OTC: The K Ready For Home Opener / New “Dynamic” Tix Pricing / TJ Carpenter All A Twitter

“I don’t think it can go any worse than last year, can it?”
Josh Klingler, on the Royals opening the season down 7-0 after the first inning at The K, 610 AM
GH: The Royals went on to lose their first 10 home games. This is a nightmare that Royals’ fans have become all too familiar with – and the reason they traded their best prospect in years – Wil Myers. The 2013 season is supposed to be different here in the Valley of the Stunned.

“The stadium has lots of touch-ups to do but we will be ready [for Opening Day].”
Toby Cook, Royals VP, 610 AM
GH: I like almost everything the Royals have done with Royals Stadium and now Kauffman Stadium as it gracefully moves into its 40th season. The huge center-field HD video board should be horizontal instead of vertical but it is so underused it really doesn’t matter. The outfield experience and the outfield bleacher sections are very cool. The Pepsi porch and the bar and grill above the right-field stands is also great stuff. But I sure hope they have gotten rid of those ugly, Wal-Mart looking Tide ads that are splash painted on the entrances to/from the stadium concourses. Man, does that look ever scream “White-trash Midwesterner.”

“We are allowed to show any replay one time in real time. We can’t show it in slow motion.”
Toby Cook, explaining to Kevin Kietzman MLB’s policy on showing in-stadium replays, 810 AM
GH: This is just an absolute joke. MLB just doesn’t get it. The NFL allows the Raiders to replay slow-motion, stop-action replays of controversial calls inside a stadium that houses a fan base with an intellect and character just this side of those who once populated Alcatraz. But MLB is kowtowing to the four umps in a baseball park? MLB needs to institute instant replay immediately to correct poor umpiring instead of attempting to hide from their mistakes. Worry about getting the call right instead of worrying about exposing an umpire’s errors.

“In an effort to provide the best ticket value for fans, the Kansas City Royals are again partnering with a third party named Qcue to continue implementing a dynamic pricing system for the 2013 season. Utilizing advanced computer pricing software, the Royals will be able to adjust single game ticket prices in real-time based on ticket availability and changing factors such as league standings, opposing team, rivalries, star players, day of the week and supply and demand.”
GH: You have to love how little respect professional franchises have for their fans. Who thinks the Royals are implementing this new pricing policy “to provide the best ticket value for fans?” Basically, the Royals now have the option to increase or decrease the price of a ticket for games depending on availability. If a game is close to a sellout, ticket prices increase. The opposite would be true for games with low ticket sales. I don’t have a big problem with it but don’t tell me you’re doing it for my benefit.

“We really are talking about swings of one or two dollars either way. I think once people get into it, it’s going to be much ado about nothing.”
Toby Cook, on the Royals new dynamic pricing policy, 610 AM
GH: This surprised me. If the Royals are only tacking on a couple of bucks per ticket, why even do it? For an extra $10K on a busy night? Are things that tight in Bentonville?

“[The Royals] just went three straight games with their starter going six innings or more. That’s not something that happened much last year.”
Joel Goldberg, Royals pre- and postgame host for Fox Sports TV, 810 AM
GH: The Royals starting pitching is going to be the reason this team is competitive or not. Kevin Kietzman can scream and yell about Gordon and Hosmer and Moose all he wants. Baseball comes down to the top five starters you can roll out to the mound. Every team can hit enough. Few can pitch enough.

“Second place [in the ALC], 86-76, missing the playoffs. To me – you don’t make that [Wil Myers] trade unless you make the playoffs.”
Rany Jazayerli, when asked by Soren Petro to give his predictions for the Royals’ season, 810 AM
GH: Would the Royals have traded Hosmer or Moose during their Triple A days? Myers may prove to be the next Mickey Mantle. If he does, the Royals screwed up. For now, I hope James Shields transforms that Royals’ staff and clubhouse into win junkies.

“Rio Adams told me tonight, ‘I’ve decided to stay.’ Maybe he’s destined to have something written about him every day the rest of his life.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, on the KU freshman changing his mind about transferring, Twitter
GH: Young kids are allowed to vacillate and change their minds. I hope Rio figures out what he wants and sets his goals accordingly.

“Why would someone who runs a funeral home ever need a business card?”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: This appeared to be an innocent tweet sent out by 810’s late-night host Thursday evening. It was probably meant to be funny. But it turned rather weird. Read on.

“Seriously? RT @TJCarpenterWHB: Why would someone who runs a funeral home ever need a business card?”
Jared Speckman, @Speck60, responding to Carpenter’s above funeral home/business card tweet, Twitter

“@Speck60 Do you think about anything you say? Do you snicker at passers by? Do you need help? Is this how you choose to spend your time?”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, who appeared to take great offense at Speckman’s single-word question, Twitter
GH: Speckman is just a guy on Twitter who player college football at William Jewell and is a big baseball fan – particularly the Royals. He dabbled in the media a bit when he worked for the Platte County Landmark. He’s well-known amongst the Royals Twitterverse but he’s pretty much like most of us – just a fan. But he pushed a button in TJ that needs to be fixed. Read on.

“You’re just not very good at using the twitter.”
Jared Speckman, @Speck60, Twitter
GH: Speckman’s tweet elicited a chuckle from me when I read it. It caused Carpenter to block him.

“lol. If I don’t want to see tweets from douchebags who focus on everything I do, I’ll block them.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, responding to Speckman announcing that TJ had blocked him, Twitter
GH: Note to young people in the media who are trying to build an audience and a career – not everyone is going to agree with you or even like you. Those who do take the time to listen, watch or read your work – embrace them. Understand that you are trying to build an audience – and it doesn’t much matter if that audience likes you or hates you. It only matters if they don’t care about you. So you must care about them.

“You look like a DH to me, buddy.”
Jake Gutierrez, after Steven St. John complained that Nate Bukaty told him he had a “catcher’s body,” 810 AM

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30 Responses to OTC: The K Ready For Home Opener / New “Dynamic” Tix Pricing / TJ Carpenter All A Twitter

  1. Kyle says:

    TJ Carpenter is quickly making a name for himself in the KC market. And not in a good way. He comes off like a grade A prick to me…probably just what KK likes.

    • old lady kietzman says:

      my boy is a saint. he is pure of heart and tells the truth. he has never done anything, but display the best intentions. my boy kevie is the most humble person in the kansas city media, he is always open to everyone’s opinion even if it’s completely wrong.

      love mommy

  2. aleitel says:

    no Royals fan should EVER demand instant replay in baseball. if we had instant replay in baseball the Royals would have never won the world series. i’m alright with leaving things the way they are.

  3. MUC says:

    Who is TJ Carpenter?

  4. Jim says:

    I’ll never get the whole “following” someone on Twitter that you don’t even know. Who the hell cares what someone they have never met says or thinks about………anything?! It’s just weird. Avoiding Twitter in today’s world is difficult when every single talk show hosts feels the need to tell everyone what they tweeted the day before. Hello? I don’t fucking care and that’s why I don’t “follow” you. It’s a perceived level of self-importance that makes these people feel like what they say/think matters. Spare me.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


    • kcredsox says:


    • OlatheCat says:

      I follow people I don’t know that provide news or tidbits of information that are interest to me. College basketball national writers or beat writers, for instance. I don’t know them personally, but I think they put out good information sometimes. I use my twitter feed as more of a news feed. I’m sure some people use it differently.

      • Paul Johnson says:

        +1, same here. I use Facebook for people I know personally and Twitter for sports and music news.

      • That one guy from that one time says:

        This is exactly how I use Twitter. It is a fantastic source of information. I get the news I care about in a timely manner. And instead of checking a whole bunch of different sites for info, I follow people who are interesting and find the news that way.

    • Steve says:

      Jim, I think the Twitter users you are referring to is the 13-year-old girl who follows Justin Beiber to see what he’s eating for lunch. I feel like most people use Twitter like OlatheCat. Do I care about every little detail about the lives of the people I follow? Absolutely not. But I like it when radio hosts tell me what guests they’re about to have on, when they’re giving away tickets, or when journalists/bloggers have new articles to read or tweet links to other interesting articles.

      I thought Twitter was a waste when it first started but it can be pretty useful, especially for sports fans.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      The reason Twitter is great is precisely the reason you seem to think it’s terrible. Nowhere else can you hear more news, get more opinions and have more fun discussions with people, both famous and not, about just about any topic imaginable. Twitter + live events, including sports, is fantastic.

    • Gavin says:

      I’m pretty much the same as most of the guys here. I’m nearly (NEARLY, mind you) to the point where I prefer watching a given game alone with Twitter than being in the stadium. Twitter, depending on who you follow, can be like watching in the funniest sports bar in the world with some of the wittiest fans on the planet. If you’re hanging out with the right crowd, they can add layers of depth and nuance to a game that I simply wouldn’t get otherwise. And I also uncover a whole lot of information, news and stories that I wouldn’t otherwise get if I stuck to just the “standard” news websites to get my information.

      But I don’t really follow that many “celebrities” or even all that many athletes on Twitter. There are a few, but I tend to follow reporters, aggregators, bloggers and the like (as well as “average” people who have takes I respect) as sources of information. I still don’t understand fanboy followers, but to each his own, I guess.

      • Ramon says:

        Gavin , some how you got in my head . Nicely put.

      • tiad says:

        I think Tony watches games alone with Twitter in his mom’s basement. You will be in good company (alone, that is).

  5. The Smartman says:

    Nothing says baseball to me like a Toby Cook presser. That raw smell of rough cut masculinity, like a felled tree headed for the Louisville Slugger factory.

    Here’s my dynamic pricing policy for the Royals. I’m not going to spend a fucking penny on your lame ass excuse for a baseball organization this year either. I do have tix for 8 Cardinals games in STL and 2 Yanks Sawks games at Fenway.

    I remember back in the day you could get into the stadium for free after the 7th Inning. Talk about fan friendly.

    TJ Carpenter has met the enemy and he is it.

    Of all the sports where technology could be utilized to “even the playing field” it’s baseball. Instant replay is great but how about using some technology to call balls and strikes consistently. Home plate umps make more bad calls than a blind guy with Parkinsons trying to dial FOR-HOT-CHIK on a rotary phone. MLB makes Charlie Sheen look like the Pope when it comes to common sense.

    • b12 says:

      Stubhub is my dynamic ticket policy. The Cardinals use the dynamic policy. They’ve gone from sellouts to Royals like promos to get people in.

      Before any Cardinals fans bluster at the comparison, I know the Cardinals still double the Royals attendance….they just spent more on promotional crap than they used to.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Winning is the best promotion you can have, and the Cardinals do plenty of that.

    • Taxee says:

      Since we don’t hear from Baghdad Bob anymore, I guess we have to settle for Tonganoxie Toby…………..

  6. hammy says:

    TJ comes off really bad in that exchange.

  7. JP says:

    KK Jr, er I mean TJ needs to lighten the F up. This isn’t life or death, just sports. These sports radio jocks take themselves so freaking seriously, when you could insert Harley, Smartman or Gavin in their places and not skip a beat (may have gone too far with the Harley reference). Anyway, Carpenter started out promising, I am wondering if he is starting to look for a bigger market, and may not care about POing his listeners.

    I agree with GWSWOT, that winning is always the best promotion. Fans love a winner, and KC is a good baseball town, with not much to cheer about. The Royals upped their payroll and Daddy Dave and Danny Boy are worried about the bottom line. Yes, just another baseball season in KC.

    Finally, KK is so full of excrement, you pitch to win pennants. The best teams have the best pitching staffs, the hitting always starts out slower. You’d think we haven’t had baseball (insert Royals, Major League Baseball joke here) in this town the way the so called professionals discuss it. It’s a day in the life sport, enjoy it for what it is.

  8. Gavin says:

    So, Greg, can I take it that you’ve given up an your ill-advised attempt to call Kauffman Stadium by that horrible name “The Kougar”?

    Why do I have a feeling that “dynamic ticket pricing” won’t lead to so many reductions below a certain level but will lead to significant increases when popular teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals and Cubs come to town?

    • Joe says:

      The Royals are (basically) saying – “we know that no one wants to pay to see the Royals, so we will charge you to see the other team”. It reminds of the Kansas City Kings – we only went to see the visiting team. JH

  9. Joe says:

    What if the Royals use the “dynamic pricing” plan, and associate it with how well the team performs on the field? I would be willing to pay more to see them WIN. JH

    • tiad says:

      I’m still waiting for my “dynamic refund” for every time I’ve paid to watch them suck.

  10. Doug says:

    I have only paid to see one game at the K since 1981. George Brett said any fan that did not return after the strike wasn’t a true fan, so I am not a true fan. The one game I paid for was when I took my (at the time 3 years old) son to a game. The Angels whacked the Royals around bad that night and all I did was ask myself why did I spend so much on this poor product? I can go watch the T Bones and see bad baseball for a lot less. Now dynamic pricing the Royals can shove it.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    “Second place [in the ALC], 86-76, missing the playoffs. To me – you don’t make that [Wil Myers] trade unless you make the playoffs.”

    Brilliant insight there. Good thing Rany knows that they won’t make the playoffs already.

    I don’t even understand Carpenter’s original tweet — a funeral home is a business just like everything else. Of course, Twitter is basically just for lazy assholes who can’t be bothered to spend more than 10 seconds trying to express a poorly written half-coherent thought..

  12. Rick says:

    I hope 810 is starting to see what a bad hire this TJ Carpenter loser is. The guy is a jerk (KK Jr.) , he knows very little about KC sports and KC sports history, he isn’t funny, he uncomfortably giggles like a schoolgirl at everything KK or Petro says, he is from Arkansas and every take he has ends up coming back to something having to do with Arkansas. He gets super butt hurt when anyone disagrees with his sports takes on Twitter…which is very often…because THIS GUY KNOWS NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS. Couldn’t they have found a better SEC mouth breather than this turdface?

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