OTC: Royals Hit Minne Bump / KK Thinks Tyler Bray Is A Knucklehead

“I sure as hell would rather talk about (Fountain Mom) than last night’s game.”
Steven St. John, after James Shields and the Royals were blasted 7-0 by the Twins and their first-time starter Andrew Albers, 810 AM
GH: Well, at least nobody was dancing in The K’s fountains last night. That’s what getting shutout at home do. 

“Shield Your Eyes”
Headline in the Kansas City Star

“Confidence isn’t going to go anywhere in here.”
Billy Butler, on the Royals mindset heading into the three-game series’ rubber match tonight against the Twins, Kansas City Star
GH: The Royals are in the best shape for a postseason run in a decade – and yet they sit in a precarious position with their fan base each night. Most Royals fans don’t remember how to act during a late-season pennant chase. We expect the worst. And having James Shields suffer a blowout loss to the lowly Twins who are starting a 27-year-old first timer on the hill brings back bad, bad thoughts. The Royals have still won 12 of 14. They still need to win a lot more. Danny Duffy gets the ball tonight to get the Royals’ train back rolling downhill. 

“We haven’t even played a game yet – let’s get real.”
John Dorsey, Chiefs GM, as a Chiefs fan yelled, “You’re the man!” at him while he was being interviewed by Soren Petro on 810 AM
GH: I don’t know Dorsey and we really haven’t been exposed to his personality enough yet…but I like what I’ve seen and heard. He appears to be a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of GM who isn’t all that concerned about his image. It’s been awhile since we’ve had that kind of skipper inside the offices at Arrowhead. 

“The kindest way to describe Tyler Bray (the Chiefs first-year free-agent QB out of Tennessee) is he’s a physically talented quarterback who is a knucklehead. The hope is that he’s just not dumb. Some quarterbacks have just dumbed their way out of the league.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: If that is “the kindest way to describe” Bray, I can’t wait to hear KK’s unkindest description of the Chiefs’ third-team QB.

“He’s got to stop saying the SEC is just as good as the NFL. He’s just got to stop saying dumb things. He’s got to stop being a knucklehead.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Bray didn’t say the SEC is just as good as the NFL. What he said was the speed of play didn’t seem all that different from the SEC. As former Tennessee safety Eric Berry pointed out in an interview with SSJ, it’s still camp. The speed Bray has been exposed to up in St. Joe is going to take a quantum leap in New Orleans.  

“(Shoutout) to the Mizzou FAM, ball out and punch the SEC in the mouth…u Dont know what it’s Like hearin this trash talk from these guys…let’em HANG.”
Sheldon Richardson, @Godforshort, former MU defensive lineman, Twitter
GH: So it sounds like the MU bashing is not confined to the state of Kansas and the Big 12…

“Bray looks like he has more physical talent (of the Chiefs’ quarterbacks). In fact, there are those in the Chiefs offices who believe Bray throws as well as any quarterback in the draft.”
Dan Pompei , writer, National Football Post
GH: Knucklehead or not, Bray will be fun to watch during the Chiefs’ preseason – if I can stay interested in their games long enough to see him get a few series. 

“Everybody in the league thinks the same thing – this guy is just too big a knucklehead to make it. Nobody thinks he’s going to make it because he’s a knucklehead. That’s a soft general term.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: It looks like KK has found a new favorite word…and a new target for his angst that the Chiefs didn’t draft Geno Smith.  

“It’s the biggest crock going – but I said it for ten years. The truth of the matter is you’re still hitting and it still hurts. It doesn’t matter if it’s your guys or somebody else.”
Bill Maas, when asked how much truth there is in the old adage that the players are tired of hitting their own guys at practice and eager to hit another team, 610 AM

“It’s no secret we’re a little deficient in some areas. The front five. If you’re going to throw the ball in this league you better protect the quarterback.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Alex Smith or Geno Smith or even Smith & Wesson need time to throw the football. Well…maybe not Smith & Wesson. Let’s hope the Chiefs’ offensive line has time to jell during the next month. I do not want to see Smith impersonating Matt Cassel’s fetal position.

“Man, I don’t even know all the ways they’re gonna use me. … I’m just trying to pull all those things together and learn as much as I can. … We’ve got a lot of leeway within the defense. It’s like if you feel you can make a play, go ahead and do it.”
Eric Berry, when asked by Steven St. John about some of the new alignments the Chiefs have for Berry this season, 810 AM

“They are going to use (Berry) as a linebacker some plays and sometimes in all-out blitzing.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Berry’s skills have always looked more conducive to linebacker play than safety play to me. I think he just might have a breakout season under Bob Sutton’s defensive schemes.  

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15 Responses to OTC: Royals Hit Minne Bump / KK Thinks Tyler Bray Is A Knucklehead

  1. Bill says:

    I really like Dorsey, but if his No. 1 pick keeps playing like a schlub, he isn’t going to get off to a good start with the fan base here, especially if Joekel is a stud.

    Also, Bray is already the third-string QB. It was pretty apparent at practice yesterday. Stanzi is not in any of the other three’s league. Horrible doesn’t do him justice.

    • Kyle says:

      How do you know he is playing like a schlub? There has not even been a pre-season game yet.

      • Java Man says:

        Kyle, of course he’s playing like a schlub. I saw it on the Twitter.

        • Kyle says:

          Java, what was I thinking? Also KK said he is a bust, so it has to be true.

          • Bill says:

            It isn’t just KK. It is every media member that attends. I was at practice yesterday, too. The blitz drill was a calamity with him. 1-on-1 drills weren’t any better. Hopefully when the lights shine Friday night it all clicks.

  2. Gavin says:

    God knows I hate to give Kietzman any credit, but isn’t the general consensus about Bray that he’s, well, a knucklehead? From all appearances, dude has all the raw physical talent and skills to be an excellent QB. But he went undrafted, presumably for a reason. I saw his interview during the draft with Jon Gruden and the guy was brutal. He is said to have serious problems with preparation, leadership and maturity and those questions aren’t being raised only by Kietzman. And then there’s his arrest record for vandalism and reckless boating (holy Christ, reckless BOATING?!). I mean, doesn’t all of that sound a bit like a knucklehead? I’m sre a lot of it can be chalked up to immaturity and youth and I don’t hold a grudge against the guy for his youth or his immaturity (been there, done that. Except for reckless BOATING.), but if he wants to play in the NFL, well, immaturity is not much of an option.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Kietzman is bagging on the guy because Kietzman wants anyone to look bad in comparison to Geno Smith, but just because Kietzman says it, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically NOT true.

  3. Hot Carl says:

    Terry Bradshaw was also labeled as an idiot. If Bray is half of TB and turns into a competent back-up I’d be okay with that.

    • Hot Carl says:

      But what do I care…we’re talking about a 3rd stringer at best this year. Who cares if he’s a dumbass?

  4. Ultimate Dude says:

    KK’s problem isn’t that he over-uses the term knucklehead, its that he’s about 3 yrs later than what anyone who follows college football already knew about Bray. Everything said about him at camp are the exact same things they said about him at Tennessee and in the SEC. KK will next tell us that Carl Peterson should be fired.

    I don’t think its being eager to hit someone else so much as just getting into a game type atmosphere and not doing drills and group work at camp. Vets normally get a little more preseason time when a new coach/system and QB are brought in. Be interesting to see how much work the starters and 2nd string gets this preseason.

    Royals are alright, need a win this evening though. Must win.


  5. “Knucklehead”? Methinks KK’s been watching more Leave It to Beaver reruns than Pete Gillen. What’s next? “Danny, don’t you think you were a little hard on Lefebvre?” Then maybe KK can trot out some ’40s Jimmy Cagney gangster speak while he’s at it. “Our guest is Tyler Bray — what do ya hear, what do ya say, ya dirty rat!?!”

  6. Ron says:

    The knuckleheads are the sports talkers themselves. The reason they’re repeating three year old news is that’s all they know about Bray. They almost never have any new facts to report. They extrapolate from miniscule data. Soren claimed today that based on what tweets he’s read from training camp that Tyler Bray is significantly outperforming Chase Daniel, and said Tyler Bray probably should be the second string QB. Obviously, he’s just speaking out of his ass because he doesn’t really have anything else to talk about or new information to impart. You can’t take anything these radio guys say seriously, especially at this time of year.

  7. rickmckc says:

    So many radio haters today.

    I’m sure it’s an easy job.

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