OTC: Royals Rally To Beat Tigers And Revive Hope That This Summer Is Not Lost

“That was a boring-ass game for eight innings.”
Steven St. John, on the Royals being shut out for 8 2/3 innings before Cain’s dramatic two-run homer, 810 AM
GH: What a difference a “rally-killing” home run can make – not only on a game but a series, a home stand and maybe – just maybe – a season. The Royals again looked completely lost at the plate. Alex Gordon went 0-4 and is now slumped his way to under .300. Billy Butler just continues to disappoint in clutch situations striking out twice – once against the very hittable Tiger closer, Jose Valverde. Cain was down to his last strike with two out in the bottom of the ninth. I listened to the ninth on my radio like I was 12 years old again. And everything changed with one beautiful crack of Cain’s bat. Read on.

“The Royals have Hosmer, Perez and Butler coming up in the bottom of the ninth, so don’t go anywhere.”
Denny Matthews, cautioning Royals fans to not lose faith as KC trailed Detroit 2-0 heading to the bottom of the ninth, Royals Radio
GH: Maybe it was because this was a day game or Denny got some extra sleep the night before – but he sounded juiced for the final inning of this get-away game against Detroit. Denny usually is more concerned with counting outs and turning the broadcast over to Physioc or Lefebvre for the totals than a Royals’ rally. But here Denny was, actually rooting for and almost predicting a comeback for the local nine. Read on.

“With Valverde, you always have a chance.”
Denny Matthews, as the Tigers brought in their closer after Hosmer singled to open the ninth, Royals Radio
GH: The Royals were still scoreless but Matthews has about as much respect for Valverde delivering as I do for my old Toro mower – that is taking up valuable space in my garage. I loved that Denny sounded like this game meant something. That just happens way too infrequently on the Royals radio broadcasts.

“The Tigers are in shock.”
Denny Matthews, following Cain’s game-tying two-run home run and Prince Fielder’s error that allowed David Lough to reach second after appearing to have been picked off, Royals Radio
GH: It wasn’t over but it felt like it was over.

“It looks like Eric Hosmer got smacked in the head in the celebration. I’m not sure if that’s ketchup or blood but he’s got a lot of red on the side of his head.”
Steve Physioc, describing the post-game on-field celebration by the Royals, Royals Radio
GH: Physioc had the play-by-play call in the tenth and his voice is just too FM to elicit goose bumps on the radio. Hosmer was later found to have been doused with Billy Butler’s Hit It A Ton BBQ sauce. I am betting the clubhouse guys doing the Royals’ laundry would really like to see them come up with a different postgame tradition.

“To me it comes down to energy and it comes down to confidence. Something changed in this team almost instantly (after George Brett was named the batting coach).”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: The Royals are 9-4 AB (after Brett). Their offensive numbers are down, Gordon and Butler have gone into the tank, Moose is as bad as ever, but the pitching has been the best in the AL. Is it Brett or does Dave Eiland, the Royals pitching coach, deserve a million-dollar bonus and his own Wal-Mart?

“I tend to believe Valverde just threw a bad pitch and Cain did what a good hitter does, he crushed it.”
Danny Parkins, disagreeing with Harrison about Brett’s impact on the Royals’ win streak, 610 AM

“No one believes me but I believe (Mike Moustakas) could really become a leader on this team if he ever becomes good. He’s accountable, he’s fiery, he’s willing to fight. I think he would be a leader and a fan favorite if he would hit.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Frenchy would be a team leader and fan favorite if he would hit! Royals fans aren’t picky! We’re starving!

“Baseball can be funny like this. A week ago, we were deciding who needed to lose their job. And the list was long. The Royals were sputtering, again, one more season’s promise buried under one more soul-numbing stretch of losing — 19 in 23 games, a full month between wins at home. Did anyone outside this room think this feeling would come back? … This is such an important season for the Royals. Jobs and reputations and major decisions are at stake, even more than a typical year in the big leagues. This has created a lot of overreactions, in both directions. We expected the Royals to be around .500 this year, and here they are — three games under.”
Sam Mellinger, KC Star
GH: I don’t think you can overact when a team tanks like the Royals did in May. They lost 19 of 23. They brought 60-year-old George Brett back in uniform for criminy sakes! None of this may last but I am going to enjoy the good times when and however infrequently they happen with the Royals.

“Prepare to be disappointed. (David) Lough is going back to Omaha.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“How (Lough) makes a play like that (Wednesday) and you’re not going to keep him on the roster is beyond me.”
Bob Fescoe, 810 AM

“I don’t think sending Lough down would be an outrage. There are guys who are playing well that get sent down. He came up and did his job. I’m just saying that does happen.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM

“95% of the teams in baseball make the same move.”
Buster Olney, MLB writer for ESPN, on the likelihood of the Royals retaining Jeff Francoeur in order to not have to eat his salary, 810 AM
GH: It would be a Lough down dirty shame to see D-Lo sent down. He’s the most exciting .260 hitter we’ve got.

“I’ll be on my phone following every pitch.”
Ned Yost, who will miss tonight’s game in Tampa to attend his daughter’s wedding, 810 AM
GH: A couple of questions here; Why would the daughter of a MLB manager schedule her wedding in June? How “special” can this day be for his daughter if dad is checking his iPhone on every pitch? This wedding looks to be about as well thought out as a Ned Yost lineup.

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23 Responses to OTC: Royals Rally To Beat Tigers And Revive Hope That This Summer Is Not Lost

  1. Twy's Gibman says:

    ha – good point on the Yost clan’s planning. Makes you wonder – did they have relatives in charge of Montgomery Ward’s? To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, “if you interrupt a winning streak (even one game) for a family obligation…you might be Ned Yost.”

  2. Joe Blow says:

    For the couple of sliding/diving catches Lough has made, he’s had more than a few absolutely brutal misses…plus he apparently has a really weak throwing arm. He’s a perfectly serviceable guy, but the people making it seem like the Royals are cheaping out/giving in by sending him back to Omaha are pretty misguided..

    BTW, the before Brett/after Brett batting numbers being tossed about include the entire season vs. his two week stretch. There was definitely a period of time where the bats were considerably worse right before he was hired. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in plate approach since he’s been on vs. before, whether that’s attributable to Brett or not…*much* more quality plate appearances..

    • Greg says:

      No. A ham sandwich in right field would be better than Francouer. That is all anyone is saying. Eat his salary. Dave and Dannyboy Glass have to show they are serious about attempting to win. Sending Francouer packing with his guaranteed salary would show it is not all about bottom line $$$.

  3. The Smartman says:

    This team is still in the broken clock is right twice a day mode. It appears that Hosmer likes getting “stuff” splashed all over his face and body. Come out of the closet Eric. It will take a big load off, in more ways than one.

    Every girl wants to be a June bride. Not like Ned missing one game in June is gonna sink the season. There are enough other things to break his balls over. Not this.

    • Say what? says:

      Let’s be honest, a baseball manager could text the lineup to the bench coach and his night is done.

  4. Ericbowen2000 says:

    In Ned’s daughter’s defense she probably assumed he would be fired by now.

    • Steve Dean says:

      Haha, good one. You gotta wonder how committed Steady Neddy is with #5 sitting in the dugout as he slips away. Jeez Neddy, half of all marriages end in divorces. 100% of all managers end up getting dumped. And Ned sits next to the guy who is stealing his girl. Now, if Georgie could just do something about the guy who is in charge of drafting, signing and firing players.

    • Anfo says:

      You don’t plan unexpected pregnancys

  5. Jim says:

    Yeah Greg, gotta take issue with your opinion on Ned’s daughter. My daughter could schedule her wedding at Midnight on the top of Everest. I’ll be there. It’s her day, not mine. No man, company or business is so important that missing a day because your daughter is getting married should be an issue. This is one of life’s biggest moments. There will be a billion baseball games played. Ned’s priorities are right where they should be.

    • The Smartman says:

      Unless of course your daughter is getting hitched to the harlinator or Glazerace…..that’s GLAY-zer-ahh-CHEE for those of you east of Troost

  6. JimmyD says:

    Maybe it’s about time to lay off of Denny, Greg. He’s our icon and you continuously jab him. He’s 70 years old and so much better than Rex, Physioc, and Ryan. You’ve tried to make him your whipping boy for years now and that sthick is old. Are you even familiar with Rex Hudler? He says something stupid every single time he opens his mouth yet you hardly mention him

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      Nah, Denny pretty much sucks. At one time he was great, but now he’s just bored. No excitement/thrill in his voice.

      Give me Hud every time. He’s goofy, wordy, silly, and he alwasys has a baseball in his hand. Oh yeah, one more thing Hud is that Denny isn’t….PASSIONATE.

      • Say what? says:

        I like the dynamic with Ryan and Hud. Ryan is a great play-by-play guy and I love it when Hud catches him off guard with something. Denny’s time has passed. 5+ years ago actually.

      • JimmyD says:

        I will agree that Denny is way past his prime but that’s still better than Rex. Rex also has a terrible habit of starting a sentence or thought with no idea what he’s going to say or how he’s going to finish. It happens all the time. I’m pretty sure his target audience is women and anyone under 6

  7. geo says:

    Maybe it’s a shotgun wedding.

  8. Phaedrus says:

    Who gets married on a Thursday?

    I hope nobody makes a big deal about Ned missing the game. 2 weeks ago everyone thought that Ned’s presence at the game was costing the Royals…

    I also hope Ned doesn’t spend the entire wedding looking at his iphone.

    • Steve Dean says:

      I hope he loses his phone….and his plane ticket home.

    • b12 says:

      That had me scratching my head too.

      A Thursday wedding. Huh.

      I still like Denny on play by play. He’s just worn down like the rest of us with 20 years of suck, interrupted occasionally by a wet dream of spastic short term success.

      The difference is, up till the last couple of years…he’s lived it day in and day out.

      You and I have had the option to go do something else….and most of us have.

  9. Kyle says:

    Greg, Royals are 9-4 since Brett came back.

  10. JP says:

    The Royals winning streak shows that sabremetrics can be deceiving. There is always a human element in sports. The team is having better At Bats, and waiting for their pitch. The Pitching has been outstanding. Still skeptical, but will jump back full board on bandwagon if they get back to .500, which looks like it could be by this weekend.

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