OTC: Thank You Ron Prince For Auburn At K-State / These Great Non-Con Games Are All Too Rare In Manhattan

“If we don’t break the all-time attendance record, it will be because we didn’t sell standing-room tickets. We have not sold the 500 standing-room tickets we sell for most games because we know our student section will be as packed as it’s ever been with 9,400 students having bought tickets again this year, so we’ve allowed for overflow out of the student section onto the hill.”
John Currie, K-State athletic director, on the expected crowd for tonight’s game against Auburn, CJOnline.com
GH: What area college football fan hasn’t been looking forward to this one? Both teams are undefeated and ranked and both represent everything you either love or hate about college football – the Big 12 and the SEC. Even Kansas fans are rooting for KSU tonight – and that happens about as often as Aoki gets 11 hits in a three-game series. But Auburn will have some local backers as well. Mizzou Nation will be rooting for Auburn and Nick Marshall just as hard as they were rooting against them in last December’s SEC title game. The North and South will go at it again tonight and it should be delightful to watch.

“This is unusual for an SEC team to play (at Kansas State) or anywhere outside the south. That just doesn’t happen.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Former K-State head coach Ron Prince scheduled this game and I for one am damn glad he did. Read on.

“When we talk about being a model intercollegiate athletics program, we talk about world-class student-athlete experience. And the opportunity to play in a game like this on your home field is part of a world-class student-athlete experience, and I know that our student-athletes are excited about it.”
John Currie, CJOnline.com
GH: All the more reason to do it more often. Bill Snyder has been the poster icon for making easy non-con schedules allow your team to build 10- and 11-win seasons. His formula has been copied by almost every big program in the country. But games like this one tonight are so special they should be sought out rather than shunned. ESPN’s vast audience will get to experience the magic that Snyder has brought to Manhattan, Kansas. How is that a bad thing, Coach?

“These SEC fans are nuts. They only play with certain (school logoed) golf balls. I’m hoping we wipe the field with them. The place is going to be electric. It’s going to be incredible. I’m eager to see what our team does against supposedly the best conference in the land.”
Ryan Lilja, former K-State player, on his Wildcats taking on Auburn Thursday night in Manhattan, 610 AM
GH: I have heard many stories of SEC fans traveling to Missouri the past two seasons and how underwhelmed they have been with the football facilities in Columbia. K-State is going to have their best suit on for the War Eagles tonight with their recent stadium renovations. It will be interesting to hear how Auburn fans enjoy their Wildcat experience.

“Nick (Marshall) was really excited about Kansas State. (He) loved Coach Snyder, loved the offense. There were a lot of positives for Kansas State. If Coach Snyder could design a quarterback for his offense, the guy would look really, really similar to Nick Marshall.” Matt Miller, Marshall’s football coach at Garden City Community College while the now Auburn QB was being recruited out of junior college, ESPN.com
GH: That same year K-State also offered a scholarship to Jake Waters, the leading passer in junior college. Tonight’s matchup will give the Kansas State fans a chance to compare the two one-time KSU recruits.

“It was clear Snyder really wanted Marshall. He didn’t let up after Waters committed. He didn’t let up after Auburn offered a scholarship. He stayed on Marshall all the way through signing day.”
Greg Ostendorf, writer, ESPN.com

“He’s a great coach. He’s a nice guy, and he’s a man to his word.”
Nick Marshall, on his opinion of Bill Snyder, ESPN.com

“(Coach Bill Snyder) is the most consistent human being I’ve ever been around. He works as hard as any human being I’ve been around except maybe Peyton Manning. God bless him. I hope he never leaves. My biggest concern is what happens after he leaves.”
Ryan Lilja, who won a Big 12 championship at K-State under Snyder and a Super Bowl ring with Manning in Indianapolis, 610 AM
GH: Lilja also shared a story with Carrington Harrison and Danny Parkins about the time he spotted Snyder at the Big 12 basketball tournament here in Kansas City and Snyder didn’t remember him. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little crushed,” recalled Lilja, after saying Snyder did remember him once Lilja told him who he was.

“I think Missouri has played the toughest (non-conference) schedule in the country. I think they are the most underrated team in the country.”
Gary Barnett, on the 18th-ranked Tigers playing South Dakota State, at Toledo and Central Florida before taking on Indiana this Saturday, 810 AM
GH: That’s a decent non-con schedule but look what awaits the Tigers the following three weeks – at South Carolina, Georgia, and at Florida. The SEC is big-boy football, son.

“He spun him around like a rag doll. … They are pinning their ears back. … Missouri brought the house on that blitz.”
Howard Richards, MU football’s radio analyst, Missouri Tiger Radio Network
GH: I listened to much of the second half of Mizzou’s comeback win at Toledo on the radio as I drove back from St. Louis Saturday. Richman spouted off cliché after cliché in about a ten minute span. Up your game a bit Howard and be more original. It might help if you added more detail to your analysis. Listen to a Stan Weber tape and learn how to do it.

“(Maty Mauk) takes some chances but he makes some really big plays. I think he’s really good. Missouri has really impressed me against better competition each week. Boy, if they shore up the Tiger run defense – up the middle especially – they shore that up and this is a solid Missouri football team again it appears.”
Chris Gervino, sideline reporter for Mizzou football, Mizzou Radio Network
GH: That Tiger run defense is what Auburn exposed in the SEC title game last season. But I’m with Gervino on MU looking to be every bit as good as they were last season and maybe better. How fun would it be to have MU and K-State strike up a non-con series?

“I don’t know if (Mauk) is going to be the best quarterback ever at Missouri but he is VERY entertaining. It does get nerve wracking when he takes those chances…but I’ll take it.” Steven St. John, on the red-shirt sophomore out of Kenton, Ohio, 810 AM
GH: Okay. Let’s calm down on Maty Mauk. Yes, he looks like he could be Chase Daniel II – but let’s give him some time to mature before we place him among MU’s elite. Mauk looks to be a great talent who still has much to learn. Watching him get there is the fun part.

“Athletic director Sheahon Zenger has an old-school approach to much of his job, and that includes having a distaste for firing coaches in mid-season and handing the reins to an interim head coach. Normally, such a move is too desperate and disruptive. But if Kansas doesn’t defeat Central Michigan on Saturday, the question becomes one of which is less disruptive, moving an interim head coach into the swanky office or leaving in his chair the coach not reaching his athletes. It’s tough to make a case for the latter.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, on the popular opinion that Charlie Weis’ job depends on the outcome of KU’s game against Central Michigan, KUSports.com
GH: I don’t know how Weis survives this season even if the Jayhawks find a way to beat Central Michigan. The Big 12 schedule doesn’t look like it has a victory on it for KU. Zenger likely has already decided he needs to fire the coach he hired. The only mystery is when to do it. I am almost always of the belief sooner is better than later.

“I’m not the quarterback coach nor the offensive coordinator…”
Charlie Weis, in a press conference this week following KU’s blowout loss at Duke where his quarterback, offense and defense were thumped 41-3 by a proud basketball school, 810 AM
GH: Weis may not have wanted this to sound like he was distancing himself from his QB and assistant coach but that sure is how it sounded to me.

“I was not in favor of hiring Charlie Weis from the beginning. To me this looked like a money grab. ‘I’m bringing all my old buddies with me from the NFL and we’re just going to play out the string. My wife is going to stay in Florida and I get all these millions?’ I always thought this was a money grab.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t have any idea what Weis’ motivation for taking the Kansas job was but I just don’t understand a man’s character who would take the job for the money and then not work hard to produce a winner. A money grab to me means Weis cared only about the paycheck. I think he is just incompetent as a head coach.

“(Montell) Cozart has to play. I’m sure Michael Cummings is a nice guy but he’s not even a Division I quarterback. In this (Duke) game, he couldn’t handle a snap! The read option looked clumsy.”
Danny Clinkscale, on the possibility of Weis benching Cozart, 810 AM
GH: After watching Cozart play at Duke, there are plenty of Kansas fans thinking the former Bishop Miege QB is not even a Division I quarterback.

“Pop the cork Omaha fans — the Storm Chasers have defeated Pawtucket 4-2 and are now back-to-back Triple-A National Champions. The Storm Chasers have won 4 division titles, 4 conference titles, 3 PCL titles & 2 National Championships in 4 seasons at Werner Park.” Lee Warren, @OmahaBaseball, Storm Chasers’ beat writer for SBNation.com, Twitter GH: So what the heck happens once these guys get to Kansas City? Hmmmm…I don’t think it’s the barbecue.

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54 Responses to OTC: Thank You Ron Prince For Auburn At K-State / These Great Non-Con Games Are All Too Rare In Manhattan

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Gary Barnett is drunk. Mizzou has in now way played the toughest non con schedule. Come on Gary, look around.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      I like Gary Barnett but he must be drunk.. Toledo just got stomped by Cincinnati . and UCF is average at best. Gary Barnett did go to MU so maybe that is it.

  2. Gavin says:

    Early on I was down with the hiring of Charlie Weis. Which simply shows I should never be allowed to hire a football coach. I liked the out-of-the-box thinking behind it. I thought that KU needed to make a splash and he fit that bill. And from the beginning he seemed to want to at least try to have a team that we could be proud of and he got rid of the miscreants and malcontents. Also, he was a hell of an offensive coordinator and it didn’t seem to be a fluke because he proved his ability to “fix the quarterback” when he was with the Chiefs. And then he started getting commitments from guys who looked like the real thing, especially Dayne Crist and Jake Heaps. Also, he hadn’t been an enormous success in his previous stint as a head coach, but we’re talking about KU, so something approximating his Notre Dame results would be awesometo my way of thinking.

    Wow was I wrong.

    While I think that things have improved beyond the dumpster fire that was Turner Gill, it would be hard to definitively prove that. I mean, at least Turner Gill had that one huge (and hugely improbable) win over Georgia Tech. Weis can’t even claim a similar victory in his grand total of, what?, five wins.

    I don’t want KU to become a revolving door because it would lead to other coaches thinking they would not get a decent chance at success if they came. KU has a lot to sell to a coaching prospect: power five conference membership, gorgeous new practice facilities and weight rooms and the proven potential to succeed (even if that potential has NEVER been consistently realized), but a new coach would need to also be promised patience. Of course, the flip side is that any coach with this miserable a record after three years should fully understand that he deserves to be on the hot seat and one would hope that a coach interested in the job would not hold it against KU if they fired Weis and Gill both after short tenures, but you never know.

    I don’t care. Weis needs to go, either right now or at the end of the season because I don’t see a turnaround happening.

    • mike t. says:

      feel the same way mostly, gavin. I think zenger give weis ’til the end of the season. 3 years is more than enough if there’s no noticeable progress. and there hasn’t been unfortunately.

      yeah, you don’t want a revolving door… but the flip side to that is as AD you send a message that KU isn’t fooling around… we want someone who can turn things around and make program respectable, and we’ll give you a reasonable amount of time to do that. that is not too much to ask and there are coaches out there who would jump at the chance to come to KU. they’d at least get good seats at AFH.

  3. Michael says:

    Wouldn’t that be the ultimate eff you to KU? A game at Arrowhead between their hated feline friends. I’d love it as a regular series Dr rotating between campuses and KC. It would drive KU crazy. Name the series “Killing one bird with two BIG cat stones”.

    • Gavin says:

      I’m swear not pimping you, I’m seriously asking this: why would that be an eff you to KU? We know we could resume the Border War with Mizzou anytime. Mizzou has made that clear and KU has chosen not to do it. You can believe what you want about who/how/why the rivalry ended, but I think there’s pretty unanimous consensus that the game is not on either schedule because KU is saying some variant of “No, thanks.”

      You can say we are butthurt or whiners or small potatoes for MU and any other number of insults and there might even be a nugget of truth buried in there somewhere, but you can’t deny that we don’t want to play the game. Now, I don’t expect K-State to schedule Mizzou anytime soon despite the enormous reach and power of Greg Hall and his OTC blog urging such a game, but if K-State wants to play Mizzou, they can go ahead. It’s not as if we are going to say “Hey! What the hell are you Guys doing? We were gonna play them!” Um, no, we weren’t.

      • Michael says:

        Your indifference is noted KU nation. I get it you don’t care….vehemently, undeniably don’t care. You REALLY DO NOT CARE!!! It really doesn’t bother you.

        • Gavin says:

          See, that’s a variant of calling us butthurt. And, again, I can admit the possibility that there’s an element of truth buried in there. But can we all agree that Mizzou has made it clear that they would like to resume the Border War? And, if so, can we also agree that KU, for whatever reason, has opted to decline the open invitation? So, you can tell us that you know we’re lying when we say we don’t care, but don’t our actions at a minimum indicate we really don’t want to resume the game?

          And, not for nothing, I still care in that I still despise MU. I never gave that up. I want nothing but the worst for the Tigers in every sport. I cackle gleefully when Gary Pinkel gets cited for DUI. But that doesn’t mean I care about resuming the game. If it ever comes back, I’ll have it circled on my calendar a full year ahead and I’ll want KU to win it as much or more than I’ve ever wanted KU to win a game in my entire life. But I’m not urging KU to resume the game and if they don’t, that’s cool.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Fair and lucid response. +1

          • brett says:

            guy (mu) hits on a girl (ku) in a bar. she rejects him, but he’s persistent. she has no intention of going home with this guy, but damn she is enjoying the attention. makes her feel good. makes her feel wanted.

            then her friend shows up (ksu). her friend is slightly better looking. a little less muffin top. a little more chest. and damned if her friend doesn’t take a liking to the persistent guy. friend and guy get to chatting and next thing she knows, her friend and guy walk out of the bar and head back to the dorm for a late night study session.

            no more friend. and no more attention.

            thats the eff you.

            • Gavin says:

              Okay, that’s an interesting analogy. Except that in the analogy, girl #1 is enjoying the attention. Saying that is, again, a variant on calling us butthurt. Where the analogy breaks down is that there is nothing except the fever dreams of Mizzou fans to suggest that we want you to keep asking us about the game. These discussions all start with MU fans calling out KU for being cowardly or whiny or whatever. It’s not as if KU is calling MU and saying “So, what do you think should be the terms of restarting the Border war? PSYCH! We’re not gonna play you guys!” There’s nothing to indicate that we want this “attention” (as you describe it).

              However, in this analogy the guy (Mizzou) apparently has minimal standards because he’s hitting on two girls with muffin tops, so I totally see that being accurate.

              • brett says:


                you are very vocal regarding your displeasure with being bothered by mu’s advances.

                however, i imagine the vast majority of ku fans enjoy the attention.

                • Gavin says:

                  I’m not “bothered” by it. I just don’t understand it. It’s as if MU fans think they can make us want to play the game again if they keep harping on it. Because MU fans apparently believe KU fans care about the opinion MU fans have of KU fans. Honest, guys, we really, truly do not. We know you have always had a negative opinion of us and we also know that it isn’t going to change even if we play the game.

                  Now, I don’t claim to speak for KU nation or anything, but I think I might have a better insight into the thought processes than would an MU fan and let me tell you that when you say that “[you] imagine the vast majority of KU fans enjoy the attention,” I honestly believe you. I absolutely believe that you imagine that. But imagination typically conflicts with reality.

            • MrOlathe says:

              Unfortunately for the friend she ends up with a nasty STD.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Honestly, if I were running the show at KU, I wouldn’t play MU either. It just doesn’t make alot of sense for them right now as a program. At this point in time, the schedule makers at KU need to be assisting as much as they can to schedule KU some wins. The KSU/MU game while interesting, will never happen under Bill Snyder’s watch. An MU/Nebraska game at Camarohead has a much better chance.

        • Gavin says:

          This is exactly correct. Mizzou would smoke us right now. We might get paid, but I’m not sure the money could come close to offsetting how badly MU would drill us right now.

        • Mike says:

          I’d really favor a MU-NU series at Arrowhead for a couple of years. That sounds enticing.

    • FJH says:

      If you (KSU) wants to set up games with MU, go for it. Good for the schools, the city, and I would be thoroughly entertained by it. KU Fan

  4. nick says:

    I sincerely, truly believe Weiss DESPERATELY wants to be the guy to set KU on a path of winning football…not just for this year and next, but for many years to follow after he’s gone.

    I’m strongly leaning to the side of thinking that he’s just not cut-out to be that guy, but KU has gotta give him ALL of this year. I still think Kansas can and will win at least 3 conference games. Last year, KU coulda/shoulda won a couple games it did not.

    • Gavin says:

      I think in the end I’m with you on this one, Nick. But let’s say that KU gives him the whole season and he ekes out three wins. What do we do then? Obviously we need to see progress, but is that enough (unless those wins come against OU and UT) to have him back another year? Is that enough for us to believe that NEXT year will be better still?

      I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. I agree with you that it seems Weis just isn’t that guy. If that’s true, why give him the whole year? Because we don’t want to convey that we are the kind of school that fires a failure mid-year? That might be reason enough, but does it outweigh the alleged value of getting the jump on the next hire?

      I’m not arguing with you. I’m just asking questions to which I don’t know the answer.

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        The other scary part is that so much of KU’s roster is juniors and seniors…so whether it’s Weis or Reagan or Mangino or whomever coaching next year, he’s going to have a very young, not that talented roster. Which means the new coach will load up on JC guys again and the whole cycle starts again.

        • nick says:

          It seems to me that Weiss’ goal at KU is to set them up to hopefully have future success. I think if he was able to win 4-6 games this year, maybe 5-7 next year, and get to a Bowl next year or the year after, he’d be happy and Zenger/KU fans would be happy and feel ready to move on.

          I don’t THINK that will happen. But he should get the year. Last year, it seemed KU game out of the gates many games LOOKING like they were ready and had a good game plan. But usually by the 3rd quarter, the other team would show their dominance. I couldn’t say for sure if it was the other team’s superior talent or KU’s failed performance/coaching, but it always seemed quite obviously to be the former.

          My biggest gripe right now with Weiss is how pathetic the offense is. McCay, Harwell and Peirson look like legit college athletes who can cause problems for opposing defenses. Cozart clearly is struggling in the passing game, but the kid can move and seems smart. Weiss almost deserves to be fired for not being able to figure out a way to score more than 6 points against Duke.

          VERY curious how KU plays against Central Michigan.

  5. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Mauk is from Kenton …. not Canton.

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Nick, I’m a KU fan but you’re high. No freaking way we win 3 conference game. Not a chance.

  7. b12 says:

    Howard Richards is not a good color analyst. Period. It’s not like John Kadlec was either…but at least he had a personality.

    Charlie Weis won’t be able to get KU football where it needs to be. Not this year. Not ever. He is better suited for the NFL. The way he throws everyone else under the bus has to be getting old to those with the tread marks on their backs.

    Also, the old Royals jingles 610 is breaking out…are awesome! Cheese never sounded so good.

    • Gavin says:

      I agree with you about Weis throwing other people under the bus. He did it this year and he did it last year with that ridiculous fake punt that he said the punter chose to do on his own because he has the green light whenever he saw some chink in the armor. “Not my fault” seems to be becoming a fairly standard response from him.

  8. The Independent Rage says:

    I’m an MU alum, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Auburn. And I certainly won’t be rooting for them. It would be funny if KSU knocks them off. But I also was no fan of the jump to the SEC, so I guess count me atypical. I wonder who Chase McDaniels, who never played in the SEC, will be rooting for tonight.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Nominated for the “WTF?” Post of the Day..

    • Juan Pablo says:

      I wonder who Chase McDaniels, who never played in the SEC, will be rooting for tonight..

      Who the hell is Chase McDaniels. and what are you talking about?

      • Tigerpiper says:

        Chase McDaniels is Doc McStuffin’s toy lamb

      • Jayhawk '97 says:

        I think he meant Chase MAC-Daniels.. you know, the guy on prospect ave.

        • The Independent Rage says:

          McDanielson’s from Texas. I’ve never seen anyone lookin’ like him on Prospect. There was once a broad on the street down there, however, whose former name, I believe, was Chase.

  9. skip says:

    KK might not have wanted Weis hired….but he sure wanted Mangino fired

  10. P says:

    KSU stays close for a half, gets their doors blown off in the second half. Unless KSU produces a consistent run game, it may not even make it to halftime before it’s over.

  11. Juan Pablo says:

    GH: What area college football fan hasn’t been looking forward to this one? Both teams are undefeated and ranked and both represent everything you either love or hate about college football – the Big 12 and the SEC. Even Kansas fans are rooting for KSU tonight – and that happens about as often as Aoki gets 11 hits in a three-game series. But Auburn will have some local backers as well.

    There were thousands of tickets available for this game on the secondary market , a lot at face value.., You can still get some on Craigslist if you want to go. Interesting to see how many Auburn fans show up.

    I don’t know any KU fans rooting for KSU to win. GH You are good on a lot of things but you have no idea about this.
    Bill Snyder is 4-27 vs top 10 teams , I think he is due , the odds are in his favor to win one of these games again.

    • mike t. says:

      well, i’m a ku fan and alum and I, for one, would like to see ksu beat auburn. they’re a ks school and big 12 team first, in-state rival second. besides, an auburn loss creates issues for the SEC in the championship picture and creates opptys for a big 12 team to be in the picture..

      • Fred Flintstone says:

        Ditto for this KU fan. Tonight EMAW rules.

        • Jim says:

          You, Sir, are out of the will!

        • Juan Pablo says:

          There are stupid KU fans that don’t understand KSU having success makes it real hard for KU to recruit.
          They also must have not been in OK city when the KSU fans were cheering for Northern Iowa to beat KU in the NCAA tournament.

          • Kyle says:

            No shit. Come on Fred! Did Wilma give you an extra hummer last night? Why so generous? I have yet to meet a ksu fan that EVER roots for KU.

            • Fred Flintstone says:

              Conference & State over any SEC opponent.
              If any Kansas or Big 12 team is playing against another conference (especially the overrated SEC) I’m pulling for them.

              Tell me you weren’t rooting for Wichita State in the NCAA tournament?

              Hell, I’d pull for Butler County Community College/Ft Hays State/Pitt State/Washburn/and Johnson County Community College over anyone outside of the state of Kansas.

  12. Juan Pablo says:

    With all the trouble with players going on in sports it is shocking the KC media has not covered what is going on at MU . What the hell is going on at MU. I thought Kim Anderson was going to bring in high character players to MU . If this was KU it would be the top story for weeks.

    Missouri freshman forward Jakeenan Gant left his wallet at the scene of an alleged assault that took place in the early-morning hours Sunday, according to a Columbia Police Department report.

    Gant and fellow Tigers freshman D’Angelo Allen, who have been suspended from the team, were arrested around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, along with a 22-year-old Michael J. Martin of Lone Jack, on third-degree assault charges.

    Columbia Police were dispatched to Eighth and Elm in reference to a disturbance and found three victims, who had been “walking east on Elm when they were jumped by three to four black males,” according to the police report.

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/sec/university-of-missouri/article2138859.html#storylink=cpy

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Yeah, something tells me we aren’t getting the whole story here. I highly doubt the they were just hiding in the bushes and “jumped” these guys for absolutely no reason.

  13. Alphonse Tooty says:

    “If this was KU it would be the top story for weeks.”

    Haha. Anybody else think Juan sounds like a whiny little bitch?

    • January says:

      Everyone does.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      You must have missed the KC media covering how a couple people stole tickets in the KU ticket office for three years.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        You mean that little incident of $2 million dollars in missing tickets? Yeah, just a couple of people stealing tickets. What a dumbass.


  14. Harry Balczak says:

    Yeah, I don’;t think Mizzou fans will be rooting for Auburn.

  15. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    That game last night was nearly unwatchable. Not impressed with either team.

  16. Juan Pablo says:

    Snyder/KSU chokes again. now 4-28 vs top 10 teams. KSU named a stadium after this guy and built a statue of him????

    • nick says:

      Juan, I’m with you. I’m a LONG time Jayhawk fan and did NOT want the Wildcats to win last night. I do however think the SEC is supremely over-rated, as K-State helped prove last night.

      Saying that, Snyder had been preparing for this game for the past year. Snyder’s a smart dude, and he knew how HUGELY important this game was. He built in an off weekend before the game, knowing he’d need it. Snyder was gonna take his best shot, and that says a lot. By all accounts the stadium was over-flowing with KSU fans. All in all, impressive that Auburn was to win the game in Manhattan, and to win it fairly comfortably.

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