OTC: Rex Hudler Commits Royal Screw Up – Dreams Of Salvy In Yankee Pinstripes

“Imagine what it would be like if he wore the pinstripes here (in New York).”
Rex Hudler, Royals TV color analyst, as he discussed how much more popular the Royals All-Star catcher, Salvador Perez, would be as a Yankee than as a Royals player, FSKC
GH: Boom! With that sentence Rex Hudler went from harmless bumbling comedic broadcaster to scorched earth outsider. A Royals broadcaster publicly dreaming about a beloved young Royals All-Star player dressed in Yankees pinstripes? Rex reached another level of dumb with this boner.

“You go ahead. You spend the rest of the night imagining that and I’ll think about something else.”
Ryan Lefebvre, in response to Hudler’s foot-in-mouth disease, FSKC
GH: Lefebvre tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent Hudler from his historically bad gaffe. The Beav twice said “NO!” while Hudler was attempting to articulate his nonsense. But dumb just can’t be cured when mixed with a microphone.

“What’s a video-machine guy? Are you saying he’s like a cartoon character?”
Ryan Lefebvre, who appeared to take some pleasure in poking fun at Rex Hudler about his lack of command of the English language, FSKC
GH: Lefebvre sounded like he wanted nothing to do with Hudler after he made an ass out of himself and alienated the Royals viewing audience. It sounded to me like Hudler’s comments gave Ryan a chance to publicly air some pent up frustration he has housed while having to work with the denseness that is Rex Hudler. Ryan used his intellect to slice Hudler into little pieces and watched them shrivel and squirm. It was a priceless moment in Royals TV the likes of which of which we rarely are treated.

“Don’t go there, Rex. Whatever you were trying to do you can’t go there. … (Rex) is kind of like that friend you bring along with you but you don’t know what he’s going to say, but he’s there and you’re just waiting for that spark to go off.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: And this is the guy the Royals signed to broadcast their TV broadcasts?

“Hearing Rex Hudler hint that Salvy Perez would look good in pinstripes made me want to throw up. And they fired Frank White for this guy?”
@fox4sports, Twitter

“Seriously? HUD suggested that Perez would look good in pinstripes? What a moron- more than I had already thought. Fire him.”
Robert Sigrist, @DocSig, Twitter

“Please don’t quote Rex anymore. He is now on the NoFly list after his ‘Sal would look good in pinstripes’ comment.”
Eric Clarkson, @Eric_Clarkson, Twitter
GH: Who wants to bet the Royals have Hudler make a formal apology on tonight’s broadcast? They better write it out word for word for this clown because if he is allowed to go off script he might trade Alex Gordon to the Mets.

“This is why I didn’t like the Royals going out and hiring Rex Hudler and bringing him here. He has no understanding of the fan base and he doesn’t have any knowledge of this team’s history.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Hard to argue with that logic.

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56 Responses to OTC: Rex Hudler Commits Royal Screw Up – Dreams Of Salvy In Yankee Pinstripes

  1. tiad says:

    Rex should not be fired for this comment. He and Physioc should just be fired in general. Separately, they are each unbearable. Together on TV, they are “unbearable to infinity.” This comment is in the same category as the dumb comment by the fired hitting coach about Royals not trying to hit home runs. It’s true – and Brett even said the same thing on his first day of being the coach – but the fired hitting coach just said it wrong and they were just looking for an excuse to fire him, anyway.

    • chud says:

      No kidding. It’s embarrassing that there is even a “debate” about it. Physioc is like some weird robot that is plugged in before each game and unplugged and put in the truck when it’s over. But Rex is just other-worldly bad. He’s not funny, he’s not smart. He offers very little insight that isn’t plain as day. He’s a terrible broadcaster. He’s incredibly annoying. He uses countless cliches for the THREE HOURS you have to spend each night listening to him. He’s obviously not even a good homer. He literally may be the worst guy they could have possibly hired to do this job, all things considered. I’m not sure how they could have screwed it up more. He makes you feel awkward like Michael Scott without any of Michael’s redeeming qualities!

      When the Royals hired him, it’s obvious that they were going for the lowest of low common denominators. I mean they had to have had it be an objective to find the guy who would rock the boat the least and offend no one. That’s what mattered. I think it’s just fucking hilarious that the hire was as bad as it was. It’s exactly what they get. They’re a pathetic, ball-less, laughable organization with no real leadership or direction and that shines right through when Rex Hudler is on the front porch for your organization welcoming viewers with a dumbass grin, abused cliches and unmatched awkwardness.

      Hiring Rex Hudler should be firable up about three levels of management.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Yet a lot of people can’t see that Frank White was the exact same thing.

        • chud says:

          I didn’t like Frank White either. I think we’re in the minority on that one. But White isn’t Hudler. He’s in his own class of bad.

          • Joe Blow says:

            Somehow, I don’t mind “Hud”. I remember the first year he was on, and there was a rain delay, and people were wearing those trash-bag ponchos they sell at the stadium…and, in his infinite quest to be positive, he said, “Wow, those are some really nice ponchos they’re wearing.”

            And my wife said, “Is your announcer actually retarded?”

            Yet, after years of listening to Rod on the Tigers broadcast mangle everything he says, Hawk be Hawk on the Chisox broadcast, and those dicks on the Indians broadcasts…I can’t hate Rex.

      • JimmyD says:

        Chud killed it

  2. Mike DeArmond says:

    Rex’s comment about the KC catcher should not get him fired. He does what he was hired to do by the Royals, provide endless commentary that amounts to a whole lot of nothing substantial. A lot like Bob Davis did in a similar capacity. Splitt and White could be critical at times. But that isn’t what the Royals brass wants. Again, Rex is the worst I’ve ever heard in front of a KC mic. I know Greg hates the way Denny Mathews broadcasts the games, but I’d love to have Denny doing the TV games with someone like Al Fitzmorris, or Dennis Leonard, and get rid of Fizz, Hud, and the legions of other sometime voices on Royals broadcasts. Heck, I’m not a big fan of the Beav, but the guy is competent and knowledgeable at least.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Bob Davis was a clown. Hud is…Hud.

      I love the combo of Ryan & Denny, but they keep switching the TV & radio guys, so it jacks it up..

  3. CM70 says:

    If this is the comment that gets Rex fired – so be it.

    I’ve always wanted him fired just because he’s a goofball clown more interested in screaming catchphrases and playing with his baseball.

  4. Ultimate Dude says:

    His comments were correct if you speak Hud. He was trying to relay the fact that if Perez played in NY, he’d have more pub nationally. He’s an ex ball player, not a broadcasting major. I got what he was trying to relay. I usually tune out broadcasters, I’ll listen to a color analyst because normally its an ex player that’s been through it, they just can’t paint the picture fully for non-players. A play by play guy gets the dough, but he’s always telling me what I already see while watching and what I already know about the game. I like Rex. He brings back old memories of dugout talk.


    • Markus Aurelius says:

      sorry, but you’re flat wrong. George Brett is an ex-ball player who also was not a broadcasting major. Think George would ever try to imagine what it would be like for Perez to be a Yankee?? No way — anyone with any experience with or knowledge of the Royals franchise’s history would NEVER make that comment. He may be a bumbling ex-ballplayer but his inability to appreciate who he works for and, more importantly, who his audience is was summarized perfectly in that one sentence last night. The guy has to go.

      Can you imagine Mitch Holthus saying, “Imagine…imagine what Eric Berry would look like in Broncos orange….” or “imagine what Derrick Johnson would look like in Raider’s black”….. no you can’t imagine because noone else would be so boneheaded clueless to make such a colossal mistake. The mistake was indicative of his longstanding cluelessness and it’s for it that he should be fired.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Wow, Royals fans must be the most sensitive bunch ever. And I’m a fuckin Royals fan. Seriously, if you can’t grasp what he’s saying without getting your panties in a bunch, think seriously about the nature of your fandom..

      • PJ says:

        Your attempt at Chiefs analogies are misguided, since you misunderstood what Rex was trying to say. He wasn’t saying imagine Sal playing for a nemesis/rival, he was saying imagine Sal playing in a large media market/for a team that gets a lot of national attention. The Chiefs analogy would be to the Patriots or Jets.

  5. Crystal says:

    Can’t stand this guy all his comments are moronic! I don’t have a problem with truthful comments when a team is not playing up to potential (ie what some gave as the reason Frank White was fired) truth is truth. They were playing badly on a daily basis, too many mistakes and not playing like a pro team. But Rex Hudler is an idiot. I have been muting the games every time I watch on television.

  6. Herbie says:

    It’s all in how you say it.

  7. JP says:

    I have had a chance to take in Hud’s comments, and they were just ignorant. What he was saying was not incorrect, but don’t say it on a Royals telecast. We can tune into Baseball Tonight a/k/a Red Sox, Yankees Tonight on the 4 Letter network to hear everything about the greatness of those teams. Don’t say it on our platform, our telecast. Hud screwed up this time, and should have just been quiet.

  8. tiad says:

    I never cared much for Bob Davis as a Royals broadcaster, although he is/was fine and more suited for basketball and football. However, there are only 2 people in the world who make me miss Bob Davis for the Royals, and there names be Hud and Fizz.

  9. tiad says:

    … their names …

  10. penanink says:

    Too much talking, polls & trivia for a TV broadcast anyway. Why don’t they just show the game, provide interesting, relevant stats & stop babbling stupid crap. I’d like Hud better if he kept his handy baseball in his pie-hole occasionally.

  11. Ray Giesler says:

    I’ve tried to give Huddler a chance even though I’ve disliked him since he started last year but I’ve had enough. I am sick and tired of his “drive the bus” comments and can’t even think about the Perez comment without getting nauseous. I’ve been a Royals fan since the early 70′s and listened to baseball broadcasts on the radio since I was a kid in the 60′s growing up in St. Louis and he is the worst. I hate to see a guy loose his job but please have mercy. Royals broadcasts on Fox have hit rock bottom. I’ve been muting the sound and turning on the radio to avoid Hud and will continue to do so.

  12. Lar63 says:

    Hud is second rate announcer and at best should be in the minors somewhere.

  13. Royals fan for 44 Years says:

    I never listen to him anymore and tune into radio broadcast and watch TV. The Organization thinks he is Laurel and Hardy wrapped into one person. Please leave Rex we can not stand your childish comments anymore! Why does Ryan spends the majority of his time in the radio booth? He can’t stand you!! He announces like he is talking to a 5 year old. ” A Fastball is the pitchers fastest pitch” Duh