OTC: Royals’ Streak Reaches 10 And All Heads Turn Toward KC / Is This The R’s Greatest Regular Season Run Ever?

“These aren’t even your older brother’s Royals. These are your new Royals! This is all very new, very fresh. The Royals are sure to be buyers not sellers at the trade deadline. The high-flying Freddie Pateks were going for nine in a row – their best such streak in 20 years!” Steve Levy, after the Royals won their third straight in Detroit to build their winning streak to a head-turning ten in a row, ESPN
GH: You win ten games in mid-June and people are going to notice. ESPN kind of people. The Royals and their mind-bending streak are now the hottest story in MLB – for all the right reasons for a change.

“KC started the series with the Tigers by pounding Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer. … They have hit 13 homers during the streak, while leading the majors in runs and slugging percentage. Prior to the streak, Kansas City ranked last with 26 homers in 61 games. And that’s not all! They were five games back tied with the Twins for last place in the AL Central prior to the start of the streak. Now they stand a game-and-a-half up with their eyes on their first playoff appearance since 1985.”
Steve Levy, ESPN
GH: What is happening right now with the Royals just might be the most astonishing accomplishment in the franchise’s regular-season history. Hyperbole? Maybe. But consider where this team was three weeks ago after having been swept in a three-game series at home by the lowly Astros. The season was doomed. Jeff Passan posted a column 17 days ago following this Royals collapse calling for the Royals to consider firing Ned Yost hold a fire sale and dump James Shields. And I and most right-thinking Royals fans were not arguing in the least with Passan’s premise. Read on.

“Their lineup is so chock full of mediocrity, so Glass Joe punchless that only someone blind to reality or naively optimistic could expect it to suddenly morph into something productive.”
Jeff Passan, in his June 2nd column on the Royals, YahooSports.com
GH: Passan then went on 610 Sports Radio and said the worst thing the Royals could do is have a successful June and just exacerbate the chronic problem. I am not quoting Passan to embarrass him or make fun of his words. I and others were writing the same kind of the-season-is-over columns. I am reliving this two-and-a-half-week old moment to highlight just how incredible, magnificent and unprecedented this ten game run has been for Kansas City. The Royals – your Royals – have bolted from an outhouse in Argentine, KS to the best table at The American Restaurant – all in less than three weeks! Is there anything in the history of the Royals 45-years that can compare to this fortnight? Congrats on living in what may prove to be the Royals most interesting times.

“Look, you don’t have to tell Royals fans that all this can disappear in a moment. There are stats that suggest the Royals have had a lot of luck this season, and luck rarely lasts all the way through. There are reasons to believe the Tigers are much better than the Royals, and that the Royals’ bullpen will not continue to dominate, and that the lack of power in the Royals lineup will lead to some bad stretches and that the starting rotation won’t hold up. You don’t have to tell Royals fans any of that because they’ve been living it for almost 30 years. But right now: The Royals are in first place. They are wearing their raspberry berets and listening to the cheers and going back to the future. You don’t question these things in Kansas City. You relish in them. Maybe it’s a dream. But if it is, let us sleep for a little while longer. But, yes, please do wake us up before you go go.”
Joe Posnanski, nbcsports.com

“You need to be at the game Friday or Saturday. Friday is going to be an Opening Day-like atmosphere.”
Carrington Harrison, on the Royals returning to The K Friday against Seattle secured as the leader in the AL Central, 610 AM
GH: Friday is fireworks night. Friday is also Buck Night. Friday is also the first time in a very long time that the home team will stand at attention for the national anthem as the hunted and not the slaughtered. Friday is going to be one of those rare Kansas City days and nights of which you and I deserve to partake. See you there. (I will be tweeting from the game – or as much as the antiquated technology at The K allows. Has Dave and Dan ever heard of a company named Google? I hear they can help with that Internet thingy.)

“I am just going to walk up to (Carrington) and slap him and then tell him who I am. Shame on you! You’ve all gotten a lot of entertainment out of me. … Carrington, I’m not crazy. I just love my Royals.”
Caller Shannon, who was upset with Carrington for laughing at her for sobbing during her phone call to Josh Vernier Tuesday night after the Royals slipped into first place by half a game, 610 AM

“Shannon, anytime someone says women are crazy, we now have a perfect example why people have that stereotype of women. Thank you for calling.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I enjoyed the heck out of this live exchange Wednesday afternoon between Caller Shannon, Carrington and Parkins. Shannon played her role well as the deranged caller who has no clue how ridiculous she sounds. Carrington refused to budge on his stance that she was over reacting and pimped her even further into hysteria. Parkins seemed content to know the show had a caller who knew their names.

“Speaking of happy fans these days, look no further than reports that Kansas City is scouting the Cubs’ Jeff Samardzija.”
Steve Levy, on reports that the Royals are interested in signing the Cubs’ starter, ESPN

“Wait, what? … It is hard to see how (acquiring Samardzija) makes sense for the Royals. The asking price for a young pitcher with years of club control left will be quite steep, and the Royals seem to have larger holes to fill elsewhere, namely in the starting lineup at third and in right field. And with a starting rotation of James Shields, Yordano Ventura, Jason Vargas, Jeremy Guthrie, and Danny Duffy, there appears to be little room for a Samardzija unless you send the overachieving Guthrie to the pen as a long reliever. But as he is still owed $12 million beyond this year, it seems unlikely the Royals would admit that mistake and send him to the pen.”
Max Rieper, writer, Royalsreview.com
GH: How great is it to argue about whether the Royals should spend big money on a quality starter in June for their playoff run? I am not yet prepared for this kind of gaiety.

“I’ve worn this hat every day during the Royals winning streak and I refuse not to wear it.” Jake Gutiérrez, on his lucky hat helping the Royals win ten in a row, 810 AM
GH: I have not done anything the same since the strike started in hopes that the strike will continue – so I am just going to continue to not do that. Anybody else out there riding a superstition along with Jake’s hat?

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18 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Streak Reaches 10 And All Heads Turn Toward KC / Is This The R’s Greatest Regular Season Run Ever?

  1. Stephen O'Toole says:

    I was confused as to why everybody kept referring to the nine game winning streak as the longest in 20 years…they just had one last year as well as in 2003 right? It doesn’t matter now, though, because they’ll make it eleven in a couple of hours!

  2. Joe Blow says:

    What will Royals bloggers and message board people do if the team continues to play well? They won’t actually know what to write! Other than, of course, “they’re so lucky! / it won’t last! / they can’t keep it up! / Ned & Dayton still suck!”

  3. Steve Dean says:

    I got a boatload of shit for tweeting The Border Patrol the other day, suggesting that happiness, not celebration is more in order for our 1ST place Royals.


    Steven and Nate acted like I was raining on the parade and went on a tirade about “grumpy” fans. Whatever. But I just want to be in 1ST place at the end of the season. Nothing is won in June.

    Believe me, nothing makes me happier than watching a competitive Royals team during the summer. It’s been a long time coming.

    I know its been forever since we’ve had a winner here, but maybe we can aim higher than just arriving in 1ST place? How about staying there and putting some distance behind us? Can we hope for more than a taste of 1ST place and not be accused of being a grumpy ogre?

    God, I hope so. You know things have gotten topsy-turvy when Ned Yost is the voice of reason, calling for cautious optimism.

    Hopefully we’re having this scruff in October. Go Royals!

    • nick says:

      Good post.

      Getting excited now is like the U.S. soccer player going bonkers for scoring the go-ahead goal with 10 minutes left to play.

      The only thing amazing thing is that good fortune has finally fallen on the boys in blue. And they have had some GOOD fortune ever since Reyes threw away the Blue Jays win in Toronto 3 weeks back. I personally don’t feel ANY excitement right now.

      My lone reason for optimism is their DEFENSE. Gordon and Cain especially have saved the pitchers’ bacon numerous times. IF the starting fielders stay healthy, they very well could be on top of the Central in late-August.

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    I thought this might be a good week to finally lay off my White Owls and Keystone Ice, but that’s a complete non-starter now. How utterly selfish would it be of me to change up my routine and jinx the Royals winning streak just for the sake of improved health and personal betterment? I refuse to be so self-centered.

  5. geoknows says:

    Jeff Samardzija…

    1) is not “young” (is in his age 29 season and will be 30 years old for the 2015 season)
    2) does not have “years of team control left” (will be a free agent after 2015)
    3) is not worth a package similar to what the Royals gave to get Shields (which is what the Cubs are requiring)

  6. Greg says:

    Best stretch ever was late July into August 1977. Royals won 16 in a row, lost one and then won 8 or 9 in a row. Yes 24 of 25. Probably the best the best Royals team ever, but couldn’t get by Yankees in playoffs.

  7. Hot Carl says:

    “They are wearing their raspberry berets and listening to the cheers and going back to the future. You don’t question these things in Kansas City. You relish in them. Maybe it’s a dream. But if it is, let us sleep for a little while longer. But, yes, please do wake us up before you go go.”
    Joe Posnanski, nbcsports.com

    Greg, thanks for reminding me why I hate Posnanski. He is the most lame, syrupy writer I believe I have ever read. I know this kind of goo wins him awards but I find it truly puke worthy.

    • nick says:

      Couldn’t disagree more. Yeah, Poz has a syrupy side that gets too sweet sometimes, but I think he often looks at things in a fresh way.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Oh yeah, Posnanski is one of the lamest, most contrived sportswriters out there. His stories are boring and take forever to even get to the point…and once you get to the end, it usually seems like he’s made a lot of shit up along the way to even get to whatever his crappy point was. He makes a lot of lame references and unnecessarily stretches out his sentences with his bad observational humor to pad his 9 million word articles to boot.

      But, you know, he was friends with Buck O’Neil! He makes sure to let that be known pretty frequently.

      • Kyle R says:

        All sarcasm aside, the book he wrote with Buck is fabulous and well worth reading for any baseball fan.

  8. ssiknaf says:

    forgot how insipid and cheesy JoPo is…
    pure pablum

  9. BlackJack says:

    Forgive me for not being all giddy about the Royals being in a half game in 1st place in June.

    Plenty of time for the Royals to go back to not being able to hit, a couple 5-game losing streaks, and they are back down in the standings. The lineup raked for 10 days, but was horrendous for the 2 months prior to that, so I’m betting on the larger sample size at this moment.

  10. Harry Balczak says:

    As I was tooling around the Balczak abode last week I decided to log into Joe’s blog and saw that he had written about the Royals, The first three or four lines were pure Poz pablum, with the raspberry beret reference and then his pet reference to “They built this city”, which being a thoroughly forgettable song, is not even close to being the worst rock song of all time. I am surprised he didn’t wedge in a defense of Joe Paterno in there or somehow mention how steroid use didn’t up the home run numbers in the 90’s and ’00’s. Yeah Joe, it was the maple bats, yeah that’s why Brady Anderson hit 50 HR’s….

    • mike t. says:

      just for reference, there are a lot of lists out there that do name “We Built This City” as the worst rock song ever, or at least in the top 5. don’t think it is jopo’s personal opinion… just referencing the 80s is all.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Yep. As someone who tries to never rock the boat ever, JoePo simply went with what other people had already declared as the worst rock song ever in his lame 80s reference montage.

        You know he totally has it in his Ipod, though.

        • mike t. says:

          LOL… well, he might have!! I actually liked the vocals and production values and never really “got” what it was about the song people hated so much… far worse tunes out there in my opinion.

  11. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Meet the new Royals, same as the old Royals. A ten game winning streak followed by coming home for a big weekend series against Seattle and taking a giant crap by getting swept. Nice job, Royals!

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