OTC: Royals On Verge Of Securing Playoff Spot / Mizzou Embarrassed By B1G’s Indiana

“Biggest win in 29 years. Pressure all on the Indians these last two games of series. #Royals now just need 3 or 4 wins to make playoffs.”
Jeffrey Flanagan, @jflanagankc, after the Royals 2-0 win in Cleveland Monday night, Twitter
GH: Get used to it, folks. Every Royals win this week will top the last. This is a pennant race. Somebody wake up Ned and tell him.

“We think this place will be pretty cool in October. We’re all dying to see it.”
Eric Hosmer, via a tweet from Andy McCullough, on Hosmer talking about postseason play at The K, Twitter

“We want to go to the postseason really, really bad!”
Greg Holland, while being interviewed Monday night by Joel Goldberg following the Royals win in Cleveland, Fox Sports KC GH: I got a tweet from a Royals fan last night responding to Holland’s comment by saying, “I love it when these guys talk like this!” Here is an idea for the Royals PR staff – have Holland fill in the rest of the season for Yost in the pre- and postgame pressers.

“Technically, Terrance Gore just scored a run in a game that started before he made his official MLB debut”
@BHIndepMO, after the Royals rookie scored in the tenth inning of the resumed game Monday night, Twitter GH: Somebody get Doc Brown on the shoe phone.

“Alex Gordon is having one of the worst months of his career at a rather inopportune time.
Dirk Chatelain, @dirkchatelain, sports columnist for the Omaha World Herald, Twitter
GH: Wow. Gordon is more up and down than that new ride at World’s of Fun. In August he was Babe Ruth. In September he’s been just Aunt Ruth. Time to turn it on, Alex.

“Wait 27 years, and you’re liable to see anything from Indiana University football. The (Missouri) Tigers (3-1) were the highest-ranked team beaten by Indiana on the road since a 31-10 victory at Ohio State in 1987. Indiana had lost 36 in a row on the road against Top 20 opponents.”
David Woods, writer, after Mizzou was upset 31-27by the Hoosier Saturday at Faurot, Indianapolis Star
GH: Loosing to Indiana the week after they dropped a game to Bowling Green (the same BG that was bounced 68-17 by Wisconsin on Saturday) is embarrassing. Losing to Indiana in Columbia the week before you head to South Carolina to be part of ESPN’s GameDay experience is about as life-sucking as a regular-season loss can get.

“The defending SEC East champion lost to a 5-7 Big Ten team from last season. It’s the Big Ten’s first win against a ranked Power 5 conference team this season. Indiana had lost 18 straight games against ranked opponents heading into Saturday’s game. The Hoosiers allowed 571 rushing yards in a 45-42 loss to Bowling Green last week, a team that allowed 756 total yards and 646 rushing yards in a 68-17 loss to Wisconsin on Saturday. How does the transitive property work here? Isn’t college football fun?”
Bill Bender, writer, sportingnews.com
GH: When Indiana took an early lead in this game I saw a tweet from a reporter who regularly covers the Tigers that read something like, “that embarrassing moment when Indiana led Missouri.” I thought at the time that kind of entitlement attitude has haunted Missouri sports for decades. Yes, Mizzou should have beaten Indian by three touchdowns. But when you are down on game day, that is not the time to be making light of your opponent.

“Yeah, I wish we would have called (the time out) sooner. It was a communication breakdown. It was my fault. I wish we would have called it sooner.”
Gary Pinkel, when asked why he waited about 20 seconds to call timeout when Indiana was driving inside the MU five-yard line to preserve some time for the Tigers’ final drive, 810 AM
GH: Pinkel seems to freeze at time when it comes to sideline decision making. This was coaching 101 stupid. You HAVE to be on top of the game enough to be aware of the clock. A communication breakdown? What kind of an excuse is this from a guy making $3 million a year? Who did he need to communicate with to call time out – beside the referee??? It was just mind-numbingly ridiculous to blow 20 seconds of clock at this point in the game.

“Throw it to the end zone! That was horrible! Horrible! You’ve got three good receivers and a gigantic tight end. Throw it up there!”
Steven St. John, on MU’s final play of the game from midfield being a 16-yard pass to Indiana’s 32-yard line to end the game, 810 AM
GH: Gary Pinkel was the topic for much of my 17-mile run Sunday morning with both MU and KU fans. Pinkel is never going to be confused with Bill Snyder. Pinkel is a fabulous recruiter who gets a lot out of great talent but has never been able to get it together enough to win a conference title. Snyder is a genius at preparing his teams of mostly ordinary talent and rarely loses to any team inferior to his. Both are getting the job done but each in far different ways.

“Mizzou… I don’t know what to say, other than that guy who made really poor decisions today is also going to win you some great games too.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: Carpenter could have been talking about Pinkel but I’m pretty sure he meant Maty Mauk. I didn’t think Mauk was the problem in this game. Sure, he threw a bad pick coming out of the half but all quarterbacks are going to screw up occasionally. Mauk has been next to amazing for most of this season. Mizzou is lucky to have him as they get ready for the SEC. It will be Pinkel’s job to reign in his decision making.

“Missouri OL coach AJ Ricker compared Boehm’s snaps problem to Chuck Knoblauch’s issues throwing to 1B. ‘It’s just a mental block.’”
Dave Matter, @Dave_Matter, Twitter
GH: Those mental blocks can be pretty real, as Knoblauch knows. Hoping Big Boehm can shake the shivers Saturday in that other Columbia.

“Every team is SEC least has a loss? What?”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: KK would really impress me if he opened his interview with Gary Pinkel with this snide “SEC Least” comment. But I’m sure he will be verbally slapping Pinkel on the back during his interview.

“Chance for redemption on the big stage RT @McMurphyESPN: [email protected] headed to Columbia, S.C. for Mizzou at South Carolina.”
TJ Moe, @TJMoe28, former Mizzou wide receiver, Twitter
GH: How do you erase the acrid taste of a home loss to Indiana? By beating South Carolina on ESPN the next week. CFB is like that when it comes to week-to-week perceptions. Just ask the Big Ten.

“You can’t blame me if I mistakenly call @MizzouFootball TE Sean Culkin THOR at some point during our game this week.”
Holly Rowe, @sportsiren, who will be on the sidelines for ESPN Saturday night at South Carolina, Twitter
GH: Mizzou gets to be on the big stage a week after their boo at the Zou. It will be interesting to see how the Tigers react.

“I probably won’t get over the loss (to Auburn) until we win another game. Man, those SEC people will salt the wound!”
Ryan Lilja, former K-State player, mentioning a salty Tiger-tail-wearing neighbor who was an Auburn fan, 610 AM
GH: K-State’s loss to Auburn does the opposite to their prestige of what MU losing to Indiana does to the Tigers. K-State is now thought to be a real contender for the Big 12 crown. I will be watching with great interest what happens in Ames on Saturday when Baylor comes to visit. Could it be that the Cyclones are actually good?

“That’s just part of the game. It’s not quote unquote ‘stealing.’”
Bill Snyder, attempting to clarify his comments that seemed to accuse Auburn of stealing signs, 810 AM
GH: A lot has been made of Snyder’s comment but mostly by those who are not fans of HCBS and his Cats. Too much in my opinion.

“The Chiefs are right back in this thing, dude. They’re playing better every week.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: How about Andy Reid, John Dorsey and their Chiefs having one of their most important wins in Miami during in their short time here in KC? That wakes everybody back up and should make Arrowhead a house for crazed dogs Monday night against the Pats.

“The Chiefs may be 1-2, but their celebrations are elite.”
Austin Earl, @austinearly13, after Travis Kelce and Tyler Gray went TMZ on their TD celebrations, Twitter

“Cyrus Gray just got a few spectators pregnant with that TD celebration dance.”
Jared Carter, @JaredLCarter, Twitter GH: Gray proceeded to whip his pony at the Dolphins crowd after his TD jaunt. But he did it in such a way that he could have received the NFL’s first 15-yarder for obscenity. I would love to see the video of these guys practicing this trash.

“I’m at the age now where I’d be fine if the NFL outlawed all TD celebrations. These dudes should be ejected for some of this shit!”
@MeMyselfSoSly, Twitter
GH: No one is that old, Sly.

“They’re really struggling on offense to find their way. In 34 drives, they’ve only scored five touchdowns? How about that? They have no explosive players who play outside the numbers. … They can’t protect the quarterback. Tom Brady’s not going to leave the pocket.”
Herm Edwards, when asked to evaluate New England, 810 AM
GH: Monday night at CamaroHead is gonna be wild – especially if the Royals are playing in a tie-breaker game that night.

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40 Responses to OTC: Royals On Verge Of Securing Playoff Spot / Mizzou Embarrassed By B1G’s Indiana

  1. Phaedrus says:

    What race are you training for Greg?

    Oh yeah, and fire Ned Yost.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Running the Longview Lake half November 15 and then the Memphis St. Jude Marathon in December. Looking forward to Beale Street and some dry-rub ribs.

      • MT says:

        I’m with you on the dry rub for the bbq. While I’m a fan of all things KC in the smoked meat arena, that Memphis stuff would probably be my preference.

  2. Gavin says:

    I don’t think anyone expects Kietzman to repeat any of his “SEC Least” comments to Pinkel because Kietzman is a punk-ass little bitch. What always surprises me is that no one ever calls Kietzman on this stuff even when he doesn’t re-mention it himself. I mean, you KNOW Pinkel has heard this stuff, right? Why has he never said “Key, Kevin, I know what you called my league. Why do you never say that stuff to my face?” Practically every sports personality in the region has had some weak-ass shade thrown his way by Kietzman, but it seems none of them ever call him on it. Why is that?

    • John says:

      The people who attempt to call out KK are blocked on twitter or immediately hung up on during his show. I suppose when you are one of the owners you can do that.

      • Gavin says:

        I understand that’s how he treats the unwashed masses, but I don’t think he could get away with treating someone like Pinkel in that fashion. Too big a name and too many people would call him out for it. Imagine him hanging up on people because he didn’t like the fact that they quoted him back to himself. Good luck getting future guests to come on if the whole show is just agreeing with him.

      • Jim says:

        Do you honestly believe that Pinkel gives two shits what KK says or does, Gavin? Come on. Why waste a single second of your life to call him out. To say KK is irrelevant in the grand scheme of all things MU and SEC is a huge understatement. Opinions of sheep versus wolves, as they say.

        • Gavin says:

          Okay. That’s a fair point and it’s reasonable to think that Pinkel has zero fucks to give about Kietzman’s opinion. But he clearly cares enough to keep going on Ketzman’s air. Of course there’s a publicity value to those appearances, so maybe that’s all the motivation he needs.

          But set aside Pinkel. After decades of doing the same thing, I don’t recall ANYONE ever calling Kietzman out on his bullshit. Surely at some point Kietzman needled SOMEONE who was pissed by whatever he may have said, even if Pinkel can’t find a shit to give.

          • JHawkScott says:

            Pioli made fun of him for his view on giving up loads of draft picks for Manning comment. Not quite what you’re suggesting, but he at least called out the stupidity. Of course, Kietzman made hay out of that one for months.

            • Gavin says:

              What I’m saying is that I don’t understand why no one ever calls him out for being a two faced little bitch. Kietzman says one thing on the air but out of earshot of somebody and then he comes back the next day and is interviewing at same somebody has complete buddies with him. Why doesn’t somebody ever say ” Kevin I know you said this about me, what do you mean by that? Let’s have a talk.”

              Pioli did ridicule him, but that’s not the same thing is using his own words against him when he’s clearly acting one way one day and another way a different day.

              • Phaedrus says:

                It’s more trouble than it’s worth. What’s Pinkel gain by doing that? I’m sure He (or anyone else in his position) views his chats with KK as an annoying part of his job. He probably just wants to get them over with and move on to more important stuff.

                In the whole scheme of things, KK is a nobody.

                • Gavin says:

                  Yeah, you’re right Phaedrus. I just want someone to shut down KK’s ridiculous shit, but he really is a nobody shit-stirrer. Which means he’s the kind of guy who bugs the hell out of me, but other people can get over that kind of thing more easily than can I.

              • Kyle R says:

                Exactly. Just like how John Calipari called back in to Mike Francesca’s show when Mike did the same crap KK always does: http://deadspin.com/john-calipari-called-into-mike-francesas-show-to-yell-a-1625101647

                • Old Man Kissel says:

                  HA HA HA…Pinkel or any other sports personality wouldn’t have the backdone to try that with KK.

                  Remember Pi…ERRR…I mean Egoli? After his Manning comment Egioli became the joke of the city. KK threw him around like a ragdoll until the day he was fired.

                  KK is the King of sports talk in the region. DEAL WITH IT!!!

                  810 scoops 610 once again.

          • Babe Ruthless says:

            Pinkel will continue to call in to KK as long as the checks clear.

            • Juan Pablo says:

              May be true, I am not sure if MU pays 810 to have Pinkel on the show to have someone talking about MU in KC, or if 810 pays Piinkle/MU anything.
              MU has always had trouble getting their games on the radio in KC, is there a Pinkel coach show on in KC. ???

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    MU has been recruiting at the rock bottom of the SEC for the last three years.It is starting to show. They have not made the adjustment to the SEC. It will be going downhill from now on unless they figure out how to recruit and get a head coach that does not choke in games.

    MU’s year is already over, nothing but another lower level bowl game for MU again.Maybe next year,

    • red fred says:

      And how’s football in Lawrence? The sights of a lower level bowl games don’t appear to be anywhere near KU. That loss by Mizzou would have been a program changer for KU. Probably need to keep a cork in it till basketball season, Pablo.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        How did you like KU football bumping MU off its radio station ,, The Royals had a game so they put KU on 980 the MU radio station and sent MU game to some unknown station.
        Just shows you KC is a KU town.

        Have no idea what KU has to do with MU choke job vs Indiana and poor recruiting.

    • Matt says:

      Wow, that was a very poor trolling effort on your part.

  4. Matt says:

    Greg, Missouri’s homecoming was not against Indiana.

  5. Royals Free Out says:

    This weekend wasn’t Homecoming at MU.

    It was a trainwreck, but thankfully it wasn’t Homecoming.

  6. Ben B says:

    The Indiana game was not homecoming.

  7. Kyle says:

    Hey Greg, it was NOT homecoming last weekend. Just wanted to make sure you were aware.

  8. Gavin says:

    Greg, I’m a KU fan and even I know that the Indiana game was not homecoming for Mizzou.

  9. P says:

    Hey Greg, it was not homecoming at MU this weekend, just an FYI, in case no one else told ya.

  10. Richard Cranium says:

    Heard somewhere the slavers didn’t have homecoming this weekend.

  11. Wait Staff says:

    Just turned on 810 (320p Tuesday)…

    Big surprise, KK was singing Billy’s praises (and Yost’s incompetence) and bagging on Gordon. He is so predictable. Granted this is topical, but the 100 times before not so much and that’s why it is so tiring.

    Nothing like a small business owner that has to answer to no one. And before anyone says the advertisers, KK’s show is only a slice of 810’s pie and isn’t solely responsible for 810’s success.

  12. Old Man Kissel says:

    HA HA HA HA HA, the haters are in full force over a briliant comment KK made over the weekend.

    KK is the king of sports talk in the region. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    810 scoops 610 once again…

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Just because a bunch of old people listen to KK does not make him the king.. I am sure other radio stations only dream they had huge advertising accounts like Buck roofing.

  13. Kerouac says:

    “I’m at the age now where I’d be fine if the NFL outlawed all TD celebrations. These dudes should be ejected for some of this shit!” ~ @MeMyselfSoSly, Twitter (GH: No one is that old, Sly)

    – ditto, MMSS…the gridiron has become a zoo, circus and litter-box for epileptic peacocks. Give me a Lombardi and his 1960’s Packers instead. Nod ‘act like you’ve been there before’: ‘great taste’ (as in more football), less filling (the mustard-imbued prima donnas’.)

    “The Chiefs are right back in this thing, dude. They’re playing better every week.” ~ Nate Bukaty, 810 AM”

    – famous last words for $500 “dude”- er, Alex. Avoided starting 0-3 (death knell post season hopes) and we’re right back in it? ‘Bend it like Beckham’, when the Chiefs lose to NE Monday Night, they’ll be 1-3, or the same as if they’d started 0-3, then won in week 4. Only difference – but 12 remaining instead 13 games. Here in KC, we spell fuzzy math “y-e-a-h b-u-t, y-e-a-h b-u-t!”

  14. Notme says:

    Ugh. KK guaranteed the Royals make the playoffs on his today. They are officially doomed to go 1-5 over the remaining games and lose the wildcard spot to Seattle.

  15. Kietz wants A hummer. says:

    I stopped listening to KK long ago. What a bullshit artist. His on air buddies giving him handjobs during the show is no way to be entertaining. Greg Hall is right, putting someone opposite him disagreeing with him would be entertaining.

    Fescoe is about as annoying. Defending Yost at every turn. Give me a god damn break you Yankee loving New Jersey bastard.

  16. Uncle Mo says:

    I’d look for a one game tiebreaker for the Royals to be scheduled in the afternoon on Monday–for obvious reasons.

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