OTC: Royals Might Have MLB’s Next Sidd Finch — For Real! / Does 610 Want To Be Goofs Or Great?

“After an outing like tonight (against Texas)…you kind of look foolish if you try to continue to hold your cards close to your chest. It’s the obvious. Everybody in Kansas City saw it today, and you know, it’s just, it’s obvious.”
Ned Yost, after the Royals’ 23-year-old pitcher, Yordano Ventura, dazzled against the Rangers for his fourth impressive outing in Arizona this spring and Yost acknowledged that he had won a spot in the Royals starting rotation and will pitch the Royals third game in Detroit, April 3rd, 610 AM

“Yordano Ventura is the size of a high school point guard with the fastball straight out of an exaggerated story about Bob Feller and, finally, he is officially in the Royals’ rotation. … He is the talk of the Cactus League, with a 102-mph fastball and jelly-kneeing curveball and a changeup that’s progressing very nicely. He is so talented, and so out-of-the-blue (he signed for about $50,000 out of the Dominican Republic) that in some ways the organization’s top priority here is in managing expectations.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: Is Ventura the Royals real-life Sidd Finch? When SI printed George Plimpton’s fictitious but oh-so-real-sounding story about the amazing exploits of Finch in their April Fools issue in 1985, both my former roommate and I believed every word of the Bunyan-esque tale. Re-reading Plimpton’s piece again today, (which by the way featured St. John’s Chris Mullin and Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing on the cover), I started to believe it was real all over again…

“I felt good and I was throwing a lot of strikes. Salvador Perez did a good job calling the game. I used to start off throwing hard right from when I was warming up. Tonight, I started off slower and built myself up. I’ve been working on that.”
Yordano Ventura, MLB.com
GH: Starting slow on the mound might be the only place the guy they are calling “Ace” Ventura gets a chance to put the brakes on his game. If he hits the scene like he has torched the Cactus League – where hitters dominate and pitchers pray for April – the Royals will be home to one of MLB’s brightest young phenoms. 

“It’s been 10 years (Greinke) since the Royals put a true pitching phenom on the mound. I’m going to enjoy this ride as long as it lasts.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

“Everyone loves a new pitching phenom… In terms of raw stuff and upside Ventura is one of the top handful of pitching prospects in all of baseball, so even as a Twins fan destined to watch him dominate my favorite team’s lineup for the next decade or so I’m really looking forward to watching him pitch every fifth day.”
Aaron Gleeman, nbcsports.com
GH: The next decade or so? Can you even imagine the Royals franchise producing a pitching prospect that could dominate the game for a decade AND STAY HERE? Sidd Finch makes more sense…but the thought does make me smile.

“(Mike Moustakas) has been great. What does it mean? Who the heck knows? It is encouraging at least.”
Andy McCollough, Royals beat writer, 810 AM

“He’s just smokin’ the ball…He had a great spring last year, but there’s a huge difference in the two.  Last year he was up there swinging, hacking. This year he’s up there w/ a real solid plan of attack…and that’s a big difference.”
Ned Yost, on Moustakas, via Josh Klingler on Twitter
GH: If you didn’t watch Moose last season it is difficult to convey how putrid he looked through July – after having a great camp in Arizona. Could the Moose be ready to fill his franchise-saving expectations? It is March – the month of hope. Somehow even the nastiest winters never kill the dream of baseball once spring has sprung.  

“I think it’s the SEC’s problem because they’re perceived as a football conference and they don’t do much to change that perception. So you’ve got to live with it, guys.”
Mike Pratt, Kentucky Wildcats basketball color analyst, in an interview with The Border Patrol, discussing why the SEC received only three NCAA bids, 810 AM
GH: Kentucky is about as far from being a football school as Kansas – but both are basketball bluebloods in conferences that crave football. The Big 12 is a power conference in both sports. The SEC treats basketball like it does cross country. And you know what? It probably doesn’t matter a dime to the SEC school’s budgets with their football money. This is the conference that Mizzou was unable to play well enough this season to make the NCAA tourney. 

“Auburn has reached an agreement with Bruce Pearl. He will be the Tigers’ next basketball coach, a source told @CBSSports.”
Gary Parrish, @GaryParrishCBS, Twitter
GH: Does this mean Auburn is taking basketball more seriously? I don’t think it says much for Auburn’s concern for integrity. 

“What concerns me is that (Bruce Weber’s) team is a very physical team and at times Kentucky is bothered by teams that play physical. Everybody talks about Wichita State and Kentucky – but I think Kentucky has their hands full in that first game (against K-State). I’m wary of Kansas State and the physicality that they can play defense with.”
Mike Pratt, 810 AM

“All those goofy-ass blogs out there just crushed these (Harrison twins) kids. And they weren’t mature enough to handle it.”
Mike Pratt, 810 AM
GH: Those damn goofy-ass blogs! We should expect 18-year-old kids to be able to handle guys like Frank Martin yelling at them, “Answer the fucking question, asshole!” But those goofy-ass blogs are just a joke… 

“Y BIG 12 fans r special. ISU fans applauded our players as they walked thru our hotel to the elevators. Class Act!!!! Great appreciated.”
Scott Drew, @BUDREW, Twitter
GH: Scott Drew handing out kudos to the Clones after Baylor dropped the Big 12 title game to ISU. Drew turned around what looked to be a no-win situation at Baylor and he just might do the same with his reputation.

“If you missed Jay Bilas, we’re gonna replay it coming up at 5:25. If you missed @bennyheis Joel Embiid song, it was awesome, that’s at 5:45.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: I heard both the Bilas interview – which I thought was excellent, and the new guy singing a song he wrote about Embiid – absolutely awful radio. Parkins and Harrison appear to not know what they want their show to be. They are not talented enough to be funny showman and they appear determined to prove it daily. 

To pass (Pete) Maravich for most points all-time, Doug McDermott needs to reach title game & avg 94 PPG in tourney.”
@ESPNCBB, Twitter
GH: So how many does McBuckets need if Creighton gets knocked out in the Elite Eight? 

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36 Responses to OTC: Royals Might Have MLB’s Next Sidd Finch — For Real! / Does 610 Want To Be Goofs Or Great?

  1. Kyle R says:

    In the list of untouchable sports records, Pistol Pete’s career scoring average has to be up there. 44 PPG in college basketball. 44. So many points that he set the career scoring mark in 3 years, while McDermott will have played about 50 more games without coming that close to the record.

    Dale Brown, former LSU coach, went back and watched a ton of Maravich tape and calculated that, with the 3-point line, his career average would have been 57 PPG. I’m not sure he’d really hit 13 3’s per game but 50 isn’t out of the question. Just astonishing numbers.

    • Jack Wagon says:

      I grew up in SE Texas and remember getting on the roof to turn our antenna so we could pick up the Lake Charles, LA TV station to watch Pistol Pete when he was @ LSU. We weren’t LSU fans much less big basketball fans but knew we were watching something special and we weren’t wrong. You always look at the star players from bygone eras and wonder if they could be stars today, Pistol Pete could have hung with any player of any era and given the 3-point line, wow, now that would have been fun to watch, baggy socks and all…

    • Greg Hall says:

      SI published a long article on Pistol Pete when he was at LSU and it detailed a number of his drills and how he developed his ball handling skills. I practiced each and everyone of those drills on the blacktop of our elementary school over and over and over. I never did become Maravich-like but I was pretty good at breaking a press with my (at that time) showboat behind-the-back dribble. Pete did things with a basketball in a game that no one had ever done or equaled.

  2. Gavin says:

    Auburn has a concern for integrity? Isn’t the unofficial motto of the SEC “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.”?

    I think the Pearl hire is a pretty good one. We know he can coach. If he can recruit (legally), he’ll make Auburn as relevant as they’ve been since Charles Barkley was a student there. I think he will behave himself scrupulously well and my guess is that Auburn will have him locked up tighter than a nun’s bunghole so that if there is any misconduct on his part, he gets dumped and gets no money at all. As long as he can overcome the short term negatives and recruit through it (and he’s been rebuilding his reputation on ESPN during his absence from coaching), this is a no-lose situation for Auburn.

    • PV_Pathfinder says:

      Mizzou may second guess their Faith in Haith if Pearl gets up and running in a season or two. Not only did they not hire him, he’s in their league. Good luck.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        When is Bruce Pearl’s show-cause issue expiring?

        • Gavin says:

          I heard a reference to him not being able to recruit off-campus through the summer because that’s how long it lasts, but I may have misheard it because I was multitasking at the time.

    • artemmis says:

      Bruce Pearl is just SUCH a sleazy – d-bag – weasel looking kinda guy–

      woulda been a PERFECT fit for Mizzou!

      Haith just waay too much of an average, regular everyday looking dude for the Tigers.

  3. GB says:

    Parkins show is just so bad. Everyone’s show has parts that are not great and get off topic but 5:45p is not the time to not only play something this bad but to re-play it from earlier in the day? Might want to hide terrible radio like this at 3:52p leading into the top of the hour. Also, Parkins is king of trolling giving KK crap for replaying segments. Hey dipshit they only replay in the bonus hour at 6p. Re-playing this crap again in the 5p prime drive slot for advertisers is the reason these 2 morons will be gone like all the previous 610 slack jaws.

  4. Renton says:

    If Parkins and Harrison were as funny as they think they are, the show would be pretty good. Harrison is much more tolerable when he’s been paired on air with other people.

    Wonder if things might be better for all the shows on 610 if they re-arranged some of the on-air pairings?

  5. Jim says:

    My deck, watching the boys in blue play on the flatscreen with my wireless cable box, some wings that I rubbed earlier that morning on the smoker and sharing a few frosty Budweisers with my sports-obsessed woman. That’s a complete Tuesday night. Damn, let’s get this baseball season started. But……….bring on The Dance first.

  6. geoknows says:

    Ventura’s signing bonus was nowhere near $50 grand. Mellinger should have gotten off his arse and looked it up before writing that; it’s not hard to find. It was $28,000.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Since most big time prospects get more than a million to sign, I’d say 50k is pretty close to 28k.

  7. JP says:

    Are we saying the Royals outfoxed the rest of Baseball in getting Ventura signed and into a Royals uniform? If they did, good for us. I look forward to having Ace Ventura on the mound. He may end up being a difference maker for the boys in blue this year. I’m still pessimistic but I want to believe. It was nice seeing a Spring Training ballgame last night. Hope they telecast more as we get closer to the season.

    As for Moose, I’ll believe it when I see it when the games really count. We’ve seen this act before and I hope it isn’t a prelude to a low 200 BA through June.

    • BlackJack says:

      I would say I believe it when I see about the entire Spring Training games. Remember, the Royals are perennial Cactus League champs, then run around and everyhting is completely different once the real games start.

      Once the other team is really trying to win, and Moose is still mashing, and Ventura is still doing his young Pedro impression then I’ll start paying attention

    • Kyle says:

      ACE VENTURA. Yes!!

  8. Brummy says:

    Kentucky is a top 20 recruiting school in FB which doesn’t compare to KU.

  9. Hammy says:

    Couldn’t disagree about Danny and Cdot more. Their show is irreverent and funny. Something that you tried at 810. You sound like an old man, man.

    • GB says:

      They really showed it today in the 4p hour the first 50 minutes they did the following:

      -Talked about what Ace Ventura clips to play on the Jumbo-tron after Yordano Ventura has a strikeout. They spent like 25 minutes discussing this, absolutely terrible radio.

      -Came back from the next break and talked about the movie Friday and then discussed the missing airplane…on a sports station..even worse radio.

      -Last segment they finally talked about something sports related and it was Auburn’s new coach Bruce Pearl.

      Man they must be so underpaid for the drive time slot they have is the only way they can still have a job?

      I’m sure you like them and somehow think they’re funny but wow are they just terrible.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I not only do I sound old, I AM old. I do think that P&C appeal to a specific audience, I just don’t think that audience is big enough to make a difference. Too often broadcast talent listen only to their fans but refuse to also listen to their critics. From many of Parkins’ comments and actions, he appears to to fit this description.

  10. Steve says:

    I’d take Bruce Pearl in a heartbeat at Mizzou. So he had Aaron Craft over for a picnic and lied. Only difference between him and all other college coaches if he got caught. Guy can coach. Look at Tennessee’s record with and without him.

  11. Rick says:

    All the shows on 610 are directionless and unfunny…and that’s just their idiotic sports takes. Why are they trying to be comedians?! NONE of them are funny. Especially Bob Fescoe and his stupid Top 10 list. That thing has NEVER been funny. They need to re-name that mid-day show “RAMBLINGS ABOUT FOOD With the Fat Rambling Guy and the No-Personality Guy from Out-of-Town.” That show is a dumpster fire. And that new Ben Heisleman guy’s voice sounds like a 12 year old girl. Might not want to let him speak on air. Reshuffling the lineups? Didn’t they already try that? Time to put that radio station out of its misery.

    • Tim says:

      I used to think the Florida Marlins winning 2 World Series was odd, but how has 610 got people “promoted” to bigger cities? Wright to Houston, Franz to Phoenix, Sherif to Dallas, Rogers to Miami, and DA to CBS Sports? Oh almost forgot, Roger Twibell to Robin Nigro Academy.

      • JP says:

        Don’t forget the legendary (in his mind) Holden Kushner to Washington, DC sports radio as well.

  12. Gassedup says:

    What is the over and under on the Royals screwing up this young pitcher’s arm?

    There’s got to be a young Ed Hearn out there we could trade him for.

  13. Steven says:

    3 of the first 6 posts are from Kyle and Gavin. Guys, can’t you take a hint? OTC is not about you. I have kept my opinions to myself while everyone has been ripping you, but it’s time I weighed in and join the group of people telling you to give it a break!

    Do you really have to comment on everything!!!

  14. Harold says:

    You read my mind Steven! Take a break boys.

  15. The Independent Rage says:

    If not for goofy-ass blogs, how would many of us out here maintain our sanity?

  16. Kansas Marine says:

    610 afternoon programming has as much to do with Kietzman’s success as Between the Lines. If he’s ever presented with actual competition you may see Kevin change his ways.

  17. Big D in the O says:

    GH: Those damn goofy-ass blogs! We should expect 18-year-old kids to be able to handle guys like Frank Martin yelling at them, “Answer the fucking question, asshole!” But those goofy-ass blogs are just a joke…

    C’mon…you sound a lil thin skinned on this one. Two entirely different things.They have had their asses chewed repeatedly by coaches. But to hear the amount of negative feedback that the internet provides from all those folks that once praised them for committing to UK is probably a different kind of battery. And seemingly coming from all directions. As plugged in as these kids are, I can’t imagine it.

    Of course, turn it around and the love they get is equally unimaginable.

    • Greg Hall says:

      D, My point was not to prop up the many goofy-ass blogs out there (mine being one of them) but rather to point out that guys like Pratt, the Kentucky radio analyst, will shoot down no-name bloggers but rarely go after a maniac millionaire coach — who can do far more harm to an impressionable college kid.

  18. Smith says:

    I don’t know who the fuggity fug @bennyheis is but according to him on his twitter bio:

    “I brings the ruckus…”

  19. Jake says:


    I think Lake is by far the best host on 610. The only one articulate and down to earth. He should do the Drive all by himself.

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