OTC: Star’s Rosen Tweets Royals Top Pick As A Short, Hurt, Project / 610′s Parkins Catches Rex Hudler In A Douple Play

“(Brandon) Finnegan is shortish (5-11), has history of shoulder issues, lacks great 3rd pitch, projects as possible closer in the big leagues.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, relaying some information from Peter Gammons comments about the Royals left-handed top draft pick out of TCU, Twitter
GH: Rosen’s tweet was not really what a Royals fan wants to hear about their organization’s top pick. In fact, it was pretty darn depressing. I read it and immediately asked myself, “So what did they see in this guy?” The TCU beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram also saw Rosen’s tweet and sprung to the young lefthander’s defense.

“He has no history of shoulder issues. Just the opposite. Missed one start this yr as a precaution.”
Stefan Stevenson, @StevensonFWST, TCU beat reporter for Fort Worth Star-Telegram,  responding to Rosen’s tweet, Twitter
GH: Rosen’s tweet on Finnegan was written in such a way to make the lefty look like a questionable top-draft pick. As the sports editor of The Star, his choice of words carries some credibility. Rosen may have simply been repeating comments made about Finnegan by Peter Gammons or others but the tweet read like it came from Rosen’s evaluation of the pick – which it may have. I saw it as a very depressing way to introduce Royals fans to the organization’s number-one pick. Here in KC we have plenty of time to get depressed over our team’s draft picks. The day they get drafted is not the time. 

“After leaving a game against Cal State-Northridge in late April, he was diagnosed with minor shoulder inflammation. He returned to pitching in May with no apparent problems.”
Dick Kaegel, Royals beat writer, MLB.com
GH: Kaegel takes a much more positive (and you could argue accurate) approach to reporting Finnegan’s shoulder issue. 

“He’s got the make-up, the command and the bulldog in him that we were looking for.” Lonnie Goldberg, Royals scouting director, via @JoshVernier610 on Twitter

“It sure didn’t hurt that it was a college-advanced arm with pitchability and stuff. And a proven track record. A really tough kid.”
Lonnie Goldberg, said Royals scouting director, discussing why the Royals liked the junior pitcher from TCU, MLB.com
GH: The Royals mentioned that Finnegan’s toughness and competitiveness played a major role in their decision to draft him. This is no more than a guess, but I could see where the Royals are not all that happy with the country-club softies populating their current clubhouse who get their feelings hurt by a sports talk radio toughie like Danny Clinkscale. 

“Royals draft TCU LHP Brandon Finnegan. We’ve decided he looks like a young Tom Hanks, not the kid in ‘Big’ Hanks, but a young Tom.”
Dave Stewart, @davestewart, of Metro Sports, Twitter
GH: I liked Hank’s young friend in the movie Big, silly-string Billy. The actor who played Billy, Jared Rushton, was also in one of my all-time sleeper Rom-Com movies, Overboard. So many great scenes in that Goldie Hawn / Kurt Russell flick. 

“Real big power. We had him here at our pre-Draft workout and he hit the furthest drive we’ve seen hit here in our pre-Drafts — and we’ve had some big names here.”
Lonnie Goldberg, on the Royals third pick, 17-year-old Chase Vallot, a high school catcher in Louisiana, MLB.com
GH: Vallot supposedly landed a shot over the left field fence near The K’s Hall of Fame when he was in Kansas City for a look. Yep, it looks like the Royals drafted on day one to fill some holes they need filling – tough guys and power guys. 

“How does MLB have their draft tonight? Just throwing in the towel on trying to ever make it an event?”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: MLB just seems to be run by the same outfit that is in charge of showing replays at The K. They have all the resources and technology to be fabulous but instead they come off looking like Gilligan and a pile of coconuts. How do you manage to schedule the draft the same night you have your league games being played and the start of the NBA finals? It’s like they don’t want their audience to pay attention. 

“Since starting the year 27-12, the Tigers are 4-13. This season is nuts.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: You know what? The Royals might not have to be good to get into the postseason this year. Not so bad might be good enough. They have work to do to get even there but that’s not a real high bar.  

“Assuming he doesn’t pitch the 9th, that’s Wade Davis’ first outing without a strikeout since opening day. He has 16 games with multiple Ks.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: Man, was I wrong to disparage Wade Davis before the season started. He has been consistently fantastic as the Royals eighth-inning entre to the beast-amongst-boys closer, Greg Holland. These two have been so good they are starting to remind people of some of the best bullpen duos to ever play the game. Mike McFarlane cautiously compared the deuce to the Yankees’ Mariano Rivera and John Wetland. 

“The Royals better hope Monte Harrison IS the new Bubba Starling, or passing on him three different times is not going to be forgotten soon.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, when the Royals passed on the Lee’s Summit West, who was drafted by the Brewers with the 50th overall pick, Twitter
GH: Is Monte going to be Bubba or Albert? The story will be a fun one to watch unfold.  

“I think Big Game James is pitching for a contract rather than pitching for a win.”
Rex Hudler, in an interview on a Lincoln radio station, replayed by Danny Parkins while he was interviewing Hudler on Thursday, 610 AM
GH: This was simply great radio. Parkins has Hudler on his show regularly and the two are obviously friendly even outside of work. But Parkins pushed that friendship aside and played professional radio host when he dropped this bomb on Hudler’s lap – live on the air in Kansas City – with James Shields and the Royals in town. Hudler scrambled to recover and it made for a shockingly good segment. Read on.  

“That’s just my opinion, Danny! That was just my opinion on the show. Was that wrong?” Rex Hudler, responding to Parkins after hearing his words about the Royals ace, 610 AM GH: It would appear to those who watch Hudler on Royals broadcasts that he would rather eat the baseball he always carries with him rather than utter negative prose about a Royals player or the organization. But it appears Hud gets a bit more opinionated the father outside of Kansas City his voice travels. 

“James Shields is a beast! He’s a passionate guy!”
Rex Hudler, talking to Parkins and attempting to clear up any thoughts that he might have a negative opinion about Shields, the Royals or life, 610 AM

“One of the genuinely nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. The face of a franchise. Winner. You run out of adjectives for him. You watch some guys and you just say, ‘I like the way that guy plays the game.’ He played the game hard and he played the game right.”
Mike McFarlane, on the Yankees Derek Jeter visiting Kauffman Stadium this weekend for his final appearance as a player, 810 AM
GH: I ran into Jeter years ago in the Yankees clubhouse here at Kauffman Stadium before a game and mistakenly called him, “Tony.” Tony Jeter was a former tight end at Nebraska back in the ‘60s. Jeter was shocked to be called the wrong name and sheepishly asked me who I thought he was. When I explained it was merely a slip of the tongue because of one of my boyhood heroes, he then asked me to tell him all about the big tight-end from Nebraska. I got kicked off the players’ couch by one of the Yankee suits before I could finish my Tony Jeter story with Derek, but he left me smiling.  

“Cardinal fans – keep bringing it! I am so unafraid of you it’s not even funny!”
Kevin Kietzman, after commenting on the number of Cardinal fans that he’s heard from chastising him for his disparaging comments about the Cardinals superstar catcher, Molina, 810 AM
GH: I think KK might need to go in for a checkup from the neck up. He is starting to sound like he’s short a couple of quarts of fluid.

“Missing OTAs bothers me. This is a guy’s decision to not be around the team. The team camaraderie is made in the summer. They’re not hurting anybody but their teammates by not being there.”
Tim Grunhard, on the Chiefs LB Justin Houston missing the OTA practices due to a contract dispute, 810 AM
GH: I understand that money rules pro sports but I have to think that Houston will one day have misgivings about not being there with his teammates and sweating through these mini practice sessions. Youth should not be allowed to sit on the couch. Get to practice, young man. 

“That rain forecast for Saturday morning – 99%.”
Gary Lezak, who has predicted heavy rain and possible severe weather during the Hospital Hill races Saturday morning, 810 AM
GH: Yikes! I am running the half marathon on Saturday morning and their will be about nine or ten thousand others at Crown Center Saturday morning to race right along with me. This is one of Kansas City’s signature races and it always kicks off the summer racing season for me. I am starting to get some age on my odometer and slowing down as I hit 60 later this year so if you happen to pass me on one of Hospital’s hills, give me a nod – and maybe a dry towel. 

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21 Responses to OTC: Star’s Rosen Tweets Royals Top Pick As A Short, Hurt, Project / 610′s Parkins Catches Rex Hudler In A Douple Play

  1. Royals Free Out says:

    Was Rex afraid that he’d get a talking to if Royals brass got word of his negative comments re: Shields? It’s beyond obvious that everyone in the Royals TV and radio booths this season has been given strict instructions to avoid any kind of negative talk about the team or it’s construction.

  2. Will says:

    Cool story on Jeter. Thanks for sharing. I can’t stand him though. He’s a damn Yankee.

  3. Fred Flintsone says:

    Oh please, please tell us more about the Hospital Hill Run tomorrow, and how the weather affects it……….

  4. Kyle R says:

    Binkley/Lake had a good debate on the MLB draft yesterday. Can’t remember which one I agree with, but I tend to think it’s not going to be that big a deal no matter what MLB does. They just can’t get past the fact that only the most hardcore of fans will know who these guys getting drafted are, since they haven’t been showcased like college basketball or football players. Hard to see that ever changing.

    As far as Harrison, for my Brewers’ sake, I hope he sticks with baseball and becomes a star, but for the Royals’ sake, I hope he goes to Nebraska. I have to think the Brewers believe they can sign him though. Brian McRae said on 810 yesterday he thinks Harrison goes to UNL, but he didn’t seem to have any real insight or relationship with the kid to answer why.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Harrison smartly took the money and is going to play baseball, while avoiding the abuse that comes with playing for Little Blow Peep.

  5. Bill V says:

    Why would a radio host be afraid of a fan base? If he’s disparaging Molina, then he’s entering Bayless-like trolling.

  6. randyraley says:

    Nice job by the Royals over the last four games. I told someone before the series, the way the Cards have been playing, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Royals take three out of the four. I was, however, very surprised to see all the empty seats at the K. That was a bit disheartening. I don’t know the background story on why Keitzman was bagging on Molina, all I know is that every other team in the big leagues would want him on their team. Yadi’s tough, man. So to the victor goes the spoils. The Cardinals look tired, The Royals played hard, it would be nice to see this be the catalyst that gets them going this year. The Cardinals, on the other hand, need something to get them going, too. It’s still along way to the finish line. Great series.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      If a series is great, but no one was there to see it, did it really happen? ;-)

  7. Java Man says:

    Hud is a strange animal. I try to tune him out for the most part, but find myself a couple times a game speaking to the box for him to “shut up”.

    The first game in St Louis was broadcast on local and national television. I switched back and forth for a while and soon became embarrassed for the Royals and their Fox Sports KC broadcast. He’s not funny, opinionated, informative or entertaining. He’s just Hud.

  8. KV says:

    “GH: You know what? The Royals might not have to be good to get into the postseason this year. Not so bad might be good enough. They have work to do to get even there but that’s not a real high bar. ”

    Unfortunately, I think that’s the mindset out at the K. They’ll be perfectly satisfied with being a team that wins a lousy division and is quickly and easily brushed aside in the playoffs. If 86 wins and third place was like winning the World Series, I imagine that winning the division and getting swept in the playoffs would be like Maureen Dowd eating 16 pot brownies except 100 times more euphoric for Dayton.

    It’s like the 2010 Chiefs or maybe the 2003 Royals who didn’t make the playoffs but started thinking they were just a Juan Gonzalez away from the World Series. It’s a putting lipstick on a pig mentality that usually ends up horribly and sets the organization back years.

  9. Java Man says:

    BTW, Greg. I actually Googled “Douple Play”.

  10. Optimus Jim says:

    Yankees suck…Jeter’s cool. I know it doesn’t make sense.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    5’11″ is not “shortish”, Greg uses the “Hurt Project” as a headline which has basically been mentioned by only one person, and decides to try to make it look like the Royals are looking for competitive guys instead of talented players…but neglects to mention the other parts of the Star article , which said:

    Finnegan said his fastball clocks between 92-96.

    “The hardest I’ve hit was 99,” Finnegan said.”

    Finnegan possesses above average ability on several pitches, said Royals scouting director Lonnie Goldberg.

    “He’s developed a change-up which went from making him a borderline reliever/starter to definitely a full-fledged starter,” Goldberg said. “We think he has a plus slider and a plus change-up to go along with a plus fastball. He’s got the make-up, the command and the bulldog in him that we were looking for.”

    • Brummy says:

      Maybe not on the street, but it’s shortish for pro pitcher. And more so for a top draft pick. I’ve read, average height is about 6’2″ for a MLB pitcher.

  12. Ron says:

    Hudler isn’t great, but he’s much better than Physioc. He spends half the broadcast talking about something each player did last week. Who cares if Perez hit a single to win a game four games ago? It’s meaningless information. The guy’s fake chuckles with his professional radio man voice is mind-numbing. How he spent 10 years broadcasting with the Angels is a complete mystery. The Angels’ fans ears have to be still bleeding.

    • b12 says:

      How Steve Physioc has a MLB announcing gig is beyond me.

      He is the walking definition of bland. It sounds like he’s doing the broadcast for the mentally retarded; with his slow, deliberate delivery, taking care to enunciate every syllable, and speaking as if the listeners or viewers are approaching the age of 3.

      I get the sense Denny just tolerates him. Steve Stewart and Denny seem to click much better.

      I know Greg thinks Denny should retire…but I still really enjoy listening to him call a game.

      • BlackJack says:

        The Royals whole approach to how they treat the fans is this dumbed down, treat ‘em like a bunch of two-year-olds type of philosophy. This goes from their TV announcing crew (stay tuned kids, and Uncle Hud will explain to you just what it means to be a Big Leaguer!) to the stadium experience (hey! don’t bother watching these complex baseball games, and boring product we put on the field, look over there! We got a carousel, a Little K, video games to keep the tykes occupied, and a sports bar for you adults to lossen up get away from teh grind!)

  13. Old Man Kissel says:

    Another year and another Royals draft bust. Why have a draft if the team can’t develop hitting or nearly develop pitching.

    810 scoops 610 once again…

  14. Smith says:

    That Hospital Hill run was a pain in the ass Sat morning…streets blocked off all over the place. Half the people I saw were walking. Who walks these things? Run or get out! That fat gut you built up isn’t disappearing after a walk!

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