OTC: Royals Go From Dead To Dreamy / Denny Matthews Continues To Be Awful In October

“They were down 7-3 in the eighth inning with John Lester on the mound against them.” Ernie Johnson, play-by-play voice for ALDS, reminding the ALDS audience just how close the Royals were to not winning a game in the 2014 MLB postseason, TBS
GH: It now seems like a season ago that Ned Yost yanked James Shields and inserted a spent Yordano Ventura to face the A’s. The camera shots of the Royals dugout showed some frustrated players who knew their playoff run appeared to be over after one game. And then everything changed. I mean everything. Kansas City itself thrust out its collective chest and beat back the A’s, then swept the best team in baseball and now sits a series win over Baltimore away from the World Series. This fairytale just gets better each night. It’s so good no one is sleeping.

“The #Royals have won 4 postseason games in a row against two teams with a combined +300 run differential. Stop and think about that.”
Daniel Wesley, @DanielSWesley, Twitter

“I heard for 16 years that if the Royals start winning again you won’t believe how they will get behind this team. I could never have imagined this.”
Ryan Lefebvre, on the noise and excitement permeating The K Sunday night, Fox Sports KC
GH: Fans at The K stood for most of the game – like it was a K-State/Nebraska football game. The K was you go to read a book on pleasant summer night and maybe have a hot dog and watch the condiments race. Relish this, baby!

“The Wild Card game was an incredible game – a better game than tonight. But this celebration tonight? I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Jeff Montgomery, Fox Sports KC

“This is a special time in this city right now and they are enjoying this as much as we are.” James Shields, 980 AM
GH: You can’t walk down a street in St. Louis and not spot somebody wearing Cardinals gear even in February. Kansas City has not been like that since I had hair. Well, I’m still bald but Royals gear is flying off of local retailers’ shelves. I just sent two new postseason shirts to my son at Mizzou to combat the Cardinals clan that populates much of that campus. I urge all Royals families with kids in college to do the same. Let’s turn good old State U. blue.

“Let’s go Royals chant just broke out at the Pike Market in Seattle.”
Steve James, @spjames88, in a tweet from Seattle, Twitter
GH: How great is this? Seattle probably hates the Angels more than they like KC but we have become the nation’s team overnight.

“That was hands down the best sports moment of my life.”
David Lesky, @DBLesky, Royals writer for pinetarpress.com, Twitter

“I do not believe that it is purely coincidence that in the same season we stop playing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ we advance to the ALCS.”
Clint Razor, @strofaninKC, Twitter

“Right now anything and everything is possible.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“You know I speak in hyperbole and I tend to blow things out of proportion at times but something specials going on here.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“Seeing players celebrate with fans shows that they understand how long this fan base has waited for this.”
Lee Warren,@OmahaBaseball, Omaha Storm Chasers writer for SBNation.com, as photos of the Royals players slapping hands with the crowd while making a victory lap around The K hit the Internet, Twitter
GH: Johnny Giavotella and some of the Royals players tweeted out after the game that they wanted fans to join them at McFadden’s in the P&L to celebrate. And they did! Eric Hosmer even paid for an open bar for the house for an hour. A few months ago Hosmer and Dyson were acting like spoiled kids about getting shut out of a PPV fight at the 810 Zone. Moose was refusing to answer postgame questions from the media. They were as unlikeable a bunch as I can remember. Now? All is forgiven, forgotten and the players have embraced the media, the fans and the moment.

“Butler legging out run 3 in the first and his steal of second were glorious. I was losing my mind.”
Aaron Boyd, @fakecyrilfiggis, Twitter
GH: You want to ignite 40K fans? Have Billy Butler steal second. Maybe the greatest thing to happen all night. Read on.

“If you’re looking for a sign, there it is.”
Ryan Lefebvre, after Billy Butler stole second base, Royals Radio

“It surprised everyone! It surprised me. It surprised the crowd. It definitely surprised our dugout! And I was happy to see him get there.”
Jarrod Dyson, on Butler’s steal, Fox Sports KC

“It’s what speed do.”
Rusty Kuntz, Royals first-base coach, when asked by Alex Gordon after the game how Billy Butler stole second base, Fox Sports KC

“Rusty looked over at me (on first) and said, ‘He’s really slow to the plate. Do you think you can get him?’ I said, ‘Oh, yeah.”
Billy Butler, on discussing his steal with the Royals first-base coach, 810 AM

“Sure as hell, I will sit straight up from a deep sleep in the middle of this night and say…..Billy stole a base?”
Mike McCartney, @mikemccartneykc, Kauffman Stadium’s PS announcer, Twitter

“This is a different group than I saw during the regular season – in terms of their focus, their fire and their determination.”
Ned Yost, 810 AM

“I would say that but I’m trying to catch everything out there.”
Lorenzo Cain, when asked if he knew he had that catch all the way, 610 AM
GH: Lorenzo’s back-to-back diving and sliding catches prompted this gem from Ernie Johnson, “They’re raising Cain here in Kansas City!”

“This is who I long believed Eric Hosmer would be.”
Peter Gammons, Twitter

“(Hosmer) is locked in right now. So look out Baltimore Orioles.’
Jeff Montgomery, Fox Sports KC

“Those home runs (by Hosmer and Moustakas)? They changed their career. They changed their whole career! Without a doubt, it’s career changing.”
Rex Hudler, Fox Sports KC GH: They say the postseason is what makes a ball player’s reputation. Right now, we have some hella good reps being forged here in KC.

“I had to listen in the car some tonight. Denny made it feel and sound like a mid June game.”
Matthew Neal, @neally151, Twitter

“Denny’s clinching call was terrible. Like he’d rather be anywhere else.”
Alex Parker, @AlexParker, Twitter

“Stuck in the car listening to the first inning. Have defended Denny, but that was brutal. It’s time for him to go.”
Brad Veal, @huskerfloyd, Twitter
GH: I have a friend who moved out of town and bought a big house but never furnished it when his marriage broke up before his wife joined him. He didn’t even buy a TV. He listens to his radio and reads to pass the evenings. He tuned in Denny last night and sent me a text; “Denny made Hosmer’s base-clearing triple sound like he walked.” What the hell is going on with Matthews? It is almost as if he is aware of the criticism of his passive work and he is determined to be more blasé each game. It has become more than a joke. He needs to have his ass kicked sideways by his boss or he needs to retire today.

“Sounds like he’s calling play by play if a congressional hearing.”
Nick Vlahos, @VlahosNick, Peoria Journal Star reporter-editor, Twitter

“Jim Rome has been playing Denny Matthews calls for the last week and killing him. Good to see him get national pub.”
Brad Rudler, @penguin718, Twitter
GH: I am glad someone nationally is building a campaign against Denny’s ridiculous work. How about locally? Crickets. Neither sports talk radio station has shown any interest in ripping the Royals iconic play-by-play voice. Why does the media treat their own with such reverence? Raul Ibanez sure doesn’t garner that treatment just because he’s old.

“Jon Sciambi with the call on ESPN (Radio).”
E.J. Becker, morning host, after replaying the ESPN Radio call of Alex Gordon’s base-clearing triple off the wall in the first inning, 980 AM
GH: 980 is a sister station to 610 Sports and has the rights to play all of the Royals Radio clips on their air. They chose to not play Denny Matthews’ replay of Gordon’s big hit and instead played the ESPN Radio sound of Sciambi. That should tell us everything about what Entercom really thinks of Matthews work. It stinks.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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63 Responses to OTC: Royals Go From Dead To Dreamy / Denny Matthews Continues To Be Awful In October

  1. Bill says:

    Agreed, Time to put Denny out to pasture. He doesn’t need to be Bob Davis, but good God man the Royals are in the playoffs.

    When Alex hit that double that he turned into a triple last night everyone in that stadium, including the Angels fan behind me, knew it was over. Freaking pandemonium. People high-fiving each other, screaming, hugging, and it was still the first inning. But, we all knew we weren’t losing after that. Then Hos goes deep and the real icing on the cake was Billy swiping second. At that point it was like a big fat cherry on top of the sundae. Just utter shock and awe and then euphoria. After that was a Moose dong, LoCain going LoCain not once but twice, Herrera hurling 101, Omar barehanding shit just because and Holly being Holly.

    Best part before the game was getting my oldest to meet and get his picture with Monty and then Sabes. Just amazing explaining to him who they were and how important they were to Royals history. He’s only 8, so he doesn’t really get the whole futility thing, but I think he is a Royals fan for life after last night.

  2. Hot Carl says:

    I was pissed at Ned most of the year and especially during the Wild Card game but I have to say that he’s done a fine job in the last 3 games. I pray that he continues to not f*ck up a good thing.

    • Herb says:

      As long as they can continue to have the lead in games, things will be fine. As soon as they fall behind, Ned will shit bricks and do dumb things again. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that!

  3. Kyle says:

    Reminder for those of you stuck in your car during the games: 810 has the national ESPN broadcast, so you don’t have to listen to Denny. I will listen to 610 when Ryan is at the mike and turn it over when Denny comes back on. 28 years futility has beaten the heart and soul out of the man evidently. He was not like this back in the 80’s.

    • harwood benjamin says:

      He was exactly this boring in the 80s. Can’t blame it on his age or the royals’ drought. He thinks getting excited js undignified.

  4. Alphonse Tooty says:

    I’ve been defending Denny, but I was driving home during the first inning so had to listen on the radio. The crowd completely drowned Denny out because he didn’t raise his voice. I looked at my wife and said, “we just scored some runs but I have no idea what happened.” I don’t need Gus Johnson but Denny’s call last night was pretty sad.

    • mike t. says:

      yep. I was listening and missed the walk. you just could just barely hear him. didn’t raise his voice one bit. really sad for “the voice of the royals.”

    • Steve says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. I’ve defended Denny forever but the call on the Gordon triple was bad. You’re absolutely right, you could barely hear him over the crowd. If the crowd is going bonkers I’d like to know why.

      • Doug Tucker says:

        It may be a small point, guys – OK, a tiny point – but Gordon’s hit was not a triple. The official scorer, David Boyce, ruled it a double with Gordon advancing to third on the throw home.

  5. sporty says:

    Last night at the K was so awesome. Hugging and high-fiving perfect strangers has never been more fun! Can’t wait to do it again next Tuesday at the K!

  6. mike t. says:

    I’ve been giving denny the benefit of the doubt. trying to not bag on him, reading the criticisms here and not completely buying in, but last night was the last straw. we have a chance to sweep the angels, win 4 postseason games in a row and advance to the alcs. trout goes deep on shields, and ‘uh oh’ is this it? hell no! but like GH said, denny calls the bottom of the first like it was a game in june. pathetic. didn’t even raise his voice on butler running for home; “… and butler will try to score… and does.”

  7. randyraley says:

    I won’t say that I told you so in September, so I won’t. :)
    This is the team I saw beat the Cardinals earlier this year.
    What fun!

  8. Java Man says:

    I see you’ve moved on from “Fire Ned” to “Retire Denny.”. Keep wetting your finger and sticking it in the air, Greg.

  9. Gassedup says:

    How much ego will we have to endure now that Moose hit a couple of homeruns from the 9 hole? Dude had a chip on his shoulder with the media when he was batting .195 what’s it going to look like now?

  10. nick says:

    Jim Rome’s mocking of Matthew’s end-of-game call is really funny. But sad.

    The call of Gordon’s base-clearing hit was equally embarrassing:

    “Breaking ball is hit into left center field (you can hear the crowd erupt, nearly drowning out Denny), well hit, Trout on the run…and it’s gonna be up against the fence….(the crowd sounding louder)…Aoki scores, Cain scores…Butler’s gonna try to score, and he does.” (as Butler scores, the crowd seemingly makes its loudest eruption of the play).

    I heard it live, and had to wait a few seconds before leaping to my feet. It was all monotone. It didn’t SOUND like a big play, other than the crowd going nuts-crazy. I wanted to make sure that we had in fact scored 3 runs, and the Billy had made it from 1st to home.

    These playoffs remind me how GREAT the game of baseball is. Nothing like it. And total credit and props to the players for how they’ve stepped it up. Feels great to be a Royals fan.

  11. Tim says:

    That comment about the “Lets Go Royals” chant in Seattle struck a nerve with me. Because when it happened live, and everytime since I’ve seen the replay of Ken Griffey Jr. rounding third and scoring that winning run against the Yankees and that Kingdome crowd going wild in the 1995 playoffs, I just tear up.

  12. The Word says:

    Just throwing it out there, but does anyone else find it interesting that for the last two and a half months there has been ZERO buzz or talk about Sporting Kansas City?

    It’s like they fell off the face of the Earth.

    Kind of justifies the soccer hater’s claims that this city really isn’t as soccer crazy as last year made it out to be. Fans just wanted to follow a winner, any winner. And a winner with a brand new stadium in a family friendly area of town was a plus.
    But once the Royals started winning, Sporting because a distant third in this town’s mind. Hell maybe because of college football season a distant fourth.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Hard to dispute any of that, the real test will be this fall when all their season ticket holders are choosing to renew or not. I’m on the waiting list so kind of curious to see if I get close or not for next year.

      • The Word says:

        The last few years Sporting KC experienced the perfect storm.

        New stadium in a family friendly area in the suburbs with a lot of shopping and cheap dinning. Think if this stadium was in the Bannister area like it as originally preposed.

        Local owner who wants to win.

        But mostly the most important thing was…THE ROYALS STUNK.

        People in this town were so starved for a winner in the Spring and Summer months they followed any winner. Going to SKC games became hip and cool.

        Now that the Royal’s are winning it will be interesting to see what happens to SKC. Right now they’re irrelevant. No one in this town is talking about them. It’s all about the Royal’s, or the Chiefs or college football. But SKC…not so much.

        • Joe Blow says:

          Unless Sporting’s fans are scared of older suburban areas, how is far KCK better than the Bannister area for a stadium?

    • Joe Blow says:

      The Star pushed them really hard, Mellinger especially. But, you know, there are certain areas that love minor league teams…most of them don’t have major league teams, too, though.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Funny enough, a lot of the Royals bandwagoners that have sprouted up the past 2 weeks must also be Sporting KC cast-offs because for some stupid reason a bunch of them tried to get that dumb “I believe that we will win” chant going at the game last night but were quickly drowned out by “Let’s Go Royals” roaring throughout the stadium. I assume these Johnny Come Latelys are the same tools that were more worried about getting the wave started than watching the first PLAYOFF BASEBALL in KC in 29 years. I love seeing this team drawing people in and waking people up to baseball in this town again but for the die hards who have been around and stuck with this team through all the pain a lot of us/them kind of look at the newcomers like a bunch of scenesters. Which is fine, as long as they’re cheering and having fun, but don’t act like you didn’t just buy your first Royals shirt and hat less than 2 weeks ago.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Watching the game on TV, my wife and I had no idea what that chant was supposed to be. At least I now know what they were *trying* to say…but that’s not a Royals chant.

    • KCMonarch says:

      The fact that you just referred to KCK as “a family friendly area of town” may be the greatest victory this city has ever seen.

  13. FJH says:

    I don’t want this baseball season to end anytime soon, but I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on next year and beyond. Do you think this deep playoff run will nudge the Glass family towards adding a bat (or two) next year? Do you think players (like Hosmer) would be more open to signing a long term deal in KC? Keeping Shields is NOT probable, but they are going to need a #1 to replace him – internally or externally. Who could it be?

    • david says:

      This was a topic of discussion we had watching last night’s game. With the success the Royals are having and the fact that most of the team is returning, the Royals can now throw out the ‘best chance to get a ring’ chip into the pot.

      Of course, the Red Sox/Yankees/Cubs will offer up stupid money for a longer contract and that will be the end of discussion.

      • KV says:

        Shields is a goner. If they keep Butler I doubt they’ll be active in pursuing another power bat. And I believe Cain, Hosmer, Moose, and Dyson will all be in line for raises via arbitration. No way Hosmer signs a long term deal. The big question will be what they do with Davis. He has a team option for 7 mil next year (he’s under club control the next 3 but would be owed 25 mil if they exercise their option all 3 years). Holland is arbitration eligible and got 4.6 this year, hard to think he won’t be in line for 6 or 7 next year. I believe Herrera is arbitration eligible this year as well. That’s a lot of money for a closer and two set up men. If they bring back Davis, I bet they try to put him back in the rotation. If not, they’ll probably try to land a Vargas/Guthrie type (in terms of salary) to bridge the gap until Finnegan and/or Zimmer can move into the rotation.

        • Gassedup says:

          As for Moose in line for an arbitration raise? How does the arbitration meeting go?
          Royals: You owe us back some of your salary.
          Moose: How do you figure? I hit above .200 the last 1/4 of the year!
          Royals: Yea.
          Moose: I’m the best 3rd Baseman in the majors holding down the 9 hole in the lineup.
          Royals: Yea. Your the only 3rd Baseman batting ninth.
          Moose: Yea what’s your point.
          Royals: Yea your the man.

          • Joe Blow says:

            Then Moose slams the guy against the wall because the guy disagrees with the manager who keeps putting him into every game..

            And Dayton says, “That’s a leader!”

  14. Juan Pablo says:

    A few months ago Hosmer and Dyson were acting like spoiled kids about getting shut out of a PPV fight at the 810 Zone. Moose was refusing to answer postgame questions from the media. They were as unlikeable a bunch as I can remember. Now? All is forgiven, forgotten and the players have embraced the media, the fans and the moment.

    I still think these Royals are the most unlikeable group of players there has ever been in KC. some of it has to do with all the foreign players in baseball today and most don’t even speak english. Baseball players just seem the most arrogant of all the sports players and they have the easiest job. Billy Butler is the most likeable but most fan wanted him out and James Shields is great but he will gone next year.
    At least all agree Moustakas looks and acts like the biggest prick around.

    • FJH says:

      Yeah, all these foreign players are ruining the game! Baseball would be so much better with just white players. They are typically the best at the sport.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        I did not say the foreign players are ruining the game, It just the are not likeable. National TV ratings for baseball are horrible. A lot more people in KC watched the chiefs afternoon game then the Royals in prime time. Sunday.

    • Cletus Frade says:

      Every player on the Royals is more likeable than any player on the Chiefs. Baseball players are just normal people who play baseball. Football players tend to do a lot of crazy stuff like have nine kids by seven women, none of whom they have ever been married to. Football players tend to be a lot dumber than baseball players and get themselves entangled in all sorts of weird situations that involve beating up or killing their girlfriends. Baseball players are the most likeable athletes around because they are so normal and lead lives most people can relate to.

      • Anti-K State Mask says:

        To know the biggest differences between baseball and football players just look at the 30 for 30 documentary “Broke”

        The majority of the players, were football players. I think they only had one baseball player.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I hope this is a fake comment.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Damn foreigners, coming to this country and playing sports.

      If you think baseball players have the easiest job, you’re absolutely clueless..

      • Juan Pablo says:

        You think its easier to play football, hockey, basketball , soccer, tennis You have no clue. Most of the best athletes in the USA do not play baseball. I will give you golf.
        I am not complaining about damn foreigners , try reading

        • Joe Blow says:

          Yes, it is. Hitting a Major League pitch is probably the hardest thing in sports. Plus, MLB players (aside from DHs) have to be able to play a position as well. Or throw exceptionally hard, with good location, with a variety of pitches. The other sports are quite a bit more singular with the actual talents required..

    • Phaedrus says:

      “Juan Pablo” complaining about foreigners? Am I missing something?

    • FJH says:

      I don’t agree that Moose is a prick, because I don’t know him.

  15. hofnod says:

    I didn’t hear the first inning, but I thought Denny’s call to end the game was great.

    I’m paraphrasing, but he just said the crowd noise will tell you the result of Holland’s 0-2 pitch to Trout. He went silent for several seconds as the crowd went from loud to delirious.

    He let the crowd go, if only for a moment, then added “For the record, Holland struck him out.”

    • Mike says:

      That’s not bad.

      I wonder if Denny’s a purist in the sense that he hates playoff expansion. It may explain his dead(pan) delivery.
      It’s still not right, but at least it would explain things.

  16. JB says:

    Denny has been sick the last 3 days and let it be known and it messed up his voice. I think he could have shown more emotion too. I actually really loved his final call though last night. Guys like Greg Hall want guys with no knowledge who yell and scream like Bob Davis and Hawk Harrelson. I’ll still take Denny over them.

  17. Kerouac says:

    As for Denny Matthews being “blase”, one of the best ever football play-by-play men according most was renowned for his understatement, former Packers/Chiefs broadcaster Ray Scott. His casual matter of fact, monotone delivery during a Championship Game: “Starr throws, McGee catches, touchdown Green Bay”‘ (perhaps he was just used to all the success 1960’s Packers.)

    As for the Royals, end the road theirs the prediction here. Was a nice fairy tale while it lasted, but reality called, saying “Zemblanity wants the Royals back.”

    Think 29 years is a Royally long wait? Orioles have been waiting 31 years; something’s gotta give. NL, Dodgers have been treading mediocre waters since ’88 while the Giants & Cardinals have taken turns winning 3 of the last 4 World Series. Someone is going to fail get the monkey off their back.

    KC 2014 reminds a bit of the 2008 Tampa Bay Devil Rays. From the depths 30 games under .500 in 2007, TB finished 32 games above break even in 2008, won the ALDS, the ALCS, then traveled to the World Series – where they lost to the Phillies who had been waiting a mere 28 years for their next Championship, since 1980.

    A ‘Show Me’ state showdown (rematch ’85) would be interesting, but will go with Giants vs Orioles ‘World Series’, San Francisco’s pursuit a third Championship last five years vs the O’s dream that franchise’ fourth their 120 year history. SF hasn’t as much talent some other teams but are without question the best ‘team’ strict sense of that word, and have the experience factor down pat.

    Long as the victor isn’t the Dodgers (my favorite once upon a time), will be happy. Nothing Kerouac despises more an entity trying to ‘buy’ a Championship – Los Angeles $240+ mill payroll epitomizes everything wrong with MLB today, while the Royals are proof there is more to success than merely obscene spending.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      You’re wrong Kerouac. Baltimore made the playoffs in 96, 97 and 2005. 96 and 97 they made it to the ALCS. The Royals have them beat. Along with every other major North American professional sports franchise.

      • Kerouac says:

        No, you are: Kerouac was referring ‘World Series’/Championships won… not post season appearance. More than mere inference, said is obvious via the various examples/years waiting I cited, other teams too.

        • Merle Tagladucci says:

          My God man, your point is valid yet refrains from illustrating the entire picture in full technicolor. The Royals are washing away far, far more pain, mediocrity and irrelevance that has persisted for far, far longer than any other team can even begin to claim, let alone any of the ones left standing in these playoffs. They’ve all tasted success in greater degree than Kansas City, and in far more recent years, championships or not. And while the poor downtrodden Orioles have been waiting two painful years longer than the Royals’ measly 29, I will refrain from mentioning the city’s consolation prize of two, that’s right, two Super Bowl Championships in 12 years by the Ravens. Oops, I mentioned it. A city sports landscape that has actually tasted a championship in the past two decades (and don’t bother mentioning soccer or Sporting KC).

          I get your point. And you corrected me. But the Orioles and the city of Baltimore can kiss my rosy white ass if they even think about feeling sorry for themselves.

          • Kerouac says:

            “My God”

            – Kerouac will suffice, thanks… your angst be palpable, but this messenger is not to blame, rather, ineptitude a city sporting favor has forgotten.

            “The Royals are washing away far, far more pain, mediocrity and irrelevance that has persisted for far, far longer than any other team can even begin to claim, let alone any of the ones left standing in these playoffs.”

            – “any”? really? Ever heard of the Chicago Cubs? 1908.

            “They’ve all tasted success in greater degree than Kansas City, and in far more recent years, championships or not.”

            – success defined as ‘making it to’ post season sans advance / no Championship is but going through the motions, final analysis; merely ‘placing’ post season isn’t be but style points.

            You might consider Marty Schottenheimer a success – I do not, any more than those Lakers teams 1960’s NBA regularly had their seasons ended by the Celtics were an success. Marv Levy, Bud Grant and George Allen? The Hall of the ‘Very Good’ is overflowing, Hall of ‘the best’ is more exclusive.

            By extension, those other local losers Chiefs could be considered a success of sorts by some. To me they’re no better the other 31 losers seasons end. I’d not feel any better if the Chiefs had made it post season every season since 1970, and still not won a Championship. In fact, would feel worse due to it highlighting/drawing even more attention their ongoing ineptitude; to each their own.

  18. Joe Blow says:

    GH: It now seems like a season ago that Ned Yost yanked James Shields and inserted a spent Yordano Ventura to face the A’s.

    Sep 28, Ventura pitched 4 innings. 2 days later, on Sep 30, he was too “spent” to pitch one. But, 3 days after that, he was good to be throwing 100+ for 7 innings straight..

    Fans at The K stood for most of the game – like it was a K-State/Nebraska football game.

    How many people really care about Nebraska/K-State?

    GH: You can’t walk down a street in St. Louis and not spot somebody wearing Cardinals gear even in February. Kansas City has not been like that since I had hair.

    Open your eyes then. You’ve maybe lived in KC so long you’re just blind to how much Royals gear people have been wearing for years. When you go somewhere else, you notice the (foreign to you) local gear a lot more..

    Eric Hosmer even paid for an open bar for the house for an hour. A few months ago Hosmer and Dyson were acting like spoiled kids about getting shut out of a PPV fight at the 810 Zone. Moose was refusing to answer postgame questions from the media. They were as unlikeable a bunch as I can remember.

    Who helped highlight and perpetuate that bullshit?


    A lot of media types (GH among the forefront) have been pushing the “Denny Matthews isn’t excited enough” thing for months (really, years), and since the Royals are playing some big games it’s becoming pretty trendy to bag on him. Where are these awful calls? I would like to listen to them, since usually when people get all up their ass about his calls, and then a clip surfaces, he’s usually done a pretty nice job. So?

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Greg is not a member of the media. Media covers sports. Hall quotes the media.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Fine. The guy that quotes the media has been on Denny Matthews’ case for years. He kind of used to be media, and he still tries to be, but even though he’s not, he writes and tweets and does whatever else to complain about Denny’s laid back style in whatever way he can…especially when he can engage media connections and get them to whine about it too. And, when they do, (no matter how obscure), he quotes them!

        Lesson learned!

    • Buzz says:


      Go to :45. Seems very disinterested to me, although maybe his sickness is part of the issue. It was not a good call.

      • nick says:

        Buzz, I agree 100%. ANYBODY listening to Matthew’s call on Gordon’s hit (at the :45 mark of the link above) would think it’s really bad.

        I’m a big Denny fan. To me, his voice IS baseball. He’s smart, informative, and interesting. He has enough cynicism and surliness to give his broadcasts some edge and uniqueness. I love listening to him for about 97% of the broadcasts. But he absolutely blows it on calls like the one above.

        When Butler slides at home and narrowly scores, it should have sounded like one the most amazing things ever. Billy freaking Butler scored from 1st on a hit!

        I don’t think Matthews should be fired or lectured by somebody on how to do his job. Maybe the 2nd person in the booth could shout “wow!” or “yes!” or clap his hands. With Matthews, there’s no audio cue to suggest that something important has happened.

      • Paul says:

        I just listened to this, Buzz. I agree with those who think Denny might be suffering physically. His voice is not so much indifferent as labored, like he’s struggling to get the words out. Sadly, it reminds me of Splitt back when he started having trouble with his throat. Hoping for the best for Denny.

      • Joe Blow says:

        His voice sounds terrible. I only get to hear Denny on Royals TV broadcasts when he sits in for an inning, but he sounds a lot different there. Almost like he couldn’t raise his voice more than that..

  19. Johnny Midnyte (@MdBombay) says:

    Hall isn’t even from Kansas City. He doesn’t get us, our teams, our broadcasters and our people and never will.

    Go back to Nebraska, Hall. They have some great football announcers up there I’m sure.

  20. Herb says:

    Do you ding bats not realize Greg is one of us?

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