OTC: Sorry Walt Disney, But The Angels In The Outfield Play For The Royals / YostBusters II Kills In LA

“Royals are the most spectacularly likable playoff team in years, and I can’t imagine not rooting for them if your team’s eliminated.”
Jonah Keri, @jonahkeri, Grantland baseball writer, Twitter
GH: How did this happen? The Kansas City Royals are now America’s darling. Performing nightly miracles on live television will do that.

“Attention, Royals fans. You will bring your sacrifices and tokens of honor to the altar of Yost before Game 3, for he is kissed by WIZARDS!”
Ray Ratto, @RattoCSN, San Francisco columnist, Twitter
GH: I guess we just have to sit back and enjoy Yost’s team bailing him out nightly from yet another baffling set of moves that look to all the world to be meant to sabotage his team. He left Jason Vargas in with a depleted arm to face a right-handed power hitter with the bases loaded. Was it his gut that told him to do so? Hell, maybe it was Gollum.

“This Royals manager is a magical warlock Huguenot who does crazy things which work despite all logic to the contrary.”
Dan Szymborski, @DSzymborski, Twitter

“(Yost) would invade Costa Rica and run into Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi vacationing there.” Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, in response to a follower who suggested sending Yost after ISIS, Twitter

By_96zFCcAANmxQ“Every button he pushed last night worked. They weren’t the most conventional…”
Kurtis Seaboldt, on Ned Yost’s magical night in Disneyland, 810 AM
GH: Wait a minute. I have heard this from a number of folks today how Yost pushed all the right buttons last night. I will agree that the Royals won – but it too the Royals outfield performing like the Flying Wallendas and Mike Moustakas to hit a game-winning homer in the 11th inning. Yost is definitely pushing buttons. But it is more like the three-year-old who stumbles into the elevator and starts mashing the pretty lights. Vargas gave up two homers and a half dozen rockets that were caught – two of those came with a total of three feet of producing four more runs. Yes, Ned is living a charmed life and I am loving the wins. But last night was just the latest example of the YostBusters once again winning in spite of their manager.

“Don’t worry about that. If anybody takes the time to sit and chat with him, he is a genuine human being.”
Soren Petro, to a caller who said he doesn’t like Yost because of the way he treats the media, 810 AM
GH: Don’t worry about that? The caller didn’t say he was worried about Yost’s attitude with the media. He said it make him unlikable. I am amazed at those in the media who think it is their job to make us like the players and coaches they cover.

“(Ned Yost) is coming back next year unless Dayton Moore goes to Atlanta and takes Ned Yost with him.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Be still my heart. I would promote the Royals third base coach Mike Jirschele as the Royals new manager so fast that Terrence Gore would look like a sloth.

“Baseball fans are being done a disservice with TBS broadcasting these games. My god is that an incompetent broadcast! I could use a little bit of emotion on any great play. I’m pulling out the radio and muting the TV for the next game and listening to Denny Matthews. That was awful last night. Denny and Ryan on the radio are awesome and they have my business from now on.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: This TBS mess is a joke. Aoki has a “great” arm? Moustakas had a “great” season? Billy Butler is a power hitter? It’s like listening to my wife as a MLB analyst. But trying to mute the telly and listen to the Royals Radio broadcast is almost impossible since the radio is 30 seconds or more ahead of the action on the tube. And from what I am hearing about Denny’s call of Moose’s dong, we didn’t miss much listening to Cal Ripken snore. Read on.

“Just listened to Denny’s call of Moose’s homer. Sounded like mixed shock & disinterest. Maybe he was thinking of InNOut Burger?”
Cale, @cshytiger, Twitter

“I was driving to work today listening to 104.3 The Fan (in Denver) which is one of the sports radio stations out here and is not affiliated with ESPN. The update came on and they played Denny Matthews’ call of Moose’s homer and I cringed. I don’t want homerism to be a part of my home town broadcast but I want excitement to come through.  All I could think of while I listened to ‘Gone’ was that Denny was calling a mid-June game in LA with nothing on the line.  In fact, I was so glad on Wednesday as I listened to someone else call the game winning hit by Perez. “
Justin, OTC Email from Denver
GH: Those of you who defend Matthews’ tired and bored work are doing history a disservice – as is Matthews. He cheated Moose, he cheated the Royals and he cheated history by coasting through one of the biggest postseason home runs in franchise history. It’s sad that Denny has chosen to be so blasé about his work. What is even sadder is that the Royals have allowed him to be so.

“Maybe I’m a Denny apologist but I didn’t think it was too bad.”
Stephan, @crazyroyalsfan, Twitter
GH: We need to raise the bar around here – even for legends. “Not too bad” isn’t nearly good enough for a game-winning dong in the Royals first postseason in 20 years.

“Royals bullpen by the numbers tonight: 7 pitchers, 1 hit, 0 runs, 5 strikeouts. Big-time performance in some pressure situations.”
Andy Meyer, @andymeyer124, Twitter
GH: Wow. Against that Angels lineup? Wow.

“Why are you nervous? They are going to win! There’s no stress tonight. Even if the Royals get behind 4-1, everything’s going to be okay.”
Kevin Kietzman, counseling a caller who said he has been nervous watching the Royals’ playoff games, 810 AM
GH: I could have done without Big Ten Kev declaring the Royals as winners. Maybe Yost’s spell is even more powerful than KK’s ridiculous professional roll.

“The Royals! I live here. I will die here. I am a Kansas City Royals fan!”
Mike Boddicker, when asked by a caller if the World Series pits his two former teams, Royals and Orioles, who he would be rooting for, 810 AM

“Salvy has saved two runs but not two testicles tonight behind the plate.”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, as the home-plate ump took a pass ball off his junk, Twitter

“He probably deserved that (shot to the jewels) after that strike zone last night.”
Mike Boddicker, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM

“It’s funny: once you start producing two sports sections a day for a while (Sports Daily plus #Royals Extra), u kinda develop a flow.”
Jeff Rosen, sports editor of Kansas City Star, @jeff_rosen88
GH: I have been like a kid each morning racing (well, maybe not racing – it’s more of a barefoot hop) out to the driveway to retrieve my Kansas City Star newspaper. Rosen and his gang have been doing incredible work putting together special sections packed with sensational photos, words and killer headlines – and all within hours of the games’ final pitches. Take a deep bow, Jeff – and then get back to work!

“I don’t know if it’s unorthodox. That ball’s moving away from him.”
Jason Vargas, when Josh Vernier asked him about Aoki’s “unorthodox” defense in right field, 610 AM
GH: Nori Aoki might get a movie deal out of this postseason. When he somehow jumped into the right-field wall and managed to avoid Lo Cain and catch the sure bases-clearing triple – it changed everything. Yost was again about to be fired for leaving Vargas in, the Angels were going to take a 1-0 lead in the series…but Aoki caught the ball. Then he smiled like a six year old and doffed his cap to the Royals bench. Screw Walt Disney. The Angels in this outfield play for the Royals!

“Just learned a lot about Japanese baseball if Aoki won a Gold Glove.”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: Aoki looks plays the outfield like he’s a soccer player. But he too is under the spell of Yost and it is somehow working.

“My wife… bless her heart…watching her 2nd televised baseball game this year; ‘That Sung Woo guy is a crazy outfielder’…. :)”
TKoppe22, Twitter GH: Maybe my favorite tweet of the night.

“World Series starts Oct. 20 at Kauffman Stadium (thanks, Trout). Going to need @Koreanfan_KC on a flight Oct. 19.”
Tod Palmer, @todpalmer, Twitter GH: Bring your glove.

and @greghall24

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27 Responses to OTC: Sorry Walt Disney, But The Angels In The Outfield Play For The Royals / YostBusters II Kills In LA

  1. Brian says:

    I don’t think it’s physically possible for the Royals and Orioles to play each other in the World Series, but then I’m kind of new to this playoff of thing.

  2. Steve says:

    Yeah, I’m the Denny apologist… most of the time at least. There are definitely times when his calls aren’t great and I wish he got more excited. But that’s just the kind of broadcaster he is now, IMO. I was listening to some Vin Scully walk-off calls this season and it’s not much different…. but nobody is ripping Vin. This moment was different, of course, but I’m not calling for Denny’s job.

    Also, Greg, is StephEn. :)

  3. brett says:

    the ump’s strike zone was absurd.

    or the tbs zone tracker was way off… which is a distinct possibility considering the sloppiness of their announcers.

    but all’s well that ends well. my friends and my wife and i were dancing around my living room like school kids after moose’s blast, hugging each other and “whisper screaming” so as not to wake up my 19-month old sleeping upstairs.

    just can’t get enough of this!

  4. Ken says:

    wish the Royals radio broadcast would sync up with the tv. On TWC, the radio was 1 pitch ahead of the TV. The Chiefs radio broadcasts make the two in sync

  5. Frank says:

    Hey Greg, what did Billy Butler do to you to make you portray him as the marshmallow man. Hopefully he has thick skin :)

  6. geoknows says:

    “He left Jason Vargas in with a depleted arm to face a right-handed power hitter with the bases loaded.”

    Huh? The bases weren’t loaded. Check again. Runners on first and second.

    (Point taken, though.)

  7. Steve says:

    I’m not getting the big ten Kev reference

  8. Herb says:

    The tracker isn’t off, it just looks different compared to FSN’s. The umpire was bad, just like the guy in the WC game was.

    Maybe Denny is scared he’ll crap his pants if he gets too excited in the booth.

  9. Kerouac says:

    When the Royals lose it’s Yost’s fault, when the Royals win it’s not Ned’s doing; next thing you know the Chiefs Eric Fisher (biggest bust in Chiefs history according to some pundits) will win a popularity vote vs the Royals Manager. Which way/day the wind blows… dontcha love narrative tap-dancing?

  10. The Independent Rage says:

    I didn’t mind the TBS guys so much the first night I heard them, but maybe because I’m used to such a low bar with Hudler and company. The TBS guys have kind of stunk up the joint since. An additional one that got me last night is that they apparently had no idea that Holland’s third pitch is a split-finger. They were saying things like, “Not sure what that was — maybe some kind of forkball.” I don’t know that I’ve heard the term “forkball” in 25 years!

    • The Independent Rage says:

      Right on cue tonight, Darling knows that Shoemaker has a split-finger, but was oblivious to the fact Holland also has one. And again, the ancient term “forkball” reared its ugly head! Now I’m just counting the minutes until I hear the terms “screwball” and “eephus”.

      • The Independent Rage says:

        OMG! Darling toward the end of Friday night’s game: Lorenzo Cain “is the fastest guy in that Kansas City uniform since Willie Wilson!” Sorry dude, but not even close, as I can think of a bevy of speedsters much faster than (a player I really like) Mr. Cain. Jeezal Peezal! Good Grief! That’s just asinine.

        • The Independent Rage says:

          On the “Re-Listen” — Dopey Darling said Cain was the fastest guy on the Royals to wear the number 6 uniform since WW. Which pretty much makes his comment all the more moronic.

  11. tiad says:

    What did Denny call Moose’s dong? And is he allowed to say things like that, even on radio?

    Greg, lay off of Denny. His dong calls are far superior to The Beaver’s.

  12. Kyle says:

    Yes, Ned is living a charmed life and I am loving the wins. But last night was just the latest example of the YostBusters once again winning in spite of their manager.

    Complete garbage Greg. Yost was a rock star last night. It’s becoming quite obvious the he knows his players better than you or me. You are actually doing your best to ruin this amazing ride the Royals are giving us. Bottom line is wins. The Royals have had back to back winning seasons for the 1st time in 25 years. You are really looking foolish with the daily Yost BS. Yost was right, and you and the rest of us were wrong.

    • LSmith says:

      Yeah, I think the “Fire Yost” train should be derailed for awhile. I agree that he makes some boneheaded moves and has cost us some games this year, however, we are one game from going to the ALCS. He cannot be the worst manager in history. We’ve had some crap managers in the last 3 decades. Yost doesn’t even make the top 5 of that list. Just because he doesn’t roll over and kiss the media’s ass shouldn’t make him the scapegoat whenever things go wrong.
      I used to travel to St Louis 2 weeks each month and the fans there used to crucify LaRussa too. I guess it’s tough to make everyone happy.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      You gotta keep in mind that when Greg’s pea-sized brain locks in on something he can’t let it go. Remember, this is the same guy who said things like: The KSU receiver who got flagged for saluting the crowd during a bowl game will become a household name because of conservative protest; College degrees from Penn State will be worthless because of the Paterno scandal; Billy Butler should play right field.

  13. pdinop says:

    Ned may be the only person who can make Todd Haley look civil, but it doesn’t make him a bad manager. I believe that managers win or lose more games in the clubhouse than in the dugout. How many World Series did strategical geniuses Paul Richards, Gene Mauch, and Bob Boone win as managers? I’ll take Yost’s worst moves over Hillman’s best. But he’s still a pain.

  14. yakustk says:

    I like Denny most of the time. His end of game calls are just awful. Same way with how the network immediately goes to commercial after the game is over. Really ruins the mood.

  15. Herb says:

    You Yost dong suckers are blind fans of this team. I feel your love for the players – they play the games. But if you think it’s because of Yost they’re 1 game from the ALCS, you’re just plain stupid. Throughout history there have been coaches and managers who have won championships despite being idiots. Shall we start naming them?

    • pdinop says:

      Some deep thinking from a genuine historian of the game. Please tell us, Herb, who are the idiots, and please tell us how they reached that level so that we can all share your scholarly insights.

  16. Herb says:

    Gene Chizik, Larry Coker, Bobby Ross (GTech) Mike McCarthy, Barry Switzer (Cowboys), Dennis Erickson (Miami U), Bob Brenly, Ozzie Guillen, Brian Billick, Bill Callahan (Raiders)…

  17. Herb says:

    Andy Reid

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