OTC: Royals Prove To Be YostBusters W/ Comeback Win Over A’s For The Ages

“If you could encapsulate this entire Royals season into one game it would literally be exactly that game. Wow.”
Jeff Herr, @TheJeffReport, after the Royals overcame all odds and their oddball manager Tuesday night to beat Jon Lester and Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s 9-8 in 12 innings at one of America’s greatest sports palaces, Kauffman Stadium, Twitter
GH: This game appeared over in the first when Shields gave up the two-run shot to Moss. It was definitely over in the sixth when Ned Yost certified his insanity by inserting Yordano Ventura on one day’s rest to give up a three-run Moss bomb to put the A’s up 5-3. At 7-3 in the eight, none of us thought it was going to happen. None of them as well. This game was over. And then it was not. Oh, most assuredly it was not. Read on.

“After 62 years in baseball, Art Stewart says the Don Larsen (perfect World Series) game is the best he’s ever seen. But tonight: ‘This was just different.’”
Rustin Dodd, @rustindodd, Twitter
GH: The Don Larsen perfect game was in 1956. It happened in a black-and-white universe. 60 years later what happened at The K Tuesday night will live just as long here in our Cowtown. And it was special enough to maybe  even spark memories where oceans roll and mountains soar.  

“It is entirely possible that this old stadium has never rocked like it rocked at 11:53 on a gorgeous autumn night here. Maybe you have to have lived it to feel it, the teary bedlam of watching the team that’s let you down year after year paying it all back in one crazy night that Royals fans will be telling their kids and grandkids about. Kansas City deserved this, every bit of it, and the tears would’ve come however it happened but who could’ve imagined this? The Royals beat the A’s 9-8 in a 12-inning American League Wild Card game Tuesday in front of 40,502 people, many of whom have invested more emotions and money into a baseball team than would be recommended.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Here is a link to Sam’s column on kansascity.com. The Star has dropped the paywall for today so everyone can enjoy their coverage of the Royals first playoff win since 1985. Might I suggest they keep that wall down during the Royals improbable postseason run – for however long that lasts?

“I openly sobbed outside a bar in Carolina Beach NC. I didn’t get asked questions 4-5 people came out and hugged me – they knew.”
Shaker Pepper, @shakepepper, life-long Royals fan, Twitter

“One of the best days of my life. Son & I driving 700 miles today. He has school in 6 hours. Son: I’m a Royals fan for life.”
Chris Earl, @chrisearl9, KC-area native news anchor for KCRG TV9 in Cedar Rapids, IA, Twitter

“Don’t know how this ends, but everyone on my timeline is a Royals fan tonight…and it feels…timeless.”
Jon Miller, Iowa sports writer, @HawkeyeNation, as the A’s/Royals game rolled on into the night, Twitter

“We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We’d like to hear the @Royals clinch this.”
@kcpolice, Twitter
GH: This tweet was replayed on ESPN and just about every national sports Twitter account I follow. A tip of the lid to our other Boys in Blue here in KC.  BTW, my 17-year-old son could not stop smiling after reading this tweet.

“I want to tell you right now, this crowd was unbelievable tonight. This crowd was epic!” James Shields, in a postgame interview with Joel Goldberg, Fox Sports KC
GH: How loud was The K? People in Waldo said they could hear it. I’m pretty sure there were some folks in Oakland whose ears were ringing as well.

“There were times during the game where you couldn’t even hear the guy next to you talk. There wouldn’t have been anyway we could have come back with the fans and without them behind us.”
Luke Hochevar, in a postgame interview with Joel Goldberg, Fox Sports KC

“Unfortunately I don’t think there was any communication. It was just too loud.”
Sam Fuld, Oakland outfielder, on his and Johnny Gomes’ pursuit and collision on Hosmer’s 12th-inning triple, via @AnswerDave, Twitter

“Yes, that Game 6 (in the 1985 WS). Maybe it was better. I was there. But things get a little fuzzy after 29 years. All that was fuzzy about Tuesday, even after 4 hours, 45 minutes, were the head-scratching decisions by Yost. This could have been ugly. People may have run Yost out of town on a rail. Or at least make sure he got booed at Starbuck’s, whether he provided his own name or an alias.”
Kevin Haskin, sports columnist who covered both last night’s classic and the 1985 World Series, cjonline.com
GH: Ned Yost. What else can I say about this sad excuse for a MLB manager? His team somehow survived his poor performance to make the postseason and then miraculously managed to overcome his blunders to beat the A’s. Fire Ned Yost.

“There is really no defense for what Ned Yost did tonight. Just a classic case of letting the stage overwhelm you.”
Vincent Bonsignore, @DailyNewsVinny, sports columnist for the LA Daily News, Twitter

“Ventura was pitching on one day rest having thrown 70-75 pitches….horrible managerial decision by Yost.”
Jim Bowden, @JimBowden_ESPN, Twitter

“Once again, a manager asked a player to do something in the postseason he didn’t do in regular season…and paid for it….”
Bill Plaschke, @BillPlaschke, sports columnist for LA Times, Twitter

“Yeah, maybe going with the rookie who hasn’t relieved all year in the middle of an inning with no margin for error wasn’t the best idea.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

“If not for Ned Yost, the Royals aren’t even playing today. They’d be playing Thursday. Against the Orioles.”
JT, @TarH2O23, Twitter

“I am totally #Yosted right now.”
SungWoo Lee, @KoreanFan_KC

“If Ned Yost isn’t hated in KC on the same level that John Elway is then I just don’t understand how life works.”
Weston Mills, @Wmills94, Twitter

“These guys are overanalyzing the heck out of this game. Yost crapped himself. Not that hard to break down, fellas.”
Ernie W. Webb III, @Ernie_Webb_3, Twitter

“Someday a manager will emerge that handles his bullpen like many college managers do…with firemen in the sixth or closers when needed.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter

“Have always thought the criticism of Ned Yost was out of proportion, but…tonight not helping my argument.”
Bob Dutton, @TNT_Mariners, Twitter

“This game will not be used as an instructional video for future managers.”
Andrew Siciliano, @AndrewSiciliano, of the NFL Network, Twitter

“I thought Gardy should take a year off. Thanks to Ned Yost, he may not even take 48 hours.”
Jim Souhan, @SouhanStrib, sports columnist for Minneapolis Star Tribune Twitter GH: Has a manager ever been fired during the playoffs? The Twins Ron Gardenhire would be a fabulous hire by the Royals to replace Ned Yost. Can Gardy get to Anaheim by Thursday?

“Ernie Johnson (TBS play-by-play voice) just said ‘Here comes public enemy number one,’ and I was positive that meant Ned was making a pitching change.”
Derek King, @derekking71, Twitter

By1z9kwCcAAxG3Z“Ned Yost would like to thank you all for your input. He appreciates it greatly, and will always think of you kindly. The Rottweilers and electrified fences are just there for show.” Ray Rotto, sports columnist, csnbayarea.com
GH: When I spotted a photo of the Royals players postgame celebration as they were spraying champagne decked out in goggles, it came to me that the Royals players are YostBusters. I sent out the tweet, “Who you gonna call? YostBusters!” and @ConradMcGorkin came up with this logo. Nice.

“He saved our season.”
Dayton Moore, on Brandon Finnegan’s scoreless effort in the 10th and 11th innings Tuesday night, USA Today GH: The nation was introduced to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on MNF this week. Tuesday night they got to meet the Royals rookie pitcher Brandon Finnegan. The future sure looks bright here in the City of Fountains.

“I will say this. I absolutely love #royals twitter. It is therapy.”
Ernie W. Webb III, @Ernie_Webb_3, Twitter GH: I watched the game at home and tweeted like I was a 16-year-old school girl. It was cray cray.

“Here’s the alternate-universe ‘Royals lose’ game story MLB.com accidentally published: deadsp.in/pqDb4iT”
@DeadSpin, Twitter
GH: Not sure if MLB.com or Dick Kaegel was at fault for this “Royals Lose” story getting posted last night but it will live on in infamy with Dewey knocking off Truman.

“<throws ball two feet out of zone>
<Salvador Perez swings>
<throws pickoff>
<Salvador Perez swings>
<adjusts hat>
<Salvador Perez swings>”
Jon Taylor, @JATaylor, MLB producer for SI.com, Twitter
GH: Was there a more unlikely hero for last night’s clutch game-winning hit than Salvy? Even his game-winning pitch was a foot and a half outside – and he PULLED it down the third-base line! My wife came out of the bedroom for the third time after I reacted to Salvy’s hit and declared our marriage over. I might be sleeping with the cat Thursday night.

“As anyone will tell you, the key to clutch hitting is to expand your strike zone until it is the size of a supermarket dairy case.”
Ray Ratto, @RattoCSN, on Salvy’s swing zone, Twitter

“That’s probably the best game I’ve ever been a part of. I’m proud of every member of this organization.”
Billy Butler, in a postgame interview with Joel Goldberg, Fox Sports KC

“What a crazy, wild, thrilling night at Kauffman Stadium.”
Ryan Lefebvre, Fox Sports KC

“Now we’ve got a chance.”
James Shields, following the Royals improbable comeback win and their trip to play the Angels in a best of five series, 810 AM GH: After last night, I think Lloyd Christmas is eventually going to have his way with Mary Swanson. #DumbAndDumber

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61 Responses to OTC: Royals Prove To Be YostBusters W/ Comeback Win Over A’s For The Ages

  1. ssiknaf says:

    My wife stayed up for the entire game with me, then woke up at 5:30 a.m. and went to work. Oh, she”s also 11 years younger than me….

  2. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Most electric game environment I’ve ever experienced. Closest thing to it would be MU/KU ’07 at Arrowhead. The crowd had the life sucked out of it several times only to come back louder and stronger with the next Royals baserunner. Big, hairy dude across the aisle kept wanting to hug. Let’s keep it to high fives, OK? The most unbelievable stat of the night? I went to the can a half dozen times and never missed a pitch. One of the vendor’s working our area walked through yelling, “But Light and Water! Bud Light and Water!” The appropriate response was, “Name two things that taste the same.” Great night. Truly a game for the ages.

  3. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Even his game-winning pitch was a foot and a half outside – and he PULLED it down the third-base line!

    Salvy’s been yanking inside pitches foul all year long. So when he got that pitch a foot and a half outside, it was right where he needed it, just enough out of reach for him to keep it fair. Appropriate way to end an absolutely nuts game.
    Also, nice to hear the comment from Moore about Finnegan. I’ve been reading and hearing all I can about this game, but nobody’s really given Finnegan his due. Saved the season, indeed. The Royals got this draft pick right, at least.

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    I just hope Shields is ready for HIS bullpen call from Yost on Thursday. As a couple of special added attractions, Yost could sign Bruce Chen off the street for 10th inning bullpen duty in the Angels series (although Yost would probably regard Chen as being too well rested), and Yost could lead off Ibanez in Game 1 (since the Angels will never see that one coming). And for gosh sakes, Yost, next time let’s get Salvy involved in the ole “ducks on the pond” bait-them rundown play with Butler. Hosmer didn’t have a clue out there!

  5. brett says:

    i was born in august of 1980. my father begged and begged and eventually convinced my mother to name me after george brett. not surprisingly, the royals have always been a significant part of my relationship with my father.

    last night i bought him and me tickets to the game and we sat in the front row of the upper deck just behind home plate. i had my earphone in one ear listening to denny and ryan (something i had never done at the ballpark but truly enjoyed). the other ear was devoted to conversation with my pops.

    i still cant believe what we saw and experienced last night. it will likely be the most indelible memory i ever have with my father. might sound sappy. but it’s true.

    • Notme says:

      +1 this is great

    • KCMonarch says:

      Jealous. Lost my dad 10 years ago and had one of those fleeting moments on the way to work this morning where I thought about calling him to discuss that game. Whoops.

  6. Loperman says:

    Ned Yost’s managing skills are akin to: Dean Wormer at Faber College, Nero in Rome, Ken Lay at Enron and Peter Griffin managing his cholesterol! #bonehead #dumpsterfire

    • The Independent Rage says:

      Or like Lt. Dike on Band of Brothers: He folds under pressure like a K-Mart deck chair.

  7. FJH says:

    When Yost came to the mound it looked like (he had his glove over his mouth) Shields was really letting him have a piece of his mind. In the dugout, Shields REALLY looked like he wanted to punch Ned Yost after the 3-run bomb off of Ventura.

  8. LL says:

    Greg, I wrote the other day about my memory of being at game 7 in ’85. I also was there last night. And it was even better.

  9. Mysterious.j says:

    If The Star is willing to drop its paywall during the Royals postseason run, how about agreeing to retire your incredibly trite exhortation to “read on” at least through the end of the year?

    • kchoya says:

      Says the guy who continues to read on.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      Right! And how many page views did you lend to Mr. Greg today? Please.

      • Jim says:

        This bothers you? Seriously? How trouble-free your life must be if a writer using the incredibly benign phrase “read on” elicited a negative comment. Wow. Pee, meet Post Toasties.

        • Phaedrus says:

          I think it’s safe to say that we all have relatively trouble-free lives if we’re worried about sacrifice bunts, pitching changes, trite phrases, etc.

          • Jim says:

            Go ahead and put me out to pasture if I stop discussing sports strategy and begin debating grammatical composition. Right up there with taking the time to write Dear Abby and asking the proper location for the salad fork. Who really cares?

  10. sporty says:

    Love all these comments. The truly great thing about the Royals in the post-season, all 3 fan bases, K-State, KU and MU all stand together for 1 team. Gotta love it!

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