OTC: Royals Ace Ventura Pulled In 3rd After Elbow Pain Sends Panic Throughout Franchise & Fans

“He doesn’t look right.”
Ryan Lefebvre, Royals TV play-by-play voice, while watching Yordano Ventura pitch in the second inning Monday evening against the Astros and eventually leave in the third due to a problem with his right elbow, Fox Sports KC
GH: If you want worse news for the Royals’ season I am not sure you can find it. Elbow pain in their future ace/franchise 22-year-old starter? In late May of his rookie season? Are our Royals cursed or just are the baseball gods just treating Royals fans like the second coming of Job? Is it time for the storm of cicadas yet?

“We have doctors. … I’m not concerned it’s a ligament injury … This is the good side (of the elbow) here. That’s where it’s bothering him.”
Ned Yost, Royals postgame show, Fox Sports KC
GH: Yost’s postgame presser after the 9-2 beating from the lowly Astros was comical. He was ridiculously positive that Ventura’s elbow injury was nothing to be concerned about. He even seemed a bit upset that he was asked about it. Apparently, Yost has no idea what he is talking about but all the confidence in the world to discuss his ignorance in great detail. This might be a good time to just send Ned back to his farm where he can operate as a doctor on his tractor.

“That’s the worst feeling in the world, coming off the mound to the unknown. You’ve just got to hope for the best.”
Danny Duffy, who had Tommy John surgery in 2012, Kansas City Star
GH: Duffy, unlike Yost, knows what he is talking about when it comes to hard-throwing young pitcher hurting their elbow.

“Things changed in the third inning when he went out there. There was definitely something different in his arm.”
Bruce Chen, who is also Ventura’s translator, Kansas City Star
GH: It appears that everyone but Yost is concerned for Ventura. Is Yost this stubborn or this dumb?

“The best-case scenario is (Ventura) is out for three or four weeks in my opinion.”
Josh Vernier, host of the Royals postgame show on 610 AM
GH: Vernier knows even less than Yost and his bold statement is worth less than whatever 610 is paying him to speak unsubstantiated drivel. How about simply saying you have no idea – because you don’t?

“Ned Yost says does not fear the worst with Ventura, on outside, not inside of elbow, is not ligament injury.”
Joel Goldberg, @goldbergkc, Twitter
GH: I took this is Goldberg simply stating what he heard Yost say but it left Goldberg looking like he agreed with Farmer Yost’s diagnosis. That is almost never a good look.

“I watched ‘24’ after Ventura left the game. I didn’t want to deal with it. They weren’t going to come back (from a 5-0 deficit in the third inning).”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“To have 32,000 people out there in that awesome atmosphere and then be out of it early… People looked up and said, ‘People are leaving? Is there some sort of special at the concession stand?’”
Jaime Bluma, former Royals pitcher, on the early-leaving crowd at The K Monday night with the Royals down 5-0 in the third inning, 610 AM

“There is every reason to be pessimistic about the Kansas City Royals today. Every reason. The fans should feel very frustrated. If Ventura’s done, how are you winning playoff games? If Ventura is done, yeah, it is absolutely time to talk about blowing this thing up.” Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Blowing things up translates into trading James Shields, moving on from Billy Butler, finding someone to play third base and adding some power to a line-up that homers about twice a week. And my kid’s high school doesn’t get out until this Thursday. Be Royal.

“We’ve got a great hitting coach in Pedro (Grifol) and we like where we’re at and that’s all that matters.”
Alex Gordon, in an interview Monday with Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: How can Gordon utter the words, ‘We like where we are at?’ Maybe everything miraculously changes over the next two months (like it did last season) and the Royals’ bats come back and are in a legit pennant race. Maybe. But the reality is that two months into the season the Royals again look damn mediocre.

“I don’t know what difference a new manager makes. I don’t know what difference a new hitting coach makes. Ultimately, these (players) need to start producing.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: You know what? Maybe a new manager makes no difference. Maybe the Royals should take a cue from their fans and leave early.

“Well who you going to hire (as the Royals new hitting coach)? If you fire somebody you’ve got to replace them with somebody. Charlie Lau is dead.”
Dave Stewart, of Metro Sports, who sat in with Fescoe as a cohost Monday morning, 610 AM

“The Kansas City Royals announced today that right-handed pitching prospect Kyle Zimmer will miss additional time this season with a strain in his right latissimus dorsi muscle.  Zimmer, the fifth overall selection in the 2012 MLB First-Year Player Draft, will begin playing catch again in six to eight weeks.”
Mike Cummings, Royals assistant director of communications, Royals press release
GH: Isn’t that news a kick in the Yost.

“A phenom.”
Rex Hudler, on the rookie season that the Astros’ George Springer is having the first two months of the 2014, Fox Sports KC
GH: Springer went 4 for 4 Monday night at The K while scoring five runs, hitting a homer for his fourth straight game and his fifth home-run in that four-game stretch. He also made a remarkable running catch of a screaming line off the bat of Eric Hosmer that looked uncatchable. Springer might be reason enough to venture out to The K today.

“In 2011 when the Royals were looking to add offense, they drafted Bubba Starling, they passed on George Springer who the Astros drafted at number eleven. You want to hear a fun fact? In the past four games, George Springer has more home runs than any Royals baseball player.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“If social media outlets were the only avenue to discern the exploits of Bubba Starling, one might surmise that the No. 5 overall pick of the 2011 first-year player draft was a historic mistake for a Royals organization regularly lampooned for such things.”
Patrick Obley, writer, whose story on Starling was printed in The Kansas City Star May 26, 2014
GH: Obley makes the mistake of many who criticize what they read on Twitter or on social media – he dismisses its credibility immediately. 2011 was three years ago, and Starling’s MLB baseball career is living up to everything the boo birds are saying about him.

“You get all these people who write that, and they’ve never played a game of baseball in their life. Some of them don’t even have a clue what this is like. It’s a whole different kind of competition coming from high school to this. It really doesn’t matter, honestly, what they think.”
Bubba Starling, Kansas City Star
GH: I understand Starling is young, but the fact that he is lashing out at his critics is laughable. Hey kid, you have absolutely stunk at the lowest levels of pro ball for three seasons! And you’ve been paid $7.5 million to stink! What did you think people were going to say and write? How about owning it, Bubba?

“Up at the plate I kind of had a different stance and stuff. Now I’m just in a comfortable spot for me and kind of going back to what I did in high school. That’s what I’m doing now. I just feel really comfortable. Milt does a great job of not putting too much stuff in my head. He just tells me to keep it simple and go get my work in.”
Bubba Starling, Kansas City Star
GH: This has to make David Glass happy. Three years and $7.5 million later his fifth pick in the draft is no longer taking instructions from his coaches but instead has reverted back to his Gardner-Edgerton ways. That sounds like a success story waiting to happen, doesn’t it?

“With his defense, plate discipline and raw power, if Bubba hits .250 in the majors he’ll be very valuable. I remain skeptical he’ll do that.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

“I haven’t thought about (playing quarterback at Nebraska) lately. My first year in pro ball, I actually did think about it. Quite a bit.”
Bubba Starling, Kansas City Star

“I think he’s playing college football (in 2016).”
Jaime Bluma, when asked if he thought Starling will be in the minors, majors or playing college football in May of 2016, 810 AM

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25 Responses to OTC: Royals Ace Ventura Pulled In 3rd After Elbow Pain Sends Panic Throughout Franchise & Fans

  1. Phaedrus says:

    Ventura’s a righty. I wish his left elbow was hurt.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Greg Hall, in all of his years covering media quotes, has still apparently never learned to decipher coach-speak. What do you think Ned Yost is going to say right now? You take his predetermined words and try to make him look like a total idiot.

    You get all these people who write that, and they’ve never played a game of baseball in their life. Some of them don’t even have a clue what this is like.

    Right, GH?

    “With his defense, plate discipline and raw power, if Bubba hits .250 in the majors he’ll be very valuable. I remain skeptical he’ll do that.”
    Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

    I remain skeptical of every minor leaguer ever. I predict almost all of them will fail. Don’t I sound smart now?

  3. brett says:

    i skipped the starling story as i drank my morning coffee today. just tired of reading features on young royals “phenoms” who never pan out. hit 20 HRs and 80 RBI in the bigs and i’ll read a story about you, bubba.

  4. Old Man Kissel says:

    One again the Royals pick Steve Alford and not Reggie Miller.

    When will the Royals have a front office that knows how to draft?

    810 scoops 610 once again…

    • Joe Blow says:

      Which player did you think was Reggie Miller going into the draft?

      I mean, there were all kinds of articles like this:

      He was always supposedly raw and going to take some time.

      Joe Blow scoops Old Man Kissel once again…

  5. KO says:

    I think it is time to dump Yost. If a Manager really does not make that much difference, then why not? Shake things up…it is time

  6. Keroauc says:

    Q: What’s the difference between the 1960’s Kansas City A’s and the 21st century KC Royals?

    A: About five decades.

    That is all.

  7. Mike says:

    What does it say about the Royals’ minor-league development staff that Bubba is now having more success at the plate, by TUNING OUT HIS COACHES and going back to the things that made him such a phenom out of high school?!?!!!?
    My question is why did the Royals feel compelled to change him the moment his signed the $7.5M???
    Is this an organizational deficiency at the lower levels? Is this why everyone is in this ridiculous funk? Is this the institutionalized bullshit that Seitzer had to work with, in both his hitters’ proficiency and in organizational philosophy? If I were him, I’d be happy as hell to be in Toronto too.

  8. Brett says:

    Hey Alex, I am glad you like where you are at because you know what!? Last night was the last time I waste my hard earned money supporting the Royals this year. I spent $120 on my family to see my team lose to the worst team in the American League 9 to 2 and I hear Gordon utter that moronic statement! That is the final straw! I will take the money I make as a UPS delivery driver and spend it somewhere else. What a sucker I have been!

  9. Zard says:

    The Royals will NEVER win under the Glass family. EVER. The culture just isn’t conducive to professional sports. They run the team like Wal Mart. Squeeze every last penny out of the customer, put an ad on every spot in the stadium, give the minimum contribution to the infrastructure (let the taxpayer subsidize the profit), sell “Fountain Water,” mini golf tickets and tokens for an arcade. Everything is about PROFIT and not WINNING. The players know this, the coaches know this, the front office knows this. Most of the fans don’t, they are just there for the free tshirt. The Glass tenure has been an absolute abomination; we could not have gotten a worse owner. It’s the culture people. It is NEVER going to happen.

    • matt3579 says:

      The problem isn’t that they aren’t spending money. It’s that they are spending money on really bad baseball players.

  10. Say What? says:

    Bubba Starling isn’t as bad a pick as Christian Colon the year before. The Royals were linked to Chris Sale before the 2010 draft but didn’t pull the trigger and tried to go safe with Christian Colon instead.

    Christian Colon was projected as a utility player almost from the get-go, while Starling had a very high potential and was known to be a gamble that may have a huge payoff based on his athleticism.

    • Old Man Kissel says:

      So….The Royals don’t draft well????

      810 scoops 610 once again…

  11. Kyle says:

    Did anyone actually think things would turn out well for the Royals? This city is cursed when it comes to it’s pro sports teams. The Chiefs blow a 38-10 lead and have not won a playoff game in 21 years. The Royals are beyond cursed. There is no hope for them. It doesn’t matter of they blow it up or ride it out. They will not see the playoffs again in my lifetime and I am only 42.

  12. keitzman wants an intern says:

    What did KC do to deserve our lot in life? Royals are the only team in the 4 major sports who has not gone to the playoffs in 30 years. the only one.
    The Chiefs could not spell the words “playoff win”.
    I think the Truman sports complex was built on an indian grave yard which would explain the lack of success from the teams who call it home.

    • Old Man Kissel says:

      If only the Royals built that downtown ball park that everyone wanted. In stead of refurbishing an old stadium and making it into a Chilli’s.

      810 scoops 610 once again…

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