OTC: Not Everyone Thinks Highly Of The Chiefs Even At 6-0

“Hell no it’s not okay to believe in the Chiefs! … I watched (Alex Smith) out there yesterday, he looked like hot garbage!”
Bomani Jones, on Dan Le Batard’s show on ESPN
GH: Okay, so we’ve heard and read superlatives all week about the Chiefs and their sparkling 6-0 record. Time to take a look at some of the naysayers and negatives that the Chiefs may be facing in the coming weeks. BTW, few things would make me happier than Alex Smith taking the Chiefs to the Super Bowl and then watching Bomani Jones have to eat hot garbage live on ESPN.

“I think (Dwayne Bowe) looks slow and sluggish. I think he’s hurting (Alex) Smith more than the other way around. I just watch him on tape and say, ‘He’s not moving as well.’ Maybe he’s just lost a step with age but I know watching him on tape he doesn’t move as well as he did earlier.”
Matt Williamson, NFL analyst, 810 AM
GH: This is an opinion that I haven’t heard floated yet to explain Bowe’s alarming lack of production. Has the Bowe Show slipped into reruns while we weren’t watching?

“That’s not a throw that Alex makes because he’s afraid of what might happen instead of what could happen.”
Jayice Pearson, on the game-winning 17-yard TD pass made by Tom Brady last week against the Saints to a tightly covered Kenbrell Thompkins, 610 AM
GH: I believe Andy Reid has directed Smith to be ultra-conservative with his passing game. Reid knows how good his defense is and that the opposition (at least to this point) has not needed his quarterback to be a gambler.

“I think (the Chiefs defense) is number one in the NFL right now. I think that’s becoming more clear ever week. I don’t see their weakness. I think they’re clearly number one right now.
Matt Williamson, NFL analyst, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs defense is a fantasy player’s dream.

“I don’t know if you can count on the defense being that dominate each week. That’s putting a lot of pressure on those guys. You can’t really count on that week in and week out. The offense needs to pick it up.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: While the defense might not be this good every week, they seem to be made of the kind of stuff that will last. This isn’t a scheme success. This looks to me to be a lot of talented defenders who can and do make plays.

“J.J. Watt is a beast! Eric Fisher has no shot at blocking J.J. Watt by himself. None!  You’re going to have to leave a tight end in on that side and chip (Watt) with a back – like most teams or every team does. That’s not going to be a pretty sight with him on Eric Fisher. So you’ve got to get that young man a lot of help this week.”
Jayice Pearson, on the Texans defensive end, 610 AM
GH: Can you imagine if the Chiefs had started Eric Fisher at left tackle like we all thought he might after he was drafted? Fisher is learning each week just how humbling the NFL can be for rookies – even really highly-paid rookies.

“We might let (Watt) in there (on offense) at some point, but it’s not going to be anytime soon.”
Gary Kubiak, head coach of the Houston Texans, on his rush end’s desire to play offense, NFL.com
GH: Watt played some tight end in college and he would like to get his hands on the ball in the NFL as well. It doesn’t sound like Kubiak will be making that change for the Texans visit to Arrowhead but if the Texans’ season continues to falter, the 6-foot-5, 290-pound Watt might make a nice target.

“I don’t think the Chiefs are going to get to 9-0. I think if you get to 8-0 it’s going to be real tough to keep them centered and focused.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Houston, Cleveland and at Buffalo stand in the way of the Chiefs arriving in Denver on November 17th undefeated. I don’t understand how Petro thinks a team loses focus when they are undefeated. The Chiefs might lose in Buffalo but I don’t think it’s because they’ll be dreaming of Peyton Manning.

“The only negative this season has been this traffic! I’ve been here since 1981 and I’ve never seen this – and there have been bigger crowds than this. I’ve never seen it with this traffic. I don’t know what they’re doing. I have no idea.”
Frank Boal, on the gridlock that has plagued Chiefs fans trying to get into the Truman Sports Complex for Chiefs games even since the preseason this year, 810 AM
GH: The traffic in Kansas City during the weekly rush hour has also escalated in the past year. Did everybody in Kansas City go out and buy a third or fourth car in 2012?

“They seem really mad. I don’t know why they’re so mad.”
Andy Hill, Mizzou’s quarterbacks coach and associate head coach, when asked about facing Florida’s defense, 810 AM
GH: Hill was chuckling when he made this comment so don’t take his words too far out of context. Suffice it to mean that he thinks the Gators defenders get after it pretty intently when they are on the field.

“He’s a pretty poised guy.”
Gary Pinkel on Maty Mauk, 810 AM
GH: If Mauk can remain poised in the teeth of Florida’s defense, he will

“I will do anything. I will do absolutely anything to give us a better chance of winning – besides cheating.”
Charlie Weis, 610 AM
GH: The responses here to this one are wide open.

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42 Responses to OTC: Not Everyone Thinks Highly Of The Chiefs Even At 6-0

  1. Gavin says:

    It’s true. Charlie Weis would even eat a whole cheesecake if it had even the faintest chance of helping KU win.

  2. mike t. says:

    i don’t care what weis does now. he’s a big disappointment to me so far and i was absolutely hoping for the best.

    don’t know statistically if the chiefs’ D is number one in the nfl, but it’s fun to watch them. every down is another oppty for a fumble recovery, sack, hurry or int. in the words of tony the tiger, “they’rrre GREAT!”

    offense, well not so much. it seems like the same ol’ chiefs offense we’ve had with an average, at best, o-line, suspect wide outs. but this year, we can’t even seem to get a running game going. that spells doom to me. love that we’re 6-0, but our offense really does need to look like all game like we have in the 4th qtr.

  3. nick says:

    How bold is it for loud mouths like Bomani Jones to say KC isn’t a Superbowl contender?

    It’s been miserable being a Chiefs fan for a long time. Grinches like Jones and Jayice can’t ruin the fun of being 6-0.

    The Chiefs have arguably the best defense, a near-the-top top special teams unit, a top 2 running back, a gritty QB who doesn’t make mistakes, and what seems to be a smart, professional coaching staff. I’m excited to see how far we can go.

    • Steve says:

      Very happy this team is 6-0 and not complaining about their record. I am a happy fan of the chiefs. But make no mistake, while it may be ‘west coast’ this team is martyball 2.0 and is poised to let the fans down again in January. Great defense that takes the ball away, gets to the QB, holds opponents to few points. Offense that tries to win time of possession that doesn’t turn the ball over but kicks more FG than score TD’s. THIS IS THE SAME TEAM THAT HAS LET US DOWN BEFORE. Trust me, I hope it doesn’t happen again, and it will play out as it plays out, but to me, I see the same team now that we had in the 90′s.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        True … but it’s a hell of a lot better than 2-14. Nobody’s saying Reid et al don’t still have a lot or work to do.

      • nick says:

        I hear ya. I agree that it’s likely we’ll be let down in January.

        But how many fan bases WON’T be let down in January? Denver, Indy, New England, Cincinatti, Miami, Houston, San Diego…etc. Six of these teams will be in the playoffs. ALL BUT ONE OF THOSE WILL BE LETDOWN. So you’re saying it’s best to not even a part of the playoffs?

        “The same team that we had in the 90′s”.

        You mean, like the team that had the ball on Denver’s 35 yard line, down 4, with 90 seconds left, and Grbac could only get off 2 plays? Or the team that missed 3 FG’s…any of which likely wins the game?

        Those games could have gone either way. They both hinged on 1 or 2 plays. The Chiefs blew it those games. But they had a CHANCE! We may have a CHANCE again this year. This should be exciting for EVERYBODY.

        Denver had a CHANCE last year and blew it. Green Bay blew their chance last year. New England has blown mulitiple chances lately. And those teams had Manning, Rodgers and Brady.

        Maybe we lose a heartbreaker again this year. Or maybe this time our defense makes a big play and we move to the next round. I wanna be their and roll the dice.

        • Tim says:

          Even if they get to the first Denver game undefeated, some people will still be vocal doubters just like 2003. We know what happened that year.

    • chuck says:

      They look like Trend Dilfer’s Ravens.

  4. FJH says:

    “That’s not a throw that Alex makes because he’s afraid of what might happen instead of what could happen.” Jayice Pearson

    Alex Smith knows who he is. He doesn’t make that throw, because he is not Tom Brady.

    • Kyle says:

      Jay-ice Pearson is an idiot. There is a reason he has already been run from the midday show. First of all, OF COURSE Alex Smith makes that pass because there were 5 seconds left in the game! Nothing to lose at that point. Also, Jay-ice said the Chiefs should absolutely not draft Dontari Poe last year. Said it would be a wasted pick. OK Jay-ice. Keep that career moving forward.

      • Tim says:

        I’m sure he will Kyle. Who wouldn’t want to hear from the guy “who actually played the game” give his analysis (with a capital ANAL) during the KU-Iowa State game?

      • Angelo says:

        I’m not saying that I love Jayice as a talent, but he calls college games, and has spent his whole life around the game. Dude knows what he is talking about. Nobody is going to be correct 100% of the time except for bullshit backseat QB’S such as yourself.
        Cheers SmartGuy!

  5. Jim says:

    Listen, I’m no rainbows and unicorns guy when it comes to the Chiefs. The offense needs to get ALOT better. But, come on. This has been the most fun I’ve had watching the Chiefs for a long, long time. Alex Smith is exactly an “average” QB. The number thus far for QBR show that. There was less grousing about the chiefs deficiencies last year when they were 1-5 at this time. Critique? Sure. But, enjoy the freaking ride people. You do NOT go from 2-14 to a Superbowl contender in one year. They have a wrecking-crew defense that will keep them in games. Next step is to become more dynamic on offense. Every pre-season prediction I heard was 8-8 or 9-7 would be a HELL of an improvement over the garbage we saw last year. Chiefs are going to far exceed that expectation. For THIS year, anything else is just a bonus.

    • b12 says:

      +1 Jim. 6-0 with a kickass defense is fun. Tied for first in the division, conference, and league is fun.

      Incessantly harping on deficiencies right now is like worrying about dating a hot 21 year old because her mom is fat and you think she might get that way in a few years.

      • Java Man says:

        I get the feeling there would be less bitching and harping if the team were 3-3 instead of 6-0.

        • nick says:

          “enjoy the freaking ride people.”


          If this was year 10 of the Marty years, I’d TOTALLY get all the naysayer comments. But it’s year ONE of a new regime. It’s been all icing so far.

  6. Biff says:

    Alex Smith is getting worse each week. He needs to step it up this week. There is no way KC goes to a super bowl with Smith as the QB unless we see some great improvement. The last thing you want is make the playoffs and lose the first game, that will get you a some bad draft choices.

    • keepinitrural says:

      “The last thing you want is make the playoffs and lose the first game, that will get you a some bad draft choices.”

      I never understood this logic. Would you rather have a repeat of last year and make sure we get a great draft position? Yea, that’s the ticket…let’s try and get a high enough draft pick so we can draft a player that can help our team start next year 6-0 and have a shot to make noise in the playoffs. Oh, wait that’s where we are this year. Some folks will find fault and negative scenarios in anything. LAST YEAR SUCKED, SO LET’S ENJOY THIS!

  7. P says:

    Smith’s o line is doing him no favors. He was under a lot of pressure against the Raiders….arguably his worst game.

    Think the D is pretty nice now, wait til Flowers returns.

  8. BlackJack says:

    After enduing the epic stink of last season, if you would have told ANYONE in training camp the Chiefs would start this season 6-0, they would have taken it no questions asked. Yeah, thier lack of passing game down field and big plays on offense will derail them from the SB, but they are playoff bound, so enjoy it while you can

    As far as the traffic goes, I think the fact there orange cones all over the city due to egregious poor planning of city contruction projects in the area would seem to be somewhat of a culprit in the craptastic traffic, particulary in the downtown area,

  9. I would suggest that Weis consider bringing back Mangino, disguising his melon to look younger, and sticking the fat man right in the middle of that offensive line. They need all the help they can get. And talk about a vocal leader on the field. But since Charlie won’t even consider cheating…

  10. Stringer Pete says:

    Traffic was even bad on Sunday close to kick-off which isn’t usually the case. The parking situation was worse the past two games. For the Giants game there were no spots open in my assigned lot so I had to park on the grass for the first time in memory. This past Sunday, again no spots but when I tried to park on the grass one of the attendants warned me that my car would be towed if I left it there. He directed me to an adjacent lot where there were some available parking spaces. I’m not sure if the lots are overbooked or if the tailgaters are taking up more than their allotted space.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      It’s amazing that a frickin’ giant, purpose-built facility that’s outside of the city at a major highway intersection, all for the express purpose of being easy to get to and park at, can have such problems with getting to and parking.

      I still have no clue why the traffic getting into Arrowhead is so bad – the only changes in the past couple years are the reworking of the exit off I-70 coming into the stadiums from the west (downtown), which is far better. So why is it so bad suddenly?

      As for parking, it’s ridiculous how many spots get left over. Again, both Arrowhead and the K have people in fluorescent jackets waving their arms and telling people where to go, yet they can’t actually use all the available spots. I went to the 2nd last Royals game of the season (big crowd against Texas), got there about 10 mins after first pitch and got parked in the far southwest corner of the whole complex, parked up on a hill in the grass. On my way into the K, I counted how many empty parking spots I passed and stopped when I hit 150. It’s ridiculous.

      There’s always going to be problems when you’re bringing 20,000 (for the Royals) or 75,000 (for the Chiefs) to the same place, but it’s gotta be possible to be better than it is now…

      • JP says:

        You think it’s bad going in, it can be worse leaving. If you are in Parking Lot C, I have seen it take as much as 1 1/2 hours just to leave the parking lot. It is especially bad when big name teams come in and their fans don’t know the routine. Hopefully, with the Chiefs playing better, this routine will get easier as the weeks go on.

  11. keepinitrural says:

    Giving anything Bomani Jones has to say the time of day is like going to our government for household budget advice. Bomani is a race pandering excuse for a journalist. This is the same guy that said the NFL is racist because they won’t let the “white QB go extinct” in addition claimed that if you doubted Cam Newton that means your racist. Terribly offensive I would think to folks of any race. Sad what level some in the media stoop too so they can be heard. I wonder why anyone watches ESPN, home of the “look at me!” sports journalist.

  12. rio_garchnik says:

    off topic.. just wondering if Greg, or any media types, know Matt Pearce.. a journo from KC .. looks like he’s rocking it out on the L A Times

    never heard of him, myself, prior til now

  13. bs says:

    On the parking two issues:

    First, way more people are going to the games. way more.

    Second, the barcodes on the parking passes are playing a big role in this. Two years ago they introduced the transferable barcode system for parking passes. That adds 8-10 seconds to each non-cash transaction that happens at the parking windows. If someone misprinted their parking pass, or brought the wrong parking pass, or the barcode can’t be read then it can add like 20-30 seconds to the transaction. Assume 12,000 cars have barcoded parking passes going through 40 ticket windows; would be about 300 tags to scan per line — even at only 6 seconds extra that ends up adding about 30 minutes of transaction time at each window.

  14. JP says:

    There’s a reason that Jayice Pearson is now reduced to being a sideline reporter at the Fox Sports Regional (Not Fox Sports 1) football game. His analysis is utterly worthless. I think he is a guy who is jealous of the present Chiefs team and expresses that in his commentary. It is good that he got punted from Parkins Show as he adds absolutely nothing.

    Finally, the offense is still a work in progress. I do expect to see this team at full strength by Week 10 as it usually takes that long for a new QB to get up to speed with his team. Peyton Manning is the exception to this rule. Give the offense time, and hopefully we will be in peak form when postseason comes.

  15. Kerouac says:

    “We might let (Watt) in there (on offense) at some point, but it’s not going to be anytime soon.”

    - Jared Allen played some TE in goal to goal situations for the Chiefs, Joe Valerio years before… not so much an indicator their offensive prowess as their team’s lack thereof – ditto Houston case Watt, likely.

    Speaking of the Texans, was looking forward to seeing KC’s schlub Alex Smith (ranked 21st in the NFL among QB’s) vs Houston’s Schaub (ranked 11th)… guess watching Arian Foster (4th ranked rusher NFL) compete vs the Chiefs 5th ranked defense, and KC’s Charles (8th ranked) going up against the #1 ranked Texans D will have to suffice.

    Speaking of a lack offensive prowess, be no better proof that the NFL is a joke than a 2-14 team year before going 6-0 the next. Vince Lombardi, merely the finest Head Coach in football history, career .754 winning % at GB regular season, went to Washington help the Redskins finish just a game ahead of mediocre/.500 his one and only season there a team chock full Pro Bowlers and/or future Hall of Famers (Jurgensen, C. Taylor, L. Brown, J. Smith, Huff & Fischer among them).. nuff said.

    In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane… translated to the Chiefs and their ilk modern NFL, in a parity-based watered down league, any team is capable finding 15 minutes fame, before the clock strikes midnight & (KCinderella among others) turns back into pumpkin at midnight, post season. The Chiefs record is a hollow one…beyond calendar pages turning, coaching names and jerseys changing same new regimes, epilog is always the same: sound air escaping balloon.

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