OTC: Royals Boycott Sports Radio 810 While Still Getting Their Spoiled Butts Kicked By The AL Central

“After the Detroit game on May 3rd, according to 810, (Eric) Hosmer and (Jarrod) Dyson showed up at the 810 Zone at Harrah’s in North Kansas City. The players wanted admittance to a sold-out pay-per-view showing of the Mayweather/Maidana fight. They were denied entry because neither had a ticket. … At the ball park (Tuesday) afternoon, several Royals decided to boycott Sports Radio 810 WHB. Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson refused to talk to the station.”
Jack Harry, KSHB TV 41
GH: We only have 810’s version of this story to go on because the Royals’ players apparently aren’t talking. So I am going to base my opinions on what we know. And what we know if that this Royals team is quickly becoming incredibly easy to dislike.

“You’ve got a bunch of childish baseball players who couldn’t get into a Mayweather fight – and that was ALMOST THREE WEEKS AGO! Now they’re boycotting a radio station. It is silly. It is territorial. It is difficult. It is intimidating. It is all those things. This is just spoiled bratness!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t know if I can agree that the Royals’ boycott of 810 is territorial or intimidating – neither make a lot of sense to me in regard to this story. But Kietzman is dead on about this act being silly and spoiled bratness – despite that not being a real word. It fits these entitled Royals players so perfectly Webster should allow it.

“These guys are acting like they’re Joe DiMaggio. I don’t think they realize they are alienating the fans. They want to pull these shenanigans?”
Caller to Petro’s show, 810 AM

“Danny Valencia asked Danny Clinkscale not to air that (interview with him and Clinkscale prior to Tuesday’s game). We are going to exercise our right to play it. He was not supposed to talk to 810 either.”
Nate Bukaty, after airing the Valencia interview before Tuesday’s game, 810 AM
GH: What are these Royal Brats trying to accomplish with this boycott? If they are trying to hurt or diminish 810’s prowess in the Kansas City media market, they are accomplishing the exact opposite. This is the kind of story sports radio stations LOVE – unless you are 610 Sports and not the sport radio station being boycotted. This is the worst kind of controversial story for 610. Not only does it put 810 in the news but they are reluctant to even discuss the boycott because it involves their competition. This Royals’ boycott appears to be about as well thought out as Dyson getting picked off second in the bottom of the ninth. 

“You might think an All-Star kind of player might have that attitude but not a guy who is the 24th player on the roster and a pinch base runner.”
Nate Bukaty, on Dyson’s decision to boycott 810 for being stiffed at the 810 Zone, 810 AM
GH: How dumb are these ball players? Do they think Kietzman, Clinkscale or Bukaty have anything to do with who gets into one of the 810 Zone restaurants? Does Billy Butler boycott Quik Trip because they’re making fun of his base running?  

“This is quite funny in my opinion. … I’ve known about this for three weeks. Personally, I don’t care if all 25 guys in the clubhouse don’t want to talk. I don’t care if I ever talk to a baseball player again.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: There are a couple of Royals players I enjoy hearing from – Danny Duffy and Jeremy Guthrie are two of them. I also like Gio because he still understands how lucky all these numbskulls are to be playing ball for a living. The Border Patrol’s interview with White Sox pitcher (and formerly Liberty HS’s) Scott Carroll today was also a refreshing reminder that not all MLB players are clueless as to their insignificance in the world.  

“Careful, people who give money to the Royals, they may boycott you if you’re too honest about the team. (they will still take your money).”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter

“I wonder if this (boycott) means they are just mentally soft. Or that they are afraid they can’t get out of the offensive funk that they’ve been in. Therefore, they’re going to control what they can control.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“(Hosmer and Dyson) talked their teammates into boycotting the 810 media today. Their manager was unaware of this.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Their manager apparently is unaware of a lot of things. Read on. 

“I don’t have a plan. It’s day to day. These are all big boys. … Read into that what you will.” Ned Yost, when asked prior to Tuesday’s game about his decision to play Danny Valencia at third and sit Moustakas, 810 AM
GH: Ned just provided every sports talk radio show in Kansas City one of their favorite drops for the rest of his tenure here in KC and well beyond. We will be hearing Ned say, “I don’t have a plan…” even longer than we hear Dan Glass tell us Buddy Bell is, “obsessed with losin’” BYW, where are the “big boys” in Ned’s clubhouse? Are they the same brats who are still smarting over not getting into a sold-out bar?

“You know who had a plan? Apparently some royals after a game to watch a Mayweather fight.”
Cole Young, @ColeYoung, Twitter

“The Royals are a predetermined outcome. They ABSOLUTELY refuse to adapt or change, in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence. Royals summary for today: manager has no plan, GM won’t hold players accountable and team can’t beat anyone in the division…” TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter

“We had a lot of fun together. We basically laughed our butts off. We laughed all the time. We had a lot of fun. A lot of laughs. I hope Kansas City does well.”
Leo Mazzone, former Braves’ pitching coach, in an interview with Henry Lake and Jay Binkley, on playing and coaching alongside Ned Yost in the Atlanta organization, 610 AM GH: Listening to Mazzone talk about him and Ned cutting up and laughing their asses off made me wonder where that Ned disappeared to. The guy wearing Royals gear now is about as unhappy and surly as managers come. People who attack their jobs as if they were painful are almost always correct. 

“It’s the league catching up to (Yordano Ventura) and can he adjust. If yesterday was his worst day, the Royals are still in really good shape with him.”
Soren Petro, after Ventura’s Tuesday night outing against the White Sox, 810 AM
GH: The Royals rookie pitcher looked ordinary Tuesday. That’s baseball. I still love the ease in which he is able to hit high nineties and how his curve and change can buckle knees.  

“We only had three pitchers who had to have Tommy-John surgery in the 18 years I was with the Braves. … These guys all like to throw. Let them throw more, not less.”
Leo Mazzone, 610 AM
GH: Mazzone does not like how modern-day pitchers are babied. Mazzone is more than a bit of an eccentric but there is no doubting his resume. I kind of agree that more throwing is a better way to build up a pitcher than less. When you train for a marathon, you don’t do it by resting. 

“So … the Royals going to do something or just hang around .500-ish and not get anything for James Shields?”
Andrew DeWitt, @AndrewRDeWitt, Twitter
GH: Yost’s job depends on the Royals winning 80 games this season. And Dayton Moore’s job is tied to Yost. I don’t expect the Royals to deal Big Game James unless they fire Yost in July.

“Moose with Little K power.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, after Moustakas popped out to third as a pinch hitter Tuesday, Twitter
GH: What is Yost doing pinch-hitting the team’s worst hitter in a crucial late-innings situation? There is no place to hide Moose in Kansas City. He must go. Now.

“Is it too much to ask for just a little happiness for Royals fans?”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter GH: Just think of all the joy the Royals have spread to other fan bases.

“There should be like a 90 second time limit on these replays. If it’s not obvious enough to overturn, uphold the call and move on.”
Nate Bukaty, @nate_bukaty, Twitter
GH: I love that MLB finally adopted replay – no matter how long it takes. Who cares if it adds five or ten minutes to a three-hour game? Get the call right.

“Unfortunately for my wife, you’re more like my wife (than one of my brothers). You could be the sister we never had.”
Mike Golic, after Mike Greenberg asked his cohost if he was more like one of his brothers or his wife, ESPN Radio

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59 Responses to OTC: Royals Boycott Sports Radio 810 While Still Getting Their Spoiled Butts Kicked By The AL Central

  1. Willie Coyote says:

    So where is the royals pr department in all this? Are they not working with or teaching the players? Toby Cook, you ought there????? Ultimately it appears that GMDMissed the whole bit in business school on the importance of organizational tone and knowing and respecting your customers.

  2. Kansas Marine says:

    Come on Greg! Do you actually believe the boycott stems from an event that occurred 3 weeks ago? They’re fine talking to 810 from May 3rd to May 19th, but on the 20th the line is drawn! More likely it had to do with 810’s reporting of Moosegate and Kevin’s attempts to paint Rex as a racist.

  3. EarneyB says:

    Every year I pick a time when I completely lose interest in the Royals and stop listening/watching/caring. Most years it’s May. Last year was August, which was fun. This year it’s now.

  4. Jayhawk '97 says:

    Trust me, I’m not defending the Royals… but boy…are sports talk hosts the most thin skinned people in the world? Really, they don’t talk for you for a couple days and Soren says “I don’t care if I ever talk to a baseball player again?”. Your job is to talk about sports! From the outside, it seems that once the organizaiton got wind of this, they put an end to it… this was a couple immature ball players and some very whiny sportscasters.

    • JP says:

      First of all, spot on regarding Sports Talk Show Hosts. KK and Petro specifically get bent out of shape if they are inconvenienced. I personally think a lot of this would have died down had Clinkscale not whined so much on the radio about Moose last week. He knows KK is just waiting for a negative to bust on the Royals, and Clinkscale served it up. Can’t they just let things go.

      As for the Royals, same old same old. If Dyson is one of the leaders behind this, let’s just give up on 2014 right now. This is more evidence that a change in managers (at least) may be necessary. The culture on this team clearly is not about winning baseball games, but entitlement. That is a bad sign.

      Finally, the Chiefs are mediocre. Yet they are ten times superior as an organization than the Royals. Arrowhead is so much more professionally run than the K. Nobody can refute that and the on the field success is even light years apart. And that is with a superior team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 21 years.

  5. FJH says:

    If the Royals were 10 games over .500 we would all be pissed at the 810 Zone for NOT letting them in.

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