OTC: Royals GM – “We are who we are. We’re going to have to win with this group.” Be Royal? / KSU Releases Romero, But Too Late To Recover Rep

“Five singles, no walks, 11 strikeouts. It’s amazing they even scored zero tonight…”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, on the Royals line score for their 3-0 loss to the Astros Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: Here we are again – late May and the Royals season is teetering on the brink of inconsequence for the summer months. Will a 15-5 streak through late May through mid-June save them like it did last year? Or is this the season that we remember as the last of the Dayton Moore/Ned Yost era?

“Sporting attendance: 19,221 Royals attendance: 17,862 Mr. Glass, you’re losing more than baseball games.”
Craig Brown, @royalsauthority, on the attendance at the two Kansas City venues Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: I would not have thought this possible back in 1996 when the Wizards first arrived at gloomy Arrowhead. David Glass must be either the most patient MLB owner or one of the most casual.

“Yost, who previously managed the Brewers and took over the Royals 36 games into the 2010 season, owns the third-lowest career winning percentage (.472) among managers with a minimum of 1,500 career games, according to STATS LLC.”
Ken Rosenthal, MLB writer, FoxSports.com
GH: But our man Nedley has never been wrong…

“What if the Royals do not snap out of it? What if they go bust with a club-record $92 million payroll? What if it turns out that (Dayton) Moore misjudged his talent, misjudged his manager, misjudged everything? I’m not saying he has — not yet. But if I were running a team and facing those questions, I’m not sure I could wait much longer for things to turn around.”
Ken Rosenthal, MLB writer, FoxSports.com
GH: I still hear and read from those who believe these Royals will again flip the switch and make a second-half run at a wild-card spot. That may happen. The much more likely scenario though is that it will not – and these Royals will be what they have been through the first 52 games – maybe the biggest disappointing squad in two decades.

“If not the manager, then some of the players have got to go.”
Soren Petro, who favors getting rid of Butler, Hosmer or Gordon to break up what he calls a “comfortable clique” in the Royals’ clubhouse, 810 AM

“We believe in the talent. We believe in this group of players.”
Dayton Moore, MLB Network GH: Moore doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to who the Royals play. Read on.

“This group of players – we are who we are. We’re going to have to win with this group and we’re going to continue to believe in them.”
Dayton Moore, MLB Network GH: Would you want your job riding on having to win with this group of players? That is exactly where Moore and Yost sit. I don’t think either gets another chance to start over here with the Royals. Just like last season, everything rides on the months of June and July for these two.

“A little nubber…”
Denny Matthews, calling a ground-ball out off of Billy Butler’s bat in the first inning Wednesday against the Astros, Royals Radio
GH: Butler looked like he was maybe coming out of his funk last weekend with some hard-hit liners. But he’s still hitting .240 with one homer.

“I do think losing Seitzer was the biggest mistake Yost has made here.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Yost’s biggest mistake has been not understanding how to use the media to his and his team’s advantage. While Yost can only do so much for his team’s play, he can do everything about how he and his franchise is perceived by the fans. And Yost’s surly demeanor makes his club very, very easy to critique or ignore.

“I hate to be Debbie Downer but it’s a delaying of the inevitable at this point. … The greatest predictor of injuries is previous injuries.”
Jeff Passan, of Yahoo Sports, on the medical report that Yordano Ventura ‘s MRI was negative, 610 AM

“I don’t think there’s any injury. Sometimes these young guys get confused and not know what the manager’s asking them. There is a language barrier.”
Kevin Kietzman, who must have slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night, 810 AM

“He told me, ‘I was nervous about the Royals. That’s a good hitting team! They’re aggressive, they find lanes, they hit, they run. I was not comfortable. I thought they were going to get back in that game (Monday) night.’ So there’s a veteran opposing pitcher having respect for the Royals’ offense. … I went into the (Astros’) locker room this morning and I said, ‘Scott, do you mind if I share that story with the fans out there? Because there’s a lot of fans thinking the Royals offense, you know, is not what it should be. What do you think?’ And he said, ‘No problem, Hud. Tell them this is a big-league offense here. … At any minute they could explode.’ I thought that was impressive.”
Rex Hudler, Royals TV color analyst, referencing a conversation he had with the Astros’ starter Scott Feldman when he ran into him on the Plaza Wednesday, Fox Sports KC
GH: Hudler decided to recite this story in the late innings last night as the Royals were about to lose at home for the second night in a row to the lowly Astros. The Royals gathered five worthless singles and nary a walk to lose 3-0. Read on for Ryan Lefebvre’s response to Hudler’s positive spin on the toothless Royals…

“One and two on Dominguez.”
Ryan Lefebvre, Royals TV play-by-play voice, after allowing several seconds of dead air to hang in silence after Hudler’s story about Feldman, Fox Sports KC

“The Astros looking for their first sweep of the year!”
Steve Physioc, as the Astros led the Royals 5-0 in the third inning at The K Wednesday afternoon, Royals Radio

“Ever seen improv comedy where the performers start down an odd path and keep going … and going … and nobody’s laughing? The audience is uncomfortable and eventually really confused, thinking, “What on earth are they doing? That is the position Kansas State is in now in regard to the Leticia Romero transfer saga. If anyone was looking for a textbook case on how not to handle a coaching transition and launch a new era for a program, look no further. Kansas State has provided it. I have seen and reported on some strange happenings in women’s college basketball over the years. This Romero/Kansas State dispute joins a short list of the most confounding.”
Michelle Voepel, columnist, prior to KSU announcing that they have released Leticia Romero to transfer to other DI schools outside the Big 12, ESPN.com

“Well, K-State is showing why they are the classless little brother to KU and Mizzou. Little Rotten Apple.”
Wright Thompson, @wrightthompson, Twitter

“We appreciate the support of K-State fans during this time and wish Leticia all the best in her future pursuits,”
John Currie, KSU press release
GH: Whether you were backing K-State in this bizarre hostage situation or in favor of Romero being freed, you have to admit this was an absolute face-plant for Kansas State University’s public image. Nothing good happened here for K-State. It was all bad. And in the end they look like they were either lying or ridiculously incompetent. KSU alums should be pounding Currie about how to avoid this kind of publicity in the future.

“Surprising K-State could grant a release, given final and binding decision, and lack of process. Or, that was all BS.”
Jay Bilas, @JayBilas, Twitter GH: Is it just me or do our three big-time local universities have more than their share of jackals making the decisions at these schools?

“Congratulations to St. Louis, the St. Louis Sports Commission and the great basketball fans in the city and our state for earning the right to host the 2018 Southeastern Conference Basketball Tournament. It’s an honor to have the SEC Tournament hosted in our state’s footprint for the first time and I know fans from throughout our league will be treated to a first-class experience and a great week of college basketball.”
Kim Anderson, MU head basketball coach, MU press release
GH: St. Louis getting the SEC hoops tourney might be a great thing for Kansas City. With the SEC showing a willingness to venture into Missouri with their post-season basketball tourney, this might scare the Big 12 into never allowing a year where Sprint Center is available that week in March.

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45 Responses to OTC: Royals GM – “We are who we are. We’re going to have to win with this group.” Be Royal? / KSU Releases Romero, But Too Late To Recover Rep

  1. Joe Blow says:

    “Sporting attendance: 19,221 Royals attendance: 17,862 Mr. Glass, you’re losing more than baseball games.”
    Craig Brown, @royalsauthority, on the attendance at the two Kansas City venues Tuesday night, Twitter

    Sporting KC Home Games: 20
    Royals Home Games: 81

    Apples and Oranges, Craig.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      Sporting Park seating capacity: 18,467
      Kauffman Stadium seating capacity: 37,903

      Apples and oranges indeed, Joe Blow.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Right — do you not understand the difference?

        • TangoAlphaLima says:

          I understand that for one club, demand is exceeding supply, while for the other one, demand is not even half of supply.

          • Joe Blow says:

            If Sporting KC played 81 games a year, 3-6-9 at a time, there’s no way they’re going to be over capacity for every game. The Royals, in a non-dominant season, are drawing almost as much per game anyway..

            • Phaedrus says:

              Perhaps you should compare MLS vs MLB attendance in other cities that have teams in both leagues.

              That would give you an apples vs. apples comparison.

              • Joe Blow says:

                But Per Game attendance is stupid — the NFL will always win because teams only have 8 home games. Some MLS teams will look good because they only have around 20 home games.

                I mean, some college football stadiums are 100K+, so I guess that wins?

                • Joe Blow says:

                  Also, according to Wikipedia (caveats included) the Royals still outdraw Sporting KC on a per game basis.


                  • Phaedrus says:

                    Good God, do I have to spell it out? If the average city’s baseball team (say Houston) is drawing 2x the number of fans that its soccer team is drawing, and KC’s baseball team is only drawing 1.1x the number of fans that its soccer team is drawing, then you can probably conclude that Craig’s point is valid (i.e. the Royals are “losing”).

                    If the Royals are drawing 1.5x Sporting, and if that’s what the average MLB team outdraws its MLS competitor, then Craig’s point is baloney.

            • TangoAlphaLima says:

              And the MLS has been around for a fraction of the time that MLB has been around. Soccer does not hold a revered place in America’s sports history and tradition.

              You’re right, it’s an apples and oranges comparison, but not in a way that is favorable to the Royals.

              • Joe Blow says:

                Just wait a couple of years until it’s not the hip thing to do anymore and see how the attendance is.

                • TangoAlphaLima says:

                  FYI, the same could be said about the Royals.

                • John Giardino says:

                  Based on changing demographics, winning culture, and an appeal to youth, I think Sporting’s popularity is here to stay. I say this as a baseball fan…

                  • Kyle says:

                    It’s only here to stay as long as they keep winning. For everything SKC does right, and they do a lot, the only thing that matters is winning. If they drop to an average team, the attendance will as well.

                    • Kyle R says:

                      Maybe…but they’ve already got the cushion of a season ticket waiting list, something the Chiefs can remember and the Royals can only dream of in their wildest Walmart dreams. Plus, the MLS is set up to let teams keep their best players unless a European league team comes calling.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    8 years into The Process and we’ve got Pedro Ciriaco, Brett Hayes, Nori Aoki, and Jarrod Dyson starting for us. Is it just me, or is this lineup eerily similar to all the putrid lineups of 2000 – 2010?

    Nice to see the Astros’ top prospect hit another home run today (and draw 2 walks). That’s 2 homers for him in the last 3 games. I thought players weren’t allowed to hit home runs at the K.

    Good thing Dayton’s specialty is drafting and developing players…

  3. Rick in PV says:

    I favored the Wil Meyers for James Shields trade when it happened, reasoning that we desperately needed pitching, and you can’t get something for nothing. But I am beginning to doubt it. Perhaps we should have signed a free-agent pitcher instead.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      Yes. James Shields is not free, he cost us $22.5 million over the two years he’ll be with the club. A good young player like Wil Myers under club control at minimal cost + a free agent starting pitcher for the same cost would have been a much smarter choice. But GMDM had to win now to save his job, except he hasn’t.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Wil Myers:

        51 216 194 25 44 10 0 4 23 21 51 .227 .301 .340 .641 82 66 5 0 0 1 1

        He would certainly be helping the Royals continue their current streak..

        • TangoAlphaLima says:

          A poor batting average and slugging percentage, but his BB% is up and his K% is down from last year, when he was a 2.4 WAR player. He’s still projected for 1.8/1.9 WAR this season by ZiPS/Steamer. And the Rays still have control over him for 5 more seasons after this one! The Royals will likely let Shields walk after this season, and all they’ll have from the trade is an expensive setup man in Wade Davis. Do I even need to mention that Odorizzi has been solid in the majors this season, or that the Rays have been on the verge of calling up Mike Montgomery(!), who has been transformed from the pumpkin the Royals turned him into?

          I should move to Tampa, this is just depressing.

          • Joe Blow says:

            What? Jake Odorizzi sucks, too.

            2014 24 TBR AL 2 4 .333 4.56 10 10 0 0 0 0 49.1 50 25 25 4 24 0 57 1 0 0 219 85 3.32 1.500 9.1 0.7 4.4 10.4 2.38

            • TangoAlphaLima says:

              Not a big fan of advanced statistics, are we?

              Odorizzi currently has a 0.9 WAR with a 3.71 xFIP. In comparison, Shields has a 1.5 WAR with 3.42 xFIP. If Odorizzi “sucks”, then what does that make Shields? Below average?

              • Joe Blow says:

                Replacement pitchers must really suck…that’s ridiculous they’re so close.

              • Stringer Pete says:

                Driving around Tampa a last week ago I noticed a kid in his front yard wearing a “Myers” #9 Rays shirt. I like Shields and Davis but think we will long regret this desperation swap.

  4. Mike says:

    God dammit.
    GOD DAMMIT. What the hell is wrong with Hudler’s head? He can’t be that dense. The Royals haven’t proven shit offensively, but HE STILL ASKS FELDMAN if he can relay that effusively positive compliment about the Royals’ offense?
    I find it annoying that, as a former player, Hudler doesn’t know the player code when discussing opponents. Every Chiefs opponent in that sack-of-shit Scott Pioli 2012 season knew the Chiefs were awful to the core (and corner office), but all of those opponents damn near tripped over their own dick to talk positively in complimenting that Chiefs team.

    Also, I would really like to see the Sprint Center do the double: Mo Valley tourney one week, the right into the Big 12 tournament. That would absolutely go gangbusters in the area.
    Also, re: the Big 12 considering same-site for men and women- I can’t see it fully, but they could do it on a limited level. Bring the women’s tourney to Municipal, but move the women’s semi’s to Sprint on the same day as the men’s opening round; that way, there would be two sessions, comprised of both men’s and women’s teams, but likely pitting the best women’s teams against each other on a day where the men’s matchups are bleh. It would add some energy to the place. Also, if the conference would put in an off day for the women, they could put the women’s title game on the same day as the men’s semis…just make the women’s final late afternoon, and the men’s semis a 6 and 830 start. Win-win for all.

    • John Giardino says:

      It’s a typical compliment KC sports teams receive from teams kicking their butts: “They are actually a good team. They are a sleeping giant. They are better then their record…” B.S.

    • keitzman wants an intern says:

      They could move the Womens tourney to a local grade school with 150 seats in the gym. Why the hell would we want a 10% full Sprint Center open for womens hoops?

  5. Kyle R says:

    Not apples & oranges at all. One is a team that couldn’t have dreamed of attendance like that 10 years and the other is the team continuing to flounder in performance/attendance both. SKC got that attendance even with their two best players not even in attendance. How bad would the Royals attendance be if Salvy and Gordon weren’t in the lineup?

    Also, on the KSU thing, there’s no excuse for how they handled it. It’ll fly under the radar because it’s women’s basketball at KU, but yesterday, KU let their “prize” twin recruits transfer to the school of their choice with zero drama, at least publicly. A stark contrast: http://www2.kusports.com/news/2014/may/27/gonzalez-twins-leave-ku-womens-basketball-team/?c=2421420

  6. nick says:

    I just heard Steve Physioc say, after the Royals scored their first run of the day, “back to back doubles by Esky and Hosmer”.

    When a team is on the verge of getting swept at home by the Astros and falling 4 games under .500, listeners NEVER want to hear their announcer use those stupid, cute manager nicknames.

  7. Herb says:

    Greg – what’s the difference between patient and casual?

    • Greg Hall says:

      Patient has a bit more invested in the process than casual. The patient person still expects a particular desired outcome. The casual person doesn’t care.

  8. Mr Brown says:

    The K-State situation essentially boils down to the ex-coach who frankly burned every bridge she could on her way out the door. There’s rumors that she and her assistants they were literally destroying files in the office. Feel bad for the kid who got caught in the middle.
    Couple things :
    1. K-State let Sams transfer
    2. Same with Angel Rodriguez
    Those were two pretty high profile athletes (at least in comparison to a women’s basketball player)…

    You’ve got an AD in Currie who frankly has done everything right in terms of success on the field and in raising money and is on the fast track to a big time job.. I don’t see him putting his ambition to the side for a women’s basketball player unless there’s somethign going on behind the scenes. I think time might reveal something but then I could be wrong

    And as for the KU women’s basketball players, I think the only reason they’re leaving is so that Weiss can bring them in as a transfer QB

    • BlackJack says:

      1. K-State let Sams transfer
      2. Same with Angel Rodriguez

      Um, you are actually aware that K-State gave Sams limited options of where he could transfer – basically, no BCS school. Also, I’m sure you are aware that Rodriguez wanted to transfer when Frank Martin left, but KSU made him tough it out with Bruce Weber for one year.

      • yuri says:

        I keep hearing this from KU fan as ‘public knowledge’. Any credible sources on this, or is it up there with “Point Guard exposes himself in dormitory elevator” as an urban legend?

  9. JP says:

    We have been reduced to getting compliments on our bats from the freaking Houston Astros. Unbelievable. This season is another lost Royals season, thanks to Moore and Yost and the Glass boys. Changes need to be made soon. Start with Ned, hire an interim or pay the best FA manager out there.

    Second, I was a Rex Hudler fan. However, he is stoned if he thinks this will sell tickets. The fans know this team could get shutout by a little leaguer. I am done with the 2014 Royals. Until something gets done (Start with giving Ned his walking papers), this team isn’t winning any championships and the post season drought hits Year #30.

  10. Zard says:

    “We are who we are.” WHOSE FAULT IS THAT DAYTON?????? What an asshat this guy is, hasn’t drafted a decent hitter in eight years. And we are going to give him three more drafts? He has failed miserably. Fire him now please he is totally clueless.

    Sporting blah blah blah soccer SUCKS, especially minor league soccer. Nobody cares and it is an instant channel changer when they start talking about it. I mean really who was the last caller to call in and talk about Sporting? Never happens.

    • BlackJack says:

      Are you kidding me? Everyone on this blog comments about soccer. Constantly. But you notice nobody ever comments about NASCAR, or golf, or hockey right?

      Face it Zard – this is a soccer town, get used to it.

  11. geoknows says:

    “Comfortable cliche” in the Royals locker room? What does that mean?

    • KV says:

      Something like this probably….http://www.hardballtimes.com/learning-the-language-of-the-clubhouse/

      With some exceptions, what a collection of shitbirds. And this was when that yokel Frenchy was still around. 17 of next 21 vs. Jays, Cardinals, Yankees, Indians, and Tigers. It’s about to get Gus Fring/Victor-style sloppy.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      I suspect Petro said “clique” and Greg didn’t know how to spell it.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I don’t even have a good excuse for that typo. Got it fixed.

  12. keitzman wants an intern says:

    God damn another down year for the boys in blue. I hope the Shields trade costs Dayton and Yost their goddamn jobs.
    No other team has had the #1 minor league system in the last 15 years and not made the playoffs in the subsequent years. NONE! We are freaking trendsetters!

    I would hire the Oakland A’s top guy who develops minor league talent and have him oversee the development of our players in the minors. I am not an A’s fan but those small market bastards go to the playoffs, develop a lot of pitching, and they have the opposite hitting approach to the Royals. They work the count, and take a shitload of pitches. They take walks and hit with more power than our punch less Royals.
    The small market A’s and Twins ( much of the time)and the cross state St. Louis Cardinals are the models to emulate. The Cards don’t spend much more than the Royals.This year the difference is $15 million!!!!!!
    What the F can we do to get a winner in this sports forsaken city?????????

  13. Rosco says:

    As a K-State fan, I do not understand the the women’s BB transfer situation. Or for that matter, women’s BB in general.. As Hillary said, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!

    However, I will take our jackal AD and his fiscal, athletic, and scholarly successes over that of our other local institutions. And especially over the clown act up in Lincoln with your beloved Huskers. .

    • b12 says:

      @Rosco. By “clown act”, I guess you mean Pelini,…because the AD, Eichorst, isn’t heard from much, if at all. Greg’s pretty good about calling everyone out, including Nebraska.

      You’re right, it’s just women’s BB…so why did your “jackal AD” throw such a hissy fit about letting a player transfer?

      By and large, I’ve been pretty impressed with Currie. Hopefully this is a one off situation, because it looks pretty petty on KSUs part.

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