OTC: Royals Go From Dead To Dreamy / Denny Matthews Continues To Be Awful In October

“They were down 7-3 in the eighth inning with John Lester on the mound against them.” Ernie Johnson, play-by-play voice for ALDS, reminding the ALDS audience just how close the Royals were to not winning a game in the 2014 MLB postseason, TBS
GH: It now seems like a season ago that Ned Yost yanked James Shields and inserted a spent Yordano Ventura to face the A’s. The camera shots of the Royals dugout showed some frustrated players who knew their playoff run appeared to be over after one game. And then everything changed. I mean everything. Kansas City itself thrust out its collective chest and beat back the A’s, then swept the best team in baseball and now sits a series win over Baltimore away from the World Series. This fairytale just gets better each night. It’s so good no one is sleeping.

“The #Royals have won 4 postseason games in a row against two teams with a combined +300 run differential. Stop and think about that.”
Daniel Wesley, @DanielSWesley, Twitter

“I heard for 16 years that if the Royals start winning again you won’t believe how they will get behind this team. I could never have imagined this.”
Ryan Lefebvre, on the noise and excitement permeating The K Sunday night, Fox Sports KC
GH: Fans at The K stood for most of the game – like it was a K-State/Nebraska football game. The K was you go to read a book on pleasant summer night and maybe have a hot dog and watch the condiments race. Relish this, baby!

“The Wild Card game was an incredible game – a better game than tonight. But this celebration tonight? I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Jeff Montgomery, Fox Sports KC

“This is a special time in this city right now and they are enjoying this as much as we are.” James Shields, 980 AM
GH: You can’t walk down a street in St. Louis and not spot somebody wearing Cardinals gear even in February. Kansas City has not been like that since I had hair. Well, I’m still bald but Royals gear is flying off of local retailers’ shelves. I just sent two new postseason shirts to my son at Mizzou to combat the Cardinals clan that populates much of that campus. I urge all Royals families with kids in college to do the same. Let’s turn good old State U. blue.

“Let’s go Royals chant just broke out at the Pike Market in Seattle.”
Steve James, @spjames88, in a tweet from Seattle, Twitter
GH: How great is this? Seattle probably hates the Angels more than they like KC but we have become the nation’s team overnight.

“That was hands down the best sports moment of my life.”
David Lesky, @DBLesky, Royals writer for pinetarpress.com, Twitter

“I do not believe that it is purely coincidence that in the same season we stop playing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ we advance to the ALCS.”
Clint Razor, @strofaninKC, Twitter

“Right now anything and everything is possible.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“You know I speak in hyperbole and I tend to blow things out of proportion at times but something specials going on here.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“Seeing players celebrate with fans shows that they understand how long this fan base has waited for this.”
Lee Warren,@OmahaBaseball, Omaha Storm Chasers writer for SBNation.com, as photos of the Royals players slapping hands with the crowd while making a victory lap around The K hit the Internet, Twitter
GH: Johnny Giavotella and some of the Royals players tweeted out after the game that they wanted fans to join them at McFadden’s in the P&L to celebrate. And they did! Eric Hosmer even paid for an open bar for the house for an hour. A few months ago Hosmer and Dyson were acting like spoiled kids about getting shut out of a PPV fight at the 810 Zone. Moose was refusing to answer postgame questions from the media. They were as unlikeable a bunch as I can remember. Now? All is forgiven, forgotten and the players have embraced the media, the fans and the moment.

“Butler legging out run 3 in the first and his steal of second were glorious. I was losing my mind.”
Aaron Boyd, @fakecyrilfiggis, Twitter
GH: You want to ignite 40K fans? Have Billy Butler steal second. Maybe the greatest thing to happen all night. Read on.

“If you’re looking for a sign, there it is.”
Ryan Lefebvre, after Billy Butler stole second base, Royals Radio

“It surprised everyone! It surprised me. It surprised the crowd. It definitely surprised our dugout! And I was happy to see him get there.”
Jarrod Dyson, on Butler’s steal, Fox Sports KC

“It’s what speed do.”
Rusty Kuntz, Royals first-base coach, when asked by Alex Gordon after the game how Billy Butler stole second base, Fox Sports KC

“Rusty looked over at me (on first) and said, ‘He’s really slow to the plate. Do you think you can get him?’ I said, ‘Oh, yeah.”
Billy Butler, on discussing his steal with the Royals first-base coach, 810 AM

“Sure as hell, I will sit straight up from a deep sleep in the middle of this night and say…..Billy stole a base?”
Mike McCartney, @mikemccartneykc, Kauffman Stadium’s PS announcer, Twitter

“This is a different group than I saw during the regular season – in terms of their focus, their fire and their determination.”
Ned Yost, 810 AM

“I would say that but I’m trying to catch everything out there.”
Lorenzo Cain, when asked if he knew he had that catch all the way, 610 AM
GH: Lorenzo’s back-to-back diving and sliding catches prompted this gem from Ernie Johnson, “They’re raising Cain here in Kansas City!”

“This is who I long believed Eric Hosmer would be.”
Peter Gammons, Twitter

“(Hosmer) is locked in right now. So look out Baltimore Orioles.’
Jeff Montgomery, Fox Sports KC

“Those home runs (by Hosmer and Moustakas)? They changed their career. They changed their whole career! Without a doubt, it’s career changing.”
Rex Hudler, Fox Sports KC GH: They say the postseason is what makes a ball player’s reputation. Right now, we have some hella good reps being forged here in KC.

“I had to listen in the car some tonight. Denny made it feel and sound like a mid June game.”
Matthew Neal, @neally151, Twitter

“Denny’s clinching call was terrible. Like he’d rather be anywhere else.”
Alex Parker, @AlexParker, Twitter

“Stuck in the car listening to the first inning. Have defended Denny, but that was brutal. It’s time for him to go.”
Brad Veal, @huskerfloyd, Twitter
GH: I have a friend who moved out of town and bought a big house but never furnished it when his marriage broke up before his wife joined him. He didn’t even buy a TV. He listens to his radio and reads to pass the evenings. He tuned in Denny last night and sent me a text; “Denny made Hosmer’s base-clearing triple sound like he walked.” What the hell is going on with Matthews? It is almost as if he is aware of the criticism of his passive work and he is determined to be more blasé each game. It has become more than a joke. He needs to have his ass kicked sideways by his boss or he needs to retire today.

“Sounds like he’s calling play by play if a congressional hearing.”
Nick Vlahos, @VlahosNick, Peoria Journal Star reporter-editor, Twitter

“Jim Rome has been playing Denny Matthews calls for the last week and killing him. Good to see him get national pub.”
Brad Rudler, @penguin718, Twitter
GH: I am glad someone nationally is building a campaign against Denny’s ridiculous work. How about locally? Crickets. Neither sports talk radio station has shown any interest in ripping the Royals iconic play-by-play voice. Why does the media treat their own with such reverence? Raul Ibanez sure doesn’t garner that treatment just because he’s old.

“Jon Sciambi with the call on ESPN (Radio).”
E.J. Becker, morning host, after replaying the ESPN Radio call of Alex Gordon’s base-clearing triple off the wall in the first inning, 980 AM
GH: 980 is a sister station to 610 Sports and has the rights to play all of the Royals Radio clips on their air. They chose to not play Denny Matthews’ replay of Gordon’s big hit and instead played the ESPN Radio sound of Sciambi. That should tell us everything about what Entercom really thinks of Matthews work. It stinks.

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  1. Larry Mondello says:

    I really wish Splitt was hear to see this.

  2. Stephen says:

    I have always enjoyed listening to Denny’s call of the game, and I’d still take him over the clueless Steve Physioc, but I totally agree with you, Greg. Something must be wrong with him physically, or he is taking too much blood pressure medicine. He sounds like he might nod off in the most intense moments in the game. I don’t believe that he doesn’t care.

  3. Kevin says:

    If Mattews goes, Ryan goes full time to radio and Physioc goes full time to TV for 150 games a year. Do you really want more Physioc?

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