OTC: Tigers Send KC A Message W/ 16-4 Beat Down That It Is Not 1985 / And Maybe Not Even Close

“The Royals drew only 21,000 (Thursday) night and that was smaller than every other announced crowd in baseball except Seattle.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: The Royals will be close to a sellout tonight and Saturday night at The K. Yes, it’s Dollar Night and fireworks night tonight and Saturday’s fans will be lured in part by the Salvy bobblehead giveaway. But that’s what happens when you smother the heart of a baseball town for 30 years with promises and slogans.

“Let’s see if the Royals fans show up tonight. This is what they said they’ve always wanted. ‘Just show me a winner and we’ll be out there (at The K),’ is what they’ve said. Well, here’s your chance. They won 86 games last year and they have the Tigers in town for a big four-game series this weekend. Time to show up.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I pretty much detest when members of the media snarl at the paying public for not showing up to a sporting event. And KK was snarling and baiting and chastising Royals fans Thursday prior to the game about supporting the team by buying tickets. MLB, the NFL and big-time college sports cannot have it both ways. You don’t get to make billions off of TV contracts and then complain that your fans prefer to watch the game via their $200-per-month cable/Internet provider.

“I’m not going to tell anybody that they’ve got to go out to the stadium to support this team. It’s not pretty out there.” S
teven St. John
, after the Royals were bounced 16-4 by Detroit in the series opener, 810 AM
GH: SSJ made this comment the morning after Kietzman made his snarling remarks about Royals fans showing up. Were the two related? I can only hope so.

“You cannot go through the second half of the season with your designated hitter popping two or three home runs. This team has to have a second half from Billy Butler, and I’m a firm believer in that this team is a second-half team. That’s not going to happen if Billy Butler doesn’t start hitting. I hate to put it on him but it is on him. He is the veteran bat in that lineup.”
Mike Mcfarlane, 810 AM
GH: I love Mcfarlane’s optimism about Butler and the Royals. I just don’t see much of a reason to think this version of the Royals is going to repeat last season’s dramatic turnaround in August and September. This organization is thin on talent. The Royals have been able to avoid injuries until now – and still find themselves 5.5 games behind Detroit. Look at last night’s lineup and tell me how that collection of castoffs, underachievers and Ned’s pets are going to hold up over the next two months? I so want this summer to be different but a 16-4 butt kicking has me crying in Brazilian.

“He’s absolutely exceeded my expectations. He is incredibly engaged in the things he does in our community.”
John Currie, K-State’s AD, when asked by Kevin Kietzman if Bruce Weber had exceeded his expectations, 810 AM
GH: Bruce Weber has been so much more than I thought he would be at Kansas State that he deserves my apologies and a deep bow. I used to think of Weber as Bill Self’s caddy but the guy can coach. Maybe he’s not the greatest recruiter but that merely accentuates his coaching prowess. He makes it easy to like Wildcat basketball once again.

“We have three SEC teams on our (basketball) schedule.”
John Currie, on KSU playing Tennessee, Texas A&M and Georgia this season, 810 AM GH: We are getting closer and closer to a truce between Missouri and their former Big 12 mates from the Sunflower State. The groundwork is being laid with these SEC/B12 battles. I just hope I’m still typing when they decide to get it back on.

“I’m at 9-7 right now without seeing them but I’m leaning toward 10-6. I want to see how the offensive line responds is what it is.”
Tim Grunhard, on his prediction for the Chiefs’ record this season, 810 AM
GH: Without seeing or knowing much of anything new from last season I have the Chiefs at five wins this season. I desperately hope their schedule doesn’t prove to be nearly as tough as it looks on my monitor.

“If he can be like Evan (Boehm)…he’s on the same track. He’s got three more years to get there He’s a good kid and he works hard. The only kicker is how tall is he going to get and if he can get up to 6’2. One of the positives of me going back over to Miege is that I’m going to be able to work with him the next three years and give him an opportunity if he wants to play in college. He’s on his way to do it. He’s a really good kid. As much as his dad is an ass, he’s a really good kid.”
Tim Grunhard, on his 15-year-old son, Colin, who is a 250-pound center for Bishop Miege, 810 AM
GH: Evan Boehm, Mizzou’s All-American candidate at center this season, is one of the great local success stories of a high school kid who was coached by his father and succeeding at a high level. I enjoyed hearing Grunhard talk about his son not only as a father but also as a coach. There was a lot of pride in his voice but also a lot of coach. It will be fun to watch Colin grow over the next three seasons.

“Other stations dabble in Chiefs. That’s cute. We’re going nuts!”
Promo for 610 Sports Chiefs coverage, 610 AM
GH: Another 16-4 Brazilian waxing by the Tigers this weekend and we will all be tuning in for nutty Chiefs coverage.

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27 Responses to OTC: Tigers Send KC A Message W/ 16-4 Beat Down That It Is Not 1985 / And Maybe Not Even Close

  1. Phaedrus says:

    “Crying in Brazilian”

    Not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Crying in Portuguese, maybe? But you don’t really cry in a language. I must be thinking about this the wrong way…

  2. Mike says:

    It’s not just chiding Royals fans about attending games, either, for KK. My question is, why does he harbor such disdain for his audience? Whether by reductive monologues, shouting down any caller with a slightly divergent viewpoint from his own warped worldview, or by proxy via his regular guests (in combative segments), KK seems to channel his negative energy onto everyone else a lot.
    And by regular guests, I mean Jack, The Racin’ Boys, and those he beats up on. Not the folks he likes to asskiss, like Harlan or Stan.

    • Tigerpiper says:

      He ass kisses Trent Green, too

      • Tim says:

        Yes he does. In fact, until Kurt Warner led the Cardinals to an almost Super Bowl win, KK often said Trent would have led the Rams to the Super Bowl win that Kurt won.

        • Kyle says:

          In Trent’s defense, he would have led the Chiefs to the SB if they did not have possibly the worst defense of all time. Not saying he was as good as Warner, but he was more than capable.

  3. rkcal says:

    Last night was Wet Blanket Night for the 21,000 attending, motivated to show up by the persuasive taunts of Kevin Keitzman. People aren’t coming out because this team has given little evidence that they are ready to take the next step. Playoff teams don’t have losing records at home. “Yay, we’re mediocre!” doesn’t make the turnstiles click.

  4. FJH says:

    “Winner” means different things to different people. This team is much improved over many in the past, but savvy baseball fans know a winner when they see one.

  5. The Independent Rage says:

    1985 is only a year off. The Royals getting their asses kicked by a superior Tigers team is 1984. Great to see so much has changed in 30 years.

  6. MightyMo says:

    The fans know when they’re being snowed. No injuries, good development of both Ventura and Duffy, Vargas throwing well, Holland and Davis best in league, etc. And with all that going their way, they are a .500 club. They have a bunch of Lonnie Smith’s and Daryl Motley’s at the plate, and they need a Brett, a McRae, and a Balboni. I’m ready for the rebuild.

    • KV says:

      Me too, just like in 96, 99, 02, 07, 11….

    • Say What? says:

      And now Gordon is out thru the All-Star game with a wrist injury, Vargas out for a month with an appendectomy and soft hitting Aoki is back in town. Our hopes are getting slashed even more.

    • mike t. says:

      I’d take a little Willie Wilson too for some speed on the bases…

    • Tigerpiper says:

      That has gone right, but they’ve had 4 bad things- Hosmer, Moose, Butler and (gasp) Shields not performing as well as in the past. All in all a .500 team. That’s mediocre. Big deal.

    • BlackJack says:

      And Kevin Kietzman keeps talking about these Royals like they are a reincarnation of the 1992 Atlanta Braves. Sorry KK, this team ain’t winning 98 games. He keeps talking like they have another 10-game winning streak in them, and can catch the Tigers. That winning streak was a total fluke, and will not be repeated. Especially now with injuries to their best outfielder (Gordon) and pitcher (Vargas).

    • The Independent Rage says:

      At least they have a Biancalana now. Moustakas takes right after the ol’ Bud-ster when it comes to constantly flirting with the Mendoza Line.

  7. BlackJack says:

    Not sure why some people are so impressed with Bruce Weber. His K-State teams have basically tanked in both the Big 12 and NCAA tourney, and his team start slow, losing to teams they have no business losing to early in the season.

    He has not been a disaster hire, but about what I expected – an average to slightly-above-average Big12 team

    • Kyle R says:

      Could be because Frank Martin left him with basically nothing and they’ve exceeded expectations both years. Marcus Foster was a huge win recruiting-wise, and hopefully, for KSU fans’ sake, he can find some more diamonds in the rough like that.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        WTF? Frank Martin left Bruce with some very good players. , McGruder, Rodriguez, Southwell , Spradling, Gibson etc. Without Bill Self or Frank Martin players Weber has been a clown. That is why he got fired at Ill. Bruce Averaged about 5th place finish and won one NCAA tournament game in 7 years with his players.
        Weber is now recruiting mid major talent at KSU. Hoping to find one good player every few years will not work.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Look at last night’s lineup and tell me how that collection of castoffs, underachievers and Ned’s pets are going to hold up over the next two months? I so want this summer to be different but a 16-4 butt kicking has me crying in Brazilian.

    It’s weird that they couldn’t buy Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Anibal Sanchez, resign Justin Verlander, Torii Hunter…yet are still competing.

  9. keitzman wants an intern says:

    The local media does not have a clue about “paying” for a ticket. They have no idea what it is like watching a game from the upper deck, or waiting in line and paying for food from the concession stand.
    I see the local sports media guys on twitter, facebook, and on the air telling their audience what their experience at the game was like. They have pics of the suite, or Fescoe ask a member of their audience who is a season ticket holder to send them information the season ticket holders receive.
    These lucky bastards are clueless about reaching into their own pocket and spending their own money!!!!

    Don’t preach to me about going to the game a-holes!

  10. Ron says:

    The Royals have no real “stars” on their team, especially among position players. 90 percent of their attendance in the 70s and 80s was because people wanted to see George Brett play. There is no one on this team that is remotely close to inspiring the same kind of attendance that George Brett did. They need a Royals farm system national star player, but it doesn’t look like they have one. Other teams seem to be able to develop big-time star players for every generation of fans, but not the Royals. Kansas City is really too small to support a MLB team. There’s no way KC will ever draw 3 million plus fans like a of teams do. The team will probably have to move away at some point in order to become economically viable.

  11. Herb says:

    The two best things I got out of reading this is how dumb professional sports are for not knowing if they want people to attend games or watch them on TV. Secondly, without a doubt it’s amazing that KK stays on top despite how poorly he treats his audience.

    • b12 says:

      @herb…you’re right about KK. The guy is a talent. Good voice. Knows how to stir the pot. And, once upon a time (late 90s, early 2000s) really seemed to enjoy his show and his audience.

      Now, he is confrontational, with everybody. He invents the wildest shit, throws it out there, and expects everyone to agree with him.

      In one respect, I understand. He’s got a pretty cool gig, but after 15 years, it has to be on cruise control for him. KK thrives on competition. If 610 would put somebody on in the afternoon that provided that…we might hear a different KK. I think he is just bored.

      So, every 6 weeks, it’s “let’s talk to Heineman under the guise of SKC and then twist it into they’ll buy the Royals if Glass will sell it and then surely we will have a downtown stadium, right Danny?”

  12. Smith says:

    Sure, let’s get all pumped up for another ride on the Chiefs roller coaster before it docks at the Bay of 7-9.

    Mediocrity, dudes. It’s in the water around these parts.

  13. estoniakat says:

    200 dollars a month for cable/Internet? Is it really that expense now?
    /Live in Europe, pay 40, including local telephone

  14. Harry Balczak says:

    There is no more boring topic on earth than K State basketball. I rank the local sports teams as far as interesting to hear about from a non fan perspective

    KU Basketball
    Mizzou Football
    KState Football
    Mizzou Basketball
    KU Football
    KState Basketball