OTC: Royals’ Media Homers Help Or Hurt? / Chiefs’ Play Looks Familiar / Fox One Debuts

“I was so caught up in trying to defend the pitching matchups, I didn’t even notice the atmosphere (Saturday) night.”
Ned Yost, when asked about the playoff-like atmosphere in Detroit Saturday night, Fox Sports KC
GH: Nedley just doesn’t get it. He is so buried in his seriousness of being serious about baseball, he has forgotten what a great life he leads because of this grand game. Saturday night’s game was a classic – an honest to goodness important game in mid-August that involved the Royals. Cabrera got the best of us with another heroic walk-off dong. But man was it fun to watch our team battle for nine innings with the season possibly on the brink. But Ned is just too cool for that kind of passion. He thinks he’s curing cancer by pinch hitting a lefty for a righty. What a doofus. 

“Current press box debate (before Cabrera’s latest bomb): Is there an age cutoff on a fan bringing a glove to the ballpark?”
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, Twitter
GH: Want to know a baseball guy who is well aware he makes his living covering a game? I give you Mr. Bob Dutton, the Kansas City Star’s beat writer for the Royals. BTW – the proper age to leave your glove at home when heading to the ball park is 14. You should have developed adequate bare-hand skills by this age to defend, deflect or deftly avoid foul balls. 

“Dyson was thinking about going but slipped in the sand pit.”
Steve Physioc, on the way the Tigers doctored the area around first base to slow down the jump that KC’s base stealers where getting, Royals TV
GH: Denny Matthews pointed out this added sand trap at first base early in the second game of the series. While it upset the Royals, it harkened back to my early days of following baseball and hearing how teams used to excessively water down the base paths to sow down the likes of Lou Brock and Maury Wills. I thought it was kind of cool to know Jim Leyland is still that old school to think inside the sand box.  

“Props to Fizz (Steve Physioc) for calling out decision to pitch to Cabrera. #Royals fans can handle/deserve Non-homer Broadcasting.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen, Twitter
GH: The homerism displayed by those broadcasters working for the Royals has been a hot topic of conversation this season here in my OTC, on Twitter and elsewhere. Physioc is one who occasionally questions Ned Yost or a decision made by the Royals. As we have seen in the past, this is not looked upon kindly by the Royals. Read on. 

“As important as this last part of the (Royals’) season is, you need the best 25 guys to win games. I think probably on the way Danny Duffy has pitched – they should consider (keeping him on the 25-man roster). But I don’t think they’re going to do that.”
Jeff Montgomery, when asked if he thought the Royals should keep Duffy in Kansas City, 810 AM
GH: This is about as close to a critical statement as you are going to get out of Monty. But that is how scared the Royals organization has their broadcast crew when it comes to being the next Frank White. Of course Danny Duffy needs to be on the roster if this team considers themselves a contender for postseason play. The fact he is not is not merely controversial but telling as too how seriously challenged Dayton Moore and Ned Yost are when it comes to their lofty roles in the Royals organization.  

“I was a player. I was a coach. That’s the thing I like least most when I’m rating guys in Bristol (for ESPN).”
Herm Edwards, when asked how many running backs in the NFL are better than Jamaal Charles, 810 AM
GH: Being publicly critical of players and coaches is difficult for ex-players and ex-coaches. It is one reason so many of them are almost worthless as true analysts.  

“I think we’re going to look back on this year and Greg Holland’s going to have the best year as any Kansas City Royals relief pitcher in history. He’s made (hitters) look not bad but silly.”
Jeff Montgomery, who is a Royals HOF reliever himself, Royals TV
GH: With the Royals chances at their first postseason play slipping into the August heat, so does the excitement this city felt prior to Detroit deflating that optimism by winning three of the five game series. But watching Greg Holland come in and pitch the ninth has been true art this summer.  

“I thought it was a cold splash of reality for the Chiefs’ fan base of what this offense is without Jamaal Charles – not very good.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Eight wins seemed so doable before Friday night, didn’t they?  

“I was very unimpressed with the offensive line – both the first string and the second string. Eric Fisher is a rookie. He looked like a rookie. Let’s put it that way.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“Eric Fisher’s balance, base not looking good early on – struggling to adjust to moving targets, too easily knocked off LOS.”
Josh Liskiewitz, @JoshLiskiewitz, CFB scout with GM Jr Scouting, Twitter
GH: It is hard for me to get overly concerned about the play of big white offensive linemen. They all seem to take a while to adapt to the NFL and then most of them play at least adequately enough to fashion a ten-year career in the league. Fisher will probably be fine but I have to wonder why the Chiefs didn’t go after a great running back (how about Eddie Lacy from Alabama who is rolling for the Pack?) and picked up a different big white guy in a later round.  

“I am not impressed. I am not impressed with the quarterback. I am not impressed with where the wide receivers are.”
Josh Klingler, after the Chiefs’ second preseason loss to the Niners, 610 AM

“I’m going to sound like a total Alex Smith apologist but he had zero help in that (Niners) game. … No one wants to block for him and no one wants to catch the ball. Other than that they are really helping him out.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Alex Smith as a Chiefs’ quarterback is going to be under the most scrutinized microscope this side of CSI’s Catherine Willows. Can he throw deep? Is he Matt Cassel II? Is he just another 49ers joke played on Kansas City? Well, he’s probably not Trent Green – and that’s not a good thing. 

“Chris Berman is one of the best studio hosts of all time. Everyone please pipe down.”
Rich Eisen, @richeisen, reacting to the negative tweets about Berman’s NFL work Monday night, Twitter
GH: Berman was one of my favorite ESPN SportsCenter anchors in the 90s. He was fresh, funny and familiar. But he hasn’t been anything but a talking joke for much of the past decade. Eisen is probably a good friend of Berman’s seeing as the two have worked together for so long. But really good friends don’t lie to their buddies about how much they have slipped professionally. If Eisen wants to help Berman, he should tell him the truth about how bad he now is at his job.

“Steven and I haven’t flipped on Fox Sports One yet.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I went searching for Fox Sports One this weekend but found it littered with NASCAR. I hope they mount a serious challenge to ESPN but using Erin Andrews as one of their lead personalities doesn’t make me think they have much of a chance…with the sound up anyway.

“They’ve got me with the boxing and the MMA. I really don’t care what else they show.”
Steven St. John, on the new Fox Sports One, 810 AM
GH: Niche sports like MMA and boxing are not going to threaten ESPN. I am eager to see their college football product and coverage. Fox has done some great things with MLB and the NFL. They can be so much more than the boxing channel. 

“So much makes sense to me now.”
Hank, talking to Skyler in the coffee shop, Breaking Bad
GH: My Breaking Bad OTC on Sunday’s second episode will be posted later today – PS: The monkey is in the banana patch.  

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10 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Media Homers Help Or Hurt? / Chiefs’ Play Looks Familiar / Fox One Debuts

  1. Red says:

    Kyle Long, Howie’s son and Chris’ brother, may end up being the best of the LTs from that draft. Really athletic. Barely played in college because he tried baseball first (which tells you about his athleticism) and then had grade issues.

  2. JP says:

    Ned’s overmanaging gets compensated with his poor decisions. The decision not to walk Cabrera in the 3d inning Sunday was just idiotic. Cabrera had homered in his two previous at bats, hell his two previous pitches from the Royals. I can take his ignorance of the surroundings, only if he gets little things like not pitching to Cabrera right. BTW, you pitch him to him Saturday, with empty bases and a tie game. Anyone saying that Cabrera should have been walked in that instance are wrong. But Sunday with a runner on 2nd and a LH hitter, it should have been a no-brainer.

    As I noted yesterday, the Chiefs are still suffering from the Pioli plague and it shows in their 2nd-4th string of players. The O line was pathetic and not even Manning or Brady could have functioned under the rush provided by the 49er D Line. They will need to play much, much better if this team is going to have a good season in 2013. This may end up being a 2-3 year project, much like Vermeil’s era in KC.

    Finally, I loved Berman back in the day. But his time has past him by. He was given the 2nd MNF game on Week 1 as a reward for loyalty, but he is not a pxp announcer. Place him in the studio, and give some of the other ESPN guys a shot.

  3. Brummy says:

    Greg, you hit the nail the head about Boom’. It’s sad. Seems like he became lazy or scared.

    • Mike says:

      Berman’s okay when it comes to the highlight shows and his shtick of names and the sound effects from his mouth. It’s the true journalistic part of his job (i.e. sometimes having to fashion criticisms at those who he covers/is chummy with) where he shows major flaws.
      When it’s a touchy, raw story that requires an even-handed approach, nuance, and occasionally an honest, yet unflattering portrayal, Boom goes rumblin’, stumblin’-fumblin’…all over it.

  4. Ron says:

    Frank White is a nut with a chip on his shoulder a mile high. That’s why he’s not a Royals’ broadcaster any longer. Physioc’s statement that he wouldn’t pitch to Cabrera? That’s supposed to the kind of cutting commentary that other broadcasters are afraid to utter because they might get fired? Ridiculous.

    Speaking of Doofuses, Andy Reid looks like a giant doofus roaming the Chiefs’ sideline. People who look like Reid shouldn’t wear tight-fitting, solid color golf shirts in public. He looks like a giant Christmas tree ornament. All members of the football media in KC are bound and determined to play him up as one of the greatest coaches of all time. He’s not. The Chiefs look exactly the same as they looked last year when they went 2-14. A few weeks ago, Andy Reid said it is vitally important to him to set a positive tone and play to win all the preseason games. He is failing miserably at his stated goal, but no one in the local media has called him out about it. Alex Smith looks worse than Matt Cassell. His history shows he plays QB not to lose, rather than going all out to win. It’s going to be another long season. The Chiefs look like they may have a worse record this year than they did last year.

    • Kyle says:

      Good God man. It’s freaking pre-season. Marty lost his first home pre-season game 45-7. Chill.

  5. Kyle Rohde says:

    They didn’t take a RB because there wasn’t a RB worthy of the #1 pick. As the Broncos showed back in the day with Terrell Davis (a HOF worthy guy), then Olandis Gary, MIke Andersen, etc., a good O-Line can make a 1,000 yard rusher out of almost anyone. To be the #1 pick, a RB has to be a transcendent talent.

  6. BlackJack says:

    Even worse Ron? Gee, I hope not, or they might be the first (or second) team in NFL history to go a full season 0-16.

    Give them some time; Reid/Dorey inherited a team that went 2-14, they have turned over more than half the roster, with a new QB and without thier best offensive player in the lineup due to injury. If the Cheifs go 0-4 to start the seaon, then I will be worried.

  7. Scott says:

    I thought Mellinger did a nice job in his twitter Tuesday column dismantling KK with his crowing about the Tejada “story.” I found that interesting since isn’t Sam being paid by 810 to appear now or am I confused?

    Here’s one quote:

    Kevin is claiming victory, and I guess that’s fine. But if you do this too often, you might end up reporting that Missouri is joining the Big 10.


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