OTC: Raiders Streak At 6 Wins Inside Arrowhead / How Loud Will It Get Sunday?

“This six-game winning streak the Raiders have at Arrowhead is stuck in my esophagus and I can’t get rid of it. It drives me crazy.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: The Raiders have not been a quality football franchise the past six years and yet they have owned Arrowhead. OWNED IT! Time to wake up the echoes. Andy needs to bring in Bill Maas, Neil Smith, Len Dawson and some other former Chiefs to speak to his team this week. You want to get jacked up about a Raiders/Chiefs game? Let these guys tell some stories and they might break that decibel record in the locker room!

“I think it’ll be hard to break it. I think it’ll be hard to get it to 137 decibels.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs fans attempt this Sunday to break Seattle’s record noise level in a stadium, 810 AM
GH: As Americans, we fixate on the best time, the best score, the highest whatever. Does it really matter if Arrowhead reaches 137 decibels Sunday? I mean other than the guys at Guinness who profit from this kind of madness? Ask anybody who has played at Arrowhead when the Chiefs are good and the fans are into it – it’s LOUD!

“When was the last time you were this confident about a Chiefs game?”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Somebody get a pink flag and jam it down this guy’s esophagus.

“When you get a group of guys who haven’t gotten the greatest (opportunity in the NFL)… When you get all those guys together in a group, watch out, boy. I mean it is so competitive out there!”
Sean McGrath, the Chiefs’ furry tight end, on how Alex Smith and his band of misfit Chiefs have been able to fashion a 5-0 record, in an interview with Steven St. John Wednesday night, 810 AM
GH: McGrath is maybe the most unlikely success story in the NFL – unless it’s the Chiefs’ Marcus Cooper. This Chiefs team just doesn’t resemble the pampered Tony Gonzalez prima donnas we knew under Herm Edwards. I like these misfits much better.

Shannon Sharpe, mangling Kevin Harlan’s signature phrase as he tossed it back to the Nashville broadcast from the studio, CBS
GH: If you haven’t seen the SNL bit on Shannon Sharpe by Jay Pharoh turn your speakers up and click here. Pharoh is quickly becoming one of the breakout stars of this young SNL cast.  

“It never occurred to me to go shopping in my rental house.”
Nick Leckey, on Todd Haley and his wife ripping out appliances and fixtures from their rental home upon leaving, 810 AM

“I’d be real interested to find out – are you 100% invested in the Chiefs? Would you buy a non-refundable airline ticket right now as a Chiefs fan for the Super Bowl?”
Bob Fescoe, addressing to his Thursday morning audience, 610 AM
GH: I’d be real interested to find out if Fescoe would buy a non-refundable flight to Venus.  

“By the time the worm turned in the game, it was like watching a 6A team play a 2A team.”
Danny Clinkscale, on how Kansas was steamrolled by Texas Tech in Lawrence last Saturday, 810 AM 

“I don’t think so. I think he’s got one more year.”
Tom Keegan, columnist for KUSports.com, disagreeing with Kevin Kietzman that Weis is gone if he again fails to win a Big 12 football game, 810 AM
GH: Huh? How can Keegan be plugged into the KU scene and think that the Jayhawks can afford to bring back Weis if he goes 0-fer again in the Big 12? What would they be waiting for? To see if Weis can whittle next year’s Homecoming crowd to smaller than Late Night’s? Kansas CANNOT bring Weis back and be taken seriously by anyone – especially recruits.  

“Watched KU’s 3-hour practice today. And all I can say is … ‘Joel Embiid … holy moly! Had no idea he was THAT good. Potential No. 1 pick.’ Wayne Selden was also very impressive. Tharpe is leaner and carrying himself w/ much more confidence. Love the toughness Tarik Black brings.”
Jason King, @JasonKingESPN, Twitter
GH: And King didn’t even mention SI’s cover boy, Andrew Wiggins. So how did the Big 12 coaches vote Oklahoma State and Kansas to finish atop the conference in a tie?  

“I just think the expectations for (Andrew Wiggins) are just too great. The people that are talking about him and LeBron…? I’m never going to see that.”
Jeff Goodman, ESPN basketball writer, 610 AM
GH: When you get plastered on the cover of SI alongside Wilt and Danny Manning, the expectations aren’t high, they are title or bust. Wilt didn’t win a title at KU but his other accomplishments (20K anyone?) suffice.

“’I’ve seen the future and it’s much like the present only longer.’ #DanQuisenberry”
Ervin Santana, @ErvinSantana_54, Twitter
GH: Is Santana messing with us or is he getting close to resigning with the Royals?

“What do you think if Cardinal fans had five years of a playoff drought instead of 28 years? Royals fans are a thousand time better than Cardinals fans! It easy to be a fan if all you know is winning! Do you know how easy it is to root for a winner? Cardinals’ fans are generations of front runners! … The second this team falls off the cliff I will be there laughing! I hate the Cardinals! Go Dodgers!”
Danny Parkins, a Chicago kid, 610 AM
GH: Do you know how easy it is to hate teams like the Cardinals that are perennial winners? Get an original act, Parkins. St. Louis baseball fans are some of the best in the world. Fact not fiction. Hate ‘em if you want but it simply exposes your limitations. Are their assholes who are Card fans? Yes. My ex-brother-in-law fits that description. But there are assholes who are KU football fans – and none of us envy those guys.

“Everything you’re saying about the Cardinals, (replace it) with Jayhawks and it’s the same thing!”
Carrington Harrison, comparing KU basketball fans to Cardinals baseball fans, 610 AM
GH: Again, it’s easy to hate a winner. But it also so delicious to beat one.

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21 Responses to OTC: Raiders Streak At 6 Wins Inside Arrowhead / How Loud Will It Get Sunday?

  1. Doug Tucker says:

    Did anyone hear the comment by Lou Holtz when they showed the highlights of the Texas Tech-KU game? Something to the effect of, “Now you understand why Notre Dame was willing to give Charlie Weis (millions of $) to go away.” Damning. Very damning.

    • PJ says:

      I wouldn’t trust anything senile old Grandpa Lou says.

      • trajan says:

        Yeah Weiss may stink….but Lou Holtz should never be taken seriously, and how can you put a guy on radio or tv that sounds the bastard child of Sylvester the cat and Cindi Brady?

        • Tim says:

          I always laugh when Lou makes comments about personal fouls costing teams a game. Wasn’t his last game as a coach with South Carolina stopped in the 4th quarter against Clemson and the cops actually had to come on to the field?

  2. FJH says:

    Can’t stand the Cardinals, or their fans, or their city, but they know how to assemble good, professional, winning baseball teams on an annual basis. Can we raid their front office for a new Royals GM?

  3. Arte says:

    Charlie Weis is an older, uglier, fatter version of Lane Kiffin. Two guys just stealing money.

  4. Mike says:

    I don’t care if Arrowhead hits 137. I just care that it’s loud enough to cause the Raiders pain.
    KU is caught in a mess with Weis. KU has paid out so much $$$, first to Mangino, then to Lew, then to Lew’s screwups in the ticket office, then to Gill, that I don’t know if there’s buyout fatigue. Weis may get one more year on that alone. But he has to get talent. Like line talent, not transfer QB’s.
    Lastly, if Ervin re-ups, I will crap with joy. The Royals starters, without him, will be quite good. With him, OMG. Lets just say Moose better not fuck up the start of next year with a slow bat. Right…NED??????

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Exactly right. KU is not going to pay a buyout to Weis, while still paying off buyouts to Mangino and Gill (I think), then pay a 4th coach who would require a Brinks truck to take on the mess he’d inherit. Gotta give Charlie at least one more year. Remember, it took until year 6 for Mangino and Pinkel both to really take off.

      Though if they could get Mangino to come back, I’m fine with firing Weis right now. Firing Mangino remains one of the dumbest, most short-sighted moves KU has made ever.

      • KCPRGuy says:

        It’s hard for Zenger for to campaign for renovating the stadium when the team has no hope. It’s going to make it very hard for him to keep Weis around without even a glimmer of progress. To go 0-fer in conference games over two years is not a good look, no matter how much money is on the line.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          Right…but the same donors he’s got to hit up for the stadium are the same ones who were already hit up to pay the buyouts for the past two coaches.

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Isn’t Zenger the one who went on a nationwide coaching search and came home with Weis? Looks to me like he’s the one who needs to go first.

          • Kyle says:

            He was looking for a big name to generate interest. he found it. Weis had recently come off of his miracle getting Matt Cassel to the Pro Bowl, so it didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time. The overall athletic department is the strongest it’s been in years thanks to Zenger. I think if you put a gun to his head he would tell you that he made a mistake with Weis as it is becoming obvious. I would expect the next hire to be much better, although I agree with Kyle R, there is no way Weis is gone until after next year at the earliest. He will get his chance.

            • Chaz Weis says:

              How delusional are you? The basketball team and program are the strongest Kansas has ever had, but overall athletics are struggling if football can’t offer a glimmer of hope or revenue. In the 1980s, you could get away with a great basketball team but awful football. This is a different time.

  5. P says:

    Is there any bigger douche out there than Todd Haley right now? First the Chefs suck thing, then stealing fixtures and shrubs from a rental…..geezuz, doesn’t that guy get paid enough as is? How much did the Chefs give him to go away anyway?

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Little Danny Parkins is still angry his flaccid Cubs can’t seem to build anything resembling a winning franchise, all the while the hated Cardinals continue to do so on a yearly basis and stick it in his face. Look, the Cardinals also went through their dry spell, from the late 60′s all the way to the early 80′s. 1982-87 were good years, but then mediocre baseball was back until probably 1996 when the team was sold to Bill DeWitt and he began reconstructing it. Hired Walt Jocketty. Hired Tony LaRussa and staff. The rest, has been a heck of a run. But historically good franchises seem to gravitate to what they’ve always been.

  7. nick says:

    GREG HALL: “Pharoh is quickly becoming one of the breakout stars of this young SNL cast. ”

    Pharaoh’s Sharpe impression was great. SNL, not so much. It’s way too heavy on unfunny political and sexual humor.

    I think Weiss will get 2 conference wins this year. If he goes winless again, Zenger will hear the wrath, but Weiss WILL be back in 2014.

    What’s with the story about CBS not letting NBC grab one of the Chiefs/Broncos games? Good business move by CBS, but kinda sucks for Chiefs fans.

  8. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Parkins & Harrington — two punks in a pod.

  9. JP says:

    I agree with Mike above, Weis will get a 3d year (unless he tenders his resignation), because of all of the buyout fatigue. That Turner Gill contract is an anchor that will keep KU down for the next 3-5 years. They don’t want to pay any more coaches, just for sitting at home.

    CBS should have let the roadie Chiefs/Broncos not be protected because it is the Single header window and won’t go to most of the country. Our only hope for a flex is the Colts/Chiefs game in December. As for this Sunday, Chiefs 23, Raiders 10. The good times will roll, the streak will end and we will never have to hear about Mitch’s esophagus again.

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