OTC: Petro’s Frustrations W/ Royals Explodes On Twitter / Roast Yost On The Clock

“We are not going to spend valuable radio time discussing a team that is dead last in their league.”
Nick Wright, refusing to talk about the Royals on Monday as they sit at the bottom of MLB with a 6-16 record, 610 AM
GH: The Royals are in an atrocious early-season slide in the most inopportune of seasons that was supposed to be our/their time. It is ugly. It is difficult to digest. It spawns the kind of frustrations in the fans and media that result in comments like Wright’s above. Read on. 

“I was going to try and stay quiet… But I can’t do it! Why do we watch? Why? What’s the F-ing point?”
Soren Petro, @theprogram, who went on a Twitter tirade on the ineptitude of the Royals during Tuesday night’s beat down in Detroit, Twitter
GH: Petro battered the Royals’ organization for being inept and cheap during his Tuesday night Twitter rant. Check @theprogram Twitter timeline for all of Petro’s anti-Royals’ blasts. Fans fed off his frustration and applauded him for it. If you are the Royals, you really have to be concerned when both Nick Wright, the afternoon drive host on the Royals’ rights holder, and Petro, KC’s local baseball seamhead have lost it after only the first month of the season. 

“The levels of Royals freak out on Twitter is worth the price of admission.–unfortunately the product on the field is NOT.”
@hooptveast, Twitter

“We will start our grilling segments next week.”
Kevin Kietzman, promoting his Wednesday hour-long segments with Jim Cattey of Smoke ‘n’ Fire, 810 AM
GH: Dare I say I look forward more to Cattey describing his coffee rubs more than another dissertation on why Luke Hochevar is underperforming? The life of a Royals fan has gotten that desperate.

“I knew he had turned the corner last season after the All-Star break.”
Ned Yost, responding to Ryan Lefebvre’s pregame interview question as to when he knew Hochevar had “turned the corner,” Royals Radio
GH: Hochevar’s career ERA is 5.37. Read those numbers again for the Royals’ first-pick-in-the-draft ace who is now in his sixth year in the league.  If Yost really believes Hochevar has turned the corner, the Royals’ starter must be walking down a street from Alice in Wonderland.

“[Steve] Physioc is drunk on the blue juice….keep drinking it man – gets you nowhere.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, on the Royals play-by-play broadcaster Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: Remember when some of us were more concerned about the Royals’ broadcasters than the play on the field? I barely notice Physioc’s and Rex Hudler’s pro-Royals’ rally cries while watching the club devolve into one of baseball’s worst teams. 

“If the Royals lose four straight to the Yankees they’ll be 0-14 at home. They have got the Yankees and then the Red Sox. They could conceivably start 0-17 at home. It could get ugly again.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The Royals face Justin Verlander today in Detroit and then return home Friday to face the Yankees. I would venture to say it is already ugly again. The Royals’ season has gone so bad the rainouts are now what we anticipate most.

“When there was all that realignment talk, I’m surprised that they didn’t move the Red Sox to the National League so that the Red Sox and Yankees could play in the World Series.”
Ryan Lefebvre, Royals Radio
GH: Lefebvre said this in a snarky tone to admonish MLB for their constant promotion of the Yankees and Red Sox. Would Ryan like to see MLB broadcast more Royals’ game nationally? I wouldn’t.

“This is judgment time. For anybody who said, ‘Let’s wait until we’re a month in,’ this is now a month in.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: Judgment time. I think it’s Roast Yost time and not in a funny way. How much longer can Yost keep his job if the Royals’ hope to sell tickets and excite a battered fan base? May 18th sounds about right to me.

“I’ll be honest with you, I do not want to sit here in the middle of May and have this team done. Because what do we look forward to then?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: There’s always KK’s grilling segments. 

“I want everybody to remember where they heard this first. Has anybody considered the fact that it has been three years since [Hosmer] had his Lasik surgery? It wears off and it wears off pretty quickly.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Sounds like KK must have lost his show’s Lasik surgery sponsor.

“I just think that what Amare Stoudemire did is something we’ve all done. I have a hole in the drywall of my home because my fiancé is irrational. It’s what a lot of humans have done—punch an inanimate object instead of another human. I’m not saying what Amare Stoudemire did is right, I’m saying it’s something most men have done.”
Nick Wright, on the Knick slicing his hand when he punched the glass of a fire extinguisher door after the playoff loss to Miami, 610 AM
GH: I agree that some men hit things when angry. Some also throw golf clubs, kick objects and smash TVs. But not most. Not even many. Kids and immature men do these things. One day Nick Wright will be a mature man as well. 

“Larry Brown told me he was probably SMU’s ‘15th choice, I’m probably the last man standing…I don’t care about that.’”
Jim Rome, @jimrome, Twitter
GH: The old ball coach just cannot get enough of the competitive game. Part of me feels sorry for him.

“So Larry Brown dumps his SMU PG for no reason, then goes after PG from Arizona who just got an ‘extreme’ DUI?”
Jason McIntyre, @TheBigLead.com, Twitter
GH: Brown told the PG at SMU he wasn’t good enough to play for him. I call that being honest. If Brown can turn SMU into an instant winner… what am I talking about? Of course he can and will. It is what he does. 

“I think for the most part the people who work here at [WHB] enjoy it here. I don’t think people here are going around saying negative things about [WHB]. I don’t think that happens, do you?”
Kevin Kietzman, stating that he believes the Royals fired Frank White because he was badmouthing the organization to others, 810 AM
GH: To answer KK’s rhetorical question, “Yes.”

“Here’s something I want to do. If anyone can come down to Sportswear, etc., say hello and then walk down the sidewalk to Smoke & Fire and if you can get ‘Nick Wright’ of ‘610’ or ‘What’s Right’ or something like that audible on 810’s airwaves while my pal Kietz is broadcasting, I will do my very best to hook you up with some Royals or Sporting tickets. … If you potentially horribly rattle of distract my pal Kietzman by walking close to the broadcast booth and yelling ‘610’ or Nick Wright.’”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Just when you thought AM talk radio might have evolved past junior-high pranks, it sucks you right back down the drain with them. 

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36 Responses to OTC: Petro’s Frustrations W/ Royals Explodes On Twitter / Roast Yost On The Clock

  1. donkeypunch says:

    Would have loved to see Niche Whitlock go on KK’s show and debate like he wanted to. The only question would be what round would the towel have been thrown in. Funny thing about Niche is he gave free advertising to S&F while hosting a remote for somebody else. If I was that somebody else, I’d ask for my money back and demand that Whitlock never host a remote again.

  2. JP says:

    It is pretty sad that the local radio wars are more entertaining than the on the field baseball product. I was driving back from Springfield and heard some of the Royals takes. They are a cheap organization, and incompetant to boot. They won’t pay extra million dollars for Derek Lowe or sign Edwin Jackson.

    KK’s time with Frank Boal was more entertaining than normal. I did not know Royals Employees refer to Dan Glass as Tommy Boy. That would make a lot of sense. It also explains Frank’s dismissal from the team, as he was honest about what a joke product it was. Sounds like Tommy Boy looked up another Butcher’s behind, when the steak was right behind him.

    • Greg Hall says:

      “Tommy Boy” Dan Glass. That is too perfect. If only the Royals’ story could duplicate the movie’s happy ending.

    • Mark X says:

      It is pretty sad that the local radio wars are more entertaining than the on the field baseball product

      Sad, but true.

  3. Maybe next Wright can borrow a page from Staley High School students and implore his listeners to release some live chickens at the 810 grilling segment. (Big risk of backfiring, however, if Cattey and KK play along and toss said chickens on the grill).

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The best was Kim English last week punking KK on his own show by telling him that Nick Wright was his favorite KC talk show host. I nearly had a siezure laughing. You could literally hear little KK’s ego deflate.

  5. Chuck says:

    Greg- Are you a real person? Or are you just pretending to be a graying, middle-aged man who likes to run marathons so that you can swindle us out of our twitter accounts? #sarahphillips

    • Greg Hall says:

      What a weird story this Sarah Phillips tale is turning out to be. I’m still not sure I grasp what all it entails but you can catch up here…


    • MUC says:

      If not I sure wish he would put a picture of a hot chick up there.

  6. Joe says:

    Because I am a Royals fan, I can’t bear to watch them. Every time I turn on the TV, they are down by 1,2,3,4,5 runs in the first inning! It is a waste of time. Lefebvre, and Hud, and Physioc, can all keep blowing smoke about the Royals, but the fans are smarter than that. I have been buying into the “this year is going to be different” pitch since 1986! What is wrong with me? I feel like Clark W Griswold when is loses his mind on the pilgrimage to see Marty Moose. Praise Marty Moose!

  7. newbaum turk says:

    KK is full of shit. Lasik does not wear off after three years. Mine has been 13 and it’s still the same. Maybe if you go to some quack I guess but I doubt a Major Leaguer with access to the best health care in the world got an inferior Lasik procedure. Talk about grasping at straws. Hochevar is just a very average pitcher who you know once every five outings will be terrible.

    • Phaedrus says:

      The Royals Chose the lasik doctor. Anything is possible…in fact, i’m surprised it lasted 3 years.

    • tbr says:

      You are right; it does not “wear off” but some people need a touch-up a few years after. That’s far more likely for the middle-aged, though, as their eyes start changing. Not likely for Hosmer, whose main problem was astigmatism anyway, not near-sightedness.

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Why God? WHY??

    • Smartman says:

      You better let my Royals, go, go, go
      You better let my Royals, go, go, go
      You better let my Royals GO………………

  9. Josh says:

    I think Hud last night was more critical of the team and Hochevar than you are giving I’m credit for. Also when Physoic tired to infer the Royals still had a chance in the ninth Hud laughed out loud at him and called him crazy. I know he has taken a beating from a lot of fans, and while sometimes he is, he can be critical.

    Edwin Jackson wasn’t coming to the Royals and it wasn’t a matter of a million dollars. He had a list of teams he would go to and they Royals weren’t on it. I think we are going to have to start dealing some top prospects for pitching. I also agree we need to spend more money and fire Yost. But as long as we are in fantasy world lets hope Mark Cuban, or another like minded owner wo wants to win buys the team.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I agree that Hudler was more objective during Tuesday night’s beating in Detroit. I may be wrong but I believe he is listening to some of the criticism and has adjusted his broadcasting style. I don’t think he’s gone Splittorff but he has taken his foot off the goofy gas.

  10. JFP says:

    Josh, you were still watching the game in the 9th? Dude, props to you.

    • Josh says:

      I was waiting to go to work and had it on in the background more than anything. At this point I get a laugh when Yosts stupid lineups and managerial moves low up. Like last night him managing the bullpen like they were down one run instead of seven. Here is another thing, Hochaver went four innings and threw 76 pitches? Sorry you suck but we are down nine and I want to save the bullpen. Just let him rot out there.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    I went back and read all of Petro’s twitter comments mentioned above. He sounds like a whiny KC Star commenter saying the same things that have been repeated a thousand times after every game for years. It is supposed to be noteworthy because of who’s saying it?

  12. Juan De Guzman says:

    I honestly feel Bob Fescoe’s pain at the possibility that the Royals will leave him nothing to look forward to by Memorial Day, perhaps sooner. But there are some options for summer discussion topics/filler:

    1. Play old Mel Kiper Jr segments predicting the outcome of the NFL Draft, then compare them to the actual picks.

    2. Begin talking about the upcoming Chiefs training camp 2 months early.

    3- 98. Other idle speculation about the Chiefs, Scott Pioli, Romeo, Matt etc. ad nauseum.

    99. Discover that Kansas City has another, more successful professional sports franchise and attempt to learn a little more about their players and games.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      It doesn’t matter if Sporting KC is successful or not, but good for them that they are…the issue is that the sport is simply not entertaining enough for most people in this town/state/country. Find a way to make the sport better.

      • Smartman says:

        Let naked chicks play. That would make it better!

      • JFP says:

        Nothing needs to be done to make that sport better, and it’s only American arrogance that leads one to think that.

        If one looks at the demographics of age groups and their viewership and attendance, soccer is growing steadily and has every indication of continuing.

        “Entertaining” is simply in the eye of the beholder. I personally know people who bag on soccer as being boring but will spend 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon watching golf or auto racing.

        • WaldoTiger says:

          I, too, am a huge Soccer fan. You are not going to win new fans by calling American sports fans “arrogant”. You are the one who will be seen as arrogant and dismissed as a soccer geek.

          You only need to share your excitment for the sport with others and leave it at that. The more people who watch and understand, the more fans will be swayed to the “beautiful game” as the rest of the world knows it. It won’t happen overnight, but the sport is growing.

          One thing MLS can do to help reach the American fan is get more officials on the field. Some calls are atrocious, and Americans as a rule won’t stand for apathy in the face of poor calls. One Referee and two assistants way over on the sideline simply cannot see the field from all angles like they need to.

          And you are right on about Golf and Auto Racing. Can’t watch golf, and I am an avid player since 10 years old.

          • JFP says:

            LOL…it’s not my responsibility to “win new fans” for any sport. I’m just another schmo with an opinion, like anyone else.

  13. Orville Sandusky says:

    A least Steinbrenner actually hired people who he knew would drive him absolutely nuts. Glass hired a mild mannered gm from south Kansas…. Just like current Wal Mart CEO Lee Scott….. Good old boys who won’t make a lot of waves….

    • Cliffy says:

      Point taken, but Scott stepped down in 2009. It’s Mike Duke now (but it might not be for much longer).

  14. Ron says:

    If you haven’t realized it by now, most sports talkers speculate, infer, and just plain make up about 85 percent of what they say on the air. Frank Boal’s Tommy Boy probably was something he heard from a ticket taker or from a friend of a friend of a ticket taker. Most of the crap they put out on the air must be taken with a whole mine worth of salt…

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