OTC: Royals Still Lack The Power To Win ALC / KU Should Play WSU / Fisher KC’s New LT

“Billy (Butler) has yet to go deep in a spring training game.”
Steve Physioc, Royals play-by-play, as the Royals’ clean-up hitter stepped to the plate late in Monday’s game against the Colorado Rockies, Royals Radio on 610 AM
GH: Amidst all the positive hype surrounding the Royals chances for the postseason this year, their continued lack of a power hitter should bother all of us who root for October baseball at The K. If Butler can’t pop some dongs in the desert, what’s he going to do in the cold of Detroit, Minneapolis and Cleveland this spring as well as at cavernous Kauffman?

“I think there’s probably less respect for the Royals around than you think. They led the league in earn run average and still did not make the playoffs. I think there’s more attention, but I don’t think there’s a crazy amount of more respect.”
Todd Leabo, after Kevin Kietzman said he was not sure about all the positive predictions he’s hearing about the Royals chances in the ALC this season, 810 AM
GH: The national pundits have the Royals at around 83 wins this season. That’s not a lot of respect for a team that some are calling the franchise’s best effort in 20 years. 

“(The Royals) need to actually win it. Not to just feel like you won the World Series, but actually make the playoffs.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: Are you listening Dayton Moore? 

“I think Detroit’s going to have a down year. I think they are going to be a little bit flatter this year. I just don’t think they’re going to be the same team –and the key word there is ‘team,’ that they’ve been in the past. I don’t expect the Tigers to be the force that they were.”
Mike McFarlane, 810 AM
GH: How good does the former Royals catcher thinks the Royals will be? Very good. Read on.

“I one-hundred percent believe the Royals are going to make a strong run at the playoffs. I think the Royals will make the playoffs this year.”
Mike McFarlane, 810 AM

“The Royals have the second-easiest schedule coming out of the gate – and I think that’s pretty cool for them considering everything that’s at stake.”
Buster Olney, 810 AM
GH: A fast start for the Boys in Blue? That sounds about as rare as a warm day this winter to train for the Boston Marathon. I am ready for both!

“I’m not going to buy into it completely because I’m been fooled by spring-training numbers too many times before.”
Steven St. John, after Mike Moustakas hit his third homer this spring, 810 AM

“No. It’s stupid.”
Mike McFarlane, when asked by Nate Bukaty if he thought the new rule regarding running into the catcher is a change in the way they used to be allowed to play that position, 810 AM
GH: I don’t know how anybody can be against this rule change – and especially a catcher. I have long considered it one of the dumbest plays in baseball. At what other base is it okay to launch yourself at the defensive player and blast into him like you’re making a block on the goal line? 

BjRnA-iCcAAaFPo“Aroldis Chapman shared a pic on his Instagram of the staples in his head following surgery. Unreal.”
@JimDayTV, after he was hit by a line drive in a spring training off the bat of the Royals’ Salvador Perez, Twitter
GH: Baseball is hazardous enough without allowing base runners to blindside catchers at full speed. 

“KU doesn’t need to do anybody a favor for the state or anybody else and schedule Wichita State.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Why wouldn’t Kansas want to promote the great basketball played in the state of Kansas by scheduling a home and home series with the Shockers for the next decade? Because they might lose??? The season is full of crap games that we are asked to buy tickets to or watch on television. KU has the ability to show their student body and fan base that life is meant to be lived, not shirked. Step up Jayhawks and play ball. And while you’re at it, get Mizzou back on your schedule. 

“Kansas doesn’t need to play you unless they’re doing you a favor.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: This sentence from Klingler dripped with the kind of arrogance and blindness that only the uneducated can offer. Maybe a game against WSU this season would have prepared KU better for a deeper run in the all-important NCAA tournament. Their Big 12 schedule sure didn’t.

“I’ll speak for Bill (Self) and say it’s probably not in Kansas’ best interest to play Wichita. But when I was there, I certainly wanted to.”
Mark Turgeon, former KU player and former WSU head coach, Kansas City Star
GH: What does Kansas have to lose? A basketball game? How is that going to alter the cosmos and KU’s place in basketball lore? What a joke.

“Back home in MHK. 4 straight bowls & 5 straight NCAA Tournaments nothing to take lightly. Only 3 other schools in America can say that!”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, following KSU’s first-round loss in the NCAA tournament, Twitter

“Right now I’m going to move (Eric Fisher) to the left side. That’s where he played in college. Although Donald Stephenson played there for me, I know that he can do that too. But I think I’ll start off with Eric at the left and keep Donald at the right.”
Andy Reid, according to SBNation.com’s Van Bibber, ArrowheadPride.com

“The timing of this is really interesting!”
Steven St. John, upon reading the news on the Chiefs website this morning that Reid had declared Fisher the Chiefs left tackle, 810 AM
GH: I heard SSJ and The Border Patrol giggling over this news around 8:30 AM Tuesday, saying that maybe the Chiefs had been listening to their show and how they were speculating on Fisher’s position this season. But SB Nation and ArrowheadPride had tweeted this news out a good hour before. Maybe the morning guys were just having fun on the radio but it sounded like they were a bit out of the loop.   

“This also presumably means Donald Stephenson is the right tackle at this moment. Stephenson was the swing tackle last year and capable of playing both tackle positions. One of the reasons the Chiefs felt comfortable with Albert walking is because Stephenson was already in-house.”
Joel Thorman, ArrowheadPride.com
GH: The Chiefs are going young on their offensive line and this might avoid them picking another big fat guy with their first draft pick. I am hoping for a wide receiver who converts Alex Smith into a Fantasy Football legend!  

“We haven’t even had the (NFL) draft yet and you’re trying to bury them. It’s only March, man!”
Jack Harry, to Kevin Kietzman, after KK criticized the Chiefs’ front office for losing a number of free agents, 810 AM

“I think Dan Snyder and his PR team should host a public relations seminar so everyone can learn to LOL and also feel very smart and evolved.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, former KC Star columnist who now covers the Washington Redskins for the Washington Post, Twitter
GH: What has Babb done in life to have the “pleasure” of covering Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and now the Redskins’ Daniel Snyder? I am sure Sam Mellinger has a list of Babbs’ offenses that justify the South Carolinian’s lot in life. Feel free to email me that list, Sam.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about MU not scheduling Missouri St.?

  2. FJH says:

    Name a team that arranges their schedule based on what is best for the fans?

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    To GH and all you other idiots that don’t understand why KU will not play WSU,
    Even Greg Marshall said if he was KU /KSU he would not play WSU. Same reason Ohio St . does not play Dayton. nothing good can come from it for KU . KU has nothing to gain playing WSU.

    “If I were them, I wouldn’t play us either, that’s just my honest opinion,” said Marshall. “I would not play the game, if I were Bill Self or Bruce Weber.”

    It would be great for us and great for the state and maybe the nation to see a game like that,” the coach said. “I think the last four years we’ve proved that we’re a pretty good basketball team and I understand why they won’t play us. They really don’t have a whole lot to gain. They’ve been the big brother for so long and they just don’t want the little brother, who’s now grown up, to be able to compete with them and maybe win. They don’t want to give up that superiority in the household.”

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