OTC: Selby Slips In NBA Draft / Planet Appier To Royals HOF

“The Josh Selby debacle – getting picked 49th overall. You know he made an absolutely horrendous decision to come out. He said, ‘I’m Josh Selby and I’m going pro and somebody is going to love me!”
Mark Carman, on Memphis drafting Selby with their 49th pick, 610 AM
GH: The Josh Selby saga is over here in the city of Kansas. It ends with a whimper and a wish. Can Selby fight the odds and make the Grizzlies or is he headed to Istanbul or beyond to spread his former Jayhawk wings? Opinions in that differ. Read on.

“I’m going to give him a 10% chance of having an NBA career of more than five years. I’m not rooting against him. My point is; know your place. Know who you are. Selby just has a complete lack of knowledge of himself. At some point you gotta grow up. Maybe you think I’m being too hard on him – but what a disappointment. A huge disappointment!”
Mark Carman, 610 AM
GH: Replace the name Josh Selby with the name Nick Wright and the similarity of the message being delivered to the two youngsters is stunning.

“Selby will be fine in Memphis. Like 2ndrounder Mario, he’ll be paid n paid well. Will he ever do much? His bank account will say, who cares?”
Gary Bedore, writer for  KUSports.com, Twitter
GH: We all go to college to eventually get paid. Selby will make money playing basketball. But will it be in the NBA? I am not as certain as Bedore.

“Taking Selby at No. 49 is like finding a scratcher in a vacant parking lot. Selby was a McDonald’s All-American who struggled first with academic eligibility and then an injury at Kansas. If there were no age minimum in the NBA, he likely would have been a lottery pick.”
Tom Ziller, writer, SBNation.com
GH: We never saw the Selby we continue to hear about from those who knew him when. Maybe this super-athletic, ankle-breaking freak on a basketball court does exist inside Selby. But his story looks all-too familiar to the many others who have splashed onto the scene and sunk into never-never-made it land.

“I think they’ve got a guy who has no idea how to play basketball. He’s a guy who has point-guard size who has no point-guard skills.”
Mark Carman, 610 AM
GH: As I watched Selby play at KU, I saw an athlete that never understood the offense. I don’t think he was trying to be subversive to his team’s efforts, I just don’t think he could focus and rise above his emotions to remember and execute plays.

“This is what you do when you don’t have a first-round pick. You take a guy who you think has first-round talent in the second round.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Agree. Selby’s a gamble but who isn’t in the second round of a draft experts were calling the worst NBA talent in 25 years?

“I don’t know if he’s disappointed or not.”
Bill Self, on Selby getting picked 49th, 610 AM
GH: For those who believe Bill does not talk coachspeak – read that line again. Self admitted to have not spoken with his former guard since he had been drafted. I would question the comments from Self prior to the draft where he was adamant that Selby was doing the right thing in foregoing his sophomore season. Self’s job is to counsel his players and he flunked on this one.

“He’s a first-round talent that was (available) in the second round because he was hurt.”
Bill Self, 610 AM
GH: Man, Selby’s foot injury (and the excuses) have lingered on longer than Whitlock gazing through the glass at Gates’ looking longingly at a yammer pie.

“(Selby) needed to stay (at KU) not just another year but he needed to stay at Kansas at least three if not four.”
Mark Carman, 610 AM
GH: Carman filled in the past two days for Danny Parkins while Parkins took over for the missing Nick Wright. Carman brought some swag to his morning gig. 610 Sports has some talent inside the studio. Not all of it is getting the proper playing time.

“Does anyone know the scent of a professional athlete’s jock better than Stuart Scott?”
Soren Petro, while watching the NBA draft, Twitter

“It’s stealing! Someone else has an idea that has another sports show and you’re trying to take it.”
Carrington Harrison, contributor to Nick Wright’s show, when asked by Wright to state his reasons for not wanting Wright to add some segments to his show that are similar to 810’s Border Patrol’s Listen or Lose and Petro’s Two-Minute Drill, 610 AM
GH: Nothing is new in radio. Nothing. But does Wright really want to stoop to recreating similar segments that play down the dial at his competitor’s station? It is one thing to steal bits but don’t steal bits from your next-door neighbor – especially when the whole city knows your neighbor’s act.

“If it were something original to those shows, I would never take it.
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Original or not doesn’t matter. If Kietzman starts doing Fescoe’s Shanin & Parks Theater, he’s going to look like as ass.

“I would never say, ‘Hey, let’s bring in a 95-year-old man and do an hour of trivia.’ ”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Wright has issues with guys who have some experience behind their years. His shot here at Pete Enich tells me a lot about what he doesn’t understand when it comes to the history of Kansas City sports talk radio. Enich was Whitlock before Whitlock. But Pete happens to be a white guy, right Nick?

“Maybe it’s stealing but it’s stealing it from people who have already stolen it from other people.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: It must be a black thing.

“(Jeff Montgomery) was probably one of the most confident pitchers I played with on all the teams I played with. Monty was just one of those pitchers you just left alone. Until he had those arm problems, he never questioned his stuff one day.”
Mike Macfarlane, former Royals catcher, 810 AM
GH: I covered the Royals for a week at Surprise one year. Montgomery gave me the stink eye for four days. It may have been because he and Whitlock had shall I say a terse relationship. Whit once threatened to out Monty for some late-night activities he once observed after Monty got a bit huffy with JW. Monty doesn’t look it but he would be a handful in an alley fight.

“(Kevin Appier) was just a fierce, fierce competitor. He threw some of the most exceptional games I ever caught in my carrier. He was just a battler.”
Mike Macfarlane, as Appier prepares to be inducted into the Royals HOF this weekend, 810 AM
GH: The first time I saw Appier pitch live I was captivated. The violence in which he threw a baseball was rare. Arms, legs, a cap, his jersey and anything else attached went flying in all directions with each delivery. We owe the Ape a rousing send off Saturday night at The K.

“(Appier) was the one pitcher in baseball who would throw a ball back that had a scuff on it.”
Mike Macfarlane, 810 AM

“It was Ape being Ape before it was Manny being Manny. Appier would sit in front of his locker before a game and just stare at it for 45 minutes.”
Mike Macfarlane, 810 AM
GH: I believe it was Dick Kaegel who named him Planet Appier. One of the last good Royals’ nicknames that didn’t end in ‘ee.’

“Appier grew up around Goobie and Sabes – and those two guys would just pound him! No mercy whatsoever! And (Appier) thought they were being buddies!”
Mike Macfarlane, on how Mark Gubicza and Brett Saberhagen kidded Appier during their days with the Royals, 810 AM
GH: Few stories in sports are better than baseball stories. Some radio station needs to call Gubicza or Saberhagen and get them on the air with their Appier tales. Today!

“Kevin was just one of those guys who would inject humor into a situation whether he knew it or not by just his antics.”
Mike Macfarlane, 810 AM
GH: Are we talking about Nick Wright again?

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24 Responses to OTC: Selby Slips In NBA Draft / Planet Appier To Royals HOF

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    Greg – thought you might respond the series of tweets Wright lobbed at you last night!

    • Greg Hall says:

      Nick blocked me from following him last fall and so unless he adds my @greghall24 to his tweets or someone else does I typically don’t see them. He told me he unblocked me recently but I haven’t bothered to renew.

  2. J.L. says:

    A lot of people have said that about Carman; not sure why it has not sunk it yet. Random thought but I am beginning to think he along with the rest of the people on Nick’s show actually agree with Jason and Greg’s take on Nick, they just say it in different ways. Eh, random.

  3. Fake Ned Yost says:

    In case you missed Appier being interviewed on Petro’s show today, it’s worth listening to the podcast. Especially if phrases like “420” and “Green Day” mean a lot to you. I’m now getting to understand why Planet Ape was Planet Ape.

  4. Gavin says:

    “Self’s job is to counsel his players and he flunked on this one.”

    Really? You think Self didn’t counsel Selby to stay? Not that we’ll ever know but, then again, you have no idea WHAT Self counseled Selby to. But Something tells me that no matter what Self said, Selby was gone. remember when Selby disappeared to Las Vegas tow ork out and Self admitted he hadn’t known that was happening? Do those sound like the actions of a kid who is accepting the counsel of his coach?

    Of course, this begs the question of why did Self publicly support the move even if he privately tried to keep Selby in school. The answer, again, is I don’t know. But I’m thinking that Self was doing his best to spin this as favorably as he could for the team and I don’t begrudge him that at all.

    But to say he failed (alright, “flunked”) at giving good counsel is totally unfair and doesn’t even speak to the facts that were made public, let alone the stuff that s tayed private that you don’t know.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Self went out of his way to tell the media Selby was making the absolute right decision in leaving. He was obviously wrong. As Selby’s coach he should have done all he could to convince the kid he needed to hang on Mass. St. another year or three… even through the media.

      • Gavin says:

        I love ya, Greg, but I’m going to put this up there with your 100% absolute and certain proclamation that Self should have kept his team in a complete quarantine from Thomas Robinson and his mother’s funeral.

        You aren’t privy to whatever discussions went on between them. If Selby was absolutely 100% committed to leaving and told Self that there was no way he could change his mind (and I suspect this was close to what actually happened after Selby returned from his AWOL time in Vegas), then Self had to make lemons out of lemonade. I can the calculus pretty clear on this one. A) I can bitch about this kid to the media but it won’t make any difference to the headstrong headcase and it will also be used against me negatively when I recruit other kids; or B) I can try and privately convince him to stay but if I’m unsuccessful I can try and make lemons out of lemonade.

        Not a very tough decision, in my opinion.

        • Gavin says:

          Excuse me, “make lemons INTO lemonade.”

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          Agreed Gavin – the fact that Self hadn’t talked to Selby during/after the draft speaks volumes. I’m going to guess Josh won’t be back for the alumni scrimmages during Self’s basketball camp next summer.

        • JHawkBox says:

          I agree. I’m sure Kentucky already tries to negatively recruit against KU with the top “one and done” kids by saying KU will hold you back, they won’t get you to the NBA like I will, and other BS. So, I’m sure Self told Selby he should stay another year to showcase what he can do without a suspension and without injury, but when Selby ignored that, Self has to spin it publically that he supports kids entering the draft early. Logic dictated that Selby wasn’t ready (that was clear) but I’m sure there wasn’t much logical thought when he was partying it up in Vegas on his agent’s dime. There must be something else with Selby for him to have fallen this much in the draft when the NBA drafts on potential — injury, head case, etc.

  5. Mighty Mo says:

    Appier was one of the last Royals pitchers who, when he pitched, you felt like you had the edge that day. Even Greinke, save one year, never made you feel that good consistently. Now we spend our days hoping to get “quality starts” so our bullpen can make up the difference. Is it me or are we about to enter a stretch 15 yr. stretch where coming up with Royals Hall fo Famers will be a yearly running joke?

  6. Hoof R. Tedd says:

    Another OTC, another day of Nick Wright mentions. Is this OTC or Nick Wright’s Tribute Site? Jesus, Greg, why devote so much time & energy to such a worthless hack? You’re starting to sound like a jealous, pissed off sorority girl.

    • kcredsox says:

      The purpose of OTC is to blog and/or write about sports and local sports talk radio. I would suspect that KK has been talked about several days in a row also, but when the spotlight is on the wanna be from 610, that’s where most of the energy is going. Keep up the good work Greg, haven’t been able to listen to much of the radio lately but feel like I have a grasp of what has gone on the past few weeks just by reading your material.

      • Greg Hall says:

        Not every topic or story line is going to spark the interest of all readers. Most days you can skip the quotes or comments that you’d prefer missing and go to whatever part of the buffet appeals to you. Nick has been a fun topic this week and so he’s gotten more play than most. Next week it might be grilling cookies with Jim Colbert.

  7. Orville Sandusky says:

    When Pullen said… “I will not play in the NIT” what he was really saying was….
    “I will not play in the NBA.”

    KU Draft Picks….. 3 K-State……0 Missouri……0

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    When Self said Selby was making the absolute right decision in leaving for the NBA, he meant that on behalf of KU basketball, not Selby.

  9. smartman says:

    Being black and getting picked 49th in the NBA draft is like being called a white guy. You’re a Honda Pilot, not a Cadillac Escalade.

    Apes, Sabes, Goobs? Like National Geographic meets Mayberry RFD. Royals Hall of Fame is almost an oxymoron.

    Word is that some video of Nick dancing…..or trying to dance is gonna hit youtube next week and he’s more Barney Fife than Justin Timberlake. I guess that will leave him with cul-de-sac cred. Wigger PLEASE!

  10. 2Peas-In-A-Puckett says:

    So I am of the Dago fashion, and my Father worked in the trucking industry all of his life….middle management, not a head of anything, unlike NW’s dad…

    My dad busted his ass, and still does, and will until the day he dies… Would never take my pee-wee football. cub scout; or license hearing fundraisers to work, nor should he. He is anti union, as am I. He was in management when the teamsters started the decline of this economy….

    For a man that never made over $70K once in his life, he has a pretty decent retirement set up….and he has a pretty good job in transportation set up, albeit in a non union company (more money for him)….and kudos to him for that. However, what you get being a non union guy is basically the scab treatment…

    He owned a Maxima, that was assembled in Tennessee, but tires were slashed in KCMO because it was not “American”. Point of my long story being longer is union is not good, and NW had the silver spoon…, but from a union family….so the tale gets even more twisted

  11. Inspiron 1521 Battery says:

    Went to Yahoo! to watch a 10 second clip of a college baseball player breaking an aluminum bat. 1/2

  12. bschloz says:

    Why does Selby look like he is 40? Holy shit I thought that was Earl Monroe.
    He can join the All Old Looking Team with….Greg Oden…Kevin Durant…Lebron James.

  13. Jip says:

    Speaking of Jeff Montgomery, in one of his last years, when he was really struggling, my friend heckled him from the front row of right field GA when he was on his way out to the bullpen before the game. I think his heckle was referencing his ERA finally getting below 10.

    After the 1st inning, Montgomery walked out to us and threaten kick all of our asses. And he was serious. He called us all punks, threatened to send someone up there to take care of us and said “Hell, I might even get in street clothes and come do it myself.” I couldn’t believe it. It was so funny.

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