OTC: Royals Hang 11 Runs On Tigers Again And Move Into First In ALC / Denny Is Agog!

“I guess the most pertinent question is; will the Royals ever lose again?”
Denny Matthews, as he did the play-by-play for the Royals as they jumped to a 4-0 lead in the second inning Tuesday night against Max Scherzer in Detroit, on their way to their ninth straight win and sole possession of first place in the AL Central, Royals Radio
GH: Dare I say Denny Matthews sounded almost giddy? This is getting serious, folks!

“Listening to Denny enthusiastically struggle to find ways to describe how well the #royals are playing is new. And amazing.”
Curtis Kitchen, @curtiskitchen, Twitter

“I can’t explain it. The Royals are in such a streak that everything they do turns to gold. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks.”
Denny Matthews, Royals Radio
GH: And this was before one of the season’s more bizarre (and lucky) plays where Yordano Ventura unleashed a wild pitch over the head of the batter with such velocity that it struck the backstop and immediately ricocheted back to Salvador Perez, who whipped a strike to Mike Moustakas to tag out the base runner at third. Last month that wild pitch would have ricocheted back toward the plate, hit Salvy in the back of the head and put him on the DL for two weeks.

“Royals are ON FIRE. Kansas City tags Max Scherzer for 10, wins its 9th in a row, 11-4. Royals take over 1st place from Tigers in AL Central.”
@SportsCenter, Twitter

“The Royals are playing very loose. I mean this in a good way – The Royals are playing like a bunch of wet noodles! … They’re playing flawlessly, really! Defensively, pitching – everything is clicking. When you’re playing this way – and I was being facetious when I said, ‘Will they ever lose again?’ – but that’s the appearance that they give, that they’re never going to lose.”
Denny Matthews, Royals Radio

“What they did, who they did it against and where they did it last night is the most impressive thing.”
Steven St. John, on the Royals beating the defending Cy Young Award winner in front of 34K of his fans in Detroit, 810 AM
GH: I would also add, how they did it to SSJ’s list. The Royals clubbed Verlander and Scherzer like they were the last two guys in Omaha’s bullpen.

“Just how good are things going for the Royals? Denny & Ryan on radio are ‘synced up’ to HDTV broadcast.”
@fox4sports, Twitter
GH: If you are lucky enough to have access to cable TV during the noon hour the next two afternoons, try this out and let me know if Royals Radio has made this adjustment. If true, this could deal a blow to the Physioc/Hudler pairing on FoxSports KC.

“We’re embarking on a time where the Royals dominate this city – living and dying with each game, each pitch. Sports-wise, you don’t know nervousness until you’ve been in a pennant race.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: A real pennant race in August and September? Here in Kansas City? It seems a lifetime ago that this was reality. Can you imagine people wearing Royals gear to Chiefs camp in St. Joe?

“I don’t even know what to tweet about our @Royals, 20 plus years of the lovable losers vernacular does not apply. 1st place coming. Go Blue.”
Bill Maas, @BillMaas, Twitter

“The Storm Chasers announced that the Royals have moved into first place in the AL Central and the crowd erupted.”
Lee Warren, @OmahaBaseball, Twitter

“Man, if you thought I was insufferable when the Royals sucked, you’re about to find out how insufferable I can be when they’re good.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

“So excited I bought a Twinkie at QT. Why? No clue. But who cares?! Royals are in first place and calories don’t count when we’re in first.”
Jimmy Faseler, @jimmyfaseler, Twitter
GH: I loved this tweet from the famous Fat Jimmy Fasler, he of the dancing belly fame. Anybody else cheat on calories after a big win? I have a Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Froyo in my freezer for just such an occasion.

“The All-Star Game’s coming up. Fans, go ahead and stuff the ballot box. We told you yesterday there is a young lady here in Detroit and she’s already done 4,000 ballots, punching in all Tigers. So we are encouraging all Kansas City Royals fans to do the same.” Steve Physioc, Royals TV play-by-play voice, Fox Sports KC
GH: I hate this kind of approved ballot stuffing for the home team. Physioc and the Royals should be ashamed of themselves.

“Last night’s Royals game at Detroit drew a 9.1 Nielsen rating, the highest-rated game of the season on FSKC.”
Jeffrey Flanagan, @jflanagankc, Twitter
GH: Winning is kind of sexy.

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19 Responses to OTC: Royals Hang 11 Runs On Tigers Again And Move Into First In ALC / Denny Is Agog!

  1. estoniakat says:

    And … it’s June.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    I approve of a post with no Communist Football in it. I’m sure a scarf wearer will probably be offended.

    • mike t. says:

      bang the drum slowly, mr. cranium.

    • Greg says:

      Of course you don’t like Communist football, your favorite university plays it as an intramural sport.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        Says a guy that lives in a town where the only celebrated win their university can claim is Purdue.

    • estoniakat says:

      And the old, white, demographic of the site is noted.
      The ESPN crew, and especially @meninblazers, have been destroying it. Best ESPN in at least 15 years.
      Hey, look, 7 goals in the last World Cup game. Must be boring.

  3. hal says:

    Did Craig Brenner leave 810??

  4. aleitel says:

    The broadcasts are close to being synched, but there is still a half second or so of lag. If someone really hated Hud or Phys, I’m sure they could deal with the lag.

    • brett says:

      a half second lag to be rid of hud and phys? thats a no brainer.

      i’d put my balls on a hot stove for a half second if it meant i never had to hear “that’s what you call a doinker” again.

      • mike t. says:

        yikes, brett. you hate them THAT much??

      • Joe Blow says:

        If you provide proof that you’ve done that, I think I have a way of making that happen.

        Of course, the next in line — believe it or not — is actually Hawk Harrelson.

    • geoknows says:

      Any clue how closely synched are they with satellite? I have DirecTV and would gladly turn down the sound and turn up the radio when it’s Physioc and Hudler on TV, but the delay used to be around eight to ten seconds. Is that closer now too?

  5. The Independent Rage says:

    Given the current state of things (“What the Fuck Has Gotten Into These Guys!,” I screamed at the SW Blvd Margaritas bar TV last night as they ran Scherzer in less than 5), I would obviously be hard pressed to call for any Yost or Moore walking papers at this particular juncture…

    But a team win streak does NOT immunize Rex Hudler from shit.. Watched the replay tonight of the 10th straight win, and STILL found myself incessantly screaming S-T-F-U at Hudler’s asinine commentary, nearly on a half-inning basis (I was not watching live, so there was no turn-over-to-radio option). This man needed his pink slip during the Grunge Era. This fool nearly makes Fesco listenable for more than 5 seconds…

    If Yost and Moore are for the moment untouchable, can we please at least make an effort to run Hudler back out west on a Kaw River log float? The walls of the Hydro-Dam in Lawrence might never be the same after impacting his melon, but I’ll chance it.

  6. Hud's Pud says:

    “It’s Our Time. Part Deux”

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