OTC: That Dent In My Couch Is About To Get Some Time To Heal Itself

My Off The Couch column and the comments section that follows each column has always been a source of pride. I enjoyed the chance to share my thoughts with those who bothered to read my work. I write with a pointed opinion and I expected nothing less from those readers who agreed or disagreed with my stance on a subject.

The comments from readers – both pro and con – were just as entertaining for me and many of my readers.

Somewhere along the way that changed.

Instead of attracting intelligent, passionate and humorous repartee, my OTC column comments section has recently devolved into mostly immature blather. It just is not something with which I or my column wants to be associated. There are plenty of websites that welcome drivel – and even mine can handle some. But this constant deluge of dunces embarrasses me.

I am not much of a proponent of censoring those who read my work so shutting down the comments or blocking particular contributors is not an option. It might simply be time to move on.

There are a number of other writing projects I have wanted to spend more time on and this appears to be as good a time as any. I will continue to be active on Twitter and even occasionally post here on this website. But for now it appears time for me to get off the couch.

and Twitter @greghall24

About Greg Hall

Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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164 Responses to OTC: That Dent In My Couch Is About To Get Some Time To Heal Itself

  1. Frank says:

    What did you expect from losers who make less money then you do Greg. Did you expect those takers to be educated and have the ability to form well reasoned opinions. Maybe you can develop a subscription service that allows only people who make your level of income or better and keep the poors out

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Agree with Gavin, Make it where you have to log in via Facebook. I’m all for it. Keep posting OTC, Greg.

  3. Kevin says:

    First thing I did was checked the calendar to make sure it was not the first of April. Come on Greg, really? Are you saying if the comments were better you would continue writing your column? The more popular your column is, the more the comments are going to be poor (and if nobody reads your column you would not have to worry about comments). If there is another reason to really give it up, well then, give it up. But many of us love your column going back to the KC Star days well before the internet – and the ability to comment on it in real time. These are the times we live in.

  4. Sean says:

    Greg, I live out in California and I rarely if ever comment, but I read your column every day as it is the way that I connect with what people are saying and thinking in Kansas City about the local teams. I echo the fellow commenters regarding the Facebook registration to post and hope you’ll reconsider.

  5. Old Man Kissel says:

    I wonder if the A’s will put Billy Butler in RF next season?

    I wonder when Arrowhead vendors will stop whiling about a game being in London next season?

    I wonder if Hall will ever find an email, letter, note check stub anything of those checks Whitlock gave him to write a few columns for him?

    I wonder if any local sports media outlet will give Hall one last shot at a writing or talk show gig, only to fire him about a month later?

    I wonder why the Royals didn’t call up Zack Greinke the moment they singed him to a contract?

    Oh well, I guess some questions were never ment to be answered.

    810 scoops 610 once again…

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    Perhaps a blank page so the comments don’t have to be distracted by your words? :-)

    HL Mencken wrote of his retirement and perhaps a little echos in your farewell.

    I was wise to quit writing for the Sun back in January, 1941, for it was obvious by then that Roosevelt would horn into the war soon or late, and I knew by bitter experience in the last war that I’d be throttled at once. Since then I have thought out many likely articles, but not one of them has been printable. In these days, indeed, my very vocabulary is prohibited. I couldn’t so much as mention Roosevelt or Churchill or any of the other frauds without having to face a savage official onslaught, with all blows directed below the belt. The common notion that free speech prevails in the United States always makes me laugh.

  7. TiberiusGracchus says:

    Greg….please, please, please don’t go! Who else will call out KK for his bullshit? I come here everyday. I looked forward to your Star column. I even liked your short lived radio show. KC needs a media critic ala Howie Kurtz, to help keep boneheads and lapdogs on our airwaves and in our papers/blogs accountable!You are appreciated, even when I occasionally disagree.
    Just block the people that are “obviously” trolling and launching personal attacks. There is nothing I have ever said on here that I would not say in person to someone. And I think that there are many others on here that would say the same. It’s only a handful that poisoning the well, and frankly they don’t bother me,but they are not attacking me or my family so I can see why you might be sick of that kind of shit,and I totally understand. But come on man your tougher than that, you have always said that people in the media thicker skin and not let the haters win. You provide an important service and I appreciate it, I hope you reconsider and carry on.

  8. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Because of the comments section? Really? See ya!

  9. dohn joe says:

    I think the comments section shows us who the real trolls were. I only recognize about 3 or 4 names as regular commenters.

  10. Pete says:

    You’re stopping because of comments? Are you Jack Harry in disguise?

  11. Doug Stewart says:


    Best of luck. Will search elsewhere to find out how bad we are now. You might want to stay off Twitter…its the world’s comment section. Seriously, always enjoyed your efforts.

    • TiberiusGracchus says:

      Did he rail on your show as well? Which is easily the best one in K.C.(and compares favorably with any show in any market) and would be in KKs slot if he wasn’t the owner. I listen to your show but I need Greg to tell me the stupid shit that KK or Fescoe are trotting out. Come on Doug, there has to be at least a little piece of you that likes someone calling KK out for his bombast or the way he let’s perceived personal slights color the way he presents a story.

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        KK kicked Petro’s butt twice when they went head to head. Why would Petro ever want to do that again?

        KK is the King of Sports Talk in KC. Deal with it.

        810 scoops 610 once again…

        • TiberiusGracchus says:

          Ok…now that confirms your a KK lackey and not really an 810 guy. Kietzman beat Petro when he was on 980 because of that dolt Donnie Fortune and Clink being over there. Hell, thats why I l(and most others) listened to Kietzman in the first place….he wasn’t Don Fortune. Now Kietzman is a more ascerbic version of Donnie Fortune. whats the second time your referring to?

          • Old Man Kissel says:

            They went head to head when Fortune left. They went head to head for about a year and a half until Whitlock came in to start 610.

            Stop being a hater. I’m sorry your hero couldn’t handle the comments and quit, but stop being Hall and Mid-Day Petro’s lackey.

            810 scooped 610 once again…

            • TiberiusGracchus says:

              Wow….so the Kietzman camp hates Petro,Doug and Curtis too. All is not well over at 810 huh. I know why he hates Hall, Grunhard,Whitlock,Vermiel,The Royals(except for BB),Carl Peterson(I actually understand that one since he tried to get him fired) among others. But why does he hate his own team members? That’s very interesting, thanx for the insight. Also, can you tell us why he hates A Reid? He never misses a chance to bring up his kids suicide,subtly of course, but nevertheless.
              And since you have won the war over Hall apparently, and won’t be able to continue our “debate”(unless you plan on heckling someone else, and let me know if you do) would have the decency to unmask yourself. I thought you might be a series of interns forced to do this, or Rufus Dawes. But your posting today makes it obvious that you are personally tied to KK . I think the drake was a Cardinal fan and Kissell is a Cardinal guy…are you Drake or one of KK kids…his wife…Clink?

              • Old Man Kissel says:

                Can’t stop laughing. Thanks for this epic meltdown. Reminds me when Whitlock quit on-air at 610 burning his 1,000th bridge in town.

                Let’s look at the notches in KK’s gun belt:

                Don Fortune
                Fortune and Petro
                Fortune and Rose
                Fortune and Petro…again
                Whitlock and Maas
                Neil and Marty
                Chris and Cowboy
                Nick Wright
                Beating the Drive with Bacardi and Cola.

                810 scoops 610 once again.

                • TiberiusGracchus says:

                  Yes….that’s quite a hall of fame broadcasting lineup, Kudos to Kietz. He is unquestionably the King.
                  Now will you answer the question all of KC wants to know. And be a man an admit who you are. I promise not to go through with my plan and circulate a petition at the Chiefs games for peolple to boycott BTL advertisers, instead I will turn every internet piece of equip to his show everyday and write to his advertisers how much I love their products and found them by way of BTL.

                • trajan says:

                  I remember that whitlock hissyfit…it was hilarious..I’m far more calm Kissel…I just don’t want us to end. If I give you my phone # will you call every ounce in a while and tell how great KK is…lest I forget.

                  • Old Man Kissel says:

                    Whitlock burned so many bridges in this town he was all but kicked out of the city.

                    Now all he does is call into 610 and remembers the old days when he was relevent. Like the time he threw Nick “White Guilt” Wright around.

                    But hey Whitlock was better then Hall. Anyone remember the time Wright kicked his butt on the air????

                    810 scoops 610 once again…

  12. Jerry Stith says:

    Don’t let the imbeciles run you off. I read OTC every day but never comment.

    There is a silent majority out here who appreciate your take on things.

    Hang around for us please!

  13. Richard Cranium says:

    Sorry to hear about this. This was the only location I’d ever even hear mention something that was said by that clown Keitzman. I rely on Hall to listen to his ignorance and broadcast back to me.

  14. Danny Clinkscale says:

    Don’t let Kevin win!

  15. Paul - Angry Sloth says:

    Sorry to hear this. I’ve only been following OTC for 18 months or so, and like many of your long time readers I’m a little bewildered.

    I completely understand not being a proponent of censorship, and if that’s you’re mantra then there probably isn’t anything you can do about the unsettling comments, but if what I’ve read in today’s comments are true then I feel like the trolls can be starved out. I would be willing to do my part by being more active in the comments section. I am capable of holding an intelligent discussion as to why I think putting Billy Butler in the outfield is a bad idea without name calling, all the while actively ignoring the comments that don’t further the discussion.

    As with everything in life I expect that there is more to this story than what we are privy to, and in fact I hope that’s the case. I hope your goal is less about escaping your detractors and more about venturing into the next chapter of your writing career.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I’m sad to see you leave, but at the end of the day that decision is yours and yours alone. Who the hell am I to convince you otherwise.

    I’ll be checking this site, frequently at first, and less frequently as time goes on, hoping to find something new.

    Take care Greg.

  16. Old Man Kissel says:

    Since OTC is coming to an end, I might as well confess that yes I am Kevin Kietzman and I did get a hummer in a Hummer, and it was spectacular. All of you jealous fools can just suck it!

    • Old Man Kissel says:


      I guess you can’t call out Hall on his BS. But…isn’t that the point of OTC? At least that’s what you guys say when Hall does it with KK.

      Bottom line is Hall has no backbone. He railed against guys like KK, Whitlock, Harry and other members of the media for doing what he’s doing now.

      If he OTC column continued I bet he’ll start railing against Twitter and other social media. That we all know isn’t very social.

      Sorry for calling out your hero.

      810 scoops 610 once again…

      • Kyle R says:

        Thanks for illustrating Greg’s point completely. You guys can’t even not troll a post about why trolls have made him stop posting to the site. Guess there’s some sad irony there.

        • Frank says:

          Greg is himself a troll. The whiners/takers attack came pretty much out of the blue and was needless. He was trying to piss people off and see what comments he could get. He was hoping he would get some leverage with a few comments of agreement but even his general supporters appeared to be taken aback by the needless insults. He didn’t expect that so he is moving on to other projects

          • Alphonse Tooty says:

            This is true, kind of. Greg is a troll. But, I don’t think he was trying to piss people off with the whiners/takers thing. He just says a lot of dumb stuff because, well, he appears to be kind of dumb. But the site can be very entertaining. I won’t lose any sleep over it going away, unlike Kyle R, who will be biting his pillow tonight.

            • Old Man Kissel says:

              lies, half truths, taking people out of context and lack of nuance and being a sports media troll finally took his toll on Greg.

              All the links I posted showed that Hall was what he quit (for a fourth time) a troll. He made a living criticing the work of others. Eventhough he wasn’t good at it when he was doing it.

              I wont lose sleep over it either. Infact I had a smile on my face the whole day.

              I fully expect Hall to write a book about the KC Media, or Nebraska football or some crap that some of his die hards will buy.

              But he’s leaving, not with a bang but with a whimper. It’s OK Greg, not the first time that happend. Or the last.

              810 scoops 610 once again…

      • TiberiusGracchus says:

        You can call Hall out Like almost everyone did about his position on the London game. Or his problems with Petros show,which I happen to like, or Whitlock and various other things. Personal relationships,negative and positive, seem to affect the reporting of all you media types. Most, or many people can discern the personal lashing out from the facts and come up with their own opinions. Hall has not CAUSED anyone to dislike KK or to quit listening to 810 with his critiques. I know Kietzman is a paralyzingly insecure man incapable of self deprecation or humility. You being on here is a testament to that. Don’t try and pass yourself off as KC sports media ombudsman.

        • Old Man Kissel says:

          By the way. I’ll miss all those columns about marathon running… wont you????

          810 scoops 610 once again…

          • TiberiusGracchus says:

            No, I wont miss those at all…..or the ones about baseball….but I will miss you and the others on the comments section….yes the MU, KU, KSU trolling was tedious…but some of the other back and forth was hilarious. Hasn’t been the same since smartman and a few others disappeared.
            Kissel I think you should take over. I think you would be good at this.

    • Gassedup says:

      Why would you confess to being a spinless fool that would throw away his family for a blow from an intern. How would someone be so stupid and be able to look his kids in he face and expect that they would ever have any respect for their dad the rest of their lives?

      • TiberiusGracchus says:

        I going out on a limb Gas and assume that was a Kissell imposter…..would be great news story if the King of KC media admitted getting a hummer and told public to suck it…but I don’t think we are that lucky.

        • Old Man Kissel says:

          Are you going to miss all those marathon columns TiberiusGracchus?

          • Tom Jones says:

            They are about as exciting as golf and grilling segments on the radio. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

            • Old Man Kissel says:

              But KK gets paid doing those segments.

              According to Herne Christopher, Greg couldn’t get ten cents for his marathon columns.

              810 scoops 610 once again…

  17. Tom K says:

    I’ve been following you for many years, Greg…since Mixnutchzki played for the Chiefs, actually. Over all that time, I only chipped in my own thoughts a couple of times, but I always looked forward to seeing what you and the commenters had to say. During these last few months, the comments section, has deteriorated to the point of being unreadable. Sorting through the ass-clown produced drivel while searching for signs of intelligence has become an increasingly frustrating exercise.

    I miss Smartman.

    Greg, thanks for the incredible effort you have put forth over the years. I, for one, very much appreciated it. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

    • Faretheewell says:

      I know Greg and plenty others liked Smartman…but that guy probably paved the way for much of the nastiness that ensued here over the years and after he passed. Smartman was wildly racist and offensive in the majority of his posts…even though his writing was definitely worth the read much of the time. I’m just saying…let’s not memorialize Smartman when many of the less-talented asshats probably read his stuff and decided to give it a go (with disastrous results).

      Greg…why not require a facebook login to post comments? People aren’t brave when it’s no longer anonymous.

  18. Paul says:

    Thanks for the ride, Greg. I’ve followed you from the Star to the Landmark and from KCC to here. I hope someone takes up the gauntlet, as it never hurts for the local media to know that their comments run the risk of being picked up, pulled apart, and shared with folks like us.

    Good wishes to you sir.

  19. Phaedrus says:

    Sorry to see you go Greg. I’ve been reading you since you had a full head of hair.

    Not sure what I’m going to do this winter when I can’t read 100 comments a day about how KU fans are arrogant, MU fans don’t support their teams, the Big 12 sucks, the SEC’s a joke, etc. etc.

  20. mike t. says:

    greg, count me in with the many others who thank you for your efforts. I didn’t come here to troll but to catch up on what was being talked about on sports radio, get others’ opinions, see some discussion. I usually ignored the stupid, even vile, comments and the flame-throwing MU-KU diatribes. anyway, hope you’ll reconsider, but if you don’t, thanks for some fun reads over the years.

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