OTC: Royals Look To Have Baltimore Series Wired W/ 3-0 Lead / Mr. Moose Builds On His Postseason Legen

“So, my day. I was attending a mediation in West Virginia and this one was pretty much as pleasant as I’ve ever attended (and I’ve done hundreds). Everybody seemed to want to get this over with and there was a spirit of cooperation I don’t always see in my line of work.

But that’s not what made today so cool. After all, I get paid whether it’s difficult or easy and I love my job, even the difficult parts.

What made today really cool was how often people, when they found out I’m from Kansas City, said something to the effect of ‘Go Royals!’ The mediator said it. Opposing counsel said it. Even the plaintiff said it. The guy who checked me into my hotel said it as did the guy who sold me my pizza I took back to my hotel room to contentedly munch on while watching game three. The mediator said that he believed that every sports fan in the country, unless they have a legitimate rooting interest, were cheering for the Royals to win every game they played and I agree with him.

I know I’ve done my share of bitching about the Royals, about David Glass, Ned Yost and every manager that preceded him. I’ve complained bitterly about how they made a mockery of the game I love and the team I’ve loved since I was aware there was such a thing as sports.

But I tell you, this feels magical. It won’t make the 29 years of suck go away and I won’t forget them, but this is why I’ve maintained my love for them (even as I was disdainful as I could possibly be). Because being loyal pays off and I finally feel as if my loyalty is being rewarded.

Anyway, that’s how things are today for this traveling Royals fan. Enjoy the game Wednesday. Unfortunately, I’ll be on a plane home when they throw the first pitch, but with a little luck, I’ll be home in time for the clinch.”
Gavin, OTC email
GH: Gavin’s note pretty much sums up a lot of what many of us are experiencing this month with our Royals. We have suffered through so many dreary summers that led to somewhat hopeful Septembers that fizzled out into so many “maybe next years.” And then this happens. This glorious perfect seven-game postseason run that has not only captured loyal and not-so-loyal Royals fans but baseball fans everywhere. The country has been bitten by a Moose, goosed by a Zoom Squad and has made Yost toasts a nightly ritual. Oh, October. I hope you can tell how we have missed you!

“I’m 57 & had given up all hope that I would live long enough to see this happen.”
Kevin Mark, @Coachbulldog, Twitter

“I will admit I’ve never liked baseball. But damn these Royals are making me fall in love.”
Ali Mohsen, Marathon Maven and a true Kansas City kid, Facebook

“The worst part is I don’t even hate the Royals. How can you hate the ROYALS?”
Colin Campbell, @cmcampbell6, Baltimore Sun reporter, Twitter

“Mike Moustakas just made the catch of the year.”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, Twitter

“To be honest with you, I didn’t even see him catch it. I just seen him fall over and then I’m like, ‘He caught that.’ When things are going good, things are going good.”
Adam Jones, Orioles outfielder, on Moose making the play of the night with his diving catch into the third-base dugout suite, baltimoresun.com
GH: There was The Throw by Bo Jackson in Seattle. And there have been other fabulous defensive plays throughout the Royals history by Frank White, Amos Otis, Brian McRae, et al. But Moose’s catch of that fall ball might jump top the top of the Royals HOF of defensive plays. 

“We saved Moose! He’s kind of heavy, but we caught him.”
Mike Talkington, a Royals fan who allowed Moose to make the catch and helped break his fall, Kansas City Star
GH: The fans in the third-base dugout suite could have crowded out Moose and went after the ball ala the Cubs’ Bartman. Instead, they parted like a large 230-pound man was about to dive atop their seats. In other words, Royals fans are a tad smarter than Cubs fans. The group did manage to catch Moose…or most of him. After Rusty Kuntz avoided the line drive and then high fived the fans in the first-base dugout suite and then Moose dove into the third-base suite, I would like to propose the Royals rename the two suites “Rusty’s” and “The Moose Dive.”

“In my 18 year career, I have never seen a defense like this in the playoffs, a daily consistent defense.”
Pedro Martinez, @45PedroMartinez, Twitter

“It’s never over until it’s over, but it sure looks like the ALCS is going to be over soon. … The odds against the Orioles are stacked higher than an Arthur Bryant’s pulled pork sandwich.”
Peter Schmuck, sports columnist, Baltimore Sun

“The Orioles were able to get Jeremy Guthrie out of the game after five innings. Maybe they should have re-thought that strategy because of the Royals’ filthy bullpen. … Thought the Orioles were good in tight games? The Royals are way better.”
Ron Fritz, sports editor, Baltimore Sun

“Suddenly, that nutty 9-8 extra-inning win over the Oakland Athletics back on September 30 in the American League Wild Card game feels like a managerial aberration and a rallying point for his roster. The double steal that imploded. Bunt after bunt after bunt after bunt. The quick hook on ace James Shields and the decision to replace him with a power righty (Yordano Ventura) against a powerful lefty bat (Oakland DH Brandon Moss). It felt as if every time the Royals climbed out of a hole, their skipper grabbed the shovel and started digging a new one.”
Sean Keeler, @SeanKeeler, Twitter
GH: Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks. Or at least learn to sit and stay. Since the over-managed almost debacle in the wild card game against Oakland, Yost has blossomed into a more hands-off skipper who is letting his lineup win games. Billy Butler is no longer languishing on the bench. The first- and second-inning bunts are a thing of the past. Yanking Guthrie after the fifth last night was about as un-Yost a move as we’ve seen – and it was perfect. A lot of the buzz before the postseason was, “What if the Royals’ bats get hot?” Well, who would have considered, “What if Yost turns into a real live postseason manager?” 

“A fortnight later, and the hashtag #Yosted has been replaced by #Destiny: Ned’s Nine are the only team in Major League Baseball history to ever win four playoff games in extra innings. The lesson from the wild-card win set a tone for loopy on deck and insanity in the hole: The longer you let the Royals hang around, the more dangerous they become.”
Sean Keeler, @SeanKeeler, Twitter 

“You may not have agreed with the path uncle Ned took to get you here, but you’re sure as hell loving the ride.”
Sean Keeler, @SeanKeeler, Twitter
GH: The ride has been epic. Scary as hell at times but epic on an almost nightly basis. Read Sean’s column on Foxsports.com by clicking here. 

“My intention was not to anger O’s fans or friends w/my shirt 2night.I apologize to those offended. Did not consider this reaction. Go Royals.”
Jeremy Guthrie, @TheRealJGuts, Royals starter, responding to the criticism from his former team’s fans about him wearing a t-shirt to his postgame presser that read, “These O’s aren’t Royal,” Twitter
GH: I have heard all of the local media and Royals fans making excuses for Guthrie and saying they loved that he went passive aggressive in punking the Orioles. I thought it was bush. This team and town should be above that. Obviously we are not. Why can’t we enjoy our success without also being Bad Rob Lowe Fan? 

“Royals play at 2:30 tomorrow…guess we will cancel workouts after school!”
Liberty High School Girls Basketball, @LHSLadyJaysBB, Twitter

“Are the Kansas City IT admins ready for the bandwidth issues of streaming games for the #Royals day game tomorrow? ;)”
Ramsey Mohsen, @rm, Twitter
GH: This is about as nerdy a comment regarding the Royals attempt to sweep the Orioles as you will find online. But Ramsey is my favorite nerd. I mean who has a Twitter name with just two initials? We are talking a nerd from way back. BTW, Ramsey is right. Internet access in offices all over KC are going to be taxed starting at 3:00 PM today with Royals fans trying to watch, listen, tweet and love those Royals. Ain’t it glorious?  

[email protected] and @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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26 Responses to OTC: Royals Look To Have Baltimore Series Wired W/ 3-0 Lead / Mr. Moose Builds On His Postseason Legen

  1. dohn joe says:

    Glad to see people like the Royals again

    They can go back to not caring in April

  2. bs says:

    note to dyson and guthrie — stop trying to f**k with your karma by saying and doing dumbass stuff.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      ^^^ what he said ^^^

      • Lance The Intern says:

        Jeff Allen tweeted “these O’s ain’t loyal” during Game 2 when he watched Baltimore fans leaving the stadium before the game was over. It was a play on the popular Chris Brown song “These Ho’s ain’t loyal”.

        Someone with a sense of humor modified the comment to “These O’s ain’t Royal”, made a t-shirt out of it, and got one to Jeremy Guthrie.

        You’re all making a much bigger deal of this than necessary.

        The real questions is how can I get one of these shirts?

        • The Independent Rage says:

          My question is whether they beaned Aoki over that damn T-shirt? I thought so at first, but if so, how incredibly stupid in a game that’s likely to be low scoring and with a man already on first with nobody out.

    • Dizzy Dean says:

      Looks like Dyson was right….It’s not bragging if you can back it up.

  3. Jim says:

    For God’s sake. Let’s NOT have any fun with this winning streak or anything. Guthrie’s T-shirt, Dyson’s comments, et al I hear “baseball people” talking about intentionally hitting a batter that is hot or someway disrespected them. That’s what you do! So, hitting a guy in the ribcage with a 90mph fastball is “baseball” but a clever t-shirt that is just poking a little fun crosses the line? Get over yourselves. All of baseball spent 20 years juicing and they ALL turned a blind eye to it. But, a t-shirt is bush league?

    Take all this P.C. crap and shove it. Go Royals!!

    • Frank says:

      I was wondering about the phrase “these O’s ain’t royal” thanking it was some sort of reference to the Lorde song. I also wondered why Guthrie would make this dig, so I researched it since Greg Hall wasn’t going to before trashing another Royals player/coach/fan. Turns out Guthrie was the O’s best pitcher in their lean years and he felt the organization wasn’t loyal to him by trading him when many fans still loved the guy. “These O’s ain’t Royal” is a play on the line “these hoe’s ain’t loyal” from the Chris Brown song “loyal”. Most people probably just thought to themselves “why the hell would G say that”. now it makes since and is rather clever in my opinion. Street cred to Guthrie!!!

    • Notme says:

      P.C.? It’s called sportsmanship. It was uncalled for taunting and different than what goes on within the game (like brush backs, or hosmer’s bat tossing.) Would you have been ok with him wearing that shirt before game 1? Or after a loss? It’s just not smart to taunt.

      People across the country and loving this team cause they have been humble, play the right way and people can bond with that. Let the idiot Dyson speak too much and Guthrie wearing a shirt that equates to, “The O’s Suck” at a post game press conference *is* just stupid and bush league. Just shut the hell up and let your play do the talking.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Weird, it’s almost like Guthrie has a history with the Orioles or something..

        • Jim says:

          Maybe I’m the last guy on Earth with an actual sense of humor. The shirt did NOT say the Orioles suck. it was a pretty clever play on words that originally stemmed from a tweet of a guy watching the game in Baltimore when they left the game early and tweeted “These O’s ain’t loyal.” It got changed to These O’s ain’t Royal, which is clever as hell given the Chris Brown song. Sorry. It’s humorous.

      • Chris Brown says:

        You know what? Those O’s weren’t royal.

  4. SKC fan... Well... Last year at least says:

    Has Sporting Kansas City folded or something? No one has talked about them in three months.


    The guy who was the biggest SKC fan this time last year. But now that the Royals are winning, I can go back to not giving a damn about SKC.

    Or most Kansas City sports fans outside the Brookside, Valentine and some parts of the Blue Valley area.

    • KCPRGuy1 says:

      Same thing could be said for the mighty Chiefs. Did anyone really notice they were on bye last weekend?

    • mike t. says:

      there’s a blog entry on SKC over on KC Confidential.

    • BlackJack says:

      Has anyone been talking about ANY sports besides the R’s for the past month?

      Don’t worry, once the Royals win the WS (or are eliminated), everyone will go back to talking about Sporting, the Chiefs, KU basketball potential draft picks, and MU football losing at home.

      • The Word says:

        Not so sure about SKC. Soccer is still a niche. It was hip to go to the games. But mostly they were popular because the Royals stunk for so long. People wanted to root for a winner any winner.

        Now the hip cool thing is the Royals. When non niche sports are hip and cool, it does take away from the niche sports if their season is at the same time.

        While Sporting might not revert back to the Wizards days. The luster is off. It’s not hip and cool to go to their game. It’s the Royals now

  5. Renton says:

    And memo to Petro — do you really have to dump a steaming corn-filled turd in the punchbowl on the post-game show just two hours after the win by talking about the roster changes likely next year?

    You can’t find anything better to talk about?

    You have all winter and four hours a day to do that, ya dick.

  6. The Independent Rage says:

    Keeler says Yost has been making “chess moves,” while prior to this series Yost was said not to know the difference between a game of checkers and a game of chess (which only Showalter would be able to play). Keeler even tosses in a Strato-O-Matic reference for good measure. The Parker Brothers, and probably Larry Smith for that matter, would be proud of all the board game analogies, but we really don’t have to all TALK like it’s still 1985, do we? Besides, I’m an All Star Baseball man. They should’ve burned Strato-O-Matic in St. Elmo’s Fire.

  7. FJH says:

    I hope today’s post game will present the opportunity for Moose to say “I thought Vargy did a phenomenal job pitching today…” A solid six innings from Vargy, and a game winner from Moose will set the stage.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    The Royals are on the brink of the World Series. This appears to be a supposedly happy post. Yet:

    Still complaining about Wild Card game moves? Check.
    Back-handed compliments about Yost getting the team to win by not managing and letting the players win (You know, some of the same players people have been bitching about all season?) Check.
    Once again lecturing a Royals player about how to handle himself? Check.

    Must be an ALCS clinching OTC post!

    • January says:

      Even on his deathbed, Greg will be bitterly muttering about Yost using Ventura in relief.

      • KCMonarch says:

        Sorry GH, love your blog but when ZoCain made that fantastic play running down a tailing fly to right field I was reminded that somebody I read wanted to move Billy Butler out there. SMH

  9. Wait Staff says:

    Greg please put this guy on blast… I know earlier in the year Joel and Ryan talked about his Royal phoniness and how he is a fair-weather fan. Now because of his narcissism, we know his full name…


    Do a simple Google search of his name and Iowa and look what you get; articles about him being a great Detroit Tigers fan. Pathetic and shallow!



    I am a life-long Royals fan and can (I guess) understand band-wagoners who want to get in on the party, but this is beyond the pale.

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