OTC: Royals’ Bats Again Looking For Jobu (Or Something), Spoiling Ace Ventura’s Brilliant Debut

“The (Royals) roster is so poorly constructed right now there are very few options. They almost don’t need a manager right now because there are no decisions to be made.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro’s sports opinions go even more unchallenged than his boss, Kevin Kietzman. Even takes as foolish as this one. Petro cannot understand anyone who would blame Ned Yost for the Royals losing three one-run games out of their four losses. Yost is powerless in Petro’s cavernous mind to have done anything about it. Well, I have to give Petro his due for originality. Maybe that’s all sports talk radio is now – who can come up with the most original and outside-the-box take. You win the day, Soren.

“The Royals were 2-for-8 with runners in scoring position, but left the bases loaded three times.”
UPI.com, on the Royals being shut-out by the Rays
GH: The bases are loaded not once, not twice but THREE times against Tampa Bay – with only one out each time! And the Royals and their powerless manager don’t score. How do you get two hits with runners in scoring position and get shutout? Ned is powerless to have a third base coach who might know that David DeJesus couldn’t throw out Ketchup rounding third.

“I disagree with the call. He’s out.”
Rex Hudler, Royals TV analyst, after Joe Madden lost his challenge to what appeared to be an obvious force out at second base in the third inning, Fox Sports KC
GH: I love that MLB has finally accepted replay but they need to rip off the training wheels and let it fly. Madden lost his only challenge in the third on a call every manager would have challenged – and I guess lost. Get rid of the coach having to challenge the call and just get them correct.

“I’ve been looking for my first hit here and I finally got it. I’ve been struggling obviously at the plate, so maybe that’s something that will get me going.”
Wil Myers, after his infield single in the ninth that Mike Moustakas had trouble getting out of his glove led to the Rays only run in their 1-0 win at The K, Tampabay.com
GH: The former Royals prospect was 0-11 against the Royals and had struck out his first three trips to the plate prior to his dribbler of an infield single.

“The win was the Rays’ first at Kauffman Stadium in eight tries.”
Marc Topkin, writer, Tampabay.com
GH: Damn, the Royals have owned the Rays here in KC. What Vargas and Ventura did the last two days against a team many experts expect to with the powerful AL East is impressive – and frustrating as hell if you are a Royals fan to go 1-1 in those games.

“As a Royals fan, wouldn’t you be more concerned if they were dropping games 10-8? I’d be more concerned if the pitching was getting shellacked every night rather than the hitting.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Binkley makes a great point here. If the currency of baseball is truly pitching, the Royals look to be one of the richest franchises with maybe of the most formidable starting rotations in the AL. But those bats, Jobu. Those bats!

“If this (Royals) team doesn’t win and it doesn’t jell, you might need to look at shaking things up.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: And we thought Fescoe had the patent on the title Captain Obvious.

“The only way you do it is to do it. The more successful you are in crunch time, the more you believe you’re going to be successful. I don’t know what comes first, the success or the confidence. It’s like the chicken and the egg. But I do know that nobody ever came through without thinking they could, and I do know that these guys performed pretty well down the stretch last year.”
George Brett, on being one of baseball’s best clutch players, Kansas city.com

“An historic moment at The K. Journey has defeated Garth Brooks in the Play it Forward contest. Friends in Low Places officially retired.”
Mike McCartney,@mikemccartneykc, on the Monday night fans voting down The K’s long-running sixth-inning sing-along song, Twitter
GH: It seems the Royals set Garth up for a loss by seeding him against Journey and scheduling his song’s fate to a sparse Monday night crowd. Whatever the motive, it was time for Garth to go.

“Was messin’ ’round on Sat nite re: Cal. But word is – win or lose 2nite – it’s a #DoneDeal …Cal 2 La-La-Land 2 coach Mamba’s Lakers. #NoBS.”
Rex Chapman, @rexchapman, Twitter
GH: Chapman was Twitter whipped by his fellow Kentucky fans after he dropped this bomb just prior to tipoff Monday night. Big Blue Nation did not want to hear Coach Cal might be heading to the Lakers. Cal said he wouldn’t “dignify” the rumor with a response. Sounds like he’s gone.

“Digger Phelps’s deal was not renewed by ESPN so it will be interesting if he unretires for another network in the future.”
Richard Deitsch, @richarddeitsch, Twitter
GH: ESPN seems to have a propensity for hanging on to old coaches long after their expiration dates. Digger, Bob Knight, Lee Corso, Lou Holtz – just to name a few stinkers still on ESPN’s shelf.

“OK, but @darrenrovell would tell you that a swastika is just a way to build your brand ppl forget that.”
@_neillam, Twitter
GH: This tweet from a supposed Michigan student got under the thin skin of ESPN’s sports business analyst, Darren Rovell. I only know Rovell from his Twitter account and I find his stuff interesting. But the way he reacted to this student’s tweet was way over the top. Read on.

“@_neillam i have forwarded these comments to charles shipan at your university.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: Huh? So the big bad ESPN professional is now forwarding student tweets to their college administrators? What a piece of work this schlump is.

“Look what (Tiger Woods) has done for the game the last 17 years. I remember when I was an amateur and won my first tournament in Tucson, in 1991, the entire purse was a million dollars; first place, $180,000. Now the first-place check is a million dollars every week. And Tiger has been the instigator. Because he’s brought increased ratings, increased sponsors, increased interest, and we have all benefited.”
Phil Mickelson, when asked about the importance of an iconic figure like Woods to the PGA, NY Times
GH: No Tiger at The Masters this week. I know that means Whitlock will not be watching. I hear the weather is expected to be ideal for the azaleas and low numbers. But without Tiger to watch, the majors just aren’t as interesting.

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22 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Bats Again Looking For Jobu (Or Something), Spoiling Ace Ventura’s Brilliant Debut

  1. hofnod says:

    GH: ESPN seems to have a propensity for hanging on to old coaches long after their expiration dates. Digger, Bob Knight, Lee Corso, Lou Holtz – just to name a few stinkers still on ESPN’s shelf.

    (Cough) Dick Vitale (Cough)

    • Hot Carl says:

      Agreed…I wish Vitale would just fucking die already. His clown act was old by 1990. I used to just mute the TV when that idiot was on but now I either change the channel or turn it off.

  2. Jim says:

    No interest in Tiger at The Masters since he would end up being so far off the lead you wouldn’t be watching him anyways. Tiger has some serious mojo issues. Nobody fears him. Nearly everyone is as long or longer than he is. His putter is brain dead and has been for a long while. Right now, Tiger has a name, but no game. All the kids that grew up watching Tiger are what the tour is now. That’s great for the game. Let’s go Lefty!

  3. Mike says:

    How do you stare down three straight strikes with the bases juiced, in the last great chance the Royals had to score a damned run? Valencia, SWING! Last night was excruciating to watch, Ventura excluded.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    True, there was a decade of dull golf before Tiger and after Watson and Nicklaus’ battles were over, but so many good personalities, especially American, have emerged in the last 5 years. Golf is in good shape and should rock the ratings this weekend.

    GH: Thank you for not quoting Fescoe in this column. I feel smarter already.

  5. Rico_suave says:

    I’ve attended UFC fights, .. Muay Thai matches in Bangkok, cock fights in P. R. etc.. ..

    but have NEVER seen as scary and as a disgusting bunch of fans as the rich, greedy, sleazy, cranky old douchebag White guys who glower from the gallery seats at the Masters.

  6. Allen says:

    Was very excited to go to the Royals game last night with my son. Been a life long Royals fan dating back to the 70’s and it was all I could do to get through the game. We left in the 8th inning down 1 to 0 and had been there over 3 hours already.. How long would the game taken if it was 7 to 6. Every damn pitch a batter steps out or the pitcher steps off the rubber. There is a reason the sport is on life support with the youth. Takes way too long and too many breaks!
    Told my wife to punch me the next time I bring up going to watch a Royals game. Is it me or are the games 40% longer than they use to be??
    Would love to hear if anyone else feels the same way.

    • JP says:

      You would have hated staying for the entire game on Opening Day. It was nearly past 7 when I left the parking lot. I agree that baseball needs to speed up the game. These games are going way too long, just wait until Yankees-Red Sox eclipses 4 hours for a 9 inning game.

  7. Phaedrus says:

    Darren Rovell is a douche. Go to the comments of this article and check out his tweet about Hope Solo / Jeremy Stevens.


    Feel free to tell me your feelings about my brand…I welcome any constructive criticism.

  8. PJ says:

    Petro’s point about the way the Royals 25 man roster is constructed is correct, though. How can you not have an actual backup middle infielder on the roster? Danny Valencia (or Johnny Giavotella for that matter) is not someone you want playing 2B in the late innings of a tight game like last night. And they STILL don’t have a backup SS on the roster.

  9. JP says:

    “The (Royals) roster is so poorly constructed right now there are very few options. They almost don’t need a manager right now because there are no decisions to be made.”
    Soren Petro, 810 AM

    This is another reason why there is no reason to get any baseball information on 810 from 10 am to 6 pm. The roster is not the problem, although they could use one home run hitter. Their pitching is well above average. Why does Petro (and his minions for that matter), KK and TJ always crap on the Royals no matter what. They deserve some of it, but the piling on is so blatant and must have more to do with the Royals radio rights then honest baseball analysis.

    As for last night, the Royals could not get a clutch hit to save their lives. But why in the blue hell did Yost let Dyson bat in the 9th? He had Maxwell and Cain on the bench and Moose had just gotten hit #1 for the year. That decision and the babying of his players is what bothers me about Yost. This team will get their share of wins, but Yost needs to use his roster smartly. Don’t let Jarrod Dyson on a big league roster let alone batting in the 9th with pinch hitters available.

    • PJ says:

      Yost said after the game he let Dyson bat because he was trying to avoid a game-ending double play.

  10. Oh Missouri how you make me laugh. says:


    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      I know. Right? It’s hilarious!!


  11. Kyle R says:

    If Pete Thamel is at all on base with his article here, Calipari isn’t getting any NBA looks (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/-college-basketball-mens-tournament/news/20140408/kentucky-wildcats-connecticut-huskies-john-calipari/).

    As for the ESPN old guys, I agree except when it comes to Corso. He is College Gameday and I don’t think he’s gotten worse over time – that trio is just fantastic, and Desmond Howard isn’t a bad addition either.

  12. Say What? says:

    Royals games on this date per the box scores on Baseball-Reference.com:

    1974: Time of Game: 2:57
    1984: Time of Game: 2:37
    1994: Time of Game: 2:49
    2004: Time of Game: 3:07
    2014: Time of Game: 2:46

    • Shane Whitaker (@Witty_Shane) says:

      I think it’s the 0-1 Tuesday night game that took 3:13 for 9 innings that folks are complaining about the speed of play, not the Wednesday day game that took 2:46. But nice try.

      • Say What? says:

        Why the F would it matter what day I chose when I am going back by decades?

        Just for you pleasure, for games on April 8, unless they didn’t have a game and I used the day before.

        1974: Time of Game: 3:02
        1984: Time of Game: 2:37
        1994: Time of Game: 2:49
        2004: Time of Game: 2:28
        2014: Time of Game: 3:13

  13. Say What? says:

    That was supposed to be a reply to Allen’s post but whatever.

  14. Jeff says:

    The point is dum bshit “Say What” that an 0 1 game shouldn’t take over 3 hours when one team has 2 hits and the other has 4. This is killing the game. All you get is that screaching blonde doing the stupid promos between innings and busting everyone’s eardrums.
    Boring entertainment and I am a former season ticket holder and college baseball player at the division 1 level!

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