OTC: Royals Miss Opportunity To Show Yost’s Human Side / Star’s Gregorian Disappointing So Far

“I was more nervous than I’ve been all year long wanting to win that game (Saturday) so we could celebrate this in the right fashion. We were gonna celebrate this — win, lose or draw. It is such a special accomplishment… Thinking about these two guys and how special they are not only to me and to our organization and to this city, I was almost overwhelmed a couple of times during the game.”
Ned Yost, on knowing but not being able to tell Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez they had been selected as All Stars prior to Saturday’s 4-3 win over Oakland, Kansas City Star
GH: We rarely see much emotion from Yost except his gruff, grumpy reaction to the media and their questions. It says something about the Royals’ manager that his public persona has been formed by his demeaning responses to WHB’s Nate Bukaty.

“In 10 years of doing this, I’ve never not gotten emotional.”
Ned Yost, on becoming emotional as he announced to the team that Gordon and Perez had made the All-Star team, Kansas City Star
GH: Last July Fox Sports was allowed to capture Yost’s speech to his team when Billy Butler was selected to represent the Royals in Kansas City’s All-Star game. It was a rare look at Yost being more than a cold, arrogant baseball lifer. Click here to watch the video from last season.

“Cameras were not allowed in (the Royals’ locker room) this year like they were last year.”
Nate Bukaty, on there not being any video of Yost announcing Alex Gordon’s and Salvador Perez’s selection to the All-Star game, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty’s choice of words here are telling. “Cameras were not allowed…” Bukaty explained that the reason there was video of Yost talking to his team last year when he announced Butler’s selection was because the All-Star game was in Kansas City. So did the Royals not allow cameras this year? And why not? This is a franchise that needs all the feel-good stories it can muster.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be (involved) with five All-Star games. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
Ned Yost, 810 AM
GH: Kind of sounds like a five-times-in-a-life experience, Ned.

“Major league baseball is as dying a sport as we’ve ever seen! It’s dying!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe made the comment that NFL.com’s online tournament to pick the best all-time NFL jersey has captured the attention of more fans than MLB. What was disappointing about Fescoe’s rant was not his inane comment (of which we are well accustomed), but the fact that his cohost, Josh Klingler, barely challenged Fescoe’s nonsense. Here are some quick facts. MLB has 30 teams that play 162 games. 17 teams are averaging 31,000 in attendance or more through this week. All but four average 21,000 or more. The worst attendance is in Miami with 17,196. The Royals are averaging just under 22,000 this season – and haven’t made the postseason since 1985! I continue to be blown away by how many people go to MLB games every night. A standing-room-only ticket for a Twins game is $25 – and that’s for no seat! It might be time for Fescoe to take another vacation.

“As for what (Eric Hosmer’s) done with (George) Brett and (Pedro) Grifol, Hosmer vaguely explains, ‘We’ve installed an approach that we stick to every day and a routine that we’ve created and stick to, so that basically when you’re in the box you let all the work you’ve done and all the talent take over.’ That doesn’t explain much, which is perhaps testimony to it all still feeling like a work in progress. Maybe getting his groove back is too fresh or fragile to potentially jinx or subject to possible paralysis by analysis.”
Vahe Gregorian, Kansas City Star
GH: I am still trying to get a feel for Gregorian’s style as a columnist. His “column” on Hosmer in Monday’s Kansas City Star and his column on Davis Lough Sunday and Woody Widenhofer on Wednesday read more like feature stories than columns. That’s okay if The Star wants Gregorian to write in-depth feel-good JoPo-lite columns. But Vahe isn’t near the storyteller that JoPo was and is. I believe your sports columnist should be a reason you don’t want to miss reading the morning newspaper. He/she should be the catalyst for office conversation on their column topic. Am I picking on Gregorian? Yeah. I expected more. A lot more.

“I don’t think you’re going to get much for (Ervin Santana) I’d probably just hold onto him and roll the dice.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: If Gregorian wants a column topic to sink his keyboard into and take a side – the trade-or-keep Ervin Santana discussion is a good one. If I was Dayton Moore I would keep Santana and see if the right hander could save my job. If I was David Glass, I’d be telling Moore to shop him over the All-Star break and get me a couple of power-hitting prospects. Wonder what Vahe thinks the Royals should do?

Mike Sweeney lounges with Dick Kaegel

“(Dick Kaegel) doesn’t want to talk to the broadcast people. He’ll make little digs at sport talk radio people. … If people are asking too many questions he’ll kind of roll his eyes and huff. For the most part I leave Dick alone and he leaves me alone.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Dick Kaegel, the 73-year-old Royals’ beat writer for MLB.com, isn’t just old school. He was in class before moveable type. I’ve always liked Kaegel but he’s about as relative to today’s sports media as ticker tape. If anyone’s questions deserve an eye roll and a huff, it’s Kaegel’s fluffy donuts.

“Here’s the good thing about today’s game, no players have been stabbed and none of the umpires have had their head chopped off.”
Mike McCartney, @mikemccartneykc, PA voice at The K, on the Royals 10-4 loss to Oakland Sunday, Twitter
GH: Did you read about or see the video of the Brazilian soccer referee who stabbed a player to death and then was chopped into pieces and beheaded by fans? Sports and religion – some people need a bit more of a healthy perspective when it comes to both.

“Max Scherzer goes for win 14 tonight vs CLE. Tribe hitting .143 in two starts vs Scherzer this year with 14 Ks, 1 walk.”
Dave Matter, @Dave_Matter, on the former Mizzou hurler’s pursuit of a 14-0 start, Twitter
GH: Clemens and Scherzer. Kind of a cacthy ring to it…

“Media applaud (Andy) Murray as he walks into interview room.”
Greg Couch, writer, @gregcouch, on the media reaction to the men’s champion at Wimbledon, Twitter
GH: Is it proper for the media covering an athlete or event to applaud in a post-game press conference? No. But even the media are human. And the human side of anyone is something that cannot be governed by what you learned at Syracuse or Mizzou.

“I really like the ‘over’ on Kansas this year. I think they win five games this year. Maybe six. I think they not only get one conference win but two conference wins.”
Soren Petro, on his optimism about Charlie Weis’ Jayhawks this season, 810 AM
GH: Five wins by KU football would be a lot. Six wins and a bowl bid would have thoughts of Mangino dancing in Jayhawk fans’ heads. (Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!)

“I’m going to say this again. You better watch out if you get rid of Gary Pinkel (at Missouri). Better watch out for what you wish for.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Wasn’t it Kietzman who was warning KU football fans about their criticism of Turner Gill? Pinkel will need to get to a bowl game this season or his motorcycle seat is going to be SEC hot. Mizzou is not spending all this cash on their stadium and facilities to end their football season at Thanksgiving every fall.

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47 Responses to OTC: Royals Miss Opportunity To Show Yost’s Human Side / Star’s Gregorian Disappointing So Far

  1. BlackJack says:

    To Cletus: Agreed. I liken football as like a Michael Bay movie – appealing to lowest common denominator, and alot of fans watch mainly for the pageantry that surrounds it – Hard hits, beer, nachos, and TV sound effects. The fact that the plays of action are distilled down in bite-sized, 5 second segments is perfect for shorter attention spans.

    On the other hand, baseball (and to a lesser extent, soccer) is more like an art-house flick, appreciating the intangibles, the style matchups, and having more patience to pay attention to the nuances.

    Not trying to put-down football – each sports has their place..

  2. Ultimate Dude says:

    ShoDon’t read the paper, dont care. Writers never impressed me or made me feel like I needed their opinion in order to follow a sports team. I’ve always believed if you played the sports you follow and watch every game, you don’t really need any other persons opinions or observations to form your own. Unless you’re just dying to know a player’s favorite color, what ghetto he grew up in, or if he is saving himself for marriage, it doesn’t matter.

    I’m interested in why bicycle riders feel the need to find the hilliest, most narrow winding road with no shoulder, to ride on. Common sense is running ramped in our society. The legislators that decided that 20 lbs of aluminum belong on the same road and in the path of 5,000+ lb vehicles should be shot. Get them onto the sidewalk. They don’t obey the laws of the road like they’re supposed to, anyways.

  3. The Smartman says:

    Off topic but absolutely brilliant. 55 year old dude passed away in Cleveland. Browns fan, lifelong season ticket holder. In his obit he asked that the Browns provide 6 pall bearers so they can let him down one last time.

  4. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Fescoe may have overstated it a tad. It seems like new parks and winning really affect attendance. If you like reading spreadsheets (which I do) the link pasted below gives you a pretty good idea how things are going in MLB.


  5. BlackJack says:

    Kyle, I cannot attest to the games you have been to since I may not have been to them myself. Sporting Park is universally acclaimed as being the one of the top 2-3 best atmospheres in a stadium in MLS. Whenever I have gone the atmosphere is easily better than The K, and rivals Arrowhead, pound for pound. SKC fans travel as well as any of our other local sports fans. More than 400+ fans made the road trip to Chicago for the game on Sunday. How often does that happen for Royals or Chiefs home games. What you may be referring to as far as noise and chants declining is the “wine and cheese” factor, which Arrowhead also experienced in the mid/late ’90′s. More fans than ever are attending the game, but an increasing portion of the attendees are there more because it is the hip place to be, and not so much that they are rabid SKC fans. That is to be expected, as it happens everywhere.

    I will give you that the games do not draw near the TV audience of the Royals. However, the TV ratings are growing. More and more games are being shown on ESPN prime time, and NBC Sports than ever before. Whenever I go to local sports bars to watch the SKC game (depending on the timing, and location) there are usually dozens of other people there watching the game as well.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Don’t get me wrong – I love the place and am rooting for SKC to succeed. I don’t disagree with anything you said either – it is growing and the 2014 World Cup is the next chance for soccer to make a monumental leap in popularity, and finally stop being just a sport kids play and adults ignore.

  6. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    I’ve read Vahe for awhile now. He was more of a feature guy at the Post-Dispatch who kind of got shoveled into the Mizzou beat when the PD didn’t replace their last Mizzou beat writer, who’s name is escaping me right now. He was never officially on the “beat” for Mizzou, but since he is a Mizzou grad (grad school) he pretty much got the beat job by default.

    I can’t recall him ever writing a column before. As mentioned, most of his stories prior to covering Mizzou were more of the feature variety and I think that is showing up in his work so far. Hopefully he gets a handle on it soon.

    His replacement at the Post-Dispatch is none other than Dave Matter, formally of the Columbia Daily Tribune. Mizzou fans know mostly of Matter from his excellent work covering the football team, especially his blogs. Matter is worth checking out for all Mizzou fans as is Terez Paylor, who I have enjoyed reading.