media). It
makes no sense. Most teams not only would want that guy to speak, they would
force that guy to speak!”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I listened to Parkins’ rip Hali and the Chiefs and tried to see it from his side. I understand he hates sitting in the sun, waiting to get a post-practice sound bite from Hali and the frustration from getting faced. But what Parkins doesn’t realize is that the
last thing most fans are concerned with is hearing another boring 30-second
clip from a player who has nothing to say. Parkins’ show would be much improved
if he viewed his efforts from the perspective of his listeners.

“I feel like we’ve got everybody now in-house and on-board. This is a big year for us. I feel like we’ve got a good foundation in place.”
Todd Haley, 810 AM
GH: I think Haley is quietly optimistic about his team’s chances this season. And I don’t think the difficult schedule bothers this duffer in the least.

“Where’s Yogi from? The Bears?”
Female Caller, answering a Pete Enich question on ”Stump the Chumps,” 810 AM

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11 Responses to OTC: Nick Wright Returns & Fires Away At Justin Houston & Ricky Stanzi

  1. Gavin says:

    I thought the same thing about Houston when I listened to Babb. He’s missed three days and he’s already ruled out against starting week one? Bullshit. Normally Babb makes a lot of sense and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he had a brain spasm. Dude may not end up starting week one but it won’t be because he’s missed THAT much time. This isn’t Ryan Sims we’re talking about.

  2. Jim says:

    GH – I couldn’t agree more about the sound bites from the players being meaningless. A. They never say anything important.
    B. What they do say is barely recognizable as English.

    All the talk jocks make SUCH a big deal out of not having access to the players. I’m convinced this is more about their love of jock-sniffing that it is about getting a sound bite for their listeners. If I never had to listen to another athlete tell me he’s, “just trying to help the team”, or “doing anything the coach asks me to do”, or the always important “trying to get better every day”….it would be just fine with me.

    NW is never going to be a Stanzi fan. WAY too white and midwestern for the brotha of Barstow!

  3. renton says:

    Nick Wright may have missed a lot of the week, but he only took one day to remind me why I won’t ever tune into his show. He’s a runny, corn-filled piece of shit. Could be wrong.

  4. rick says:

    Interesting points Greg. But to me the issue is two fold. What journalistic standards do we hold sports talk to? Is it Newsweek or National Enquirer? And before we respond remember it was the National Enquirer that broke the John Edwards love child story not the New York Times.

    Second issue. What responsibility does the host hold to the listener? I compare this issue in some ways to the Marty and Greg Hill’s girlfriend story. As a listener I got SO TIRED of the hosts talking around the issue but not really revealing what the f*uck they were talking about. Me as the listener feeling I’ve been left out of this inside story. Either come out and explain as Nick has or say nothing.

  5. smartman says:

    The start of every sports season is filled with more hope and positive vibes than a Tony Robbins seminar and more bullshit than the slums of Mumbai.

    Every pro team should have to employ a media spokesperson that is “the voice of reason.”. Someone who tells it like it is.

    REPORTER: Pretty rough day out there 42-3:
    VOR: Wow! Aren’t you observant?
    REPORTER: Any positives to take away from this?
    VOR: Other than the game being over, NO
    REPORTER: What about the offense?
    VOR: Are you fucking kidding me? We scored 3 points! There was no offense. This is basically the same offense from last year. We sucked last year. Nothing has changed. Whadya expect!
    REPORTER: What about the defense?
    VOR: The fans holding those signs up did a damn fine job. If they were on the field they probably would’ve done a better job keeping them from scoring
    REPORTER: Did you hear the coaches post game presser?
    VOA: Yeah, he’s full of shit.
    REPORTER: Would you say that to his face?
    VOA: Yes. Would you?

    • kcredsox says:

      Smartman sure reminds me of the guy that used to call into Jim Rome from KC back when he first came on the air in KC. The guy that got kicked off because of something supposedly racial. Just curious, seems like the same humor and definitely doesn’t hold back in what he believes in.

      • jjskck says:

        Wolverine Willie? He called KK’s show all the time too, until he trashed KK and his alleged indiscretions on the high-school-level-gossip sports talk message boards (remember those?). Wonder what he’s up to these days.

  6. rick says:

    Allen and Hali. Apples and oranges. Two total different regimes. Silly comparison for Babb 2 make.

    Ahhh….Greg at least he ate at Uncle D’s instead of blogging about stopping at the Platte City Mickey D’s.

    Great stuff.

    • Greg Hall says:

      My breakfast was bought in PC but my lunch was bought in friendly St Joe. I might try that pork tenderloin @ Uncle D’s this weekend. I also noticed that gas was about 10 cents cheaper in SJ than it was in KC.

      • rick says:

        The St. Joe City council forgives you.

        I was stunned last week when I saw the gas 10 cents cheaper in Leavenworth then KC!!!!!!

  7. royfan says:

    Re Ricky Stanzi- You can be white and Midwestern without being a xenophobe. Stanzi’s insistance that he would NEVER travel outside the US, in such an adamant manner made him look like a naive fool. What happens when the Chiefs play their game in London in future seasons?