OTC: Royals Drop Heartbreaker To Giants As WS Slips Back To The Bay / But KC Baseball Is Once Again Royal

“So unbelievably sad. So unbelievably proud.”
Brian Cunningham, @Hamdogg, after the Kansas City Royals dropped Game 7 to the San Francisco Giants by the score of 3-2, Twitter
GH: Yes, we lost. But Kansas City and its fans proved to be winners in how they bonded with their team and themselves. This was one fantastic October ride we all went on together that was all the more sweet due to its unexpectedness. Not even Madison Bumgarner can erase those memories.

“Hopefully, we can get another opportunity.”
Dayton Moore, 810 AM
GH: Last season we ridiculed Moore for saying that he thought in a small way we won the World Series. It was a ridiculous statement after suffering our 28th year of no postseason play in Kansas City. But that streak not only died this October, it was beaten bloody and he carcasses of some of MLB’s best teams were left in its wake. So let’s do this again sometime. Soon.

“This is a team that is going to go into spring training next year and know that they are a playoff team. And that is something different in this franchise than I can never remember.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“In 16 years of covering Omaha Royals always felt small pang of sadness when season ended. Feeling big pang with end of KC’s wonderful run.”
Steve Pivovar, Omaha World Herald sports writer, PivOWH, Twitter

“I admire those who can genuinely post about how great the season & postseason run was. I’m not there yet. Probably won’t be tomorrow either.”
Ryan Noonan, @ryanjnoonan, Twitter

“I don’t want to spend too much time on Madison Bumgarner…”
TJ Carpenter, during WHB’s Game 7 postgame call-in show, 810 AM
GH: I watched from my right-field seats as Bumgarner’s back slowly grew smaller as he strode from the Giants’ bullpen toward the infield in the fifth inning. The boos from the stands started immediately and only grew louder with each step. As my wife so aptly put it, “That guy takes all the fun out of it.”

“This is probably the best pitching performance of my era that I’ve ever seen.”
David Ross, Boston Red Sox catcher, on Bumgarner, ESPN
GH: That might be the best pitching performance of all time – at least it is definitely in the discussion. Wow. What Bumgarner did Sunday and then come back for five innings of shutout ball on Wednesday is the stuff of legend. And we are now part of that legend.

“Stupidly, I told him, ‘Boy, am I glad we don’t have to face you again.’”
Ned Yost, on what he said to Bumgarner after the Royals beat him and the Giants back in the regular season in early August, 810 AM

“I asked Joe Panik how many times he has done that where he flips the ball with his glove to second base and he said, ‘I’ve got to be honest with you. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that in a play around second base in my life.’”
Buster Olney, ESPN
GH This was the play changed the game and likely turned the World Series in favor of the Giants. Here is a link to the video if you can stomach watching it again. I thought it was brilliant. Devastating, but brilliant.

“You don’t think that I shouldn’t dive (at the first base bag) here. You just want to get there. It’s not a tenth of a second difference between diving at it and running through it.” Mike McFarlane, on Hosmer getting doubled up after the replay showed him to be out after diving at the first-base bag on Panik’s defensive gem, 810 AM
GH: McFarlane likes to defend the Royals players and coaches at almost every turn but this comment strikes me as naïve. You do not dive at the first base bag to get their quicker. You run through it. There is no decision to make. You run through the bag every time. I am amazed that MLB players still do not understand this simple fact of the game.

“I don’t see a villain anywhere.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro must not follow the same folks I do on Twitter. Joe Buck and the Fox boys came away the clear bad boys in the eyes of many Royals fans.

“You send (Alex) Gordon, and it’s one of the 5 greatest baseball moments ever, regardless of whether he scores.”
Nate Silver, @NateSilver538, on Royals third-base coach Mike Jirschele holding Gordon at third in the bottom of the ninth, Twitter
GH: From my seat in right I could see the problems Blanco had with the single and then how the left fielder fumbled the ball when he tried to pick it up. The Giants outfield definitely looked nervous and they panicked during the play. But it was not a play you would expect Gordon to go on. But there was that thought…

“I wondered, just for a moment…”
Ian Brisbin, @ibrisbin, Twitter

“Royals 3B coach Mike Jirschele on his decision not to send Alex Gordon: ‘Believe me, I wanted to send him. I couldn’t do it.’”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, writer for YahooSports.com, Twitter

“To write, but one last thought: To all those people who thought Gordon should have been sent home — he’s out by 40 feet.”
Joe Posnanski, @JPosnanski, Twitter GH: Maybe. But there had already been two poor plays made on that ball in the outfield. It is one of those decisions that will likely grow in stature as time moves on. I think Gordon would have been out. But part of me believes that was the Royals chance at their magic moment.

“It was not the wrong call (by Jirschele) at third…I wish he had gone.”
Blair Kerkhoff, KC Star columnist, 810 AM

“Seriously, I thought he had a chance to score on that ball. I thought they might send him there.”
Bruce Bochy, on Gordon stopping at third in the bottom of the ninth, MLB Network

“They just outplayed us. You know, it’s not always the manger’s fault.”
Ned Yost, after Soren Petro asked Yost if he would review his decisions during the series and second guess some of his moves, 810 AM
GH: I listened to Yost praise the Giants in his postgame comments and he made me proud that he was representing the Royals and Kansas City with such class. Ned is not a good in-game strategist and he too often was an ass the past three years with the local media. But something happened to Yost this October. He mellowed, relaxed and he became likeable. As so many others commented on Twitter last night, this is the Ned Yost we need to see at spring training next year and throughout the rest of his tenure in Kansas City. It also would help if his club keeps winning…

“When I heard (Nate Yost) say that (he is now recognized by fans in Kansas City) I thought, ‘What a bunch of idiot Hoosier fans Kansas City has who don’t even know who their manager is.’ People didn’t want to approach him! Seriously, would you not agree Danny that 90% of all Royals fans thought of Ned Yost as unapproachable?”
Kevin Kietzman, after Ned Yost said that he is now recognized everywhere in Kansas City where only one in 30 people recognized him before the Royals playoff run, 810 AM GH: Anybody who bothered to tune into MLB’s postseason saw that Kansas City is not populated by a bunch of idiot Hoosiers. This is a city filled with great sports fans – just like a lot of cities that have professional sports teams. Kevin seems to be obsessed with how the rest of the country views Kansas City and whether or not they look down their nose at us. That is a problem with him not us. I think we are pretty darn great no matter what they’re saying about us on either coast.

“One postseason (questioned) answered: Danny Duffy suffered a stress reaction in his ribcage during his last regular season start, Yost told The Star. Yost wanted to start Duffy in Game 1 of the ALDS. The training staff told him Duffy could only go two innings at a time.”
Andy McCullough, @McCulloughStar, Twitter
GH: So everyone on the Royals (including Duffy) was lying about Duffy’s physical status the past month? Why?

“The @KCStar page designers and headline writers won the 2014 World Series.”
J. Freedom du Lac, @jfdulac, Washington Post editor, Twitter
GH: The Kansas City Star should take a deep bow for their work the past month. The photos, layouts and words by their staff were so memorable that they made the print edition of The Star once again a viable and desirable part of many of our mornings. The electronic media also stepped up to add so much to this month of madness here in KC. The local sports talk stations 810 and 610 stepped up their games to deliver some of the best coverage this city has seen in some time. Dare I say that 610 may have matured into a legitimate player with their Royals coverage?

“(Sam Mellinger), put yourself in for a raise you will not get. When that happens, steal office supplies until you consider it fair value.”
Ray Ratto, @RattoCSN, San Francisco sports writer, Twitter
GH: Ratto is a funny west coast follow – and I am sure he has a house full of office supplies.

“I look at this (Royals) team – huge expectations for next season.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM

“I think we’ll see that excitement reflected in Royals season ticket sales. I think the Royals will jack up the prices and I think people will still buy.”
Blair Kerkhoff, KC Star columnist, 810 AM
GH: A guy in the stands last night made the comment that he could have bought two season tickets this year for what he spent on World Series seats.

“I just want to thank all of you (fans) for your support. We definitely heard you out here. Glad baseball is back in Kansas City!”
James Shields, addressing the fans at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday morning following Game 7, 610 AM
GH: Baseball is back in Kansas City. Let’s. Go. Royals.

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