OTC: Royals Win 13th of Last 15 Games To Keep Summer Lovin’ Alive In KC

“Royals’ fans – God love you – but it’s going to be damn near impossible.”
Brian McRae, on the Royals chances to make the postseason this year, 810 AM
GH: The Royals have won six straight series and 13 of 15 games…and went from 8 games behind the Detroit Tigers to 8.5 games back in the ALC. Talk about something that is damn near impossible…

“I’ve been a lifelong (37) royals fan and am loving their current winning baseball. My only thought is that only the Royals could go 9-2 and lose two games in the division. Not sure if they can make the playoffs but am enjoying seeing them listed as contenders by the ESPN guys.”
Justin, from Northern Colorado, OTC Email
GH: Summer lovin’, had me a blaaaast… BTW, click on the photo of Travolta and Olivia for the You Tube video of their Grease reunion rendidtion of Summer Nights.

“Next up, 1st place Boston. The Royals and Red Sox series is tied all-time at 220-220. Cue the Twilight Zone music. KC leads 106-87 at the K.”
Dave Stewart, @davestewsports, Twitter 

“They’ve got to sweep or win three out of four against the Red Sox.”
Brian McRae, 810 AM

“I guarantee you one thing, these Royals will not be intimidated by the first-place Red Sox.”
Joel Goldberg, Fox Sports
GH: I hate this kind of talk. Why would any professional team be intimidated about playing another professional team? Because we are little old Kansas City? Would a Red Sox, White Sox or Tigers broadcaster ever be caught mute uttering this phrase? Goldberg obviously was not educated in the CYO leagues that formed my attitude toward the opposition – which is strap ‘em on and let’s see what you’ve got, ‘cause I’m bringing my best.  

“If they could win five or six series in a row and get some help we could be talking about something different…but I’m just being realistic. It’s great to see the team playing well. It’s great to see the enthusiasm around the city. But they’re going to have to do something like the Rockies did.”
Brian McRae, 810 AM
GH: The 2007 Rockies won 21 of 22 games after September 1st. Digest the odds of that happening anywhere at any time.

“Since 1900, only three other teams have won 20 of 21 games after Sept. 1, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The last NL team to do it at any point of the season was the 1936 New York Giants.”
Mike Dodd, USA Today
GH: So now you begin to see the logic in why trading Santana might have made some sense. From what I saw of Duffy last night, he deserves to be in the Royals rotation. Sure, he was all over the place but that dude’s stuff looks nasty.

“That might be the wildest wild pitch we’ve seen this season.”
Denny Matthews, after Duffy uncorked a pitch that was five feet over the top of the batter, Royals Radio

“Their young kid was winging it pretty good. He has a great arm. The ball was flying all over the place, and it kind of made us uncomfortable.”
Ron Gardenhire, Twins skipper, Kansas City Star

“That’s just not acceptable as a starting pitcher,” Duffy said afterward, adding, “I didn’t do my job tonight.”
Danny Duffy, on giving up two runs and six hits and two walks on 93 pitches in his 3 and 2/3 innings, Kansas City Star

“If James Shields doesn’t gut his way through 6 innings with bad stuff last night , Royals’ ‘pen isn’t rested to back up Duffy tonight.”
Nate Bukaty, @nate_bukaty, Twitter
GH: Huh? We are now slapping our ace pitcher on the back for getting shelled by the Twins in a game the Royals desperately needed to keep pace in the race? All because Shields lasted six innings during the beating? I could get pounded for six innings and save the bullpen. That is not a trait worth celebrating. Is Nate that far up the anal cavity of the Royals that he feels the need to protect Big Game James with this nonsense? Bukaty is a member of the media who also works as a member of the Royals’ TV broadcast team. This conflict of interest appears to be one that is just too much for him to be able to perform both tasks satisfactorily. Some men and women can handle this dilemma. There just aren’t very many of them.

“(Duffy) threw 33 pitches at 95 mph or faster.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: If the Royals send Duffy down without giving him another start, they are sending everyone the wrong message – Duffy, his teammates and their fans. This kid is ready and he should not be deprived the opportunity to help his team compete for a rare run at the playoffs. Even if that run is simply for respectability.

“I still think you’re going to see the Indians make a real run because they’re playing a bunch of bad teams. I think they’ll bounce back from those games they lost this week (to the Tigers) and they’ll be relative again.”
Buster Olney, after the Indians lost their first three of a four-game set with the Tigers in gut-wrenching fashion, 810 AM

“I’m pretty convinced there are two teams coming out of the American League Central. The American League Central is an absolute steel-cage match.”
Buster Olney, 810 AM
GH: The Royals get the BoSox inside their Kage tonight and through the weekend. Time to find out if Sluggerrr is a lion or a kitty cat.

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53 Responses to OTC: Royals Win 13th of Last 15 Games To Keep Summer Lovin’ Alive In KC

  1. Herb says:

    Duffy isn’t ready. All this stroking of the Duff-man is perplexing. He did not pitch very well last night and, as expected, put a lot of runners on base.. Give me a fuckin’ break. Now, if you want to tire the bullpen out and give up on this season, fine. Leave him up here. Otherwise, send him down until he gets the WHIP down.

  2. Ultimate Dude says:

    What is this WHIP, you speak of?

  3. Maff says:

    Brian McRae is a sour puss. I met him back in his playing days and he is not a good dude. He’s full of himself, acts like an all-star, and hates what the Royals did to him and his father. Listening to him is right up there with the KU faggot on 610 in the AM. Worthless.

    • johncocktosten says:

      In other words, he is just like most baseball players. It has been my experience in high school, college, and pros (my old job had me around plenty) baseball players are the biggest pricks. Football and basketball players were much better people.

    • Arte says:

      McRae also recently said Joe Madden isn’t a good manager and most players in the league think that. Really?

  4. Java Man says:

    My only problem with the Royals winning of late, is that it seems they only lose the day after I have sex. I hope my wife is having the same dilemma.

  5. BlackJack says:

    I actually find B-Mac to be refreshing, because he doesn’t coddle the current ballplayers, and he doesn’t suck up to Royals front office or fan base…

    Royals red-hot play is fun and compelling, but unfotunately DTigers actually playing better, so Royals gain no ground

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