OTC: Royals Add To Their Hall Of Shame W/ Aaron Brooks Debacle / Does Rany’s Guest Column Ease Star’s Guilt?

“This is what we’re down to? Aaron Brooks? He was scared. He knew his stuff wasn’t good enough and he left everything up. … I’m betting he doesn’t win ten games in the big leagues. I don’t know if Aaron Brooks will get ten starts in the big leagues! You sent out what in my opinion was a white flag.”
Soren Petro, after the Royals brought up Brooks from Omaha for a spot start in Toronto where he gave up seven runs and was unable to get out of the first inning, 810 AM
GH: Add Aaron Brooks to the Royals Hall of Shame that also includes Eduardo Villacis starting in Yankee Stadium, Ken Harvey getting clocked in the back by a cut-off throw, Tony Pena showering in uniform and Trey Hillman riding his unicycle in the clubhouse singing Christmas carols. If the Royals weren’t so sad they’d be a sitcom.

“It’s who they recommended.”
Ned Yost, on the Royals front office choosing Aaron Brooks to start in Toronto Saturday, kansascity.com
GH: Yost is well known for how he protects his players and rarely says anything publicly that might be construed as negative. It appears that Brooks was so bad that even Yost couldn’t help but point the finger at someone else. 

“There’s plenty of stuff to freak out about. It’s not early anymore.”
Andy McCullough, Royals beat writer for The Star, on The Border Patrol, 810 AM

“(The Royals) are last place in the American League Central. They’re last. We are eight years into Dayton Moore’s regime. That is unacceptable. That is unacceptable. They are only 6.5 back but here’s what’s unacceptable to be – looking up at the other teams. It’s just unacceptable.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: What do you do with an unacceptable situation? The Royals fire their hitting coach. Just about every time.  

“The Royals are still under .500 for one simple, unexpected, and devastating reason: They’ve done a terrible job of developing their own talent. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Moore was hired in large part because of his player development bona fides with the Atlanta Braves. Three years ago, the Royals were widely considered by people who rank prospects to have the best farm system since people started ranking prospects. Instead, it appears that the Royals bought their prospects from the Acme Corporation, because rather than blowing up the competition, their farm system has blown up in their hand.”
Rany Jazayerli, guest column in The Kansas City Star
GH: Rany’s guest column ran in the Sunday Star. It ran inside on like page five with no graphics and just a bunch of paragraphs in a large block of type. The Star did nothing to draw readers’ attention to it but I would guess it was quite popular with their online readers. The content of his column had to make the Royals seethe. Props to The Star for running this column because it was as dead on as a Billy Butler double-play ball. But my question is did The Star choose to use a guest columnist for this negative piece to distance themselves from criticism from the club?  

“For years, the front office has moved the goalposts and offered excuses for the glacial pace of the rebuilding process, but it’s time to hold them accountable. Shields is a free agent after the season; Gordon is eligible for free-agency the year after that. The farm system isn’t nearly as deep as it once was. … You can’t argue that eight years isn’t long enough when other teams routinely rebuild themselves in half the time. If after eight years Moore hasn’t been able to fashion a playoff team, it’s only reasonable to conclude that he never will.”
Rany Jazayerli, guest column in The Kansas City Star
GH: Rany lives in Chicago and will never be seen inside the Royals clubhouse. Star writers Andy McCullough, Sam Mellinger and Vahe Gregorian are very visible to the Royals. This one just looked like The Star played it too safe to me.

“I mean this in all due respectful but… I don’t know if Moose fully understands or will ever grasp the mental side of this game.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: This is how a member of the media deals with criticizing players he has to talk to and cover. He respectfully calls them mentally challenged.

“Knowing how the Royals handle things, they will look for any reason, any sign, that Moustakas is the guy and needs to play every day. I can’t believe it, but I can believe it – that they called him back up.”
Nate Bukaty, after Moose was recalled from Omaha after just ten games, 810 AM
GH: Does this move scream desperation to you? Kind of like firing another hitting coach? Kind of like offering up Aaron Brooks to the homer-happy Blue Jays? This organization appears to be lost and hoping they stumble on a five-leaf clover in June.

“After that stretch of games, where will the Royals be? If they’ve been waiting to turn it on, now’s the time to hit the switch.”
Steven St. John, on the Royals schedule the next few weeks which includes the Cardinals, Yankees, Indians, White Sox and Tigers, 810 AM

“I don’t really see what harm it does to bring Moose back. You can hear it in my voice, I’m just throwing my hands up.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM

“Keep your eye on (Danny) Duffy tonight (in St. Louis). If Duffy has to miss a start or two, this team could be in real trouble.”
Josh Vernier, on the Royals’ lefthander having to leave his last start due to a “dead arm,” 610 AM

“Is it too early to hit the (Royals) panic button? No it’s not. You can punch it all you want. It’s about these hitters. They can’t get it going!”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM

“There’s a chance (the Royals) may have missed their chance last year because everybody had a better year last year. … The players seemed to be confused as to what kind of players they are. They need to sit down and evaluate what kind of player am I? If I can’t hit home runs, how else can I help this team win? They need to go back and self-evaluate.”
Frank White, on the opinion that this season was the Royals best chance for the playoffs, 810 AM
GH: One thing the players are confused about is their talent. Judging from their boycott of 810 and Moose acting like Kong when he’s hitting like Cheech and Chong, these guys don’t get it.

“Yes, I have faith in Ned. He is doing what he can. Here’s the bottom line: It’s not Ned, it’s not Pedro (Grifol), it’s me. I’m responsible. It’s all on me. At least that’s the way I feel about it.”
Dayton Moore, in an interview with Jeffrey Flanagan, FoxSports.com
GH: So what do Moore’s comments mean? It appears to me that Moore is pretty sure he’s not getting fired and neither is Ned. In other words, we are once again left to simply hope things get better. Did I mention Aaron Brooks?

“(Dayton Moore) hasn’t brought winning back here but he’s brought respectability back to the organization. Yes, he’s got to win. That’s what it comes down to. That’s why this year is so important.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Are the Royals more respectable than before Dayton Moore? Absolutely. Is that a low bar? Lower than Moose’s batting average.

“Eric Ebron (to Aaron Murray): ‘Your girlfriend… Wow.’ Aaron Murray: ‘Thank god I can throw a football.’”
Dan Rubenstein, @DanRubenstein, of SBNation.com, on the Chiefs’ rookie quarterback’s good fortune, Twitter

“It was out. I don’t know if they shot it.”
Samuel L. Jackson, when asked by Howard Stern if his love scene in his newest movie includes male frontal nudity, Sirius XM

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16 Responses to OTC: Royals Add To Their Hall Of Shame W/ Aaron Brooks Debacle / Does Rany’s Guest Column Ease Star’s Guilt?

  1. chadhar says:

    Was the KC Star distancing itself with the Rany column, or does the Star simply have no one who can write as well as Rany? King, Whitlock, Buckner, Wright, Posnanski, et al have moved on to much greener pastures. If the Royals have a quadruple A team in the majors, the Star has a Double A team in the sports department.

    • Joe Blow says:

      If Rany’s writing got assigned to a Minor League affiliate, he would be fortunate to go to Idaho Falls…then get cut.

  2. Mike says:

    Was that a backhanded criticism from Nate on how the Royals have dealt with Moustakas? If so, good for him. And a good point too. The Royals shouldn’t be in the business of chasing reasons to insert Moustakas into the lineup, especially when those reasons aren’t merit-based.

    • Kyle R says:

      Sure sounds like an actual criticism from Nate, which is good to hear.

      Gotta love Aaron Murray – great quote.

  3. FJH says:

    “What do you do with an unacceptable situation? The Royals fire their hitting coach. Just about every time.” GH

    They didn’t even have the balls to fire him – they reassigned him to Catching instructor! A classic example of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. JH

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    I’ve lost virtually all interest in this, just another mediocre (at best) Royals team. If the team wants to drum up some interest the remainder of the season, they’re going to need to think outside the box and maybe come up with some zany gimmicks, much the 70’s White Sox teams…

    First, I’d let the players play in short pants (like the old White Sox), particularly in the dog days of July and August. The broads will appreciate that. Then for the fellas, I would suggest a two-headed monster consisting of (1) making Fountain Mom a regular attraction atop the outfield waters and (2) letting Aaron Murray’s old lady take a whirl or two as first base coach. Last but not least, grow interest in the normally flaccid hot dog garnish races by adding a new participant decked out as Samuel L. Jackson’s “it.” That might offend some, but likely little more than the team’s typical on-field performance this season.

    • mike t. says:

      visions of ‘it’ chasing sluggerrr…

      • keitzman wants an intern says:

        Rage that stuff is funny! How about they pick a fan out of the stands daily the entire month of August to bat for Moose or pitch, because a fan can’t do worse than Aaron Brooks!

        • The Independent Rage says:

          Those are great ideas certain to garner more fan interest as well. So many of us really need a pick-me-up from this organization this year.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The dipshit Royals continue to “re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic”, just like they do every year by firing coaches. Sorry, but Dayton Moore has got to be whacked. But really, I’m not sure if that will help either. It just might take a new owner to get it done.

  6. Java Man says:

    The Royals could use a bat like Samuel Jackson’s in their line up.

  7. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    Speaking as a Cards fan 1st here, Royals fan 2cd…good news for the Royals, Cards are in a funk. 2-5 over the last seven, all at home. Miller goes tonight, but he’s been hit or miss. Got roughed up in his last start, should be due for a good one. Lineup is hitting the long ball at a pace to make the Royals proud, so the Royals do have a shot. Cards also tend to do poorly against lefties, but that’s usually the Bruce Chen style lefties, not the Duffy ones.

    Royals biggest issue to me has always been player development. They’ve got to get this fixed or else they will continue to waste potentially talented players.

  8. Juan Pablo says:

    Looks like nobody cares about Royals in KC now. Greg you may want to stop posting stories about them

  9. Kent says:

    “This one just looked like The Star played it too safe to me.” I get what you’re saying here, but as a reader this couldn’t matter less to me It was a strong column, and wouldn’t have been any stronger under a regular writer’s byline. Did the Royals play it safe? Yeah, their guys don’t have to face the music. But was the reader ill served? I don’t see how.

  10. Phaedrus says:

    I think the issue is that the Royals called these guys up and let them learn at the major league level. I’m sure the players thought that it was ok to fail because they were “young” or “inexperienced”.

    When a player is called up to the big leagues, he should be told that failure won’t be tolerated.

    The players then might develop a frame of mind that leads to winning baseball.

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