OTC: Royals Flip Over 8th In A Row To Take Over ALC Lead / How About ‘Dem Apples? / Fans Crave October

photo (2)“First place. After 70 games. For the first time. Since 1980. Holy. Crap.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: It is mid-August and unlike last season’s pseudo pennant race when the Royals were six or seven games out for most of the last two months, this summer Royals fans can taste October. And man, is that pumpkin sweet!

“Last time KC was in 1st place and at least 10 games over .500 after the 117-game mark: 1985…”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, Twitter
GH: And that was a very good year indeed.

“The K had an energy I hadn’t felt in a long time tonight.
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, after the Royals 3-2 win over the AL West leading Oakland A’s, Twitter
GH: There were only 21,000 fans at The L Monday night but they made the old place sound like Arrowhead in November. Sitting on my couch I was rocking from the noise. The scenes from the stands in the ninth inning were absolutely beautiful. Damn, I am tearing up just typing about this stuff!

“The top of the 9th gave me chills. In a good way. Major goosebumps. Best game I’ve ever attended at the K.”
TigerDan, @MizzouKCfan4, Twitter
GH: And it is only August 12th. Maybe everything goes to hell in a ball bag for the Royals over the next six weeks. But maybe not. Maybe we get to experience what Cardinals fans view as a birthright – Fall Ball!

“We always have Chiefs watch parties. How long has it been since you went to a Royals watch party?”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: There is a Royals watch party every night on Twitter. I know some of you are repelled by social media but Twitter is one of the most entertaining ways to watch your home team and share in its triumphs and failures. Where would we all be with @THEFakeNed?

“Sung Woo would like to let everyone know that his First Pitch during game 3 of the ALDS will be much more accurate.”
THE Fake Ned, @TheFakeNed, after Sung Woo sailed his ceremonial first pitch over his catcher’s head and into the backstop, Twitter

“I think it’s awesome that 98% of Kansas Citians are in love with a guy named Sung Woo. The other 2% are just miserable people.”
Mic Johnson, @MicJohnson, Twitter

“If/when the Royals make the playoffs, they should put a bronze statue of SungWoo Lee next to Brett, White and Howser.”
@KingsofKauffman, Twitter
GH: Crazier ideas have been made to happen. If the Royals truly do make this a magical World Series championship season here in Kansas City, I am all for a bronze statue of Sung Woo Lee out front of The K. That shot of him holding up the giant W for the win from last night would make a great pose.

photo (2)“I want to meet him tonight. I brought him a gift.”
George Brett, talking to Denny Mathews and Steve Physioc in the radio booth Monday night about his plans to meet Sung Woo Lee and present him with a 3,000-hit coin that was made for him, Royals Radio
GH: The Year of the Woo has gone Brett Sized!

“I remember everywhere you went the Royals were on radio…at school everyone would spend every break taking Royals.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, on remembering a time in Kansas City when the Royals ruled, Twitter
GH: We are not there yet in Kansas City but this town is starting to turn Blue. Every bar, restaurant and office with cable TV should be tuning into the Royals each night. If you spot an establishment not following this Code Blue, let them know it’s Back To The Future in KC — 1985.

“I literally cannot act like I’ve been there before.”
Brian, @BrianMcGannon, Twitter
GH: So well stated. For so, so, many Royals fans. It’s time.

“I need to go to bed. Instead, I’m pacing around my living room like a crazy person.” Jared Speckman, @Speck60, Twitter
GH: Anybody else fit this description last night? I was tweeting waaaay past my bed time. And it felt as good as that Dyson backflip!

“I told the boys I’m gonna backflip on the third out. … I couldn’t let ‘em down.”
Jarrod Dyson, on his game-ending backflip in right-center field, MLB Network
GH: Most entertaining impromptu move at The K since Fountain Mom!

“Fabulous atmosphere tonight at Safeco. Hearing from lots of friends that it was the same in KC. Two fan bases getting a taste…. It’s only mid-August. It only gets better from here if club stays in race. Nothing like the Hunt for October for daily drama in any city.”
Bob Dutton, @TNT_Mariners, Twitter
GH: Cool to know that our longtime Royals beat writer can enjoy some of this rare August moonshine with the rest of us starving Royals fans. Would love to see the Ms and the Rs battling in October.

“Avg fastball velocities (Monday night). Yordano Ventura 96.3 mph Kelvin Herrera 99.2 Greg Holland 96.8 Wade Davis 94.5”
@ESPNStatsInfo, Twitter
GH: You want to know how the Royals have hung in this race long enough to become relevant? Dayton Moore’s pitching has brought us to the brink of greatness. The currency of baseball has a rich future here in Cowtown.

“Two nights in a row – big fat coverage of the Royals on SportsCenter! The Royals are getting that coverage right now. There’s a reason to be proud of your team. You can invest in this team. Come on in. The water’s not too cold.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM GH: The Royals were everywhere last night on national coverage. And Dyson’s flashy backflip didn’t hurt one bit.

“Ned Yost and I had a spirited debate today about whether he would be a good television analyst. He thinks he would be good. I disagree.”
Andy McCullough, @McCulloughStar, Twitter
GH: Andy wins this one in a head-first slide.

“Everything was grist for his mill.”
James Lipton, the host of Inside the Actor’s Studio, on the talent that was Robin Williams, MSNBC GH: Lipton was interviewed less than an hour or so after the news of Robin Williams’ death. He was audibly shaken over the death of one of his favorite artists. I listened to the interview in satellite radio and it was riveting stuff. I think Williams was one of the greatest actors/talents of my era. A genius with the depth of range of no one I have ever seen. My favorite works of his are as different as his characters. His portrayal of a teacher in Dead Poets Society is one of my all-time favorite roles. He was what I wanted all of my teachers to be – funny, motivational, tough and smart as hell. His stand-up routine on the Scotts inventing golf makes me cry with tears every time I view it. The man was brilliant. I am so glad he found a way to share his talents with so many for as long as his madness allowed.

and @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.

27 Responses to OTC: Royals Flip Over 8th In A Row To Take Over ALC Lead / How About ‘Dem Apples? / Fans Crave October

  1. Jim says:

    Damn it, GH! I fully expected to get through your column without a Robin Williams reference. I was wrong.

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      And/or a fucking Cardinal reference….give it a break Greg.
      St Louis and it’s fans are NOT the end all and be all of fandom.

      • david says:

        But they (StL) play the right way, intelligent with heart and passion. Their fans are the best in baseball and StL is the best baseball city in the country.

        StL deserves a mention in any baseball post…..

        • Fred Flintstone says:

          Yeah, you bet.

          Who were those red clad fans then, leaving Busch Stadium in droves last June, when the Royals were sweeping their team off the field?

          Let’s see how they’d react to 25+ years of no playoffs. I can tell you how they’d react, the same way they reacted when the football Cardinals left town because STL didn’t support them. St Louis is no different than any other city….they support their teams that win, and don’t show up for those that lose.

          Best fans in baseball my ass.

          • david says:

            Fred, you need to turn your sarcasm detector on…

          • randyraley says:

            Not to start a fight, but you’re wrong.

            From 1969-1982, the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs and, in fact, sucked. I believe that’s 13 years and in 12 of those years the attendance at Busch Stadium was at least 10% higher than the average in baseball.
            Only one year (1978) the attendance was lower.
            From 1988 to 1996, The Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs. During that time, attendance was 15% above the national average.

            In 1999, the Cardinals finished 22.5 games out of first place and drew over 3.1 million.
            The Cardinals have drawn over 3 million fans every year but once since 1998.
            Not bad for a city that’s market 22.

            The football team was horse shit and led by an inept owner who wanted his own stadium and when the taxpayers didn’t give it to him, he took off.

            Hate on the Cardinals all you want (it seems to give you great pleasure)…but you’re wrong.

            • Fred Flintstone says:

              You’ll let me know if and when that 13 years turns into 28 years won’t you?

              “The football team was horse shit…” Thanks for making my point. The Royals have been horse shit, but the baseball Cardinals have never been horse shit, therefore attendance SHOULD have stayed strong all those years. And cry about Bill Bidwell all you want, many owners in many city’s have threatened to bail out, no sympathy from me for that.

              To compare the Cardinal’s year(s) of “suck” to what the Royals years of “suck” is crazy, on a different level. Without looking, I’d guess the Cardinal’s (even in their suckiest of years) never lost 100 games? Put several back to back 100 loss seasons on the Cardinal fans and let me know how attendance is then……

              And no, I don’t want a fight either, but let’s do compare apples to apples.

  2. FJH says:

    It’s August 12th, it was 65 degrees this morning and the Royals are in 1st place. Am I dreaming?

  3. Dan says:

    At game’s end … I hadn’t felt that way during the regular season since George Brett got that hit to put his average over .400. George at second base holding his hands in the air is a lasting memory and I hope the Dyson flip has as lasting of a legacy.

    • Tigerpiper says:

      I feel the same way about Fountain Mom. http://deadspin.com/royals-fountain-lady-had-a-hell-of-a-night-1041702657

      Propositioning the arresting officer, and her quote the next day were the best: something like “What were you thinking?” “Whaddya mean what was I thinking? I was drunk!”

  4. Phaedrus says:

    I don’t understand Rany’s tweet. How did the Royals qualify for the playoffs in 1985 if they haven’t been in 1st place after 70 games since 1980?

    I get that he’s a baseball “expert”, but that makes no sense to me.

    • Jim says:

      It’s just a stupid stat. Obviously, the Royals were in 1st place after 162 games. Rany was saying that they hadn’t been in 1st place from game 70 to game 155, or so. It wasn’t until the last few games of 1985 that they were in first place. Agreed, it’s a stupid stat.

    • chuckart says:

      I think that tweet may have been from before the All Star break when the Royals went into first. Saying that it was the first time the Royals were in 1st after exactly 70 games since 80. I can’t find that tweet on his timeline from yesterday at all.

      • Phaedrus says:

        So is it safe to say that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that the Royals have been in first place on August 11th after 117 games while also having 3 players that have stolen at least 15 bases, 4 players that have hit at least 10 home runs, and a left fielder named Gordon?


        I know GH loves it, but it seems that Twitter is just a place for guys to post stupid stats that have no meaning whatsoever.

        • Kyle R says:

          If you still don’t get Twitter, 6 years in, I guess you never will but, to sum it up: Twitter is fantastic because you can get news & perspectives about just about any subject you care about, in a short timespan. And for sports, it makes watching them live even better because the experts and beat writers supplement what the broadcast team is telling you with good info.

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          There’s a lot of good information on Twitter. There are also a lot of dorks like Greg and Kyle R there, too. So, be careful who you follow.

  5. nick says:

    The Royals aren’t the cute underdogs anymore.

    With Detroit’s pitching staff crumbling, the Royals schedule lightening up, the Royals’ pitching staff (starters and closers alike) pitching better than any team in baseball, a great defense, offense contributions from all, and with many bounces finally going their way, I now EXPECT the Royals to make the playoffs.

    Taking all the circumstances right now into account, simply competing the rest of the season won’t be good enough. IT’S PLAYOFFS OR BIG-TIME, KICK-TO-THE-GUT BUST.

  6. Kyle says:

    Dead on about William’s golf analysis. One of the funniest moments in history, period! He will be missed.

  7. Kyle R says:

    Wait, when did Sung Woo Lee go to Billy Butler’s house??

  8. randyraley says:

    I lost my crazy uncle yesterday. I will certainly miss him.
    He’s been in my life since he first appeared as an alien many years ago.
    Since then, he’s been Popeye, the guy who defected in Moscow on the Hudson, my doppleganger in Good Morning Vietnam, he’s made me cry in What Dreams May Come (released shortly after my brother died), he’s thrilled me with roles in The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, Awakenings, etc and then to find out he ended his own life.
    So sad.
    I got to spend a magical afternoon with him eating Winsteads before a show he did at Starlight in 1982 that was a such a manic rush, it’s hard to describe.
    My 25 year old daughter called me from LA last night in tears over what happened to her genie. “Dad, the only place I’d like to be is with you watching his movies…”
    Be all accounts, one of the most humble, decent and caring guys…
    I felt like I knew him for some reason. But apparently he didn’t even know himself.
    Social media was a drag and I needed some relief, so I turned on the Royals game and for a short time, baseball provided the mindless entertainment I had been searching for.
    I got caught up in every pitch, every ground ball. While the night began with major suckage, it ended with me smiling about baseball. These guys are on a tear. It all felt great after the day I had.
    And that’s what sports can do.
    Since I first moved here in 1979, I’ve had a certain fondness for the Royals (even though I’m a fourth generation Cardinal fan), I’m glad I’m here now to watch the last six weeks of the season.
    Go Royals!!

  9. Danimal says:

    So Verlander has the worst start of his career and will now have an MRI to see if his shoulder has blown up. Yet he still goes home to Kate Upton. #stillwinning

  10. KSbugeater says:

    The Gates at 435/State Line was showing NFL Network (a rerun of Browns/Lions) from 7-7:30 when we were there last night (Tuesday). Granted, they were busy and had also run out of cups and napkins in the dining room, so it could be no one had time to change the channel.

  11. Herb says:

    There is NO WAY the Royals would EVER put up a statue of SungWoo…because the Glasses are Asses.

    Also, Greg I remember when you questioned why John Ritter’s death was such a big deal. Granted, there’s no comparison between Robin Williams and Ritter, but….you have to remember people have fond memories of the actors they grew up watching. For example, how torn up were you when Corey Monteith bit it?

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