OTC: Royals Take 3 of 4 From BoSox / Media Still Calling Out Absent KC Fans

“Although one of the games at Kauffman Stadium was a sellout (over the Red Sox four-game series)), the Royals averaged 25,180 for the other three — a sign that the locals are not yet ready to go full-fledged bonkers over their team.”
Jerry Crasnick, writer, ESPN.com
GH: Not yet “full-fledged bonkers,” eh Jerry? I went to pick up my son at band practice Thursday night and the car next to me in the high school parking lot is sitting there with three people in it listening to Denny Matthews. Royals wins and losses are now leading the 10 PM newscast. What if The K had 30K seats? Would that make KC appear to be more bonkers? Selling out a stadium might be the laziest method of judging a fan base’s interest in a team – but it so often is the first the media turns to. Coincidence? 

“This is a very special team that has a chance to do something very special. That hasn’t been seen here in Kansas City since 1985! It’s been a long time since they’ve been in the playoffs and they still have a shot. I just encourage people to support this team because that’s what it’s going to take for this to happen annually.”
Jeff Montgomery, discussing the crowds at The K last week, Fox Sports KC
GH: Again with the “support this team.” Monty is a shill for the Royals – a really irritating one. Where is the voice on the Royals TV broadcasts saying, “This kind of success and competitive late-season baseball is what it is going to take for Royals fans to monetarily support this franchise.” It’s been almost 30 years since the Royals have made the postseason. The fans are not the problem.  

“I was raised in Kansas City and moved to Oregon 26 years ago. My family still lives in Kansas City. Every fall I make sure that my visit coincides with a Kansas City Chiefs game so I can attend. The last few years have been appalling. I am not talking about the team. I am talking about Kansas City fans. Chiefs fans have embarrassed themselves, in my opinion, by leaving Arrowhead Stadium half-empty game after game. We don’t have an NFL team in Oregon. Maybe y’all just don’t know how lucky you are to have this opportunity to see professional football games, regardless of who wins or loses. I got to see the Super Bowl champion Ravens play in KC last October. What a treat. Last year, I saw planes over Arrowhead demanding a new quarterback and head coach. You got your coach and an excellent quarterback. If Arrowhead is not sold out this year, Kansas City fans are the losers, not the team.”
Steven Tucker, Letter to the Editor, Kansas City Star
GH: Steve, you’re not too bright. Kind of glad Oregon has to worry about you 51 weeks of the year. 

“This team staying in (the playoff race) if nothing else is ringing the cash register for David Glass.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“The largest sports audience in Kansas City – 610!”
Radio Promo for 610 AM
GH: Do you know who else is benefiting greatly from the Royals’ post-season pursuit? 610 gets to count all those Royals’ game listeners as their total listening audience.  

“It’s one thing to go 10-2 against the White Sox, Mets and Twins. To go 3-1 against the Red Sox? Yeah, they’re pretty darn good.”
David Lesky, @DBLeskey, Twitter

“All those local Red Sox fans can now go home and masturbate to their life-size photo of Andrew Wiggins.”
Curtis Woods, @curtiswoods, Twitter
GH: I saw copious criticism on Twitter of the number of Red Sox fans at The K the past four games. Why do some many locals get bent over the opposing team having a number of fans eager to view their team? Newsflash: Kansas City is no longer a little burg in the middle of the country. It’s a growing city with a number of people who have lived in different parts of not only the country but the world. Some of these folks like baseball too. It’s a positive that KC has a more diverse populace than Wichita. Grow up, folks.

“This is by far the best Royals team I’ve ever watched. That’s weird to realize.”
Tom Fehr, @TJFsports, Twitter

“Gordon has three homers in his last five games. 8 for 19 as well over that stretch. Heating up again. Hopefully.”
Mike Engel, @michaelengel, Twitter
GH: When Butler, Hosmer and Gordon are hitting – and they are all hitting right now – this team looks like they can come back from any deficit. That comeback win Friday night was something we just haven’t seen much of here in Kansas City.

“Postseason math: #Royals are 61-54 with 47 games left. If they go 27-20, that gets them to 88-74 and in the hunt. Think they can go 27-20.”
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, Twitter

“Contending for a playoff berth is far more entertaining than the alternatives — like obsessing over the 30th anniversary of the Pine Tar Game, keeping a daily vigil to monitor manager Ned Yost’s job security or busting out in tears every time Wil Myers’ name appears in a Tampa Bay Rays box score.”
Jerry Crasnick, writer, ESPN.com
GH: Gotta agree with Jerry there.

“Yost takes his share of dings in Kansas City — and occasionally invites criticism when he’s in a mood to tangle with the media — but he and the Royals deserve credit for running the kids out there day after day until they figured things out.”
Jerry Crasnick, writer, ESPN.com
GH: I don’t understand those who want to praise Ned Yost for what obviously did not work – and put the Royals into a hole so deep even a ridiculous 18-5 post-All Star streak has them still 7.5 back and third in the ALC. Yost’s stubbornness probably cost his team a chance at the postseason. And that is a shame with the pitching staff Dayton Moore assembled at a very high cost to the franchise’s future.

“Oh, you are the devil!”
Marie Schrader, chuckling with her brother in law, Walter White, just as her husband Hank opens the sliding glass door to the White’s patio, Breaking Bad
GH: Oh, yeah. A breaking Bad OTC is on the way later today. Tread lightly.

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57 Responses to OTC: Royals Take 3 of 4 From BoSox / Media Still Calling Out Absent KC Fans

  1. The Independent Rage says:

    My collective recollection is also that Red Sox fans travel very well, given their passion for their team and the toughness of a ticket at Fenway. Let ‘em show, I say. Couldn’t care less.

  2. Cletus Frade says:

    I sat in field box seats over the weekend. The price of the ticket given to me was $60. That’s insane! Back in the day, you could sit in the outfield GA for $1.50. View level seats in the upper deck were $3. Back then, if you wanted to see the Royals, you had to go to the game. Very few games were on TV. No home games were on TV. It takes a great deal of money and effort to attend a Chiefs or Royals game, compared to watching on TV at home. I’m amazed the stadiums aren’t almost completely empty on game days.

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