OTC: Royals’ Alex Gordon Flexes Golden Arm In Seattle / Derrick Thomas Tribute On NFL Network

“I don’t know if there is a really good way to describe everything that happened last night because it was so wild. You just almost can’t believe it.”
Steven St. John, recalling the Royals’ wild 6-5 win in 12 innings at Seattle Monday night, 810 AM
GH: There was just too much that went down to recount it here. Click here for Bob Dutton’s game story in The Star and try to relive the madness.

“Alex Gordon’s golden arm.”
Ned Yost, in his post-game comments after the Royals Monday night win in Seattle, Fox Sports KC
GH: Alex Gordon is a quiet hero. His facial expression rarely rises above the level of “amused.” His talent though is making grown men do very, very childish things – like stay awake until 2:00 AM to catch the end of a Royals win and then Ned’s postgame. The Royals season once again sat on the brink of extinction in the bottom of the 10th as Seattle’s Kyle Seager tagged at third and streaked toward home plate. Gordon though has a flair for the dramatic. And man was this game a filled with drama!

“Seager is pretty fast, so as soon as Gordon made the throw, I thought I need to catch the ball first. So that’s what I did — just catch the ball. It was a pretty good slide. I just put my glove at home plate…he touched my glove. The home plate umpire (Vic Carapazza) got in good position to see everything.”
Salvador Perez, on his dive to tag out Seager at the plate and extend the game into the 11th inning, kansascity.com
GH: As good as Gordon throw was, Perez’s catch, dive and tag were even better. Salvador Perez is building himself a statue at The K that is going to be hopefully revealed after he wins this franchise a pennant or three. This guy is a HOF catcher whom we get to watch for the next decade or more.

“I can’t believe what’s-his-nuts tried to tag up at third (on Gordon) the other night! That was unbelievable!”
Jaime Bluma, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM
GH: This might be my favorite quote of the month.

“I can sleep when the season’s over.”
Steven St. John, on getting only two hours of sleep when he elected to stay up for the conclusion of the Royals/M’s game Monday night, 810 AM
GH: Those of us who hung in until 1:30 AM or later and still answered the alarm this morning know SSJ is right. We can sleep when the Royals are dead. And that ain’t yet.

“I wish there was just three more weeks left in the season! Two more weeks might get it done. They’re playing the best baseball of anybody in this race in the month of September. They’re just running out of time.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I wish Yordano Ventura would have been in the Royals rotation since they broke camp in Surprise. Why was this stud wasting pitches in Arkansas and Omaha all season when we had a real pennant to win? Dayton needs to answer some questions and the rest of the AL is sure thankful he doesn’t have a good answer for hiding Yordano.

“I wish this could go on for another month. This has been fun.”
Jaime Bluma, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM
GH: Is tonight the last night? Will I be able to stay awake? Twitter helps.

“He’ll probably say he should have caught that.”
Rex Hudler, after Jarrod Dyson whiffed on a hooking line drive to center field, Fox Sports KC
GH: Whiffing is almost not quite right. Whiffing indicates you were at least close to what you missed. Dyson was not.

“The ball moved on me. As I went down, it changed eye level. I’m the reason we played so long. I was really (upset) about it. I’m glad the guys were able to pick me up after that.”
Jarrod Dyson, kansascity.com
GH: The ball moved on me??? That what batted balls do!

“I think Dyson’s a coach killer. He’s a manager killer. He’s got that speed and he temps you to play him. But you cannot have Dyson in the outfield the last six games.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: This is an interesting take from Fescoe – and that in itself is OTC worthy. I see Dyson as no more than a pinch runner in a late inning situations. In other words he is far too much of a luxury to have on the Royals 25-man roster. But I can see where a manager like Ned is duped into thinking Dyson can bunt and steal a win or three a year. Ned loves the bunt, the steal and pinch running for Billy Butler. I hope all three get him canned.

“(Danny) Duffy told me he put a gym in his house and that he’s going to go ‘BeastMode’ in the off season. He’s going to come back next season and be ready to go 200 innings.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: You gotta love these guys.

“It was just a wild variety of emotions. There were a lot of things – but it was neat. It brought back such great memories of the guy he was and the player he was and the teammate he was. He was a great teammate. He was funny, caring. His locker was two down from mine and we became good friends.”
Bill Maas, when asked his opinion of the NFL Network’s documentary on his former teammate, Derrick Thomas, which airs tonight (Tuesday), 610 AM

“No. Two different players. Derrick was really quick, explosive off the ball and the edge. He could turn the corner on tackles. It was like his feet were in the ground running and his body was at a 45-degree lean. Justin is bigger and more powerful.”
Bill Maas, when asked if the Chiefs second-year LB Justin Houston could be compared to Derrick Thomas, 610 AM

“The guy was built like a rabbit. He just had a natural lean. You’d see him walking through the locker room and think, ‘Why is that guy leaning forward?’ It was just the way he walked.”
Soren Petro, on Derrick Thomas, 810 AM

“(Derrick Thomas) did many, many things that people will never know about because he didn’t want people to know about them. … He was just an extraordinary human being. He had so many positives that it outweighed any negatives.”
Carl Peterson, in an interview with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I have no doubt DT was the kind of teammate every athlete loves. Crazy talent, generous and as fun-loving as a kid. But I knew DT a little differently than the way he is being remembered by his friends. I knew a guy who browbeat Jason Whitlock to write positive stories about his work in the community and his Third and Long charity. DT was not the quiet philanthropist that Peterson wants us to remember. There was NOTHING quiet about DT – on the field or off. He lived large and died small. What a waste.

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23 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Alex Gordon Flexes Golden Arm In Seattle / Derrick Thomas Tribute On NFL Network

  1. Barles James says:

    Interesting on JW and DT. Almost like Whitlock was bojangling to Derrick’s dollar dangling.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Sounds a little like sour grapes to me. I suppose GH never really did get to speak with, interview, write about, interact with DT. No need to flame up someone who can’t defend themselves. That was a pretty pathetic comment. The more I think about it, the more of a shit-sucking assclown you seem based on that statement alone. If Whitlock had a beef, let him expose it.

  3. Richard Cranium says:

    “Died small”. I just read it again. You are a petty and worthless fucking human.

    • As opposed to a guy who blew through all of his cash, leaving his many, many children by many mothers suckin cash outta the government and tax payers to support them?

      If the guy wasn’t born with quick twitch fibers than he might have been employed at the Water Department. Tops.

  4. Say What? says:

    I know Yordano has had 2 good starts so now he’s our hero but he hasn’t been nails in the minors.

    2012 in A ball 3.30 ERA, AA ball 4.60 ERA
    2013 in AA ball 2.34, AAA ball 3.74 ERA and 1.46 WHIP

    The 3.74 ERA came way down after some good starts after being pretty rocky after initally getting promoted. He has needed time to adjust to the talent level with every promotion he has had.

    Ventura has been right where he belonged all year and DM deserves credit for not rushing the guy.

    • Phaedrus says:


      It seems that Greg is just looking for something to bitch about. A Royals rookie succeeds and damnit, he should have been called up 3 months ago. A rookie fails and damnit, the guy has no business being in the majors ( see Moustakas, Mike).

      • Barles James says:

        Is Moustakas a rookie? I thought he was a third-year player who has been given more ABs than most .220 hitters. Could be wrong.

        • Phaedrus says:

          He should be a rookie…Dayton just called him up too early.

          If you bitch when a rookie fails, and you bitch when a rookie succeeds, what exactly will make you happy?

          • Barles James says:

            When a third year player continues to fail, I’m not happy with him sinking the team’s slim playoff chances. Again, once you’re married 20 years, Phae, you’re no longer a newlywed.

            • Phaedrus says:

              Guess my sarcasm didnt come through. You’re right Moustakas isn’t a rookie. I picked a bad example.

              My main point is that if you bitch when they succeed and you bitch when they fail, you’re putting Dayton in a no-win situation.

              I’m not a Dayton fan, but that doesnt mean I think everything he does is wrong.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        “Greg looking for something to bitch about” should be the title of this blog.

    • Mysterious.j says:

      Amen. Starting the service clock on someone who needs to begin the year in AA is idiotic, come on Greg.

  5. I think DT was a great role model.

  6. Arte says:

    We all die small. Some of just get bigger funerals.

  7. The following is currently making the rounds of Division 1 football coaches:

    Wayfron P. Jackson:

    6′ 6″, 215 lbs. Wide Receiver. Hottest prospect from Texas in the last ten years.

    Loves rap music. Demands a mini-cassette in his helmet. Currently holds world record for the most “you knows” during an interview (62 in one minute). Wayfron can print his complete name.

    Signed with Tennessee

    Quinticious Jenkins:

    6′ 3″, 220 lbs. Running Back. Set state scoring record out of Triton High School, Dunn, N.C. Also led the state in burglaries,

    but has only 9 convictions. He has been clocked at 4.2 seconds in the 40 yard dash with a 19″ TV under each arm.

    Signed with Mississippi State .

    Roosevelt “Dude” Dansell:

    6′ 1″, 195 lbs. Running Back.. From Tyler, Texas. Has processed hair and imitates Billy Dee Williams very well. Before he signed his letter of intent, he wanted the school to change colors to chartreuse and pink. Listed his church preference as “red brick.”

    Signed with the University of Houston .

    Woodrow Lee Washington:

    6′ 8″, 310 lbs. Tackle. From a 4th generation welfare family. At 19 he’s the oldest of 21 children. Mother claims Woodrow and child No. 9 have same father. He has a manslaughter trial pending, but feels he will be found innocent because: “The dude said sumpin’ bad ’bout my Momma.” On his entrance form, he listed his I.Q. as 20/20.

    Signed with the University of Texas .

    Willie “Night Train” Smith:

    6’4″, 225 lbs. Quarterback. Born on an Amtrak train. Birth certificate indicates he is 24 years old. Thinks the “N” on Nebraska ‘s helmets stands for “Nowledge,” but still meets this school’s stringent entrance requirements. Insists on wearing No. 32 jersey since it matches his score on his SAT’s.

    Signed with the University of Oregon .

    Tyrone “Python” Peoples:

    6’10″, 228 lbs. Wide Receiver. Has a pending paternity suit and two rape trials, but hopes none of his other 9 victims will file charges. Tyrone had already signed letters of intent with six other colleges, but was also willing to sign with us. Likes wild
    women and red Cadillacs. Thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican Telephone Company.

    Signed with University of Miami .

    Abdul Hasheen Abba Ali:

    6’10″, 305 lbs. Guard. Played high school ball under the name Sylvester Lee Jones until he discovered religion. Abdul thinks Sherlock Holmes is a housing project in Jacksonville, Florida. Doesn’t know the meaning of the word “fear.” (Doesn’t know the meaning of many other words, either.
    Signed with the University of Florida .

    Note: College track coaches intend to use several of the above signees in their track programs. However, instead of using a starting pistol at track meets, the NCAA has now agreed to use a burglar alarm.

  8. Ray Victory says:

    DT had 7 children out of wedlock with 5 different women. I’m not sure about everyone else, but that’s not the kind of “hero” I want my children looking up to.

  9. MightyMo says:

    I agree that Greg could have avoided the negative on DT. But sometimes a balancing perspective is needed, so I am ok with his comments. Hard to do enough good on the football field or in your charity sponsorship to outweight kids without fathers, and mothers without support. But professional sports produces many flawed spoiled humans who haven’t mastered the skills needed to deal with the life they are given at 22 years old. I’d like think I would make different choices, but I can’t be sure.

    DT was a severely flawed human, with a good heart, and a helluva linebacker. The end.

  10. JP says:

    We all know the stories: good and bad about DT. Having watched the documentary, the one story that was heartbreaking was about the kid in SE Oklahoma,whom Derrick visited. (If you don’t know, watch the documentary). Bottom line, he went way up in my book as a human being. Yes he was flawed,but he was the greatest pass rusher in NFL History in my opinion. Still sad that he passed so soon. DT lived worked and played hard, and had a huge heart. Some of the modern athletes could take a page from DT in terms of his charitable activities.

  11. Anfo says:

    DT practically kept my father in business. He was responsible for filing lawsuits in the Kansas City courthouse. DT was a deadbeat. He owed so many people money. Half a dozen jewelry stores, credit card companies and loan companies lost a lot of money when DT died.

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