OTC: Should MU Play WSU If KU Shuns Them Both? / YoLough Gone! / McRib Back!

“It seems like every team (in the Big 12) except Kansas is exceeding expectations at least by a little. The league has a lot of big wins and they’re going to have a good RPI.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Clink quickly amended his statement to say that Kansas State probably is not exceeding expectations with their start – but that could change when they face Gonzaga Saturday in Wichita. How about the line-up for local hoops on Saturday? Christmas shopping just took three shots to the groin!
11:00 AM Georgetown at Kansas
2:30 PM  Gonzaga vs. Kansas State in Wichita
4:30 PM Missouri vs. Illinois in St. Louis

“Missouri needs to find opportunities to come this way, now that they’re in the SEC.”
Stan Weber, who suggested that Missouri schedule Wichita State on an annual basis to improve their exposure in the state of Kansas, 810 AM
GH: This is a great idea! Why not have the two schools Bill Self and KU have shunned strike up a rivalry and play at the Sprint Center each November or December? I would prefer if these two signed a home-and-home contract and really add some heat to non-con hoops for both schools. But I don’t think even that would bring MU fans out to Mizzou Arena before January.

“Sad crowd 15 mins before Mizzou-Western Michigan tip. MIZ 1 of 14 unbeatens left in NCAA.”
Ashley Zavala, @ZavalaA, Twitter
GH: Ashley wasn’t done poking the Mizzou faithful. Read on.

“Missouri on a 9-0 run and a handful of fans head toward the exits. Wait, what?”
Ashley Zavala, @ZavalaA, as MU opened its lead on Western Michigan late in the game, Twitter
GH: Mizzou definitely has a problem with fan interest in their home non-con schedule. The arena looks deserted for many of their early TV games. Forget all that talk about big-money owning those premium seats on the TV side of the court. This empty-seat problem has now spread to all corners of the gym. This probably isn’t much different at most SEC schools outside Kentucky and Florida. Maybe MU is more SEC than we thought.

“KU should stop playing at Sprint Center. If they won’t play Missouri, they should stop playing in Kansas City.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. As a matter of fact, he’s more like the stump.

“I thought it was a nice touch. It was the first time ever they did that.”
Josh Klingler, on the Kansas Jayhawk logo at center court at Sprint Center for KU’s recent game there against New Mexico, 610 AM
GH: Some Mizzou fans voiced their displeasure that the Kansas City Sprint Center would be so hospitable to Kansas. Note to Mizzou; Kansas is just better at cutting deals than you. Two words; Lew Perkins.

“Missouri will probably be 13-0 and ranked somewhere around 15th… and that surprises me!”
Gabe DeArmond, on Frank Haith’s team playing beyond their perceived talent level, 810 AM

“I’m not sure any other conference has this kind of coaching line-up (as the Big 12).”
Blair Kerkhoff, 810 AM
GH: I have noticed that Kerkhoff has been covering the Royals’ beat for The Kansas City Star since Bob Dutton moved on to cover the Mariners in Seattle. I believe this is a temporary move but The Star doesn’t appear to have a lot of options. Why not hire one of the 487 bloggers who write about the Royals to take the beat? Does it make more sense to hand the job to your college sports writer?

“I’ve got a friend out there that works at WBAL in Baltimore and they don’t like this (Danny Valencia for David Lough) deal. They don’t like it at all. That’s how you know whether or not you made a good trade or not.”
Jay Binkley, on the Royals trading for the back-up third baseman, 610 AM
GH: I really, really like Lough – all the way back to following him in Omaha. I think he will be a huge hit there with that tiny ball park. This is a great move for Lough in that he was in a logjam here and hopefully he gets his shot to start in left for the O’s. I’ll be rooting for him just like I do Wil Myers.

“Looking forward to seeing David Lough at Orioles camp this spring. Easily, one of my favorite guys in Royals system.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, of pinetarpress.com, Twitter

“I can’t thank the Royals enough for giving me the opportunity to play this great game. I shared a lot of memories that won’t be forgotten!”
David Lough, @DLOUGHKC, Twitter

“I’ve seen some (Orioles’) fans who were extremely upset about losing Valencia. And even though Valencia established himself as a right-handed designated hitter, he was essentially a role player.”
Michael Almanzar, writer, Baltimoresun.com

“Based on Valencia’s time in Minnesota, the eye candy with the ladies is going to go up a little bit.”
Henry Blake, who covered Valencia when Blake was working in Minnesota radio, 610 AM
GH: This is always a positive for raising the morale in the clubhouse.

“Valencia was overmatched as a regular for the Twins, but has found a good niche as a part-timer used mostly versus left-handed pitching. He hit .304 with eight homers and an .888 OPS in 52 games for the Orioles this year and would make an ideal platoon partner with Mike Moustakas at third base.”
Aaron Gleeman, hardballtalk.nbcsports.com
GH: Anything that can light a fire under Moose’s expanding backside is a plus. Let’s hope Moose responds to competition like we think he will. He can start by showing up in Arizona at 210 pounds.

“You’re starting to have some positions where you’re going to have a tough time beating some of these guys out! You’re fighting for playing time.”
Charlie Weis, on how the football talent level at Kansas has improved over the last year, 610 AM
GH: When you go 1-17 in the Big 12 over your two years as the head football coach at KU, that “pile of crap” speech starts to lose its humor. Charlie seems to have changed his tune to more of a waltz.

“We’re peaking at the right time. The Chiefs are peaking at the right time. It definitely helps having Jamaal Charles on our side of the ball.”
Derrick Johnson, on the 11-3 Chiefs, 980 AM

“He’s had some great games for is this year. We might not dial up the play for (Dwayne Bowe) every time but he’s going to be a big part of what we do going forward.”
Doug Pederson, Chiefs offensive coordinator, on the lack of production from their highly-paid wide receiver, 610 AM
GH: I keep thinking Bowe is going to explode and carry the Chiefs through the playoffs. But then I wake up and remember it’s almost January and he’s still just a great downfield blocker making top-five receiver money.

“If it was the last game of the season I think it would be a completely different game than we’re going to see this weekend. Since it’s the second-last game of the season…I think it’s going to be a real game. If this was played next week it would be an exhibition game.”
Andrew Brandt, NFL analyst for ESPN, when asked what we can expect from the Colts/Chiefs this Sunday knowing that it is very possible the two will face each other again in the first round of the playoffs, 810 AM
GH: This game could be completely different from the game these two might play in Indianapolis. The weather forecast is calling for maybe six inches of snow Sunday at Arrowhead and in Indy the game will be weatherproofed inside the dome. I like the Chiefs Sunday by a field goal. Should be a great one.

“My beautiful daughter Lisa saw Anchorman 2 and said, ‘Tell St. John to save his money. It’s terrible!’”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: Lisa’s review sounds a bit harsher than what I’ve been hearing. Nobody thinks AM2 tops the original but most think it’s worth the two hours invested. I’ll pass until the DVD hits Red Box.

“The McRib is back at McDonald’s”
Radio Ad
GH: Is there a better way to signal the Christmas season than splattering your shirt with the sticky blood from a stretchy McRib? You could put a McRib in a Red Box and it wouldn’t lose any of its taste when AM2 comes out on DVD.

“We’ve had reports of people being yelled at and stalked for their parking places!”
Mike Phillips, reporter, on the chaos that has descended on Kansas City’s shopping malls, 980 AM
GH: And this was just at Mickey D’s and the insanity over the McRib!

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27 Responses to OTC: Should MU Play WSU If KU Shuns Them Both? / YoLough Gone! / McRib Back!

  1. Ptolemy says:

    KState fans won’t watch KU or MU games unless they’re behind or it’s close in the 2nd half. I suspect KU and MU fans are the same, so lots of shopping opportunities.

    McRibs are nasty. The Burger King Big King is very good though.

  2. January says:

    From the clips I’ve seen, AM2 does look awful. During this time of year with so many good movies out there, don’t waste your time or money on crap like that.

  3. Dan says:

    Yawn. As a Mizzou fan, I have no interest in playing Wichita St. They aren’t a big name and we have no history with them.

    • rkcal says:

      They’ve been to TWO Final Fours, however. Which is two more than “big name” MU. Yawn.

      • estoniakat says:

        Standard MU smack talk. They think THEY have a tradition in basketball? No, not really. A handful of conference championships, some great individual game moments, and that’s it. They’ve never played at the elite level.
        Yes, you don’t think a lot about Wichita State, but then again they don’t have football and play in the Missouri Valley, which they’ve consistently been a power in. It would not shock me to see Wichita State in the Final Four again this year. They are really good.
        I went to MU. The fans whine incessantly about being cursed (5th down, flea-kicker, Tyus Edney, blah blah), but don’t support their teams unless they are good.
        Compare that to K-State. They were 2-4 when I went to a football game there this year. A full house.
        I think, in the long run, MU hoops will be the big loser after moving to the SEC. Their main rivalry is dead. SEC hoops is Kentucky and a bunch of tomato cans, and no one is going to get up for that. It’s even more of a football league than the Big 12 in terms of fan interest, so I think Tiger interest will also gradually wither in hoops. Maybe it’s already happening.

        • john says:

          the sec is a better basketball conference than the big 12. if you want to talk national titles, there is no comparison

        • HARLEY says:

          Sorry Kansas residents…we’re beyond that. We’re now the
          top 20 university in fan bases and we’re not going to try
          to impressthose universities that are dying.
          Let me make this clear….when MU left the Kansas hicks
          in the dust with the big 12…we said goodbye to the plains
          forever. We said goodbye to the lonelydustyhills of Kansas
          and the rest of the Kansas schools forever.
          We don’t need them to prove anything. Weare proving everyday
          that Missouri continues to be the fastest growing university
          in the nation along with becoming one of the most influential
          schools in the Midwest and beyond.
          While the Kansas schools are stuck in a mud slop…MU
          continues to grow academically/financially/and in stature as
          one of the top universities in the nation.
          For mu and its fans…there’s no looking back. Kansas can
          have all the basketball teams it wants and needs..it
          doesn’t matter…ku and kstate are going broke because they
          have no economic base and thanks to the brownback
          attack against higher education.
          So stop dreaming Kansas people. MU is gone and we’re
          on an incredible path to greatness. And there’s no looking
          back on the Kansas hillbillies at Wichita/ku/kstate…
          A quarter billion dollars is going intothe athletic facilities
          at MU…the money continues to pour in….we’ve moved past
          the small time thinking of Kansas schools to become a
          nationally renowned institituion.
          We want nothing to do with Kansas anymore. Plain and
          We have plenty of teams to have rivalries with and we’re
          starting tobe a national powerhouse in football (the
          real money sport). You Kansas hicks can cheer on your
          bball teams all you want but bball is a secondary sport
          that is only viable one month out of the year.
          College football is where it’s at. Nothing else matters.
          And while ku and kstate stagger to make ends meet…
          while their football teams fail to pay the bills…while
          ku slinks into oblivion on a national platform…MU IS
          We have notime for Wichita state…who cares if they
          made a final four…basketball is a secondary sport in this
          nation and the money just isn’t there to make a difference.
          WE ARE MU…and we’ve made all the ku/kstate fans look
          like fools for saying the move to the sec was a terrible
          move. Money wise/prestige wise/academically …we are
          waving bye bye to the ku fans as we move way way
          ahead of them in every conceivable way.
          Have a great year ku…you need it. Without self and
          his one and dones the university is a big zero…nothing
          else 5to show.
          MIZ ZOU…
          you heard it this year…you’ll hear it more…
          we don’t need Kansas schools to play for a rivalry. We’ll
          take the top schools in the entire nation…not some
          small time Wichita or manhattan school.
          GO MIZZOU….we’re on the move…leaving ku/kstate
          in the dust and dirt of the failing big 12!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    And don’t forget — Buy a McRib value meal and get a second McRib for just a buck. It’s the sort of gift that just keeps on giving, all holiday season long! Cousin Eddie and I always partake.

  5. john doe says:

    “Missouri on a 9-0 run and a handful of fans head toward the exits. Wait, what?”
    sunday night game
    students are at home for Xmas break
    people have to work in the morning and have a 90 minute drive back home.

    A handful is 5.

    no big deal.

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Mizzou fans are consistently awful.

  7. Brummy says:

    McD’s…helping lazy parents fatten their kids for years.

    ‘merica, Fk yeah!

  8. estoniakat says:

    “KU should stop playing at Sprint Center. If they won’t play Missouri, they should stop playing in Kansas City.”
    Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

    I am no fan of Kansas, but that might win dim-bulb comment of the year for KC talk radio. WAT?

  9. Rico_suave says:

    saw GREAT Jayhawk today — good, close first half – then blew G-town out 86-64 in the iconic Allen FH– where every seat is a good seat .. then a 40 minute drive back to JoCo

    meanwhile Tiger fans get to make the 2 1/2 hr trek to Plaige — in such a spread out stadium those in the upper deck they may as well not be at the game — they’re so far back

    • gayhawk lanth says:

      Where would these Tiger fans be coming from, with a 2 1/2 hour drive home?

      And seats in the upper deck are fine. You can still see the game AND you aren’t subjected to horrible smells like the nosebleed seats in Lawrence.

      • HARLEY says:

        SORRY KU FANS…who would want to go into that dump?
        It only holds what 16,000 fans…while ku is going broke and self
        is pissed that the football program isn’t paying its way in the
        athletic department.
        Maybe move that “great” football team into the field house.
        Then maybe you can fill it up with fans.
        bball is secondary sport…the only one that counts in the
        eyes of America is football…unless you live in the hicktown
        of Lawrence or Topeka or Ottawa or Lenexa!!!!!!!
        Lets get real people…outside the few cities of Lawrence and close
        in…no one cares about ku bball except for the announcers who
        do the games.
        ku can’t pay its bills with just basketball….
        ku is sliding fast…
        go check the blue valley district andsee how many students
        are leaving the stateto go to MU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        mu has beauty…class and stature with money streaming in to
        make it the “Wharton of the Midwest”…….stop moaning and
        groaning ku fans…mu and its fans have left you in the dust.
        We want nothing to do with you. No games in sprint…no games
        against little Wichita state or baker….no small time athletic
        games anymore.
        We’re in the sec…where the giants are…and theres no reason
        to come down to the low level of the big 12 for any reason.
        We’re gone…and happy that we left the hillbillies and plains
        of Kansas for the golden keys of the sec and real time
        have fun this year….we’re done with Kansas!
        we don’t need sprint…wedon’t need the money like ku does
        to keep its doors open.
        Maybe in 10 years we’ll give the ku fans a shot…but right now
        we’re riding high in the #1 league in America ….where the
        top schools and where the money is…the sec.
        We left you in th e dust bin……..we have nothing more to
        say than….
        SEE YA…WON’T MISS YA!!!!!!
        oh…hows Weiss doing these days??????????????????????

    • Steve says:

      I get the razzing Mizzou takes for what was “Paige Arena” but if you really think Mizzou Arena is a bad place to watch a game you clearly haven’t been to one there. Upper deck seats aren’t bad at all, plus, for such an awful arena is does hold the nation’s longest home winning streak. Just sayin’.

  10. estoniakat says:

    K-State just went Godzilla on Gonzaga. Expect to see Marcus Foster’s dunk on Sportscenter (that kid is going to punish teams for four years ….)
    This is just the kick start they needed, like Florida last year, and we know where that ended. With a banner.
    The Big 12 is suddenly looking pretty salty, I say.

  11. Biff says:

    MU needs to schedule WSU and other good teams. The SEC is a horrible basketball conference, only UK cares about basketball and FLA some. . MU needs to build its RPI before conference play or they will be left out of the tournament.

    • HARLEY says:

      bIFF….get real. We’re done with wsu and ku and kstate….we’d rather give money to
      schools that can use it.
      forget playing ku again. Self got his toupe all in a tither when mu left…its just
      barely glued on now…so lets just not even think about another mu-ku game.
      too late…we’ve seen the big time…and we’re not going back to the
      backyard hooligans in Lawrence again!!!!!!!

  12. baxterdogg says:

    looks like the Tigers have their rival — illinois!

    great game today – a 65-64 loss

    we don’t need our jayhawk rivalry anymore!

    • JP says:

      Does this mean you guys will quit obscessing on all things Kansas? I seriously doubt it.

    • Biff says:

      If Illinois was a real rival for MU they would still play them in football. That game is nice for the MU fans in St. Lou. but the move to the SEC has made MU a non factor in KC.

      MU showed they are a fraud in basketball just like they were in football. easy schedule and lose to a good team.

      • john says:

        wow, how much would mu have beaten your team in football by, if they were a supposed fraud?

      • HARLEY says:

        you talk like the hillbillies we left 2 years ago. We got away from
        the hillbillies and the plains people of Kansas to go to the
        golden league of the sec.
        How ya like them apples.
        We never care about ku or kstate…we’ve gotbig things
        happening in Columbia and mu.
        with quarter billion dollars in new facilities…money to build the
        greatest b school in the nation….research dollars streaming in…
        licensing dollars rolling in….incredible huge national fan base…
        more out of state students enrolling in mu than at ku and kstate
        combined (who would want to live in manhhattan or Lawrence..
        when Columbia has been ranked #2 city in nation to live by
        Money magazine?)
        come on…in there nothing worse than manhattan or that dingy
        We’re past you…we’ve left you ku and kstaters in the dust…
        SEC baby…where the lights and money shine…
        MIZ ZOU….we’re on a roll boys…and you’re stuck in the mud!

  13. john says:

    haha, ku is better at cutting deals? three letters for you greg, S-E-C.

  14. Jayhawk '97 says:

    Then tell your friends to stop whining about KU not playing Misery.

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