OTC: Peyton Manning Shuns KC / NCAA Talk / Nick Wright’s Takes On KC Media

“It’s possible that the Broncos aren’t even in this [Peyton Manning] thing. Who would tell someone at the Denver Post that the Chiefs are out? … I guarantee you [Manning] did not like the helicopters in Denver. The only hope I have is that the Chiefs are very, very quiet on this thing.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: There Kietzman goes again – guaranteeing things that he has no knowledge of or about. If was KK last week who was so sure the Chiefs were in on signing Peyton Manning he was telling anyone who would listen to get excited about him as the Chiefs next QB. Read on.

“There should be fan buzz about Peyton Manning coming to the Chiefs! This is absolutely 100% a strong possibility! Forget about those 12 [other] teams and the naysayers who say he won’t come to Kansas City! I think it will actually be more like two or three teams [under serious consideration by Manning]. The Chiefs are aggressive, they are poised and they are going for it! If you’ve ever believed anything I’ve said, they’re in on this thing! This
is a very, very real possibility. … This could be the single biggest story in Kansas City sports in 20 years! This could be huge!”
Kevin Kietzman, last week on his Between the Lines show, 810 AM
GH: Just because someone disagrees with KK doesn’t make them a naysayer. Often times it just makes them right.

“Peyton Manning will throw one more pass in practice. He will watch one more minute of film. He will add one more play to the game-planning discussion. This is how Manning prepares for a game. Imagine how thorough he is now as he makes not only a major football career move for himself, but a life-changing decision for his family.”
Mike Klis, columnist, Denver Post
GH: It is even more disturbing that Manning, who Klis portrays as an individual who leaves no stone unturned, would have appeared to completely ignore the supposed aggressive offer from our hometown Chiefs. How and why this has happened should have Clark Hunt pounding his fist on Scott Pioli’s desk…and maybe even his GM’s genitals.

“There are four NFL teams that don’t care how [Manning] got in this spot. The Broncos, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals are the finalists for his services, with a decision expected to be made soon, possibly today.”
Mike Klis, columnist, in Wednesday’s Denver Post
GH: How appropriate here in March that one of our local teams again is denied an expected trip to the final four.

“I don’t do multiple brackets. What’s the point? Pick one. … I’ve got Missouri going to the Final Four in my bracket by the way.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I do multiple brackets – multiple times. If you also enjoy partaking in a number of free bracket challenges, may I suggest you join your fellow OTC readers in our second annual Off The Couch bracket contest here at GregHallKC.com. Click on the link and remember that the password is: otc. Good luck!

“I think an upset in the second round could be Creighton beating North Carolina. That’s an intriguing matchup for me. If you’re going to get the Tar Heels, I think you need to get
them early. I think this is a golden opportunity for Creighton.”
Dave Armstrong, 810 AM
GH: I have four brothers who graduated from Creighton. I am a former Blue Jays season ticket holder during the Missouri Valley’s Larry Bird years. I remember Eddie Sutton coaching the Jays when both he and I were much younger. I would love for Creighton to get a shot at UNC but I am not as optimistic as Armstrong that the Jays could hang with Roy’s athletic circus. If these two do meet, the total points scored could approach 200. If you have not watched Creighton’s Doug McDermott play this season, you have missed out on a real pleasure. He is the most fundamentally sound offensive
player in the game – both in the paint and beyond the arc. McDermott and UNC’s
sensational sophomore Harrison Barnes were high school teammates at Ames High.
Yeah, they won state titles their junior and senior years in Iowa.

“I could see Wichita State giving Kentucky everything they want.”
Jerry Palm, college basketball analyst, 610 AM
GH: I bought Wichita State in my NCAA Extravaganza pool for $8. I love the Shockers this year and hope they live up to their nickname.

“This is a determined older basketball club and we’ve got really good players.”
Frank Haith, on his Missouri Tigers, in an interview Wednesday morning with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio

“I’ve got you guys going a really long way in my sheet of integrity.”
Mike Golic, to Haith, ESPN Radio
GH: How different it is this year to have Missouri as the national darling in the NCAA tourney and not Kansas. President Obama even has Mizzou in his Final Four. Who says winning the Big 12 Tournament is meaningless?

“Georgetown’s going to beat Kansas.”
Dick Vitale, ESPN
GH: Vitale also has Missouri making their first Final Four. I consider Dickie V’s picks a good sign for the Jayhawks and a bad sign for Mizzou.

“Marquette is going to get after Missouri. I have them meeting. I love Missouri because I saw them all year. But Missouri is a feast-or-famine team three-point shooting team with four guards.”
Fran Fraschilla, ESPN Radio
GH: I have Murray St. beating Marquette – which will probably not make my freshman nephew at Marquette very happy. [If you haven’t noticed, my family is littered with Jesuit educations.]

“These are $150 Ray-Bans! What am I supposed to wear?”
Danny Parkins, after he was criticized by his new cohost, Carrington Harrison, for wearing sunglasses that made him look like a fake mall cop, 610 AM
GH: Oh, 610 Sports – how I have tried to like you. Is it just me or why is it every time I flip over to 610 AM I hear some soap opera playing out about these less-than-interesting individuals and their young lives? Tuesday it was Nick Wright losing a bet where he had to dunk his testicles into hot coffee while he whined about Carrington being a traitor
to his show. Wednesday Parkins was whining about Carrington dissing his wardrobe. What the hell are they teaching at the Syracuse school of broadcasting? These youngsters are the sports talk’s version of The View. I think I’ll start to refer to them as The Pugh.

“I try to treat people right. I think there are very few people who have met me when I’m not on the radio and come away saying, ‘That guy is a giant dick.’ ”
Nick Wright, Ramblingmorons.com
GH: Nick Wright agreed to a sit-down interview with The Platte County Landmark’s Chris Kamler, aka @FakeNed, for his RamblingMorons.com podcast a few weeks back. FakeNed tossed out some names of local members of the media and asked Wright to respond. Nick was more than willing to be frank and entertaining. I wish his
show was this good. Read on for Wright’s takes.

Soren Petro: “Hypocrite. We make a living pointing out the flaws in athletes and public people. If you can’t then handle it when someone does the same to you, to me you’re a wild hypocrite. We signed up for this. … He called me a two-faced cocksucker and threatened to end my career. I call people out for a living so you’ve got to be able to handle it.”

Jason Whitlock: “Very talented. I believe at times he is dishonest. He tries to be polarizing for the sake of being polarizing when you’re talking about sports. I think Jason is at times dishonest with his real views on some racial stuff. He’s a careerist. I’m a bit of a careerist. I respect the hustle.”

Danny Parkins: “Very, very, very talented and hard working. Much like myself, his job is 24/7. All day long every day he is thinking, ‘How can I make the show better?’ I know some in Kansas City have not warmed up to him. I know for some that is going to take time, but nobody works harder and nobody cares more about it. And the kid knows his stuff. And I’d pay $25,000 cash for his voice.”

Bob Fescoe: “Let me say something nice first. I take a ton of shots at Bob and he is very, very professional about it. He gets that it is part of radio and he gets that I’m doing it to make the show better. When I see him at work, it’s not like he gives me the silent treatment or tell me to f-off. There is almost nothing he says that I agree with. I don’t particularly prefer that style of radio but that’s good. If the afternoon and the morning
shows had the exact same style of radio it’d be boring. These last six months, ratings-wise, his show has been on fire. He’s crushing it. Here’s why Bob’s an interesting guy. I don’t think he’s making anything up. I really, really think the things he says, he completely believes. Which to me is unbelievable.”

Bob Costas: “There are very few people in the world I owe more to. I met him when I was 12 years old. He gave my mom his home address and told her, ‘I want him to keep in touch.’ Over the next six years we spoke regularly, he wrote me a letter of recommendation for Syracuse, he was always the guy when in high school I needed some advice I could just go to him. He’s one of the handful of guys who briefly come into your life and change it.”

Kevin Kietzman: “Great at what he does, man. The reality is that he basically invented sports talk radio in Kansas City. I do think he’s disingenuous. I do think he says things for the sake of saying things. I do think he has fallen prey a bit to what a lot of people is the goal; get rich, happy and lazy – and get away with it. I don’t know what he makes, but I know it’s more than me. I don’t know exactly where he lives, but I’ve got a decent
house but I know his house is nicer than mine. He’s been very successful. I know I will get to his level and eclipse his success. That’ll happen. I 99% know that when that happens I’m as hungry for it as I am now. When you’re making half-a-million a year – and that’s an estimate, I don’t know what the man makes. And you haven’t until the last couple of years had any real competition; I think it’s easy to kind of kick back and talk pheasant hunting.”

Tony Botello: “I think he’s a bad person. When you have an audience you have a responsibility. He wrote some awful lies about my father. Listen my dad has some flaws. He’s a flawed individual like we all are. One of the things my dad isn’t, is corrupt. He’s lost some elections because he’s un-corruptible. It really, really bothers me when someone with an audience is irresponsible with that audience. I have no respect for the man. He’s one of the people on a short list that I think the Kansas City media is better off

“My only goal is to get to the top of the sports talk radio industry. Do I think highly of myself? Yeah. I’m 27 and I think I’m doing pretty well.”
Nick Wright, Ramblingmorons.com
GH: I have a different vision than Nick for what sells here in Kansas City as successful sports talk radio. Eventually, the audience decides who is correct – or in Nick’s case, right.

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  1. Joe says:

    KK was saying that the Chiefs were getting Peyton HILLIS! Another amazing “scoop” to add to the list. JH

  2. j says:

    look guys…you people listen to these guys like nick…kk…petro..
    you listen to them probably more than you listen to your wife/girlfriend.
    they are doing a great job…each of them…because their job is to entertain
    and get you involved in what they say…and from the comments i read
    on here…they are doing a fantastic job.
    You bitch and moan about these guys…but you still listen to them..
    and thats what they want. If they didnt elicit an emotional
    respnse by you…they wouldnt be doing their jobs..
    so next time your wife/girlfriend starts talking…turn up 610 or 810…

    • MrOlathe says:

      Actually I don’t listen to them much anymore. I get all I need from OTC. Thanks Greg!

  3. j says:


    okay I predict kentucky to win..
    no wait..i predict the shockers to win.
    Well…its looking like the tar heels will win.
    Ummm…i know i predicted kentucky…i own some million dolar race horses there…so i”ll pick
    Well…my money is stashed away in bermuda…so i’ll pick bermuda to win…oh wait..bermuda doesn’t
    have a team in the tournament…okay i’ll pick st. thomas…oh…st. thomas isn’t in there edither.
    well…let me think …I know the owners of the yacht club in miami…so i’ll pick florida state…well now..
    thats in the south and i ‘m not liked in the south so i’ll pick harvard…where i went to schooll..
    oh…i lied i didnt go to harvard…brown…no thats not a good color..
    i know i picked some other teams..but i switch and flip flop so I’ll pick texas…hell no thats
    where perry’s from…
    i’ll flip my pick and pick kansas..yah…kansas…i know the owner of the team…wait..its a college
    okay..i hate all colleges…they give away from contraception and that girl fluke is a ho…did i say that…
    I’m a mormon…and sinc e most mormons have 5 or 6 wives…i’ll pick seattle…wait..they’re a pro team
    hey…can i get an eraser..or have the butler bring me a new bracket..and make it quick..
    because the limo driver is waiting to take me to the social club…
    Oh and have the help bring me some cheesy grits..no make it grit…no make it an omelete..
    no make it a muffin…what the fuck..i can’t make up my own mind… can someone tell me
    what to do…i’ll pay you $1000…no $10,000..
    anyone want to be me $10,000 who wins this playoff…shit its not a playoff…this polo match..
    um…the lacrosse match…hey sweetheart…what the hell is this bracekt thing all about.


    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      You need a hobby.

      • j says:

        no …i need a vacation…just got back from 10 days…
        need another one…
        if i needed a hobby i’d take up golf (boring) or
        bar b queing (i already have 20 years experience in that.)..
        so instead i just make money…easy…fun..harmless and
        i can ‘t get in any trouble

  4. Scott Simon says:

    Oh boy, media analysis by a wet-behind-the-ears 27 year-old. What’s this world coming to? Answer – things not so good. I know Nick’s dad and he’s a great guy who does great things for the members of his union. He also does it smartly. Nick should learn from lessons from dear old dad.

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