OTC: Royals WS Hopes Still Alive After A Giant Turnaround

“I think when we look back over this series we will look back at Game 4 as being the key moment in the series. Game 4 was huge. You had the Giants down 4-1 in a high-leverage situation and the Giants came out on top there. I would have used Wade Davis in that situation in the highest leverage point in the series and he we are 3-2 Giants going into Game6.”
Brian Bannister, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM
GH: It all looked so real Saturday night when the Royals were up 4-1 in San Francisco and Jason Vargas playfully forgot the count and then froze on his way to first base. A friend of mine told his four young daughters that the Royals were going to win the World Series on Sunday and that there would be no school on Monday because, “WE ARE ALL GOING TO THE PARADE!” He then dogpiled with his kids and sent them off to bed. Sunday morning they awoke to ask, “Dad, is there still no school tomorrow because we’re going to the parade?” His answers were short. “No parade,” he grunted. “You’re going to school. The Royals lost.”

“If you’re going to have a really disastrous game for Ned Yost – which I think this was one – why not have it in this game (Sunday against Bumgarner) which you’re probably not going to win anyway. Let’s face facts, as nice as this has been in the postseason, Ned’s not a great tactician. Period. He hasn’t been a great tactician in this postseason. It’s just worked. And if they just win two games in a row they’ll be World Champions and no one will care.” Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: There is no need to reiterate my distaste for Ned Yost’s skills as an in-game manager. I think he is historically awful. I was hoping that since the Wild Card win he had either learned from his mistakes or taken a sharp blow to the head that dislodged some logic to his managing. Nope. Same old Nervous Ned.

“Oh, man, somewhere inside of me secretly I had hoped that it would go seven games for the excitement and the thrill of it. Sure looks that way.”
Ned Yost, in his postgame comments following Saturday’s 11-4 loss to the Giants, Fox

“I was sitting around with some friends and some of them played minor league ball and we were trying to wrap out heads around why (Yost) would put Jayson Nix into a game intentionally, allowing him to make one of your final six precious outs. But he did. … I don’t understand how (Nix) is in the major leagues.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM GH: Why is Nix on the roster instead of the Royals first-round pick Christian Colon? What future does the often-traveled and never-going-to-hit Nix have with this franchise? I would pinch hit Stevie Nix before Jayson. But maybe Ned is simply trying to fulfill his secret dream of seeing the series go seven games.

“It was too early right there. We were still trying to still keep our defense in the game.” Ned Yost, when asked why he didn’t pinch hit for Jarrod Dyson in the fifth inning with a runner in scoring position and the pitcher due up next, Fox
GH: The Royals were down 0-2 and Yost was more concerned with keeping the game close than scoring runs? If the Royals are able to win this thing with Yost calling the shots they need to build a new wing at Cooperstown for this bunch of Royals survivors.

“Yeah, it’s tough. I know what I’m capable of offensively. … When you don’t get at bats regularly it’s tough.”
Billy Butler, when asked by Danny Clinkscale if it has been difficult watching the series from the bench in San Francisco, 810 AM
GH: If Ron Howard is directing this Royals postseason, Butler has to be the hero on Game 7. But this isn’t the movies. Somehow the fact that Ned Yost is managing this team is real.

“So much of this Royals season, especially the last month or so, has played out like a storybook. The Wild Card Game, the celebrations, the home runs by Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. That part of it, no matter what else happens, will live in the franchise’s history forever. The Royals will fly a new flag on top of their Hall of Fame building in left field, and they will be fitted for shiny and gaudy rings sometime soon. A trip back home to Kansas City for a game Tuesday and a possible game seven on Wednesday will determine whether the new swag says ‘American League’ or ‘World Series’ champions.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The Royals are one win away from playing in Game 7 of the World Series. Time to win that one game.

“Are you excited or nervous? I can hardly think about it without getting sick to my stomach.”
Steven St. John, contemplating Game 6 of810 AM

“I’m available any day, man.”
James Shields, when asked if he would be available to pitch Game 7, 810 AM
GH: James Shields is one tough teammate. I hope he is front and center Tuesday night in that Royals dugout willing his team to Game 7.

“We’re going to go home and play for our crowd.”
Billy Butler, 810 AM GH: The crowds in Kansas City and San Francisco have been incredible. They both have added an element of excitement to this series that I was not sure we would see. The Bat Area looked to be just as wrapped up in their Giants (despite their two recent WS titles) as the Royals fans are in their long-suffering squad. I think the Giants are hard to dislike. They play the game hard. And I would take Hunter Pence in right field for the Royals tomorrow. Love that dude’s game and his passion. He and Lorenzo Cain look right at home in the spotlight.

“This is the absolute truth: in the middle of Game 5, my 9-year-old daughter asked me. ‘Why is the announcer rooting for the Giants?’”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter

“If Fox by now thinks we’re excited it’s using 226 cameras (3-D and 3,000-pixels per-frame slo-mo numbers, plus “Resin Bag-Cam”), helicopters, blimps, barrage balloons, technicians wired as robots, robots wired as technicians, hand-held remote-controlled umpire cattle prods, gyroscopic bullpen magnetizers, a synthetic second-base synthesizer, Erin Andrews’ text address, a digitized rotation counter/virtual toaster oven, lava lamps, 12 roving reporters, 10 live dead bolts, hams in need of curing and a wired-for-sound partridge in a pear tree, well, we’re not. Well, I’m not.”
Phil Mushnick, media columnist, New York Post
GH: I love the technology that Fox has brought to the World Series. The ultra-slow-motion digital replays are fabulous to watch. I can even handle the too-important-sounding Joe Buck. But Harold Reynolds has no business being in front of a live microphone. When Reynolds unashamedly showed the Fox audience his “notes” on how he tracks the game, it looked like your third grader’s artwork. Unfortunately, his notes looked easier to understand than his analysis. TBS’ crew was worse but Reynolds should adopt Cal Ripken’s style of broadcasting and just shut up.

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25 Responses to OTC: Royals WS Hopes Still Alive After A Giant Turnaround

  1. Phaedrus says:

    Yost “outsmarted” himself again by pulling the double switch with Nix. Good thing we traded the pitcher’s spot with a 2nd baseman that hit .120 this year with 4 different organizations.

    Not that it would have mattered though.

    I’m starting to come around on Yost. Having him as the manager makes me feel really smart.

  2. Tigerpiper says:

    Herrera hitting was the worst. Didn’t cost him but totally brain dead.

  3. The Independent Rage says:

    Joe Buck strikes me as the Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush of broadcasting: He’s bland, unmemorable and lacking in achievement but gets the top gig because he has the same name as his old man. Unfortunately, Joe Buck couldn’t carry Jack Buck’s scorecard. But I would still pinch-hit Joe Buck before Jayson Nix, although not before Stevie Nicks, who could surely make some memorable music out in the outfield with Jethro Tull offspring Hunter Pence after her at-bat.

    • RickM says:

      “Joe Buck couldn’t carry Jack Buck’s scorecard.”

      Absolutely. The passage of time and the memory of listening to the man who basically introduced me to baseball might give me a gauzier assessment of Jack’s talents, but then his son comes on the air only to reinforce it.

      At the game’s start, Joe said he’d be talking about Bumgarner throughout the game and he sure made good on that promise/threat [to be fair, he did turn in a stellar performance].

      Cheap shot of the day: Madison Bumgarner isn’t a pitcher; it’s a law firm.

      • The Independent Rage says:

        I’ve heard worse than Joe, but he simply has no business being the #1 play-by-play guy (in either baseball or football) for a major broadcast network. I’ve always thought he must have the job because of whom his daddy was. And daddy was a great one. One of the best I’ve heard doing baseball or football on the radio.

  4. ssiknaf says:

    Listening to Denny Matthews call the game last night was brutal and sad. Monotone delivery that made following the game very difficult. I’m not asking for homerish “rah-rahs,” I’m asking to give the action on the field the respect and description it deserves.

    To put it in newspaper terms, Denny would run a 24-point headline on every story, no matter the importance.

  5. nick says:

    I’m no Ned fan but now’s not the time to blame the manager.

    Blame our 3 lefties (Gordon, Moose, Hosmer) for trying to jack everything to right field instead of simply going with the pitch and hitting it hard to left. Blame Escobar for not making 2 plays he normally makes. Blame Dyson for nonchalanting a short-hop. Blame Escobar and Dyson for not being able to get on base.

    As grim as it SEEMS, we get a freaking Game 6 in the freaking World Series at Kauffman Stadium! And if we win, we get to play 1 game for the Championship in our home park!

    Announcers go WAY overboard in their praise. Reynolds gushed over Panik for 5 minutes after Panik raced to 2nd on a ball that bounced 15 feet from Perez. Billy Butler woulda done the same thing and made it.

  6. Keroauc says:

    The Left Arm of God didn’t even need to rest. Madison Bumgarner’s historic performance Sunday night in San Francisco carried the GIANTS to a 5-0 victory over totally a over-matched AL Champ Kansas City, and in the complete game process his proved beyond a doubt he is the best pitcher in the universe.

    A Royals fan said to me before Game 5 – “I’m sure we’ll do much better the next time that we face Bumgarner.” Am certain he is now praying misery ends mercifully Game 6, otherwise (as if results to date weren’t daunting enough) the ‘Mad Bum’ Show may do an encore, command performance, Game 7. Koufax did it on ‘2’ days rest in 1965, on the road vs MIN; Bumgarner’s arm as starter is no more tired now than a reliever’s Herrera & Davis, (overused?) last night’s game, for naught.

    Three down & one to go for the finest ‘team’ in MLB, SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, on the precipice their 3rd ‘World Championship’ in the last five years – a feat hasn’t been accomplished in the NL since the great 1930’s STL Cardinals teams participated in but did not win three. So much for an quarter of a billion dollar payroll (nod the Dodger$), divisional winners (like LA) and the ‘expert’ predictions of media pundits: be two ‘teams’ playing in this World Series – wild cards – and it has been great.

    • mike says:

      ‘fuck you’

    • January says:

      You’re wrong again, asshat. The Cardinals won the WS in 42, 44, and 46.

      • Kerouac says:


        – gesundheit… and no, really he can’t; and neither can you


      • Kerouac says:

        By the way Jan, you need to be able comprehend what you read (as for Kerouac, He probably should have been more precise/needs remember he’s dealing with an thick-browed contingent this blog, so, must connect the dots the aforementioned lot.)

        Un mal esse (that’s Spanish for ‘Hey dude, once more’): the quote “on the precipice their 3rd ‘World Championship’ in the last five years – a feat hasn’t been accomplished in the NL since the great 1930’s STL Cardinals teams participated in but did not win three” is in fact correct, just as Kerouac stated.

        Do you know what the word ‘precipice’ means? Here’s Merri Webster to the rescue:”a point where danger, trouble, or difficulty begins”. Before, at the start even – not aft. So, context the 30’s STL Cardinals, they (as SF GIANTS now) ‘were’ on the precipice their 3rd ‘World Championship’ in the last five years – ended still there, naught successful. This where the GIANTS be as we speak – unlike the 1940’s Cardinals you errantly referenced; they instead won it all x 3 in 5 years.

        To recap: Cards did 40’s Cards didn’t 30’s, GIANTS haven’t but will ’14.

        Get it?

        Got it?


        GO GIANTS


        • Dean Moriarty says:

          Nice try but you’re still wrong. Since we’re talking ‘precipices’ apparently, the last NL team to be on the ‘precipice’ of a 3rd title in 5 years was actually the 1968 Cardinals who blew a 3-1 lead to the Tigers. By the way, the 1966 Dodgers were technically on the ‘precipice’ of winning a 3rd title in 4 years before losing to the Orioles.

          Get it?

          Got it?


          Pass the tea.

          • Kerouac says:

            Wrong, Mori… actually (and not apparently) the 1991, 1992 & 1996 ATL Braves is the correct answer, 3 WS in an 5-year period, due their being a break/no WS in 1994. A precipice among precipices, theirs.

            Get it?

            Got it?


            Now go watch the GIANTS actually ‘do it to it’ tonight, Royals their whipping boys realize 3 in 5. Goodnight and goodbye Mrs. Calabash, Royals; there’s always next year, part 30.


  7. FJH says:

    I don’t care what anyone wants to make of Ned’s managing, it still comes down to the players making plays when they have have the opportunity. The Royals have made a ton of plays in this offseason, but they have also missed a lot of great opportunities in these WS games. They need to HIT – Ned can’t hit for them. I think (I hope that I am wrong) that the boys in blue are out of gas.

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I will say that the Royals have really had their asses handed to them in their 3 WS losses. 7-1, 11-4, and 5-0. OUCH.

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      Who gives a rats ass what the scores of individual games are, the overall scoring and/or winning of a World Series is not cumulative. If the Royals win the next two games by 1 run each, they’ll lose the cumulative run battle, but win the World Series. So…who cares?

    • MightyMo says:

      Winners write history. If the Royals mange two 2-1 snooze fests, no one will over care that the Giants are a better team, just like in 1985. Game on.

  9. Mysterious.j says:

    You are allowed to second guess and generally dislike Yost…however, to call a guy who is 2 wins away from the World Series “historically bad” is utterly ridiculous. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that Yost is not the guy with the bright idea of playing Butler in the outfield.

  10. Herb says:

    Come on. Those of you who don’t understand that the Royals are here inspite of Yost must not know much about baseball. Yeah, the team played like shit for the last game and a half, but Yost hasn’t helped matters with his over managing. Nix? Really? Hell, I’m surprised Tim Collins is on this roster, too. Just because you’re playing NL rules doesn’t mean you need to play your shitty utility guy who belongs on the TBones, Ned.

  11. Stringer Pete says:

    The Royals are a team built on speed and defense but last night they needed to maximize their offense against the Giants ace. It was the time to load the line-up with right-handed hitters as Bumgarner is death on lefties. Colon would have been on my roster and starting at third base. Butler would have been a better bet at first. Aoki bats left but handles southpaws much better than Dyson. Would we have missed Cain’s great catch had he been in centerfield? Probably, but you cannot win if you don’t score and last night’s lineup had too many soft spots.

  12. Herb says:

    To an extent, I can’t disagree with Pete. If you’re gonna get cute with making moves, get cute and have it make sense. Of course, it’s easy to say Ned should’ve done this now. But it frightens me to think how the D might’ve suffered. And he would’ve been under scrutiny for that. However, Nix being on the postseason roster is ridiculous.

  13. Keroauc says:

    It’s as quiet as a Royals rally vs Mad Bum in here… GIANTS uber alles, including KC


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